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May 15, 2011 2:21 pm

The Road To Hamas Acceptance

avatar by Josh Hasten

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in a meeting with Spanish journalists. Photo: Trango.

Since their founding in the early 1990’s the Hamas Islamic Organization, has been labeled as a terror group by countries around the world. Most relevant is the fact that until now, both the United States and the European Union believe that Hamas belongs in the category along with Al-Qaeda and Iran. But all of that is about to change.

The recent unity deal between Hamas and Fatah will in the very near future give Hamas legitimacy at the peace table. While Hamas is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of dead Israelis, just like Yasser Arafat’s Fatah/PLO was forgiven by the nations of the world for spilling blood,  Jewish blood, Hamas is not far behind.

All Hamas has to do is take a page out of the Trojan Horse textbook belonging to Fatah who over the past 18 years has said ad-nauseum that they condemn terror and that they recognize Israel’s right to exist.  Talk is cheap, but when you are an Arab terror group such as Fatah and Israeli civilians are your target, inaction (along with aiding, abetting, encouraging, and even carrying out terror attacks) is acceptable.

So while pundits around the world are deciding whether the Fatah/Hamas unity pact is a positive development or a negative one, Hamas is taking the time to learn the art of propaganda directly from their new handlers. And trust me, Hamas is a quick study.  In newspapers across Israel this week, we were told that the Hamas leadership is willing to make a major “concession” and accept a “Palestinian State” along the so-called 1967 borders.  Until now Hamas has publically been calling for the eradication of the entire State of Israel, so, to the naïve this would seem like progress.

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In fact the move is a brilliant first step in their PR campaign aimed at legitimacy. While Hamas still insists that they have the right to armed-struggle and are not yet willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish State (something that Fatah has also never done), at least they are claiming that they are willing to live with a deal surrounding the 67 lines.  Sounds good right?

I guarantee that the main stream media commentators, for whom the vast majority couldn’t care less about Israel’s survival, will in the next few days write about how Hamas is now a serious partner just because they made this apparent conciliatory statement. Simply ingenious.

Next Hamas will probably go on the record renouncing terror, then a few days later will accept Israel’s right to exist and on and on. That will be music to the ears of those who are in favor negotiating with this heinous and murderous group.  The Europeans are already salivating at the chance to bring Hamas into the fold since they do control Gaza. Once the EU is on board it won’t be long before the US, the Quartet, and others also reassess their positions.

Imagine Hamas, the evil offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood, who gorges from the Iranian trough while in bed with Al-Qaeda, whose founding was based on a policy seeking the destruction of Israel, is given the red carpet treatment in capitals all over the globe. Just wait and see. I’m convinced it will become the reality in the not so distant future.

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