Jews In the Military

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Jewish soldiers on the coast of Kuwait.

Throughout history, a common anti-Semitic method of incitement has been to accuse Jews of being unpatriotic. This was often largely expressed in the accusation that Jews were unwilling to join their military.

Following World War I, a census instituted by the German Military High Command known as Judenzahlung (lit. Jew-count) was carried out to substantiate claims that Jews were few and far between in the German Military and thus unpatriotic. Though never publicized, the results disproved the claims, and the correct number leaked out. However, the Jewish authorities who had conducted the same census and had found their statistics of the Jewish proportion of soldiers to be considerably higher, were denied access to the archives.

Throughout American history, Jews have played an important role in the military, dating back to as early as colonial times. In 1654 Asher Levy, one of the original 23 Jewish settlers of New Amsterdam demanded the right to stand guard at the stockade. Jews had been previously excluded from the voluntary home guard service, and were forced to pay a compensatory fee for their lack of service. After two years of filing petitions with the colonial court, Levy and his Jewish comrades were permitted to serve.

Jewish Sgt. Simon Suhler, received the Medal of Honor in 1868 for his "bravery, in scouts and action."

In response to anti-Semitic claims the Hebrew Union Veterans Association, the precursor organization to the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, was established in 1896 in New York City. They pledged to “maintain a true allegiance to the United States; to combat anti-Semitism and bigotry wherever it originated and whatever the target; to uphold the fair name of the Jew and to fight his battles wherever unjustly assailed; to assist such comrades and their families as might stand in need of help; to gather and preserve the records of patriotic service performed by men of the Jewish faith; and to honor the memories and shield from neglect the graves of heroic Jewish veterans.”

Still today there is a prevailing sentiment that Jews somehow exempt themselves from military service. While it is always difficult to convince bigotry, it is important to examine the dynamics of religious expression in the military.

First, it is important to note that there is no census for religion in the U.S. Military; thus, no real statistics exist for the number of Jews in uniform. Furthermore, when soldiers enlist, it is not uncommon that they check the “no preference” option when asked their religion. Various Jewish chaplains interviewed for this article say that often the Jewish soldiers that seek them out are unaffiliated on paper. Based on the Jewish casualties in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one chaplain estimated 30-40% of Jews in the military do not specify their religion. Some Jews anticipate deployment and feel concerned about being identified by the enemy as a Jew. Other secular Jews simply don’t feel the need to express their faith on paper. Undoubtedly a further proportion fear prejudices and preconceptions.

Unfortunately, by not registering as Jews, the prejudices and preconceptions are perpetuated.

The facts regarding the number of Jews in the U.S. Military are as follows: during World War II, American Jews comprised approximately 3.3% of the population, while 4.23% of the U.S. Military service members were of Jewish faith showing clear overrepresentation of Jews in the military.

Whilst today the percentages are lower, according to the president of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, 44 Jewish servicemen and women have died in the wars in Iraq in Afghanistan. Of these 44 fallen soldiers, approximately one-third had not registered as Jews and their religious background only became apparent after their deaths. Thus, experts have suggested that there may be a lot more Jews in the military than previously assumed.

Fallen Jewish soldiers 1st Lt. Roz Schulte and Shawn Pine are honored at a Memorial Day observance ceremony at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Acts of Jewish military heroism  throughout the history of America are commonplace, and still today, Jews comprise a significant proportion of the armed forces. The suggestion that Jews shy away from their responsibility towards their country is insulting to Jewish soldiers that the Algemeiner interviewed for this article, including a Sgt. First Class who served two tours in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq, a Sgt who is currently a patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, having lost a leg to an IED during his last tour, and a Marine Corporal also a patient at Walter Reed who lost both of his legs in a recent attack. Fallen Marine, Lance Cpl. Jeremy M. Kane, was killed on January 23, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

Despite prevailing anti-Semitic sentiment regarding military service among Jews, there were those who recognized their heroism and bravery. During World War II President Franklin D. Roosevelt praised the fighting abilities and service of Jewish men and women. General Douglas MacArthur in one of his speeches said, “I am proud to join in saluting the memory of fallen American heroes of the Jewish faith.”

While no real statistics exist in regards to the number of Jewish U.S. service members, one fact remains: the Jewish representation in the military equals at least the Jewish representation in the American population, if not more. Taking into account the number of soldiers who do not register their religion, Jewish population in the military might even be highly underrepresented.


  • I served in the U S Marines Corps but failed to check that I was Jewish at the time I signed up but now I wish I did. My dad flew an Avenger torpedo bomber during WWII his ship was the USS Shangi La. His brother was in the Army and took part in the Battle of the Bulge

    • I served in the USAF for 22 years, including 8 months deployed in the first Gulf War. I did not check Jewish, either, although I am proud to be Jewish. I did not need some The Arabs to know I was Jewish, especially if made POW. Coincidentally, my Dad was a plank owner on The Shangri la. He was a fire control officer. I wonder if they knew each other? That was a big ship with more than 3000 men, so maybe not.

      BTW, I feel honored to have protected the freedom of the people of this country, even the jerks who don’t like me because of my religion. You are all welcome. God bless the USA.

  • 44 out of 6000??? gee that doesn’t sound like they are really stepping up especially since they are more likely to make the minimum standards which disqualify 2/3 of other Americans

  • I’m concerned about American Jews who enlist in the Israeli army but never the U.S. army.

  • There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics! The number of Jewish personnel killed in action quoted by some websites is COMPLETELY INACCURATE and lists only those personnel reported in the media as Jewish – mostly through reports of Jewish funerals in local hometown newspapers. What about those whose funerals were not covered by the media? Keep in mind that most Jewish personnel are from large cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, etc). In those cities, funerals, including military funerals, are rarely covered by the media. Also, a large proportion of Jewish personnel are “secular Jews” who are not religious and are not from religious families, therefore a Jewish religious funeral, especially one noteworthy to the media, would not have occured! I know because I am one of them – I’m from New York City, I served 30 years in the Marine Corps, I’m not religious, I’m not from a religious family, I’m just an ethnic Yid. I served in combat numerous times and have lots of scars to show for it, but I survived – if I would have been killed in action, I would have had a small quiet funeral with no media coverage (because no one would have cared) and would NOT have been listed in this “statistic”. During my 30 years in the Marine Corps I met many other ethnic Jews (including many from ethnically mixed/intermarried backgrounds who do not have Jewish last names) who would have been in the same circumstance as me, just another anonymous shmo who died fighting for his country. And those anti-semites who spew lies and bigoted, ignorant comments – be careful. There are those of us who are not “nice Jewish boys”, we don’t meet anyone’s stereotype – we can be big, muscular, scarred, ugly and violent when provoked; you don’t want to meet us in a dark ally, as we say in the mean streets of New York. And to those of my brothers and sisters who made positve and informative comments in this column, thank you. Semper Fi, Samson

  • @Another Pissed Off American

    I am a U.S. Soldier and I am a Jew.

    I wrote this country a check for the amount of “up to and including my life” to defend your freedom to say these things.

    You’re welcome.

  • Leave it to morons....

    Leave it to morons like Ken & Another Pissed off (so called) American to rewrite history! No gas chambers in the concentration camps? There are many uneducated in denial trolls like you who claim there were no concentration camps at all. No Jews in the military?

    My Dad was a Marine and so were his 2 brothers….defending punk assed pimply faced kids like you were, from spineless Dad’s like yours who left your mother high and dry with the rest of your too many inbred clan siblings (or should I say KLAN) to be dragged up by a frazzled overwhelmed uneducated mother…which caused you to seek your homoerotic attention and acceptance from your hateful male group of like minded friends or gang leader to suck up to (for male validation).

    A big Nazi rhetoric spouting Circle Jerk all turning each other on making yourselves feel so tough and manly…blaming the jews for your failed miserable lives!

    Blame the Jews for holding all the power, blame them for controlling all the money, or for 9/11 (rolling my eyes at this Higher Education obtained on the internet) but if your mother had not made the poor choices in bed partners that she had, maybe you would not be the self loathing, underpaid undereducated, male role model deprived “illuminati illuminati” squealing weakling, that’s takes their pathetic sniveling “The jews stole all the successes” life out on someone else!

    “Oh the Jews took any chance of a life I could have, Oh the jews took all the money, I have the salary / career /life of a failure because all the jews have the money …they control all the money…the media…the toilet paper…the hairstyles…the recipes…the music…” Wah wah wah!!! The jews took your intellect too? Holy crap.

    My hubby is now stationed in de. and I have a news flash for ignorant ferrets like you who try to rewrite history! Come to Germany!!!!!!!!! You think you will be welcomed here with open arms with that dialogue you so boldly spew here on the net anonymously? With your denigration of jews and denial of Holocaust? Austria has even stricter laws (it could be up to 20 years in jail) their shame is even greater, since they spawned a heinous character such as your hero.

    Germany acknowledges their concentration camps and what went on. It took them awhile because of their embarrassment following a hideous screaming, spitting, psychopath leader to shame (talk about “like sheep”?)

    It is a crime here to deny it. Anyone who endorses, denies or plays down the genocide against the Jews in public… faces a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail and no less than the imposition of a fine.

    Is it a coincidence that so many who had broken homes, troubled relationships with their fathers or unknown fathers at all… seem to follow that same school of thought of one who also blamed the jews for his miserable childhood, another one with intense father issues) So come here… incite the masses if you think you can. :-D

    • It is a crime here to deny it.

      Laws prohibiting hate speech are unconstitutional in the United States for a good reason.

      So far, jews have convinced a few countries to enact speech laws … it won’t happen in America.

    • I find it insulting and blatant religious bigotry on your part for insulting that mother and bringing the “Illuminati” into this discussion! My Father ad a bachelor of science in physics from Forham and My mother had her Master in Nursing and PT from NYU. I am the oldest of eight, six of which received scholarships, no hand outs, and went on to complete their Master’s programs. One is an aviator serving in the Navy, on a carrier in the Gulf, with a speck of black in the blue ocean as his runway. My cousins’, who had nine kids, have eight who went on to higher education and actually a couple have worked in two WH administrations. Yes in the West wing! Of my siblings these are several of the Institutions that they have and were accepted to: University of PA, Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Princeton, Cornell and Annapolis Sorry we didn’t have your 2.2 kids and I’m even sorrier that both family’s parents didn’t get divorced.
      That would have fit your narrative more than ours! We grew up in a predominantly Jewish community; we were by far the least well off financially than all of my friends. Two of my closest friends are Jewish. But that “subtle” bigotry is not as clever as you think it may have seemed! After traveling around the country, as have my sibling’s, you under estimate, “those folks in fly over country!” I had a good childhood but I do remember ignorance. Today I would give you a thrashing for words that carried so much ignorance reaching the ears of my mother or my ears.
      While at a school picnic a “concerned enlightened parent” proceeded to “educate” my mother on how easy it is to get an abortion, “a good Dr. who is most understanding in these circumstances”, directions and these comforting words “that this would make it easier to rent a shore house next summer and wouldn’t these kids just love that?” My mother just stared and smiled while holding back the deep pity she had for this “helpful neighbor!” It was more than she could ever imagine!
      So as ignorant and hateful as some of these poster’s reveal themselves to be, It is you that needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and be honest when telling yourself what you see. There is hope for you. As for these others, it is a deep rooted problem that will not just be an epiphany that brings about a paradigm shift. They live off their blame and hatred. If it wasn’t there they would be lost. If you close your eyes and listen to certain politicians you hear the same things, but these are coming from the more privileged and educated in our society.
      So don’t fall into that discourse. The subtle “dehumanizing” of a group of people is not missed by all. Especially when in the not so distant past this happened to other groups. When fear drives secularism it creates a wedge. That same fear of difference also created a wedge that created a hammer, which created monsters. So when I read what you wrote, it concerned me. There are some people who can be reasoned with and that is why I chose you. Not the unwilling or unable. God Bless and have a good day!

  • Semite is not a race or religion but a LANGUAGE designation. Why do Jews seek to lie soo much? Just as there were ZERO “gas chambers” in the concentration camps and just as today Adam Pearlman (jew) is the spokesman for the fraud called “Al Qaeda”. Do your research on the 9/11 Demolition and you will find further interesting evidence.

    • Ken is an object lesson in what happens when people of limited education, discernment, and research skills, combined with a predisposition to believe that someone else is responsible for their failures in life, get their information from unvetted internet sources.

      Ken, your holocaust denial, 9/11 conspiracies, and “Jews run al Qaeda” beliefs are the same as the average dolt on the Arab Street.

    • Ken – You are saying things that you know nothing about. I don’t intend to try to educate you but please try to educate yourself. Were/are your parents and family anti- Jewish? or anti-Israel? What do they think about the subject? Do you have a pat our or priest to ask about this? I would be interested in hearing about the answers you have. RW

  • frania kryszpel block

    Uriah P.Levy was the first Jewish commodore in the US Navy.His ancestors arrived in 1645 and were the first Jewish settlers. His maternal grandfather, Jonas Phillips,fought with the Philadelphia militia in the American Revolution. His younger brother, Jonas Phillips Levy ead a sea captain and father of Congressman Jefferson Monroe Levy . The Uriah P.Levy Center and Jewish Chapel at the US Naval Academy is named for him. As of this day, his relatives have continued to serve proudly in the US military. I,myself ,know a Levy family member who was in the military and is more than proud to tell the history connecting his Jewish ancestors to this country. Anytime,anyplace..he is ready to trace it all back for us.

  • Rich Schreibstein

    My father and my brother were both career military. My dad joined in 1939, received his commission through OCS in 1942, landed in Normandy, fought through France, Belgium, and Germany into Czechoslavakia and was in Pilsen when the war ended. He went on to command a company in Korea and ended his career during the Vietnam conflict. My brother received his commission through ROTC, did two combat tours in Vietnam, first as a platoon leader, second as a helicopter pilot. He went on to serve for 24 years, retiring after the first Gulf War.

    I entered the service right out of college, spent a year enlisted and then went to Infantry OCS at Ft. Benning. I served three years in what was then West Germany with an artillery battalion and then spent another three in Ft. Lewis with the 9th Infantry Division with two of those years as a company commander. I left the service after that tour.

    My mother’s father was a doughboy in WWI, my father’s father served under Gen. Pershing and lost an arm during the Pancho Villa raids. My father’s only brother served in the Navy during the Korean War and my mother’s only brother served during Korea and Vietnam and retired after 20 years of service.

    Not too sure what APOA is talking about, but it’s nice that he has all that data to share about Jews in the service. Next time I’m at Arlington visiting my father’s grave and the grave of the man killed at Normandy my brother was named after, I’ll be sure to let them all know what cowards they were.

  • Another Jewish Army Brat

    To mister Pissed off American, I am jewish and am joining the Marine Corps in the coming months, my MOS, 0311, Infantry so I’m not too sure about what you are running your mouth about. Plenty of Jewish boys have served and just not been killed. One Marine that sticks out in my mind is a First Louie who was part of Force Recon, the absolute best of the best. He gave his life defending your freedom to talk all this BS on this forum, not only insulting fallen service members, but also those who have been wounded. A Jewish Lance Corporal is at Walter Reed right now, had his legs and left arm amputated. Are you going to walk up to him and call him a coward? BTW, he was 0311 as well. Hmm not JAG or MED?
    PS: Other Army Brat, take this “blowhard’s” brat insult as a compliment. I am extremely proud of my fathers service and am honored to be called a brat.

  • Greetings to all!

    In WWII, there were so many Jews, and Orthodox ones at that, in the military, that some of the messes (dining facilities) had kosher sections. That was the day back in the draft years. In today’s world where the US military is volunteer service, Jews (and big city folk in general) did not sign up. There are a number of reasons for this but that is beside the point – one of the main factors is simply out of sight, out of mind. If none of your neighbors are doing this, if the ROTC program is not publicized, if you do not see soldiers coming home to the house next door, it is simply not something that pops into your head to do. Following 9/11, when the topic of patriotism became THE topic on the streets of Main Street, USA – the newspapers were talking about it, the TV was full of it, the ministers and the rabbis were addressing it – people decided to do something and the number of Jews and big city folk signing up increased.

    (Not to pat myself on the back, I signed up for service almost a year prior to 9/11 and was on Active Duty when it occurred.)

    It would be nice if the conversation could be kept civil and not have racist or irrelevant religious comments mixed in to a topic worthy of discussion.


  • smoggy smog boy

    Anyone who fights for their country deserves respect and anyone who doesn’t is entitled to their own choice and liberties.
    Religion and war don’t mix, never have.

  • Karsten Bannier

    I fail to understand this concept of American Jews being cowards when it comes to defending their country.Surely American Jews cannot be that different from the rest of us Jews.Back in our day during the Angolan conflict,a large majority of us Jews served in the SADF in various units from Kosher cooks to parabats & recce units.We did not run away from doing our part.I served for over 5 years in the permanent force.All of us who were eligible for border ops went willingly.I certainly don’t remember anyone refering to us Jews as cowards.

  • A real American


    Did not Jesus the CHRIST die for you ,was he not a JEW and the ultimate Warrior,what of the first Christians ,all JEWS ?

    Go back to your NAZI-land ,you are no Christian !

    • A REAL American

      Why would someone “die for you” unless you are writing a catchy dance song?

      The concept of a MESSIAH is a JEWISH one written in the Torah (the old testament). The word Messiah means the anointed one–like a KING or LEADER. The Messiah is supposed to lead his people back to following the laws of God, the Messiah doesn’t die for people. This concept of dying to atone for sin is contrary to the very mission of being a Messsiah. Human sacrifices such as dying to atone for sin are a pagan ritual.

      You might be right, no one named “Jesus” ever lived in the middle east. But the man who Christians believe is their Messiah was definitely an Observant Jew.

      • @A Real American: You miss the entire point.You are thinking as if you are of this world and this is the only world. The Messiah’s kingdom is heaven, not of this world. When we die, we hopefully have lived a life that was pleasing to God and we will enjoy the kingdom of God in the next life not this life.

        It has already been proven historically from Roman, Hebrew and Herod’s records that a man named Jesus, who claimed that he was the messiah and son of God and was their over Passover and died by crucifixion.

        Now the reason for this is theological. Since original sin, Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of truth of which they were forbidden. Life has been more difficult because of freedom of choice and temptation. The only way for God to allow us back into heaven, He had to suffer as we do through temptation. He had to suffer as flesh and blood so that is when He sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for our sins so that we may be saved.

        So you are, I’m sorry, mistaken. The facts are there and Jesus was here, He performed miracles and was crucified and rose again. The Messiah that we read about is the same but you have the idea that he is a worldy one and he isn’t.It is not a pagan ritual. He showed us how much he loved us by enduring awful heart ache and pain. He could have stopped the pain, destroyed those that were persecuting him but he didn’t. He had to endure this to free us. In the Roman record’s, Hebrew, Herod’s and San Hedrins record’s they all differ some what but they also all agree and confirm allot.

        Jesus could have stopped his fate by saying Ceasar was emperor. He didn’t. Another thing which we see today. With all the leaders through out the history of mankind and even today followers always bail out as time passses. The 12 apostles to a man never ever betrayed Jesus after his resurection. Even when they were tortured. That, to this day has never happened, and it won’t happen again.

  • Ummm…let’s do the math.

    44 Jewish serviceperson killed out of more than 5,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wow, that’s a whopping 0.88% of all killed. Out of 3-4% Jews in the population.

    You make my case for me. American Jews are, as a whole, cowards and they advocate wars that Christian boys and girls have to fight on their behalf.

    I’ll bet there were more Muslims in the armed forces killed on Muslim ground in Iraq and Afghanistan than that.

    • There are actually 1.7% Jews in the American population. I state clearly that 30-40% of Jews in the military do not declare themselves as Jews when they join.
      Again, sir, had I served with you, I probably also wouldn’t have let you know I was Jewish. Nevertheless, thank you for reading my article.

      • OK, brat. But even at 1.7% that’s no where near the percent of Jews who died in theater…not even close.

        Oh, the ones today who must hide their religion are the Muslims, not the Jews by any stretch of the imagination.

        Just another cannard.

        • Oh, tell me about what you think of my idea of a brigade of brave Jewish Americans of perhaps 10,000 joining up in mass and fighting as a unit.

          Couldn’t muster 1/100th of that number, could you?

        • Piss & Vinager,

          Bet you never spent a day in uniform, or in a foward position ,besides your xbox !

          Your no Christian !

          • I am also starting to doubt your prior military service. I’m not even in the military and I have met hundreds of Jewish soldiers (not Officers-soldiers).
            Regardless, it seems this debate is becoming erratic and infantile and insulting. I am bowing out and leaving you, sir, to maintain your views, as I am maintaining mine. Shabbat Shalom!

        • Do you not understand the point of this article? If about 1/3rd of Jews don’t identify themselves as Jews when they join the military, that means that in all likeliness, there have been a LOT more Jewish casualties that we don’t know about.

        • This is a jewish site you anti semetic bastard why are you on it

          • Hey F***-bag

            Jews only represent a very low percentage of the population and nevertheless Jews are over-represented in the military and armed forces.

            When there is a just cause we are fully behind it as we have been instrumental in enlightening a very dark world for millenia.

            Go back to your cave.


        • History tsoani

          OK, it was in a movie
          Maybe Patton did not say it, maybe he did, but….
          “I don’t want any damn fool heroes in my army, your job is not to die for your country, your job is to make the other poor bastard due for his country”.
          It might be that (if it s true) that Jewish soldiers had a lower fatality rate than others, it was simply because they were better, smarter and lived to fight longer for their non-Jewish comrades. And, oh, incidentally, why are you United Statesmen consumed by the word “Race”? There is no such thing, no respectable anthropologist or geneticist would ever use that word that has no basis in science, but it’s usage perpetuates the myth, and therefore, bigotry. Judaism is a religion. There are European, Asian, middle-eastern & Indian Jews (from India), stop insulting your First Nations by pretending that they come from India. Nothing wrong with being from India, by the way, India is one of just 2 countries that I know of that never molested its ancient Jewish people, except for areas controlled by Muslims).

    • APOA,

      Did not Jesus the CHRIST die for you ,was he not a JEW and the ultimate Warrior,what of the first Christians ,all JEWS ?

      Go back to your NAZI-land ,you are no Christian !

    • A REAL American

      Why do people have to be killed in order to prove their worth to you? Are living military personnel that meaningless to you? Your measuring stick is by death, not by service. That is a tell for everyone reading your comments.

  • I think I have an idea that would end all speculation about whether or not American Jews are cowards and blowhards and advocate wars that they won’t fight…have them work with the Dept. of Defense and form an all-jewish infantry brigade of perhaps 10,000 for the Marines and go to Iraq or Afghanistan (or Iran) as a single unit.

    It’d sort of be like the Buffalo Soldiers of blacks during previous wars.

    Then there’d be absolutely no doubt of their militiary record and there’d be no reason for them not to register as Jews in the service.


    • Buy none of this doctor and laywer stuff. Let them be real infantrymen in dedicated combat units. Let them not just talk the talk and refer to historical accounts, let them walt the walk…over Muslim ground.

      • A REAL American

        Yeah, let all of the doctors be infantry men and while we are it let’s make all of the pilots dig latrines and the generals can keep the outhouses stocked with toilet paper!! That makes lots of sense—NOT!!

        The US Military has been doing this for a while and doesn’t need this Bozo’s advice. They assign people where those people are needed the most. If they need a specialist, they train or recruit people to fill that specialty.

      • Eli Johansen


        I’ll bet anything YOU’RE not qualified to serve in the function of wiping an Iraqis ass, much less your country.
        If you have served we’d like to know when, where, what branch.

    • A REAL American


      Your only criteria for your argument seems to be your own personal anecdotal evidence. Did you ever bother to think that the real reason why you never encountered any Jews in the military is because your anti-Semitic beliefs are so transparent that the Jews in your unit decided they just didn’t want to deal with your BS??

      As mentioned here repeatedly, Jewish presence in the US military goes under reported. There is little if any benefit for a Jew who is secularized to declare his or her religion when joining the military. Only the affiliated Jews who strongly identify with a particular sect of Judaism would bother to declare their religious affiliation. And the only military records on religion are based exclusively on this voluntary declaration. If the individual does not declare their religion, it goes unreported. Which is why the actual number of Jews in the US Armed Services is unreported by an estimated 30% or more.

      If you identify as a secular person during combat in a hostile antisemitic region of the world–such as the middle east it might in fact be PREFERABLE for the secular Jew to refrain from putting such identification on his or her dog tags.

      Many secular Jews would not see the necessity of identifying as a hyphenated American because their Judaism comes second to their Americanism. The purpose of declaring your religion upon entry into the military is for the military to provide you with the proper religious support–but that support might seem unnecessary to a young soldier who is identifies more with the secular world. And, you can always seek that support on your own without the need to formally declare your religious affiliation.

      And, because of the existence of anti-Semites like yourself in the military, many Jews choose NOT to formally or even informally disclose that they are Jewish. If you define yourself as a secular person, why take on the added responsibility of defending to a world of ignorant morons who will classify you by something that you are unsure you want to identify with?

      A personal anecdote, when I went away to university I found myself living in an very rural college community with very few Jews–or people who even knew what a Jew was. I didn’t see the necessity of volunteering my religious beliefs (which were still in the process of being formulated)with every person I encountered. As I became more comfortable with myself, my surroundings and the people I associated with, I was far more open with my religious beliefs. Once people found out I was Jewish, anti-Semites began slithering out from the rocks in which they were hiding. One anti-Semite I encountered immediately took this opportunity to place anti-Semitic graffiti with my name on it all over the dorm. I soon discovered I wasn’t as fragile as I thought and survived this ordeal while anti-Semitic individual was soon expelled from the university on the unrelated charge of threatening the life of an R.A. over an alcohol infraction.

      I want to conclude my message by stating my family has proudly served in every branch of the United States Armed Services over the last one hundred years. My uncle served in the Army and many cousins served in other branches of services from WWI to Vietnam–several making the ultimate sacrifice by dying in combat. I am especially proud of my Father who volunteered to serve in the US Marines at the age of 17 and a close relative who achieved the rank of General and served in active duty or in a reserve capacity for over 60 years and is buried in a military cemetery.


      • Thanks for the autobiography, lipshitz. You really are delusional.
        30 percent! Pfffffffft! 1 percent – dentists and accountants. Maybe
        A musician. Zero combat deaths related to selfless service. They were
        Shot in the back running.

    • A REAL American

      Yeah, let’s go forward by re-segregating the military. We can put black soldiers in all black units and Jewish soldiers in all Jewish units and anti-Semitic morons like @pissedonamerica in a unit full of like minded retards and which them frag each other for no apparent reason.

      I really like this idea!!

    • thekillerangel

      In that case should we not form an Amish Brigade, Mormon Brigade, Methodist Brigade, How about a Brigade from Arizona to prove Arizona’s loyalty. By the way a Brigade is only about four thousand to five thousand soldiers. And the marines dont ussaly form brigades they keep thier regiments intact. So the word you are looking for is either regiment or Division (rougly 10,000 soldiers or marines). Another Pissed off American you have clearly never been in the service or you would understand the concept that the us military forces even has foreginers in it as a condition for citsen ship. Maybe we should roll into Ghana and form a brigade to figure out if Ghana is loyal (where a number of us soldiers come from). By the way look up George Washington and Jewish Soldiers and his letter to a Jewish community in NJ thanking them for thier service to the cause and promising Religious Freedom. The reason you have some of the freedoms you enjoy isbecause George Washington promised them to the Jews and a thankyou for thier service.

    • jew in the navy currently

      Why should we for a brigade of just Jews? Isn’t America all about equallity? Also how is the war in Iraq or Afganistan any way related to Jews? America went over tere for oil and everybody knows it. 9/11 though very tragic was used as an excuse if not why are we still running the US more and more bankrupt just to stay there? If 1.7% of America is Jews think of how few of them are between 18 and 30 which if you know anything about the military you would know that is the age cutoffs for joining. Of those you then have to cut out the ones who are physically unable. Then you can’t really expect all the rest to join but a good percent of them do. My has a crew of just under 1000 people. So far I havemet 16 Jews as part of the regular crew. 11 of them including myself did not sign up as a Jew. If the same percent of other religions signed up on there own before the econimy got bad there would have been no need for recruters. I wound say about 80% of the people I talk to say they joined for job security. That means they joined because they where cowards offacing the real world on there own not because they wanted to fight for America. You know why Jews are so succesful? Because we look out for eachother. If other people would do the same instead of always trying to be so independent i.e. every man for himself maybe they too would be succesful and wouldn’t have to take out their frustrations out on a easy people to hate. You call yourself an American? Does not America stand for freedom of religion? Why do you keep refuring to war against Musims? Do you think Jews hate Muslims? Sorry to break this to you but we just want other people to leave us alone in our land. America is the one who keeps sticking its nose in other countries buisness and for what? We don’t have real democrisy here how can we spread it? Yet the American Jews still join and serve just like anybody else. Get a clue man. To my fellow Jews remember here in America and most places we are entitled to our opinions but as he is showing us we are not entitled to our truths. Let the dogs bark. In the end we will win. We always do. Shalom

  • Well said. Jews are not all nebishes as some would like to have you believe.

    • Are you kidding me?

    • How was 1933 to 1945 a win?

      • Lasher,
        Israel, where Jews have always lived in areas, including when the land was called Palestine, is the win – the big beautiful educated success story. With an extraordinary Israel Defense Force defending their country

        Those that lived through the concentration camps at the force of guns, and their children made the land of Israel a desert that bloomed and has the highest level of scientific breakthroughs in the world. 1933 to 1938, many Jews left and came to the US as well as other countries.
        The horror years of the German concentration camps was where people failed to help people while other people were committing genocide on a scale unknown to civilization.

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