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March 27, 2012 1:50 pm

Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files, Israel Day 30: Iran Already Has Nukes

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President Obama and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: wiki commons.

Since February 27, 2012, WikiLeaks has continued releasing what it says will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late December 2011 from the private intelligence company Stratfor. The emails were obtained from a series of hacking attacks against Stratfor in December 2011, carried out by the online activist collective Anonymous.

An email dated December 11, 2009, states that “according to an Israeli source, Iran has two nukes on missiles ready to go.” Iran is allegedly spreading “disinformation” on their capabilities and they want the international community to think they are not close to developing highly enriched uranium. The White House is reportedly “doing everything possible to block Israel’s next steps.” This email also claims that “Israel will go it alone” and Israeli submarines are off Iran’s coast.

In an email dated May 12, 2009, Stratfor employee Reva Bhalla questioned why Obama had taken on the Israeli-Palestinian issue so early in his presidency, whether this was a public relations stunt “to win friends in the Islamic world” and if this was a distraction from the Afghanistan-Pakistan issue.

She also made the following statement: “It’s the geopolitical quicksand for any president trying to build a legacy. And especially now since the Israelis can hang Iran over the US’s head, don’t have to concede on anything and Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu] is going to be a hard ass on this for sure.”

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In the same email chain, Stratfor employee Fred Burton referred to Netanyahu as a “man of honor” and that “he gets my man of the year award.” Netanyahu reportedly “intends to let Obama know … that he is the vanguard of the State of Israel” and that he is “hell bent” on “neutralizing the Iranian nuclear menace”.

In an email dated February 22, 2010, Stratfor employee Kamran Bokhari listed four submissions made to the National Journal Online by four Middle East experts. They gave advice on what action the United States should take toward Iran and none of them advised the use of military force.

In the same email chain, Stratfor employee Fred Burton questioned what “Israel’s next move” will be and said one can “get a sense of their mindset” by looking at Mossad’s recent covert activities. He predicted Israel will assassinate A-Dogg [Mahmoud Ahmadinajad].

An email dated February 25, 2010, contains an internal Stratfor email chain about Israel striking Iran. Stratfor employee Nate Hughes wrote that Israel’s arsenal of Jericho ballistic missiles is equipped primarily as a nuclear deterrent. Hughes mentioned an Israeli attack on Iran will be based mainly around an air campaign although it may be supplemented by ballistic missiles and submarine-launched cruise missiles. He predicted that Israel will use 5,000 pound “bunker buster” bombs to destroy “hardened and deeply buried facilities.”

Hughes listed problems Israel could face such as flying through US Air force controlled Iraqi airspace and limited number of aerial refueling aircraft. He estimated that Israel will use only a handful of their newer Jericho ballistic missiles to target Iran “because that’s part of their nuclear deterrent.” Hughes also made the following statement: “the Israelis are wily bastards, so you can’t rule anything out.”

In the same email chain Stratfor employee Fred Burton concluded that when Israel looses its “HUMINT [Human intelligence] coverage they will move” and “when the window closes, BB [Benjamin Netanyahu] knows what he must do.” He predicted the United States “won’t be given any warning, similar to their [Israel’s] strike on Abu Jihad [Palestinian militant leader].”

According to an internal Stratfor email dated March 23, 2010, Benjamin Netanyahu will attack Iran when he looses his intelligence window and because he doesn’t trust Obama. The email mentions that Israel considers Iran to be a far greater strategic threat than the Palestinians who are considered to be a “nuisance”. The email also stated that the United States is not taking a hardline approach towards Iran and Israel has “realized it’s running short of options.”

An email dated March 19, 2010, contained two articles about no meeting being scheduled between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to the United States. Stratfor employee Fred Burton made the following statement: “BB [Benjamin Netanyahu] dislikes Obama immensely. After hosting Biden, the last thing he wants to do is kiss Obama’s arse.”

In an email dated March 7, 2009,  Stratfor employee Reva Bhalla said the British are engaging Hezbollah in coordination with the United States. Stratfor employee Fred Burton replied, “BiBi [Benjamin Netanyahu] will kill Nasrallah unless the U.S. can insure HZ [Hezbollah] is in their box.”

Another email dated November 10, 2009, stated that according to a very good source “extremely quiet discussions are underway between DHS and the FBI on the blowback to the Jewish community, facilities, synagogues, day-cares, et al in the United States, in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran.”

This email contained the following statement: “I would imagine that my good friend BB Netanyahu told Obama what the Sword of Gideon has in store for the Iranian menace. I also have it on good word that BB trusts Obama about as much as he trusted Arafat or Waddi Haddad.”

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