Occupy Tampa Denounces Anti-Semetic Cartoon, Has No Affiliation With Posting

April 19, 2012 11:18 am 30 comments

Image posted on Occupy Wall Street's Tampa, FL Facebook page. Photo: Facebook.

A community page claiming to be associated with Tampa Florida’s Occupy Wall Street chapter published a shocking photo on its Facebook page Thursday morning.  However, according to a member of Occupy Tampa’s communications department, the Facebook page is not officially sanctioned by the movement in Florida and the post was not made by Occupy Tampa.

“We’ve asked people to leave Occupy Tampa for doing the kinds of things that we are now being accused of doing as a movement,” a spokesman told The Algemeiner.  “This is not a post made by Occupy Tampa.”

The photo (seen to the left and in a larger format below) shows a large Jewish man driving in his car, with President Obama’s head in his right hand, while his left hand sits on the steering wheel of the car, which is made out of the United Nations logo.

4 hours after the picture was posted, over 300 people commented on the photo, with many Facebook users expressing their dismay for the decision to publish it.  Not everyone, however, disagreed with the decision to post.  You can read user comments below:

Sarit Amar:  Perfect timing , right during the Israeli Holocaust remembrance day. I was rooting for you guys, now I think you’re lead by a bunch losers.

Nir Tzur: really? blaming the jewish people for your problems? reminds me of some european country back in the 30s’, that worked out great for them by the way! RACISTS! shame on u!

Will Thompson: But the Jews do control Obama and the UN. If someone is offended by a charicature they don’t belong in charge. Also, we have a certain right here in the states. I hope I needn’t explain further.

Julian Mallach: I am a left wing Israeli and extremely critical of many of my current government’s policies. But this is just plain, old fashioned anti semitism. Disgusting.

Image posted on Occupy Tampa's Facebook page. Photo: screenshot via Facebook.

Image posted on Occupy Wall Street's Tampa, FL Facebook page. Photo: Facebook.


  • The Left is totally antisemetic whether they are Jewish or not..99% of university professors hate Jews and Israel( as Martin Luther King Jr said in 1968 if you are antiZionist you are antisemetic) ..the NY Times led by Thomas Friedman antisemetic canards leads the media’s antisemetic mendacities throughout the world..Harry Truman would be disgusted by every member of the left and the Democrat party today.

    • Ha! Ha! Yes! They all hate Jews! You are as smart as the idiots that created and posted that cartoon.

      • You have made his point quite well… by attempting to dismiss the real problem that undeniably exists in the political left today – you contribute to it.

        • Yes! Liberals are so hating the Jews! And women and Blacks and America and themselves and everything that is good and decent in the world!

          You are also very smart Steven!

  • Occupy Wall Street is a lame “movement” that is either too ignorant, or scared of the truth, which is why they denounced said cartoon. The truth isn’t “anti-semitic,’ the truth is just that, the truth.

    For those of you whiners and jews that posted negative comments here in regards to said cartoon, you need to quit being little emotional bitches and educate yourselves about who controls Wall Street, Federal Reserve, and even the Jewnited States. Which group can you not speak negatively of, no matter that it is the truth?

    The so-called “Holocaust” is a hoax, and it has done wonders for the jews by not only stuffing their pockets but also shutting down all criticism.

    I was surprised when such a truthful cartoon was posted by the Occupy nitwits, but they already denounced it and proved yet again how useless and removed from the truth these morons are.

    Freaking lemmings!

  • Criticize Israel? Oy vey it’s the holocaust all over again you anti-semites!

    • The cartoon is specifically stating that the Jewish People (Read: NOT ISRAEL) are controlling the UN and the Obama administration. In what sense is that cartoon not antisemitic?

      • Hello Edward,

        That is the star of David on the hat. The Israeli flag has a star of David. The UN is an organization of countries.

        Can you see where I’m going with this or is it still a bit unclear? God forbid I have to explain Obama too.

    • While these idiots will shriek antisemitism at pretty much anything in this case they have a point, that cartoon is pretty ugly.

      Also it’s wrong, Israel does not control the UN, they ignore the UN when its judgments are not in Israeli favor.

      However Israel does have a great deal of influence on the US government, hence the billions of dollars of aid and the ability to get away with all kinds of human rights violations.

      It’s weird how right wing Americans scream about the budget and how they have to cut foreign aid except when it comes to Israel. It’s a credit to the Israeli lobbying efforts, now that is where they’re really Chosen.

  • Jonathan, that is nonsense. Occupy Wall St in NY never posted any such thing. They did endorse Occupy AIPAC, however, as they have endorsed all efforts to occupy institutions that promote warfare and the oppression of minorities. While there have been several expressions of solidarity with Palestinians, the movement’s more-or-less official channels never made any antisemitic statements whatsoever.

    For more on OWS’s official denunciations of the image posted today, see: http://blog.occupyjudaism.org/post/21388228844/occupy-disavows-anti-semitic-fb-page

  • even anonymous has proven anti-semitic when it attacked israel claiming they control the world through aipac

  • even anonymous has proven anti-semitic when they accused israel of controlling the world through aipac

  • My father was one of the few Hematologists in NYC private hospitals who insisted on taking all patients, with and without insurance. My father was an Israeli-American Jew, and former officer in the IDF. I guess that for antisemitic propaganda the truth is never a factor. At least I moved back to Israel and serve as an officer in the IDF, so if/when they gain power to take physical action, I’ll be waiting…

  • This is the exact same garbage Hitler and his crew created before the Holocaust….
    Greed is the reason for the worlds problems not one religion, creed or color….

  • @Jonathan.

    AIPAC does control congress. If you denounce them and do not pledge your allegiance for Israel, you will most likely avoid being voted in for another term as Senator or Speaker.

  • This is straight out of Nazi Germany. Never Again means never again. Wake up world it’s happening and once again the world is turning a blind eye. Yimach Shemo Vezcro. May the name and memory of who ever did this be obliterated from History

    • It’s not “happening again”, it didn’t stop. It took just 3 years after the liberation of the camps before the Arab world launched their failed 1948 “war of extermination”.

  • That political cartoon is about as accurate as they get. The signs are all over the place and the majority of the people have yet to absorb it all. If someone wishes to tell me the truth is “anti-Semitic”, then so be it, but that doesn’t make it false. The Jews cannot keep playing the Jew card every time they see something they don’t like, we’re growing tired of it.

    Israel is trying to get the United States to strike Iran FOR THEM, this does not benefit the U.S. or anyone but the Zionists. The Zionists are lying to the U.N. and the Unites States so OUR children can die for Israel.

    If you people don’t like hearing the truth, that’s your problem. But, the truth will continue to be told, so, get over yourselves, not everything is going to be sugarcoated for you.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      As a reserves Captain in the IDF, I can assure you that no U.S. troops have EVER been killed defending Israel. The U.S. gives us military hardware, for which we thank you, but no U.S. units have ever fought for our country. Plenty of U.S. troops died defending South Korea, South Vietnam, Kuwait, France etc… For some reason you do not claim that the U.S. is run by a South Korean mafia and make anti-South Korean remarks. At this very moment U.S. troops are deployed there – and not in Israel. This is what makes you an antisemitic propaganda machine!

      • Go back, reread my comment, and comment accordingly.

        You are speaking of defending Israel and I am speaking of going to war for Israel. Would the U.S. consider a strike on Iran had Israel never existed? No. The U.S. doesn’t want war with Iran, Israel wants the U.S. to go to war with Iran. Is it unreasonable to not want my people to die defending Israel’s paranoid fantasies? Iran has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Israel has not. Iran has agreed to full audits and even biweekly inspections of their nuclear facility, Israel has not. Iran has not invaded another country in hundreds of years, Israel is currently using Palestinian children for target practice, it’s genocide. But, please, point out the state in which Iranian forces are occupying.

        Either way, the year 1991, the United States rushes in our men, making Army crews first U.S. soldiers to defend Israel. …. One American killed, seven wounded in fighting along the Saudi border. What was that you were saying about no American soldier dying while defending Israel? How many of our troops have died at the hands of the Israelis? I can name at least 34.

        Who are you calling a propaganda machine? I mean “anti-Semitic propaganda machine”. What is with that anyway? Are true Hebrews not Hamites and Arabs Semites?

        “The U.S. gives us military hardware, for which we thank you, but no U.S. units have ever fought for our country.”

        Of course you thank us, why wouldn’t you? Just the same as Israel thanking us for the billions in aid we send every year, even while Israel has a prosperous economy. What I find funny is this; Canada is our greatest ally and we don’t give them anything.

        “For some reason you do not claim that the U.S. is run by a South Korean mafia and make anti-South Korean remarks. At this very moment U.S. troops are deployed there – and not in Israel.”

        Have we not sent several thousand troops to Israel this year alone?

        By the way, what have I said that makes me “anti Semitic”? I am a nationalist, an America-first er if you will. I do not want my great nation to aid Israel and I don’t want a single soldier to die fighting Israel’s wars. I don’t find that anti-Semitic, I find that reasonable.

        • Jennifer, how old are you?
          If you are less than 12, let me know… Again, you spit stupid propaganda.

          A U.S. soldier died for Israel in 1991 defending the Saudi border?? Israel doesn’t have a Saudi border. By the way, in 1991 the U.S. was defending its oil interests in Kuwait, not Israel. Israel was attacked because it was a U.S. ally and American Patriot crews rushed in to defend against the Scuds so Israel would not enter the war. By the way, if Israel didn’t bomb Saddam’s nuclear program in 1981, U.S. troops would have fought a nuclear armed Iraq, so who saved who here?

          Again, I was in active reserves duty in the Israeli Army this year and can assure you that NO U.S. TROOPS ARE DEPLOYED IN ISRAEL so get your facts right. The only U.S. troops that I met in Israel came for joint training, for which Israeli troops also come to the U.S.

          You claim U.S. troops are deployed (not training…) in Israel. Where are they? What theater? against whom?

          My army rank is “Captain” I also have a friend who is a U.S. reserves “Major”. Do you have any military record? Do you know which troops are deployed where? Or are you just a kid, wasting my time? By the way, I DID RISK MY LIFE TO DEFEND AN AMERICAN while in uniform, in an incident which I cannot detail here.

          The 34 U.S. sailors that were killed by Israel got killed because their NEUTRAL U.S. ship (LIBERTY) came too close to the fighting theater in the 1967 war and was misidentified as an Egyptian ship by Israeli pilots. Israel has apologized for the incident and paid restitution. If it helps you any, I too feel horrible about the incident. But again, these sailors were NOT DEFENDING ISRAEL.

          Last but not least: “Using Palestinian Children for target practice?” – are you sane? My friend, Major Shahar Shmul was killed by a Palestinian sniper while MAKING SURE THAT THE FIRE SET BY A PALESTINIAN CAR BOMB DID NOT REACH PALESTINIAN CHILDREN in Beit Lehem. I do not think that U.S. troops got such missions in Iraq (which you, my dear American Patriot, occupied illegally, and in which many more children died than in the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last 60 years…).

          We thank our American allies for your support and will stand by your side whenever you need us. But please do not think that you “die for Israel” because none of you have ever done so.

  • Had it been an anti-white christian, the same jewish folk now bleating would be cheering or it.

    • Probably, they do make a habit of spitting on Christian’s faces in Israel.

      • Again Jennifer, antisemitic CRAP. I’m an Israeli and my CHRISTIAN SISTER IN LAW and her family are coming to visit this summer. I assure you that no one will spit in their faces.

      • seriously Jennifer, it seems as though you are getting all of your facts for reddit and 4chan. An argument based on nothing but slanderous rumors IS propraganda whether you realize it or not. I’m assuming that you are a Christian American who has never seen anything beyond the Mason-Dixon line. I challenge you to take a trip to Israel with me and you can even wear your biggest cross. Experience is the only truth and it seems like its about time you got some.

  • anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism anti-semitism v

  • This is nothing new. Occupy Wall Street NY posted similar garbage a few months back claiming AIPAC controlled Congress and the Jews had all the money in the country. That’s when I opted out.

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