Belgian Train Announcement: “Welcome to This Train for Auschwitz. All Jews Get Off at Buchenwald”

May 4, 2012 11:56 am 14 comments
NMBS 942 (type MS86) in Vilvoorde railway station. Photo: wiki commons.

NMBS 942 (type MS86) in Vilvoorde railway station. Photo: wiki commons.

Passengers traveling from Brussels to Namur on Thursday via Belgium’s national railway company SNCB were shocked when they heard the following over the train’s loudspeaker: “Welcome to the train to Auschwitz. All Jews are asked to get off in Buchenwald.”

According to a statement from SNCB, the man who made the announcement was not an employee of the company, saying “SNCB harshly condemns the act”.

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) and European Jewish Union (EJU) have come out strongly against the remark, noting that just two weeks ago the world commemorated the murders of millions of European Jews.

“Two weeks ago we marched in Auschwitz where thousands of Jews were murdered on a daily basis,” said Tomer Orni, head of the EJU and leader of the United Kingdom’s EJP delegation. We will NEVER accept such remarks, not in Europe nor anywhere else.”

In a statement sent to reporters, the European groups applauded the swift action taken by SNCB following the announcement made over the train’s speaker system.

“EJP and EJU appreciate the immediate reaction of the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB) ‘strongly condemning these actions’ and note the transport company’s press secretary’s statement that the announcement was not made by a member of its staff.”


  • Some of us Goyiem are doing all we can to repair the world. Not enough of us though. Never the less when I stand before G-d one day I will not have to say I did not love and respect the people He chose out of all the peoples of the Earth.
    Baruch HaShem And the Jewish people.

  • I agree with the previous comment. Also, it demonsrates that the poison is still there [and probably always will be], regardless of the official noises.
    I wish them all the hell that is coming from the Muslims. They deserve it!

    • Greyrooster

      One of millions and you go ape shit. Nothing else to do?

      • Braham Finestone

        not true sir, every human being is sacred life… does it matter who? This comment is borne out of ignorance…

  • Peter Caroline

    As long as there are people who are think such announcements are acceptable, no Jew should ever be unarmed.

    • Greyrooster

      Name two people that think it’s acceptable. Jews should go around armed? You nuts? Far more people dislike muslims than Jews. Should muslims go around armed?

      • Paardestaart

        Not until they are being threatened by the jews as the jews are threatened by the umma, even in their schools and in their bible

      • FreedomRocks76

        Not true. Either in the US where we keep records or in the rest of the world where antisemitism is rampant. The numbers show that even after 9-11 it is Jews who are six times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than a Muslim.
        The nations of Europe routinely ignore attacks on the Jewish people and the state of Israel and the myth of Arab and Muslim victimization is generally supported.
        The world swore “Never again!” and then started to forget it.

    • Violence cannot end violence, and hate cannot end hate.

      I would agree that as long as there are people who think these things, and who see the reaction as some example of jewish ‘power’, there is a sickness in society for wich PR and corporate appeasement are not a remedy.

      Also, even though I work with weapons professionally (for theater and film), real guns horrify me. As does their recent fetishization. [men who want to be violent should have to learn correct dueling fencing- they'll eventually be so nervous facing another sword they won't bother starting trouble any more ;]

  • How come every lunetic has access to the paging system?

  • This antsemitic situation in the world must be stopped ,more action must be tacken against rasists ,it is crisis in Europe ,this people take advantage ,eyes shall be kept open and learn from the past.

  • Martin Morganlander

    The hatred of Jews in Europe in endemic. Privately and some time pubically it is displayed.
    The nazis did a great job of instilling thier hitlerism and most europeans continue to wallow in it. (like pigs in a stye.)
    So don’t try to editorialise the occurance away. You only placate those that say ” me, not me, I would never let that happen”.
    Sound familiar.

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