Tel Aviv Crosswalks Painted Rainbow Colors for Gay Pride Parade (PHOTOS)

May 15, 2012 11:16 am 8 comments

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Street in Tel Aviv prepared for gay pride week and the city's gay pride parade. Photo:

As Tel Aviv gets ready for the gay pride parade on June 8th, the city’s sidewalks are getting a new look – rainbow colors.

The parade, which has become one of Tel Aviv’s biggest annual events, in conjunction with Tel Aviv’s growing reputation as one of the worlds top destination for gay tourism, culminates Gay Pride Week in Israel’s second most populated city.

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the parade, which will be kicked off by by Tel Aviv’s mayor, Ron Huldai.

Street in Tel Aviv prepared for gay pride week and the city's gay pride parade. Photo:

Street in Tel Aviv prepared for gay pride week and the city's gay pride parade. Photo:


  • benjamín sherzandoz

    Very very nice the iniciative gays israelis

  • Neat! I bet the Black Hats are foaming some much their beards have gone white from the spit and spite.

    One nice about Pride in the Holy Land the leaders of the fundy factions of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths can all agree that the only thing they hate more than each other are fags. So in that way gays bring peace to the Middle East.

    • So basically you’re imposing hatred on presumed prejudice? How do you function through so many layers of hypocritical psyche?!?

      • Ha! Ha! Yes! I totally made it up!

        In a rare alliance, senior religious leaders of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the Holy Land joined forces Wednesday to thwart a major international gay parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this summer, urging the government to ban the event which they said could provoke a violent reaction from the faithful.

        Edward H you should try harder to understand stuff you talk about.

        • Ah but salvage, religious leaders have always spoken out against homosexuality. In many ways this is just a great example of the animosity that exists between the religious and secular populations of Israel. However, what concerns me more is how quickly you resort to racist dialogue in your comments.

          • *orthodox religious leaders

          • Look at you! You say “presumed prejudice” and I show you it’s not presumed but a fact and then you go “Of course it is!” as if you never went and called me “hypocritical” and implied I was a liar for suggesting such a thing!

            I assume that’s how you convince yourself that you’re never wrong about anything, just ignore facts.


            That’s a special sort of delusion that is.

            And Ha! Ha! Yes! I’m the racist! I won’t ask you how you came to that astonishing conclusion as you clearly have trouble translating the sensory input of the world around you due to some sort of physical and/or mental malformation.

  • binah bindell

    Congratulations! You report all the News! Good.

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