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July 5, 2012 8:58 pm

Orthodox Rabbi May be First ALS Patient Cured by Israeli Drug

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Rabbi Refoel Shmulevitz. Photo: Channel 2.

Haredi leader Rabbi Refoel Shmulevitz, a victim of the motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), may be the first known patient cured of ALS, which he was diagnosed with two years ago. ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrigs’ disease after the iconic baseball player who contracted it in 1939, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that features a gradual breakdown of muscle groups, paralysis, and respiratory problems, and is usually fatal within three to five years of diagnosis. Gehrig himself succumbed to the disease at age 37, but other famous victims, notably British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, have survived, albeit with no ability to move or communicate save with the use of the eyes. According to the American ALS association, the disease effects about 5,600 people a year, and has no known cause.

Doctors have until now been unable to cure or reverse the effects of ALS, and have been confined to slowing down the disease and easing its pain through various drug treatments. But that bleak diagnosis may change, through BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, an Israeli biomedical company based in Petah Tikva that has been conducting trials on NurOwn, a treatment for ALS utilizing stem cell technology. NurOwn was found to have no side effects in January of this year, and was approved for clinical trials on human beings, as well as meriting orphan drug status by the FDA, which means that the drug is financially incentivized because it is for rare diseases. The hope is that NurOwn will be able to cure patients with even advanced stages of ALS, and return them to healthy living.

Such was the case with Rabbi Refoel Shmulevitz, a son of Haredi scion Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz and a head of the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Rabbi Shmulevitz was diagnosed with the disease in 2010 at Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, and as of one month of ago, his disease had progressed to an advanced stage, constraining Shmulevitz to a wheelchair and limiting his ability to speak and breathe. His condition was coupled with another rare disease, Myasthenia Gravis, and the resulting combination barred him from participating in clinical trials of NurOwn at Hadassah Hospital, where he is currently being held. Instead, he was approved for so-called “compassionate treatment”, intended for patients with no hope for recovery from the disease.

“Within a few weeks following injection with NurOwn cells, the patient showed dramatic improvement in a variety of functions including breathing, speech, walking, muscular strength, and overall well-being,” said Professor Dimitrios Karussis,  a neurologist at Hadassah and the principal investigator of BrainStorm’s clinical trials, to Israel’s Channel 2 News, adding “While we cannot draw scientific conclusions based on the outcome of an individual patient, these results are extremely encouraging.”

Rabbi Shmulevitz is thankful for regaining his ability to walk, talk, and even climb stairs, calling his recovery a miracle and profusely thanking God. The euphoria is shared by BrainStorm’s executives; Chairman of the Board Professor Avi Israeli said the company was “moved”  by the “remarkable results observed” and Chaim Lebovits, BrainStorm’s founder said “Its hard to describe the excitement that took hold of us as a result of the amazing results.”

It is far from clear if Shmulevitz’s results are indicative of the drug’s healing qualities, and the company is looking for more evidence of efficacy. BrainStorm expects to have results of its clinical trials conducted in Hadassah Hospital this month, and plans to conduct more clinical trials in the United States as well, through a joint effort with Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Massachusetts’ Medical School. But if the drug indeed proves to be a viable treatment for ALS, the results would be game changing, and would help people afflicted with ALS across the world. “There is no doubt that a great drama is taking place here” said a Hadassah doctor to Channel 2.

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  • Jennifer Arora

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      • Jennifer Arora

        Contact Jennifer Arora on facebook, ALS now has cure!

    • sifatul islam

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  • Artur Korycki

    Błagam o pomoc mój syn lat 19 i ja lat 46 mamy als prosimy o pomoc natychmiastową!!! jesteśmy z Polski

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  • Ronald Wolfe

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  • Hilltop Watchman

    Naturally we can expect the proponent of BDS, the bigot Stephen Hawking, to refuse this nasty, Zionist treatment…

  • Yaakov

    Why does this article remain on this web site?

  • Liliana Rodas

    My son has Myasthenia Gravis since 13 years old. I have read the article and I think there may be some hope, please let me know if there anything that we can get here in the U.S. or if we have to even go to Israel. we will do anything to save our son. He is 22 years of age and I’m so worry about his conditions. Right now his doing some treatment at our local hospital and I don’t see any improvement, if you need more information please contact me by email or fone# 8314020912. Please help me. thanks

  • Hi there
    p am a ALS Sufferer since 2012 late actually i dont know whether i should consider myself lucky you see right now
    my body and my face have been attacke by this disease
    my hand and legs are still strong
    I have a lot of saliva in the mouhth and swalllowing becoming a slight problem, pls advised
    don ng

  • Daniel

    Hi Sandra
    Where are you from?
    I need help and I want to “speak” with you

  • Daniel

    Hi Sandra.
    Where are you from. Your name is Lorena ou Sandra?
    I want to know more about this Dr. Mutuma and the cure of ALS because my wife was diagnosed whit this disease.
    Can you give me your email?

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    • sandra

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  • Eliza yabut

    My bother Leo has been suffering from the disease (ALS). Please let me know how I can get in formation on how he can get treatment. Thank you so much

    Eliza yabut

  • Vilas

    Sir since from last 1 year my uncle is suffering from ALS please guide me the treatment for this diesease or any medicine is available in India or any other place. Please replay immediately sir regards

  • Sir since from 8 to 10 months my mother is suffering from ALS please guide me where this new drug NUROWN Is available please replay immediately sir regards Deepak Kulkarni Gulbarga Karnataka

    • Dr. Walter Kumar

      i can help you out of this. am an India man . send me an email now.

      • Vilas

        Sir since last 1 year my uncle is suffering from ALS please guide me the concrete solution for this disease in India or this new drug NUROWN Is available please replay immediately sir regards
        Vilas kumar

  • Gavin Cottrell

    I contacted Dr Mutuma and asked him for Testimonials, he gave me 3 email addresses. I asked each one to scan medical records to say that they had ALS and were cured.
    Nothing was forthcoming only exscuses, one was to frightened to go to hospital, the other promised to send me medical papers but never did, he was in Australia and emailed me back at 3am Australian time, makes you wonder where the emails were coming from!

    • kim

      I sent a friend to meet Dr mutuma in person in jerusalem and everything was true about it. My friend is a police officer in jerusalem. He paid for the diabetes herbal medicine to Dr mutuma in person and sent it to me. Have been using the medicine and I can see much differece. Am shocked to see what Gavin said about this great man trying to help sick people.

  • Sagar

    Hi Sandra,

    My mother in law is suffereing from ALS. I want to speak on this with you.
    Can you please share your contact number. It will be of great help.


  • px fragonard

    I do not believe this story. I believe it is a scam, intended to take money from desperate people who need it most. If it were true, we’d know about it. I had such snake oil salesmen trying to “cure” me of ESRD too. But I got a transplant, the best treatment available at this moment. Do not write to the email address. You’ll be ripped off.

  • mohamed

    pleas the email of the doctor you have me mention is incorrect , pleas can you give me the real email .

    • Sandra

      The email is correct. Type the email together and don’t leave space in

      • majid

        how can i get in touch with dr mutum and get obtain his med

    • px fragonard

      Don’t believe it. It’s a scam.

  • Reality Check

    Probably an article written by one of Big Pharma’s cronies. First off, ALL disease is a process unfolding, whether you are born with the passed on genetic and energetic toxins from your parents or they are acquired during your life, disease doesn’t just pop up. Acute traumatic injury does, and that’s called emergency medicine, the only thing modern medicine is good at treating.

    You may cut out a tumor or radiate the heck out of it, but you did nothing to change the mileu which the cells live and replicate. You have done nothing to change the direction of the disease.

    I don’t believe any of these stories because they defy common sense and how nature works. Sorry, but this individual is far smarter than the typical Joe. I’m not fooled.

  • anubhuti

    hi my father is suffering from mnd.
    we are seeking forward for ur treatment.
    plz help us.

    • Luzty

      I went for an embilical cord transplant about 3.1.5 years ago. I couldn’t speak anymore and could bearley walk. After the treatment I could speak again and walk with a cane. I’m still doing OK. I went to Mexico for the treatment, the stem cells came from the university of Arizona so did the doctor. If you have the money you just have to find a legitamet doctor. Thank you dear Lord G-D for helping me. Do some homework. It is illegal in the U.S. to do it. But an American doctor can practice in Mexico. My doctor did get busted and lost his licence to practice. I do need 1 more treatment. I’ve been looking myself but, now am very short on money. Good luck G-D bless. Mozle tov.

  • hi i m from india my dad is also sufer from motor neuron disease is there any successful treatment for this disease plssss help me .i wanna treat my father at any cost

    contact me ;;

    • Imran

      I have read and heard that there are lots of clinics in India offering stem cell treatment for ALS. Have you contact them?

  • Deb

    Hi Jessica, I read your post and wondered if you have a phone number for Dr. Mutuma. Do you know his first name and where he is based?

    I said they have ALS after losing my husband to cancer four years ago. I want in life my healthy body and to see my kids in life.

    Thank you very much.


  • Deb

    Laureen, thank you for your post and I got excited about it. There are two different emails in your post and I sent to both and both are not good. How can I contact Doctor Mutuma by phone? What is his first name and where is he based?

    I am happy you were cured of your ALS and diabetes and I hope to find a cure for my ALS.

    Thank you very much for a reply.


  • Deb

    In reading about the Israeli rabbi who was cured with advanced ALS with a drug called NurOwn, I was intrigued to read your post uder that article.

    In which health forum did you find out about the African herbal doctor? I just sent him an email.

    I too am reluctant but have tried many things to know avail. Did any of the ALS symptoms return and if not you are so fortunate. I have balance and weakness issues. When I fall it is impossible to get up by myself. As you know it is a horrific disease.

    I truly appreciate a reply that it is honest and truthful that you are ALS negative. Thank you very much for helping me decide to use this African doctor.


    • ken saltzman

      what is the African docter name I was given a herbal doctor name spoke to him don’t know if it is a scam

  • iris hamilton

    hi i would like details of how to contact and get medication for my mother thankyou ashleen daughter

  • iris hamilton

    hi i have been looking a cure for motor neurone disease to give my mother a better quality of lifeafter reading your story i wonder if i could get the medication sent to my mums legs are weak and hands not great i would appreciate some feed back thanks again ashleen daughter

    • Deb

      Hi Iris Hamilton, please inform me if you persued any herbal doctors for your mother as I am incredulous to them. I just am off phone from ALS Association who has never heard of these herbal cures or doctors who all have “” e-mail addresses. The association keeps up with holistic and non-holistic medical events.

      Thank you for your reply.


  • Charlotte

    Suddenly I see some people from the EU here. Forgive for saying this, but many Eu people hate Israel and hate Jews.BDS types. Except when it comes to a discovery that can help them with their serious illnesses be it ALS or cancer for which Israel has now developed immunotherapy then suddenly Jews are OK. Its quite sickening. Am Israel Chai!

    • Debbie

      Charlotte, That seems a very sweeping statement from you! Most people in the EU don’t hate the Jewish people, a lot disagree with how Israel is behaving towards the Palestinians but we can say this about many western countries at the moment. I would try and remove that huge chip on your shoulder and try and move on from that.

      • lisa

        The Palestinians murder Jews for sport. Stop feeding into propaganda. Anti-Semitism is more than a chip on our shoulder. It’s a REAL, CONSTANT beast. Go to hell Debbie.

    • Giovanni

      SHUT UP!!! You ever notice that the people that are always crying “racist”, are the ignorant asses that are making idiotic statements, like that one…And generalizing by putting everyone into a category that they made up. Which, btw, is as racist as it comes! All people from Europe hate Jews?! REALLY?!! That’s no different than if you had said, “all black people are criminals” or “all jews are greedy”! You are the racist. Dont put that on everybody else! People come here because they’re sick, and scared, and need help…And you spew that crap on here. You should be ashamed of yourself! And, btw, I’m from The U.S., not Europe (though I have been there) …and I’m still offended.

    • basha kline

      Charlotte you are right, Europe is being termed Eurabia now and it is quite worrying that so much antisemitism is becoming the norm. Of course the flag carriers for BDS will relent when it comes to an aid for recovery, I’ve been saying this for years that with all the technology that Israel develops, and which is in most pieces of technological equipment in hospitals, these idiots will still screech their malevolent diatribe to the masses, against Jews/Israel, that is one disease that will never be cured.

  • Marli

    Hello Andrew Parker, where are you from? I read your post and want to know your place and where this herbal doctor lives also.
    How did you feel about him?
    Do you recommend him to anyone?

  • Hi

    My husband has als since the last almost 3 years now. We have tried everything under the sun but in vain. As you have mentioned that doctor can help with any disease will contact him.

  • stephanie

    My husband has had ALS going on two years.he is 36 years old. We have a 10monthold baby boy, I need some advice on how he can get a chance to be cured with nurown,we are willing to pay,and travel where ever need be. Any real sugestions?

    • l have ultrine fibroid and urgent solution.

  • Prexy Diego

    My sister in law was diagnosed of ALS 5 months ago.I was very sad upon knowing her situation, for now I just do my own research abt ALS through reading/browsing on the net…Still I was so blessed to hear your testimony abt havibg healed by FAITH….I pray that MIRACLE will also bestowed upon us. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS

  • Mervyco

    I find it horrible that at the beginning of the replies to this article so many African Sangomas were permitted to tout for business with their useless potions. Go to the market in Durban RSA and see the constituants of their “medicines”. Dried monkey and other animal parts, in the worse cases parts of kidnapped children go in this “muti” as that makes it “more powerful”. YES REALLY!!

    As for DR R and Danial Hale, they could be charletans and scammers, and they could be the real deal. They would need to bring forward those they have cured of ALS and Autism in some numbers and anactotal evidence would be sufficient. Medicine from the start of Lister’s work with antiseptics onwards is a lot slower to accept what is in front of their noses than the public. But that would include answering their e-mails; several have reported no responce to their e-mails/telephone calls asking for information.

    I do know a colleague of mine had a treatmnent for Lupus and was told that there are too many jobs and too much money involved in reasearch into Lupus to ever want to find a cure. He offered to fund 50 patients provided by the American Lupus Association and if he got them better they would endorse his work. Thanks but no thanks, was the reply.

    For those who put all their faith in the Lord. Good for you that youir faith is that strong, but the Lord helps those who help themselves so do not expect prayer alone to be of help: you need the sciebnce too.

  • Putin

    There is no centralnaya ulitsa in Russia,liar!
    Ulitsa means street idiot

  • Priyanka


    My mom has been diagnosed with ALS and I am not able to recover from the shock I have gone through after knowing about the disease.
    Please help me with more information if there is any ray of hope. I’d greatly appreciate.


    • Alfred Miller,M.D.

      Has your Mother been properly tested for Lyme Disease ?

      • Kathy Smith

        Are you saying that Lymes Disease is similar to ALS? No my husband
        has not been tested for Lymes Disease.

      • Elaine James

        There are many people who have been diagnosed with ALS but they actually have lyme disease. My husband has been diagnosed with ALS and he was tested for lyme disease. The test came back negative. Even when the lyme disease test comes negative, continue to retest. When the immune system is deficient, the lyme disease test will come back negative. We are in the process of building my husband’s immune system and he will have the lyme disease test again in a month or two.

        • DON CAHOON

          I lost my lovely wife to ALS two years ago.I hope you have limes disease instead of ALS. May GOD help you and guide you on how to deal with this problem.DON CAHOON FROM CLEARWATER BC CANADA

        • Patricio Molina

          saludos. m esposa fue diagnosticada con ela. hicimos pruebas de lyme y tiene un resultado de 6.90% de la espiroqueta burreylus que casa el lyme .
          no hemos podido avanzar mas.
          que necesitamos hacer

    • Imran

      There is stem cell treatment in India, Thailand, which helps in the progression of ALS.
      Google and you will find them.

  • M Scott

    As a fellow sufferer from ALS diagnosed early in 2014 from symptoms that in retrospect began about mid-2012 I find Daniel Hales comments of great interest. At present I am taking Rilutek and have been doing so since April 2014 but it does have side effects so I am not entirely happy with it.
    Since there seems little alternative from Western Medicine though Cannabis derivatives are reputed to alleviate the condition to some degree – illegal I understand in the UK which is where I am located, I have sent my detailed symptoms etc. to China and paid for a 30 day course of a Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of a specially compounded herbal tea (hoping it will reach me since it is not cheap. If it help I will consider going to Beijing for a consultation and treatment. I may also try acupuncture if it is recommended. However I intend also to contact Daniel Hale and to send him the Timeline of my symptoms etc. in the hope that it may further his research and I will of course be open to his suggestions should he hopefully contact me.

    • MINI

      Is there a possibility for panels #6050 and #5090 to also come back NEGATIVE? or are those panels are guarantee to show a POSITIVE if indeed LYME is involved?

      My father was diagnosed with ALS OCTOBER 2014, i know he had a Lyme test but i’m not sure which panels were tested.

      • Alfred Miller

        Those panels are tests that reflect the patient’s immune response.
        They may vary during the course of the illness.

    • Beverly

      please send contact info to get started on als drugs & doctors.

    • joanne

      My husband has just been diagnosed with ALS. I figured the process of elimination testing that have to take place were going to lead to ALS. His mother passed away from this debilitating disease and now blood work is being sent to Germany to test for familial gene. Now looking back at symptoms that he was having many many years ago got that got understandably overlooked tell me he has had it probably over ten year…his leg mobility and slurred speak and difficulty swallowing have just recently and rapidly progressed in the last 2 months. As his wife< i just don't know what to do from here except for the obvious, care and understanding and patience. It is just so hard to comprehend that a cure or better medicine hasn't been found yet. Lou Gereg was diagnosed in 1939. I now can just pray that God helps me and our children through this.

  • James

    My uncle has ALS since 2 month and he is getting worse and worse although at the beginning his doctor told us that he can last up to two years minimum because normally its from 2-5 years most people and very few exceptions up to 7 and 10 years , but the problem is I can not guarantee he is gonna make to the end of the year the way he looks and very day worse than the other ! please help

  • Alana

    How could someone get into this study, My boyfriend has ALS and would like to beat it just like everyone else..Please Help

    • Tina

      My mother has ALS. Her left hand has stopped working completely. Right hand is getting slowly affected. She is taking relutor. Doing physiotherapy. No improvement. Please help.

      • Cliff Sonnenbrot

        Please check with Amory Hospital with Prof. Glass in Atlanta,or in Boston with Prof. Robert Brown or Prof. Merit Cudkowicz
        Best, Cliff

    • Elaine James

      Get his immune system built up and have him ask his doctor to order the lyme disease blood test. There are many people that have been diagnosed with ALS who actually have lyme disease. If the lyme disease comes back negative, continue the immune system strengthening and get retested.

  • Renee

    This is just a miracle from God. I am so happy for you, Rabbi. God Bless You.

    • Maya

      I second that!

      • Chris

        No, this is no way a miracle from God. This is the result of hard work from a team of researchers.

        • Jon Gregory

          God allowed this miracle to occur through the skill of the team which is a gift from God!

          • Julia

            I could not agree with you more, Jon Gregory. G-d provided the team of doctors the knowledge in which the blessed Rabbi was treated, and I know, as a very observant Jew, Rabbi Schmuletitz is praised Adonai for this miracle to reach others every single day that he is alive and well!

          • david

            why did god allow this disease in the first place? why would he create a disease and then cure it? why the change of heart? did he make a mistake?
            if there is a cure it is because of the dedication and skill of the researchers. nothing to do with an invisible man in the sky

          • Max

            Why do you insist on that voodoo stuff. If god is so involved in the cure why has he allowed ALS to happen in the first place. I have had conversation with the ghost believers before and I have given up on logic and reasoning to work. Just think there is no difference between you and the demons of ISIS. Bothe claim god’s will is guiding their actions.

  • Dan

    Hope this is a sign of good things to come. It’s potentially miraculous developments like this that are intended to be the victims of BDS. Inexcusable and moronic.

  • Will the admins PLEASE weed out these idiots who post the prayer garbage there? It detracts from the real commenters. Geeez…

    • Tracy A

      How sad for you that you feel people of faith are idiots! Don’t read if you don’t like the content! Problem solved

      • Dvora

        Amen sista !!!

      • Julia

        OMEIN! How can you, Mr. Rosenbaum, even call yourself a Jew with an idiotic statement like that?
        A Holocaust survivor

    • kennedy

      don’t be mean now

    • The page is being spammed. You need security measures or a moderator.

    • elisabeth

      the ADMINS r taking a nap ! Seriously, if god was directing all this, WHY didn’t god direct this earlier? It wasn’t until people DARED to try to find answers to all these questions themselves that science made any advances. People have prayed for centuries and very few miracles that I know of. I BELIEVE there can be inspirations that at times can come from dead relative or a god scource, but PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THE WORK or nothing changes as it didn’t for thousands of years

  • Daphne Gross

    Does that mean that every non-Christan, everyone who does not pray to Jesus Christ has no chance of a cure?

    It’s fortunate that that concept was not promoted, and doctors and researchers did not abandon their efforts in finding a small pox vaccine, a polio vaccine, et al.

  • scott

    I feel so bad that there are so many people suffering with this, and yet they get put on the backburner like they don’t even matter. There are too many geniuses and brilliant doctors/researchers in the world to tell me they can’t figure out a cure for this. And the FDA wants to take forever to test anything, even though people need it now! I truly hope a good therapy and cure become a reality sooner rather than later. I have faith in it.

  • Peter Kirwood

    That is a fantastic testimony to the power of god .it sounds like you spent considerable time praying I suppose even fasting . I believe it might be the go for me.
    You must have put a lot of time into prayer with your wife . I have struggled with religion for many decades and have come to the conclusion that it is a personal thing between myself and god that will cure me

  • Peter Kirwood

    I was diagnosed with MND on the 14 febuary 2014 .i am still able bodied but feel the nerves have stopped racing up my right arm and leg .i have a weakness in my right HAND and my speech is getting difficult .i have nerves racing around just under my hair LINE ON my forehead..I AM TAKING TELOMERE and they are suppose to reduce the denigration of the ends of my chromosomes . I’ve been taking them for about a month and things seem to have slowed down a bit .im not really sure about any thing else but do be sure I do believe power of prayer .

  • Peter Kirwood

    I would definatly like to hear more about

  • Priya

    Dear friends,
    My father was diagnosed with ALS two years back. Currently his condition is really bad.
    We are from India and most trials need the patient to be a resident of the USA. I wanted to know if they take Indian patients for the above trial. Or is there any other facility that accepts Indian residents for trial programmes. Please help.

  • Dr Willam Burkal

    Jesus did not cure your ALS. Stop telling people stupid stories like this.

  • Astonished Sceptic

    Once again are the Israelis selling the world , the Brooklyn Bridge? This Rabbi had myasthenia gravies which can remit on its own or with immune modulation. Some forms resemble motor neurone disease. This is not the first time the Mayo Clinic would have misdiagnosed a patient.
    If these claims are true then the company(profit motive) should mKe the Rabbi’s medical records public Witt the patient’ permission. Otherwise it is propaganda to mislead people to invest in thus venture.
    For somebody with MND who can’t talk or walk or swallow, a few weeks is too short a time to recover no matter the the patient to have recovered so completely.The axons grow at the rate of millimeters per day.

    • Alfred Miller,M.D.

      What do you mean “once again the Israelis are selling the world the Brooklyn Bridge” ?

      “Profit Motive” ……

      These are anti-Semitic remarks and reflect badly on you!!!

      • Astonished Sceptic

        What is anti-Semitic? A blanket argument to shield the doings or misdeeds of Israelis. Are Israelis a special creation? Above criticism or Demi-gods? This Israeli company appears to be parading this Rabbi to convince poor ALS sufferers for advertisement purposes. If the company does not have sufficient knowledge of the disease they should not be in that business otherwise they are misleading the public.

        • Elaine James

          Yes, the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. Leave punishing the Jewish people for their sins to God. If the rabbi that you are referring to is exploiting people with ALS, God will deal with him.

    • sigmund

      I agree with your that these results sound bogus. When the article said he was also diagnosed as having myasthenia gravis, my first thought was “what a coincidence.” Of course, it is not impossible to have both. He could legitimately have an early case of ALS and then gotten an attack of MG superimposed. Remission of the MG (possibly due to additional treatment not mentioned such as plasmaphoresis or steroids) would account for the remarkable turn around. In that case he might still be dying of ALS. But even if you could somehow regenerate or replace all his motor neurons (the cells that die in ALS)it would take a very long time to get significant muscle regeneration.

      But I disagree with the “Once again…” remark. Israel has no greater penchant for deceptive advertising than most other countries. Such things are common throughout the world. People generally hype up the things that they do. Israel has a strong biomedical research industry so it’s no surprise that some dishonest claims would comes from that area. But in general Israel ranks pretty high in true scientific output. Israel has had 12 Nobel prize winners. Subtracting the 3 peace and 1 literature prize, this gives 8 scientific prizes (counting economics). This is from a (current) population of about 14 million. Japan, a very advanced nation, has produced 16 Nobel prizes. Japan’s population is 128 million, about 9 times that of Israel. So per capita, Israeli’s are about 4.5 times as productive of such extremely high level intellectual output. Japan has a good output. Israel’s is better. By the way, Sweden is even better–16 science Nobel prizes on a 9 million population base. Is that a hometown advantage? Maybe a little but the Swedes are very productive group of people and they have a strong education system. But they have been hit by a number of scandals lately including that of one of their telecomm companies dishonest practices in Uzbekistan and, of course, their banks hiding US tax evasion. But it would be silly to complain of yet another scam from Sweden. No nation is immune.

      Personally, I avoid using labels such as anti-Semitic because I think it stifles thoughtful discussion. But I understand how someone could get upset by the fact that a predominantly Jewish country is singled out for the type of activity done everywhere. If every time some legitimate advance in science or engineering came from Israel (which happens a lot) I were to say “Another example of the outstanding work of those intelligent and public spirited Israelis” someone would probably accuse me of positive bias toward Jews. So anyone who gratuitously singles out Israel for criticism when something bad comes from Israel should not be surprised that someone complains of negative bias toward Jews (which really is anti-Semitism amount to).

      By the way, the NurOwn cells may still be a very valuable treatment even though I doubt they did the heavy lifting in this man’s remarkable (supposed) discover. If they really are a valuable treatment, I’m going to “Another great scientific success for those remarkable Israelis.” But if they are not a useful treatment, they simply join the list of a multitude of treatments which have failed. Let’s give them a little credit even for trying.

      • Richard Couzens

        The Jewish population of Israel is approximately 6 million; Jews worldwide, approximately 15 million.

        I trust remainder of comments is more accurate.

    • Glass half full

      Well, I hope you will bite your tongue when you discover that this is true and not some “profit motive.” Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem have made amazing strides in Alzheimer’s research and I have no doubt that this is true and real progression in finding a cure for ALS.

      The article clearly states that this is just one patient, but that they hope it is a good sign for future trials. So they are not “parading” this one patient and their drug as being the end all drug. And I do believe that your comments are anti-Semitic, but that’s just my opinion.

      The U.S. is so slow and reluctant to perform stem cell research, but Israel has a relationship where they share their medical findings. Come on, man, let’s look at this as a glass half full, not empty for now!

  • Deborah Klein

    My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS and is able to travel. I would love more information about NurOwn cell treatment and for him to participate in your investigative study.

    • Two years ago my 58-yr old wife was diagnosed with what they called evolving ALS. Since then she has lost the use of her arms, legs and speech. She is bed ridden 7/24. Once a month IVIG infusion is the only treatment that she receives. We reside in Mclean, VA. I would be interested in any advice or suggestion you have for us.

      Many thanks,
      Arun K. Chhabra

  • Hello, I am sorry about your fight with ALS. I am a son of a person with ALS. I wanted to do something about ALS for him and for others like him. However, I need help, and I want to make sure that others like my father are interested in this project.
    Please visit and feel free to provide feedback.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Dr. Miller. I was diagnosed with ALS last year, and I have recently been researching the possibility of having Lyme’s disease rather than ALS, and your link was quite timely.

    • M.


      do you know if israeli doctors are doing any research on lyme? I am currently being treated for complex neuroborreliosis….in DC at the Jemsek Clinic, I hv lyme, bartonella, babesia, and toxoplasmosis, plus some other minor things.

      I am afraid of making aliyah to Israel in case im the future after thks treatment I need further help. Do you know if doctors in Israel treat lyme?

      There are more lyme cases every year than HIV, breast cancer, and ALS combined, but where is the research for a quick and final absolute cure?

      I do not believe in “chronic” lyme, I believe in undertreated lyme. these bacteria and co-infection parasites and bacteria seem opportunistic.

      I was informed that if you hv a body temperature of 106 degrees F for 24 hours all life forms of these things would die. why cant people sign liability waivers and make this choice and accept the risk??? people are committing suicide over this illness bc some insurance companies and the cdc are not supportive.

      something must be done asap, tnis is an epidemic…spreading worldwide.

      Am Yisrael Chai!

      the spam comments on here are atrocious. clean up time. 🙂

      thank you for your sacrifice in being a doctor.

  • tariq bhatti

    Hello Sir your news of improvement from Nurown trail Has after 3 year given my family hope, my dad has mnd and is getting worse we are desperate for help if this hospital is still doing trails please could you send me information on how enrol my dad we really need you help I have tired so hard for a few years and this is the only hope I have come across to make him better many thanks

    • Does anyone realise the irony of ironies? The Israel hater, Stephen Hawkins who boycotts Israel would be the one to most to benefit from this drug? If this drug is administered to him he could be cured in very quickly and lead a proper life and even climb stairs!

      Do you think he should embarrass himself for begging for the Drug from Israel? No. He is now cursing the people who advised him so wrong.

      • Mish l

        That is one of the first things that also came to mind – how ironic indeed!!!
        in fact most of the BDS supporters are probably using the best technologies of the world without realising where they came from. We should just take these medical & technological achievements away from them.

    • Billy S
  • nasir

    My father is suffering the ALS illness since 2007 please update me about treatment.

    you are highly appreciated.


  • my father has very advanced ALS. He was diagnosed a month ago. unable to speak..needs ventilator for breathing,..and feeding tube is being put in…Please send me information on this new drug. We are in United States….Thank you

  • Patsy Sheffield

    My daughter, Keri Sheffield, was diagnosed at the age of 28 in 2009 with ALS and has been bedridden since August 2010 and is no longer able to talk, eat or move and takes 24-hour care on a ventilator. We do believe in God’s healing as we have asked for but sometimes He opens doors that we must look into along the way and I would most certainly appreciate and would follow through on any known cure that is available. Any info and consideration for a chance to have a “normal” life again would be greatly acknowledged and praised!!! A loving, desperate and sleep deprived mother!!!!!

    • Maria J

      My mother was diagnosed with bulbar ALS a few years ago in south America in Uruguay. she is no longer able to speak or eat. feeding tubes were placed a few moths ago. Could u name the specific blood test that are needed in order to look for Lyme disease? this disease is not common in Uruguay and obodu has any idea, hence why she was treated in Argentina instead. however it is rare there too and they are clueless. after i read your post i start to think that may be she was never test in her blood test for this also. at this point even if she was diagnosed with this new disease as well at least would give us hope if anything at all. We are looking desperate searching for the treatment in Israel but tried several times contacting them via email and phone.

      thank you for any information you can provide. again, thank you for your time

      Maria J Tanco

      my email is

  • Arturo Martinez

    My mother is in a very advanced stage of ALS. Please send me more information to

    Thank You
    May God Bless you

    • Alfred Miller,M.D.

      Infection with Lyme Disease can present and progress EXACTLY the SAME as ALS.

      The screening Elisa Test for Lyme Disease may give a false negative.

      Every patient with ALS should be tested with a proper Western Blot Test.
      Some Western Blot Tests omit Bands #31 and #34, make sure these are included.

      Lyme Disease infection can be treated with antibiotics and is curable !

      The incidence of ALS is very high in locations where Lyme Disease is endemic.

  • Mandy Please send info!! thanks!

  • Dear Sir, If this is true ,Thank to to the almight god,Please my mother is suffering from ALS & she is taking the medicine Rituzole 50mg , If you could provide me the details I am very much intrested for the treatment of my mother please do replay me…

    I am keeping hope that u will replay soon

    May God bless you

    Thanks &regards

    Benny Fernandez

  • Humayun Kabir Khan

    i am desperate for a cure my email address is

    • sue

      Hi, my dad has ALS i have so many questions? To me there are too many peoplewith ALS it has to be water and food related.pesticides, roundup,etc…i asked my dad he always drank tap water and been eating GMO food for years, chemicals on grass fornmmany yrs. Please get back to me after asking loved ones. Canxer the biggest money making disease. We are being poisioned air food water supply. Eat organic. Farm to table local , make sure oeganic .reading sone ibfo on it they say possible pesticides, agent orange??? If its not inheritedand al it of pple ate being affected then its our food n water

      • Linda

        Sue, Yes I agree with you. It is from the air, water, food with chemical in it for longer shelf life. Our FDA is sitting on a cure, or how can they say that these disease will be cured in 2025. We need something now. ALS is over 150 years old, and the research people have lost their passion in finding a cure in the US. They look forward to donations, fundraisers and grants to pizz away. We need a noted celebrity to be the spokesman like Liz Taylor was for AIDS. Not a comedian or ball player that no one ever heard about. We all have to get after our congressmen and start to demand a cure. This is way to long to wait for a cure, as more people are getting it and don’t know it.

  • Humayun Kabir Khan

    I have been suffering from als for 8 months now. I went to many treatment areas but nothing worked, i hope that you guys can help me out, please reply back and hopefully u can add me to you trial list. Please and thank you.

    • Humayun Kabir Khan

      my email adress is

      • Michael Williams

        I live in Grand Blanc,Michigan.I was diagnosed with ALS 1yr. ago by the University of Michigan.They are doing trails with Stem Cell.It’s very hard to get into their program.They are very selective as to who they want to be in the trial.What is the criteria for the program at your facility? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you, God Bless

  • I am so sorry to be the “bad” guy here but to give me or my husband any kid of hope is killing us more then the ALS. Another cure–yeah right! Here we sit watching my husband die a piece at a time–it is sick.As far as I know ther eis no cure or we would be on top of it. If you do have a cure then please be a human and share it with us!

    • kim glenn

      My husband was diagnosed with ALS in August 2008.He is now in a wheelchair his speech is a little slurred and his hands are not working very well.All I can say is don’t spend the money on stuff that they say will help,because it won’t.God and a positive attitude will keep you alive.Not the drug Rilotek my husband has never used it.God Bless and hang in there !

      • Federal


    • Me

      Go on youtube and search for “rife” ad “als”(you might have to spell it completely instead of as als though).

    • Federal

      You can have your dad apply for a stem cell trial on this link, TRUST ME IT IS A TRUSTABLE SOURCE:

    • Kathy:

      And please you share with us if you hear of any promising treatment. My 56-year old wife got this disease about two years ago. She has lost the use of legs, arms, speech. Is on vent machine and feeding tube. I’ve retired from active law practice to be with her 7/24. We go through the daily routine and pray — pray a lot, hoping all the time some breakthrough or goo news would happen today — any day soon.
      Arun K. Chhabra:

  • Charlene Wallace

    I have a good friend who is 42 years old that has been diagnosed, the effects are overwhelming. We are desperate for a cure. My email is

  • Jessica

    Daniel your phone numbers dont work for me, please contact me at


  • Jessica

    Im a 25yold female from Australia, waiting on diagnosis to be confirmed but it is almost certain that I do have it, I would like to take this drug for myself please contact me at

    Thank you !!!

    • Robin Rodriguez

      My dear friend is deteriorating rapidly and needs help. Please advise if he may participate in a clinical trial.

      My sincere thanks for anything that can be done for this great man.


    • Randy Varga

      My son at the age of 39 has been diagnosed with ALS. I would like to know if he would be able to get into this program, or any other one. In the area of South Bend Indiana area.

  • Bertha

    my mother is in the united states in texas. she is 72 years and is diagnosed. with ela . she was diagnosed one year ago but the sintoms have been there for two years . please adviced me what to do. HELP PLEASE!

    • Teresa Lambert

      Please give me all of the information about Germany. My husband is 42 and has ALS. I went to the web site but can not read German. Thank you so much.

      • Maria J

        Te site is in English and Portuguese too but has no information though i understand both languages and was not able to get anything out of this site. could u provide any more details as far as how to contact them how much does it cost how long it takes or anything please 😉 than you so very much!!!!

        my email is

  • Richard Jenkins

    Please put me on the trail list I have bulbar als

  • A

    I don’t mean to be rude to all the people suffering from this terrible disease, I have so much respect for all of you. It makes no sense to me that this disease has been around for such a long time yet there has been basically zero progress as to finding a definite cause or cure to it. There are too many smart people in this world for there not to be. Either nobody cares or something is being hidden from the public due to money reasons. Things just don’t add up for me..

    • Terri

      Couldn’t the same be said for cancer?

      • frank greenfield

        No, I don’t believe so. Als with only a minute
        chance of survival is not the same as cancer. Rather
        cancer ranges from nearly 90 percent of skin cancer
        cases for recovery to only 20 percent recovery with
        pancreatic cancer. In many cases cancer patients live with much hope as their condition usually doesn’t deteriorate until the very end. on the other
        hand als is demonic monster crippling the patient from the word go.To all als patients you are my true heroes and I hope and pray that there will be
        a cure soon.

    • leonard flynn

      I agree 100% with what you wrote but its my hope that the time of a cure is here when I see and think about all the people affected from ALS it breaks my heart! I have a life long friend only 47 years old and he just informed me that he has ALS about 5 months ago and already hes loosing mobility of his arms and legs im heart broken to say the least for every one suffering from from ALS and im hoping things like money or power will not stand in the way of a cure. to all those suffering from ALS my heart and thoughts go out to you all keep praying god will answer you may god hold you all up and give you strength may he bless you and cure you AMEN.

  • Sheri Corral

    If this is true please contact me, as I have been diagnosed in the beginning stages if ALS. I will travel anywhere to get treatment! Sheri.

  • Omar

    MY father passed away last week due to the ALS disease after a long battling for about 2 and half years. he tried Japan and China for stem cells but it made him even worse. The best option is to be there for eachother through these moments and accept the fact and hand it to god.

    • Johnny Pruitt

      My husband is looking for studies on als
      He only has it in bulbar area right now
      He would like to try what the rabbi tried

      Brenda pruitt

      • Lois

        My son was diagnosed today with familia ALS It is bulbar and his dad passed away from ALS,’. He would like to get into a study.

      • Jim

        Hey Brenda,

        My wife has the symptoms in bulbar area, I would like to hear from you about the treatment rabbi tried. I hope your husband can find effective treatment soon. I look forward to your reply.


  • Calin

    Hi. My name is Călin and i am from Arad,Romania.
    My mother was diagnosed with ALS , and she took an magnetic resonance exam in Romania (IRM in romanian language), which revealed she had a few strokes (AVC in romanian= Accident vascular cerebral), and she have ischemic areas on her brain,which affected the white substance.
    I am willing that my mother to participate to trials, if you need subjects for this.You and God are our only hope.
    My mail is
    Thank you!

  • Ravi Teja

    My Mother is suffering from ALS and we are constantly looking for any possible treatment.Please help us

  • I am in the later stages of ALS–cannot walk or stand, hold eating utensils, use a ventilator, etc.

    I recommend you look for a TED Talk by Paul Cox from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    I am in third week of trying L-serine on my own, 2500mg 3x per day. I have been feeling good, but not sure yet if it is helping.

    • Jason

      Hi Larry,

      Please keep us informed! 🙂

  • Mabel

    This is a long awaited news. My husband was diagnosed of ALS two years ago. It’s been tough for the family but I know he is going through a terrible struggle. I will be great-full if he could be enlisted in the trial. My email is

  • I (like many others who’ve commented on this page)have a member of my immediate family (my father) who has MND/ALS.

    What I would like to know is, can the treatment that was given to this rabbi be given to ordinary members of the public including those who live outside of Israel?

    Furthermore, can someone please tell me how I can contact these researchers to try to enroll my father in these trials? He’s lost the use of both arms, his legs are very weak and he cannot walk around the house without support, he can’t climb stairs. This could be life changing as it has some credibility. My father,like everyone who’s been diagnosed with this disease, does not deserve this and he definitely deserves a shot at this treatment, as does everybody with terminal ALS/MND.

    Is anybody willing to help me out?

    • sheila

      Hi my name is Sheila and I have ALS now for a year and Im going to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic,to get treatment have you had ALS for a long time I know 2 years are less if so call the clinic at st marys hospital i hope this help they have 9 people right now and they are doing 25 people good luck

      • sheila


        • Sheila:

          I live in Colorado, diagnosed less than a year. Tried to get into the Mayo Clinic, MN trial. They said they had already received too many candiates and they would put me on a list. Any advice you could give would be appreciated.

      • I am a 33 yr old male and have been recently diagnosed with ALS. The last couple months have been a struggle for me for walking and just doing normal activities. I would love the chance to try this treatment! Thanks for the consideration!

      • Bertha

        hi sheila .im happy to hear you are going to the minnesota mayo clinic. may God bless you ! you mentiones to call st marys hospital. where is that in what city and state? please let me know. how can i reach some one at mayos clinic?please help me ! im desperate.

  • This news story is a year old. Does anyone know whether this Rabbi is still alive. I am conducting a study on ALS for my university and am gathering some more information about the survivors of this disease.

    • Avrohom Chakimai

      The Rabbi is alive and doing reasonably well!

    • Stan

      There is a couple of nature Drs that are treating people with ALS in Hendersonville tenn by the names of Dale and Gale Hammond. They seem to be having good results.

      • harlan and denise

        my wife is doing ok, because of hyperbaric treatments and ozone therapy, but still finds it tought to deal with muscle weakness and weight loss, but it has stopped the progression from being worse. thanks for all your home, dr dale hammond.

  • Quinapalus

    This treatment is as yet completely unproven for any form of Motor Neurone Disease. The purpose of this primary trial was to test the safety of the drug. We do not know how many patients were involved, we do not know if this patient received the treatment or the placebo.

    What I do know is the following:

    1. Stem Cell Therapy is currently only proven for the treatment of Leukemia
    2. Mr Shulevitz is suffereing from ALS, and also from Myasenthia Gravis, an auto-immune condition that causes paralysis. It is not which of the two conditions improved after the trial took place.
    3. No-one should have to pay for unproven treatment
    4. Daniel R. Hale is a spammer who has been making a nuisance of himself on Twitter. All of my #MNDFriends have blocked him and reported him for spamming

    So, calm down and stop over-reacting. We will find a cure for all forms of MND one day, and when it is found it will be published in medical journals and circulated in the correct way. Instead of throwing money at unscrupulous practitioners of unproven medicine, give your money to charities and foundations who support real research.

    My father died of ALS in February of this year. I was hopeful that a cure might be found in time to save him, but now I am hopeful that a cure will be found so that fewer families will have to go through what mine have in the last 14 months.

    • Linda Higdon

      My name is Linda Higdon. I’m 73 and am getting worse. I need to know if there is any help for me out there…PLEASE,my walking is getting worse. I’m fighting a battle everyday that no one knows.

    • It should also be noted that Colorado ALS research can now show that stem cell therapy cannot be effective unless the biochemistry that ALS represents is corrected. This research can now show how ALS attacks with two methods using a contributing factor for both fronts. This allows ALS to fuel itself and resist ANY drug treatment thrown at it. Any expectation of recovery from ALS now must go through this research or it will not arrive. BRUTAL HONESTY!

  • Lou

    Is it still available? I would appreciate it if someone concerned will reply to me.

    • sheila

      Hi my name is Sheila and I have ALS now for a year and Im going to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic,to get treatment have you had ALS for a long time I know 2 years are less if so call the clinic at st marys hospital i hope this help they have 9 people right now and they are doing 25 people good luck
      and the treatment NurOwn

  • rachael


    My beautiful friend has the nerve disease and I am frantically looking for a cure for her.
    We leave in Australia and would love to be part of this Trial
    Have been praying for this for some time and I just happen to stumble accross this just know.
    Is god tell me to do this, he only know. I have been asking him for miricle for some time know and last night when I heard that she needs feeding tube I really layed it to God and asked for answers.
    Pls let me know if she can be helped, she is a single mum trying to be there for her daughter and fight this disease.

  • Travis

    I would really be glad to know more about this or possibly take part/volunteer. Feel free to email-

  • Leah Nepomuceno

    My father Ronald has had ALS for five years, he is a fighter and continues to fight through this horrific disease. If anyone could email me back so we could begin the trials that would be amazing! He is towards the ending stages of his life and this would be certainly a miracle. Thank you so much! -Leah Nepomuceno

  • Kathy Orso

    how do we get this treatment? my husband has ALS and we have several people in our life with it too!

  • happy

    My son suffering fron Brain Neuro degenerative disease, causes dystonia, limiting his walk & sppech plus also suffering from tremors.

    Pl suggest medicine for him.

  • Hello Proffesor,

    My Father has ALS from Holland and he has it for five years now, and we desperrately want the medicine can you mail me please.

    And if its possible we will come to israel.

    Thank you.

    My mail is

  • Amanda Mejlaq

    My father has has ALS 4 years now. He is in a hospital bed day and night,We live in MALTA. How can i sign him up for these trails? My email is

    • Farida Sabri


      This is wonderfull news!! my father has ALS for 4 years, and can we sign him up for the trial??

      Please!!! Help….

    • Farida Sabri


      This is wonderfull news!! my father has ALS for 4 years, and can we sign him up for the trial??
      We are from Holland.

      Please!!! Help….

      • Quinapalus

        This treatment is not yet proven. Stem Cell Treatment is only currently proven for the treatment of Leukemia. Do not pay anybody for stem cell treatment for MND/ALS, they are all con artists.

        • Mawber

          You say horrible things to families only wanting hope.. Give money to huge companies who take it and dont cure, cancer for instance.
          How about telling us what worked for your Dad not what didnt. Be angry at the disease not poeple looking for hope.
          Drs are educated by books and past research. You may not believe in miracles. your father would want you to live well.

  • Amanda Mejlaq

    Hi My Father has had ALS for 4 years now, He is in a bed all day and night. We Live in MALTA
    How can i sign him up for trials?????
    Please Help

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The medical advances in Israeli research make me proud to be Israeli. My wife is a life-long member of Hadassah Hospital. It is a high honor to be affiliated with an institution that is at the forefront of research such is depicted in this article. to Rabbi Refoel Shmulevitz: !רפואה שלמה והחלמה מהירה

  • Jade

    I am a first year college student and my mother has had ALS for going on 5 years. This article has really touched my heart. My mother having ALS has had not only a great impact on her life, but mine and younger brothers as well. I am truly excited about what is to come of these clinicals. I pray to God every night and I will continue to do so. I believe that if this is meant to be, it will be. What a wonderful finding! I pray that a blessing proceeds in this case. It will sure be life changing for many families across the nation. God bless you all, keep smiling. Frowning will never help!

    • Shauna

      God bless you for having such a possitive outlook. ALS took my dads life 5 years ago. He fought long and hard for 10 years. He too, had a very positive outlook through out his whole thing. So many people tell me today that my dad inspired them so! To keep your head up high in the mist of such an ugly illness is rare and one true testimony that happiness is a choice, and we will choose how to deal with these crappy cards we have been dealt… I believe that people who see you go through this journey with your mom and remain positive will all be moved and learn a very valuable life lesson by your example. God Bless…

  • Quinapalus

    Before we all start going crazy, booking flights to Tel Aviv and lobbying the Israeli Health Ministry, it’s important to consider the three following points:

    1. As well as ALS, Mr Shmulevitz also suffers from an auto-immune condition that causes paralysis. It is unclear which of the two conditions the NurOwn actually treated.

    2. It is not known whether or not Mr Shmulevitz was part of the control group for the trial.

    3. Brainstorm Therapeutics have yet to publish the results of any of their trials in any reputable or accredited Medical Journals

    Also bear in mind that Stem Cell Treatment is currently UNPROVEN for the treatment of anything except Leukaemia, and that in very rare cases the onset of ALS will stop of it’s own accord

    • claudio

      My understanding ALS and MG was diagnosed by the MAYO Clinic, so does it matter?

  • debra

    I happen to live in Israel and it just so happens that my wonderful father has this horrific disease, ALS. We have made many phone calls directly to Hadassah Hospital where they are currently conducting phase 2 of their clinical trial. We desperately wanted my father to become apart of the clinical trial here in Israel. Here is what they told us. 1) second phase is full 2) they took only 3 compassionate cases. They can’t reveal that status of their patients current progress, but it seems good. 3)If you were even able to be in the clinical trial, you have to be a citizen of Israel. 4) They are in the process of starting a clinical trial in MA, USA. If I am not mistaken, they are only taking 12 canidates.

    God bless and may there be a cure immediately!!

  • Zack


  • nabil

    hi,that takes me some hope because i suffer of it so since 2008 and all what i need really is if there`s a good news please don`t forget me ,thanks

  • Jen

    Have u new information??? My uncle live in Italy and he has ALS. Now he could only speak and eat…

    Could we be part of this study???

    I pray every day that somebody could help him… thangs god!!!!

  • Jocelyn

    Wow!!! this is AMAZING!!! My husband Andre Davis also has ALS. He has had this awful disease for almost 8 years. Reading this has given my children & myself a since of HOPE. PRAYING we can be a part of this study.

  • Ashleigh

    My brother is 32 her was diagnost witn als about 6 moths ago his symptoms started october of 2011 he is now bed ridden with a trake and feeding tube they tell us he doesnt have long if there is anything you can do I pray that you will he has an 11 year old son so plese help. My email is

    • Bianca

      did anyone respond

      • Quinapalus

        Bianca, I wish someone would 🙁

  • Donna Csaszar

    My husband Jack has been living with ALS for 13 years. He is completely disable. I truly believe there is a different environmental factor. He grew up across the street for John Roebling Steel Mill. It was the 3rd worst contaminated site in the US. He also painted cars for a living. Roebling is only 12 streets big and has had many documented cases of ALS. I told his Drs here but no one investigated. I would live to be updated on this. He is the father of 5 sons ages 31 to 14. The grandfather of 3. So much life to live. Hope is the main reason he c
    Keeps going. We truly believe there will be or is a cure!

    • Kerri

      Donna please email me
      I’d like to ask you some questions about your husband. Praying for you n your family

  • Nusrat

    Hi, this is nusrat and I m from Bangladesh. My mother is diagnostic with ALS. We are searching for treatment .is there any treatment for this disease?? If yes please let us know.. My email add is

  • mariela barrantes


  • My research on A.L.S. started in 1998 is now complete. A.L.S. has been completely solved and my research is being ignored by the Medical Community. This research is not a scam or a fraud! It warrants the attention of everyone in the world dealing with this tragedy and the ripple effect on loved ones. Until this research is seen and understood A.L.S. will never be stopped.
    Serious Inquiries Only At The Email Below. Daniel R. Hale

    • parm

      Could you please share what is the solution I will appreciate this as my sister a mother of two young children is suffering from this disease. please help.

      • sheila

        Hi my name is Sheila and I have ALS now for a year and Im going to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic,to get treatment have you had ALS for a long time I know 2 years are less if so call the clinic at st marys hospital i hope this help they have 9 people right now and they are doing 25 people good luck
        and the treatment NurOwn GOD BLESS

    • Karen

      Daniel, please submit your research to ALS Untangled so that it can be properly reviewed. The ALS community is very skeptical because we are tired of getting our hopes up only to have them dashed. Do you have any medical background? Why should we take your research seriously?

      • Stan

        Karen, did you ever get a reply or any comment.

      • Karen, recent findings in my research can now show how ALS attacks with two methods using a contributing factor,thus resisting ANY treatment thrown at it,especially in a random form. Including stem cell therapy. This shows a clear path to a CURE for ALS instead of treatments that continue to fail.You must know the CAUSE of ALS and what TRIGGERS this to occur or correcting this biochemistry is impossible. This research can now explain ALS in FULL and there all research must now come from this direction or it has no chance.

        • Quinapalus

          If the results of your research are so conclusive, share them. Personally, I will always be sceptical of people who try to solicit business via a e-mail address. It’s a practice used by thousands of Nigerian 419 Scammers and does not inspire confidence.

          If there is any truth to any of your claims, contact one of the many charities and foundations who support and champion research into all forms of Motor Neurone Disease. I’m sure their research teams would be happy to talk to you.

          If, on the other hand, you are the Snake Oil Merchant that I suspect you to be, carry on baiting desperate people via internet message boards.

      • It should also be noted that Colorao research on ALS was started and completed to find the CAUSE and what TRIGGERS this in a natural form. Not to treat it with random therapys that this research can show WILL NOT work.This recent find shows that ALS has the ability to fuel it’s OWN biochemistry leaving very little wiggle room for correcting it. If you do not know the CAUSE of ALS then you will NOT be able to correct it. EVER! This is the plain truth of it.All ALS research that has any expectation of success now goes through Colorado or it never arrives. Brutal honesty!

    • I was diagnosed with ALS since mid 2010.Lately I felt weaker, more difficulty moving around
      I pray every day for a cure for that terrible disease.Please let me know of there is any hope

      • Stan

        Mr Hale, how many ALS people are you treating, and are getting a good response. This is surely a major break thru. I have ALS and I would likely ttry your remade

        Thanking You

    • Bertha


  • parisa zare

    my 40 year old uncle has als.he can not move.he is getting worse and worse every day.please help me to find how can be a valentier to try NurOwn cells? is my email

  • sue herbster

    My dad was always healthy he is now 80 yrs old n diagnosed. with ALS . I beg anyone to get back to me. we need help he’s getting worse and my life will not be the same without him I love my dad…

  • please any cure for als let me know this is my email from EE.UU thank u a lot

  • Mr. Cahoon, Would you please Email me at the address below. I recieved your phone call, however I am recieving so many calls from around the world that I cannot afford to answer them.

    Daniel R. Hale Email–

    • Bertha


  • liberty

    Praise the Lord! Very encouraging to hear miracles like this. My husband was diagnosed of ALS last 2008 and his been on ventilation and totally immobile since 2009. Please, I plead, to include my husband to have this drug, that would e a blessing. My husband saw this news on the web while browsing using his I-gaze computer.
    My e-mail address is and we are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. thank you.

  • Glen

    That’s if your insurance will cover the coast of the medicine. My brother has been tested a couple of times for Lyme and came up positive. Started oral antibiotics then IV antibiotics for about 8mo but only got worse. He has been sen by a couple of top neurologist and all said “they do not believe his symptoms are from Lyme but ALS” with that diagnoses insurance will not cover his Lyme meds. They have gone through there life savings (thousands!) now because of medical politics my brother of 58yrs old is hooked up to a vent and G-Tube and can not talk or move. He is dying right before our eyes… What can this family do next? We need money and treatment for our brother! HELP!

  • Paula Wowk

    I was diagnosed with ALS last year in September. I first went to my dentist thinking that something was wrong with a muscle in my mouth…I have a jaw joint problem. He couldn’t find anything. I also play an oboe (not any more) and I was referred to a specialist who said one side of my vocal cord was not working. He diagnosed it as a panic attack. My voice got worse. I finally was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed it as ALS. I can no longer swallow food. I have a feeding tube. I take the drug Rilutek which I understand is not a cure, but will help to extend ones life. A friend sent me an article about Lyme Disease…I didn’t have the test, but I did find someone who prescribed an antibiotic without any results. So, I read about the article about the Rabbi. So, I am asking if there is a treatment in the U.S. or Canada that I could get this new treatment.

  • Paula Wowk

    I was diagnosed with ALS last year in September. It has affected my voice, my ability to eat, and I get very tired when I do too much. I have a feeding tube. Is there any place that I can get treatment? I read that Lyme Disease could possibly be a cause. However, I did not have the Lyme Disease test, but took a course of antibiotics with no relief. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Would someone please contact me about treatment..

    • Angela

      How are u doing Paula? My father just diagnosed over a week ago. Question for u, have u ever been on statins? Cholesterol lowering meds? There are so many people with als saying they think the cholesterol meds caused or triggered it. My father was on them and stopped the day he was diagnosed, and we started to see a naturopath and acupuncturist. Keep me posted :

  • Billy Olive

    My mom has ALS and if there is anything we can do to get her on this trial would be the best! Se has 6 kids and numerous grand children! She is only 64. She was officially diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic on Minnesota. Please god have hope! She is the greatest person know!!

    • Alfred Miller

      Your Mom must be tested to rule out an infectious cause.
      The Mayo Clinic is great but when it comes to Lyme disease the Mayo Clinic has on “blinders”.
      Please refer to my previous entries regarding proper testing.
      Alfred Miller,M.D.

      • Billy Olive

        My Mom was tested at 3 different hospitals. The mayo clinic was the last resort. She is was also tested at St. Vincent’s and Billings Clinic in Billings, MT. It has really started to affect her speech lately. She is still able to walk with a lot of help but it primarily in a motorized wheel chair. If there’s anything anyone can do please help.

  • laurent leboeuf

    Hello my name is laurent leboeuf i’m 29 years old and ii have als sinds begin of this year and i hope there is a cure becouse im scarred to die !
    I would like to be on the list
    my e-mail :
    god help us.

  • Please either put me on the list to receive this treatment/trial in the United States or send information on doing so for myself. Thank you!

  • Stan Ress

    Is it known if NurOwn therapy had any positive benefit on the Rabbi’s Myaesthenia Gravis, & therefore may be a candidate treatment for severe myaesthenia patients who are refractory to conventional therapy? Or did it only improve the ALS?

    Stan Ress – physician

    • George

      I have a massage therapist who has Myathenia Gravis and has had great results by using an acupuncturist in Tx.





  • Louie

    Where were the stem cells harvested from? A fetus? An umbilical cord?

    • Fran

      WHO CARES IF it works! LIBERALS!!!

      • Elaine James

        God cares about where the stem cells come from! If the stem cell are coming from aborted babies, God definitely cares!

    • Mimi

      From the patients own body. That’s the beauty of this method. It eliminates the problems of “rejection”

      • jade

        love that!

  • barbara

    what are early tests and preventions that i can start doing while waiting on my docs to figure out what’s happening with me?

    • Alfred Miller

      An infectious cause must be considered and ruled out.
      Lyme Disease can produce the same clinical picture as ALS.
      Suggest getting tested as follows:
      Igenex Lab panels # 6050 and # 5090.
      If positive the treatment with antibiotics will cure the infection.
      Alfred Miller,M.D.

  • barbara

    been reading about als , my grandma was diagnosed and suffered from this for 22years and was a bedpatient. i’ve been having lots of similar symtoms but have not been diagnosed…..what should i do first? my doc keeps sending me to get somekind of coroided mri/ultrasound, tired of going and spending too much for something they’re guessing on…please help, if i can catch this early it may help me sooner than later…thank you for your time and understanding

    • Jason

      Have you had an EMG test? I received 3 of then as well as MRIs, but I believe the EMG is the preferred method. I was told there is no bio marker that can be used to define a positive clinical diagnosis. All the tests I received were used to rule out other conditions .

  • Swathi

    I’m happy for Rabbi. I wish for successful clinical trials and availability of this treatment for all the affected people.

    My friend recently got diagonised with this dangerous disease and I’m sure he will one day get to his normal life..

  • Kathy Hoxsey

    I have a dear friend who has been diagnosed with ALS. He is in his 8th year with the disease and has 20% lung capacity. I understand he has been put on a list so when the approval by the FDA comes through, he may or may not be chosen as a candidate. I pray this approval comes soon. He is 59 years old and can’t move. Please Dear God, rush the FDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christina

      Hello how do you gat on the FDA list?

  • Norleen

    My dad was diagnosed with ALS june 2012 he’s not getting better he can hardly walk now someone please help. I can’t believe there is nothing that can be done and just sit back and see him get worse. It hurts seeing my dad like this 🙁 how do we get this NurOwn?

    • Marina Mendonça de Resende

      My 24 year old daughter was diagnosed with motor neurone disease inferior.
      How can she get this treatment?
      We live in Brazil, here is this treatment?

      Minha filha de 24 anos, foi diagnosticada com doença do neurônio motor inferior.
      Como ela pode receber esse tratamento?

      • Stina Wiik

        Hello Dr Miller,
        Is there any cure or something that will stop the progression of ALS? We are desperate to find something. A friend has been diagnosed and is getting worse each day.
        Thank you!
        Stina in Sweden.

      • John Gers

        Dr Miller,
        My brother, was stung by a bee, I believe it was a yellow
        jacket, back on July 25, 2012.
        He had an extremely severe allergic reaction to that sting.
        I had to take him to the emergency room the very next day.
        He was stung on his ring finger and afterwards, his left hand
        swelled up to about 2 to 3 times it’s normal size. Then the
        swelling started to travel up his arm.
        At the begining of October, last year, he began having
        difficulty buttoning his shirt. As the months went by his
        condition got worse. He was diagnosed with ALS on
        June 13 of this year. Do you think that that bee sting could have
        possibly triggered this condition???

      • Elaine James

        Ask her doctor to order the Western Blot Test for lyme disease. Lyme disease and ALS have the exact symptoms and so many people that are diagnosed with ALS actually have lyme disease.

    • stephanie Baileu

      I understand what everyone is going thu my dad has als and it hurts seeing him sick like that he can’t walk and his arms gave out already he can’t do anything for himself anymore i never thought at the age of 24 that i would be going thu this with my dad its very hard on my family and i . I just wish there was anything we could do to help all the families fighting this terrible disease

      • Stephanie, I emailed you from San Diego. You know my number. What I learned working with Kevin was invaluable. The friend of Kevin’s who I told you about was a total pain in my ass the whole time I was there. He was constantly trying to see my research and because of this I could not do everything I wanted to with Kevin. I have emailed Kevin and let him know why I had to leave. And that I will come back minus his nosy friend. I am now in Colorado and still willing to come help you and your dad.But I cannot disclose my research. Please understand that. You still need the sauna installed.This was very important in cleaning bad molecules out of Kevin’s body. But there is much more to this and you need to call me or I cannot help you. Dan

    • rob

      Hang in their their working hard on cure i belive they have one. Pray, the lord has kept me going for over 4 years.

    • chris

      How can you possibly assert that als was cured in these patients purely through deep faith and prayer healing. While they may have been cured of als, it would be extremely ignorant and biased to assert that their diseases were ameliorated purely due to prayer healing without considering the biological healing processes of the body and the medicine and treatments they mustve taken. Furthermore, i can easily say, without needing to find corroborative empirical evidence, that many other als victims have prayed to god and have not been cured of the disease. the number of these unfortunate people would far, far outweigh the people who have been supposedly and ‘anecdotally’ cured through religious prayers. I have no doubt that a placebo effect does exist in helping people to recover from diseases, but this placebo effect is linked to the natural can be explained on scientific and biological grounds.

    • Daniel

      Would you please contact me if its true what you wrote on

      I’ve been praying for the last two years and I go down daily.

      God bless,
      Daniel T.

    • Michael

      Please send me the links ASAP. I am suspected of having als but not affirmative at 100%.
      Thank you God bless you!

  • Donna

    my son too has ALS was diagnosed May 2012. where is it that he can get this help with this horrible disease? Please help us.

    • Alfred Miller

      Be sure to rule out an infectious cause for your son’s illness.
      Be sure to test for Lyme Disease with the “Western Blot” Test.
      There is no cure for ALS but if there is an infection it can be treated with antibiotics.
      Alfred Miller,M.D.

      • DON CAHOON


    • shahid

      i can help you but cost is 5000USD there is a treatment

      • Shahid, charging folks for this is not ethical. I have volunteered to visit people and help them without taking a dime from them. Compensation will come when the world sees your accomplishment and research. These people are already neck deep in misery and financal loss. Point to ponder.

        Daniel R. Hale

        • Martine van Hagen

          Mr. Hale can you please contact us, my wife has ALS and it is no infection. We want her to be treated in a proper way. You may contact us either by e-mail or by phone: 0031621520843.

          • Martine, You may e-mail me at Daniel R. Hale

          • Alfred Miller

            How do you know it is not an infection ?

            Alfred Miller,M.D.

          • Alexandra

            Martine, have you in fact been in contact with Daniel R. Hale? Has he helped your wife, and can you vouch for him? I have a close friend who has ALS and if Mr. Hale’s research is honest I want to know for sure.

      • Jessica

        What is this treatment?

      • Jessica

        Can you get in contact with me at to tell me more about the treatment.


  • Alex

    Soon they will have a electrode implant that stops all disease, slows aging and gives people the perfect mood balance at all times, this will be an implant and say hello to the MARK of the BEAST, all who get this are thrown into hell forever because they sought a machine to give them peace and not the Lord and God. So far medicine has helped, its hurt some, but helped as well I suppose but a time is coming where the greatest deception in the world will come like a white horse to sweep people away but its all a lie.


  • carla


  • Nicole Erickson

    Dear Lord come on… Really?!?! If this were the case hale would be rich and famous!!! How much does this cost because we will be on the next plane but assure me this isn’t a scam!

    • Nicole, It does not cost anything. If it did you should be suspicious. I will be compensated I’m sure,sometime in the future. What I have accomplished is nobel Prize worthy,but more important it stops the ripple effect of pain and hell the loved ones have to go through watching this occur. I do not want fame. That is why I do not have a website. I asked the Gates Foundation in 2008 to assist me in having this research come out of their think tank since I had spent so much of my own money on it.I was turned down without even considering I had ten years of pattern analysis and hard work into it.So be respectful. This wasn’t easy to do. You may contact me at my email–

      • Dr. R.

        Mr. Hale, I don’t know your work or if it is accurate or not, but you do not need to defend against garbage like this.

        You are not going to get any money or funding from Gates or any of the rest of them because they don’t want a cure. They want to keep researching.

        And I don’t believe God wants it work that way either. People have to get it for themselves being reliant on Him for the guidance.

        While you were in the lab working, they were at a BBQ. Not to be mean but what I’m saying is that you have “investment” into this as do I.

        If you can do it and I can do it, then other’s can too and maybe other’s have.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lord come on… Really?!?! If this were the case hale would be rich and famous!!! How much does this cost because we will be on the next plane but assure me this isn’t a scam!

    • Charlotte

      I think you’re a scammer….

  • I have been diagnosed with PLS (primary lateral sclerosis).Mayo Clinic (MN Froedert Hospital/Medical college in WI and couple of other neurologist in Wisconsin in the 1999/2000 era.I’ve/neurologist have tried EVERYTHING possible,NO help in any which way or form.HELP ME !I WILL be a guenia (sp) pig to try it on PLS patient,PLEASE I’m so distraut (sp I will try it !Please e-mail me or call 615/323-9931 anytime. Thank you Jack

    • Alfred Miller

      This is NONSENSE.
      This “Toxin” concept is “snake oil” !!!!!
      Absolutely nothing scientific – only testimonials !

      • Mervyco

        Dear Dr Miller

        I have been out of medicine for some years now, but I do know that there are a few patients that are bothered by the mercury from their fillings and I have seen them get better once it has been removed. That included those with neurological symptoms. However, as someone said above the dentist has to use a rubber dam and be very careful when extracting the amalgum. Fortuneately my pracice was close to a group of Dentists who made a particular study of the safe removal of mercury fillings.

    • concerned

      I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t bother taking the time to look up the proper way to spell Lou Gehrig’s NAME!

  • Georgina Z


  • Chris

    This is fantastic news!
    I was just curious as to whether this treatment would also be applicable for individuals diagnosed with PLS?

  • sue baker

    Good news. I hope the people in the USA get help. My family has 3 people who died and no more should died.

  • nice to hear that but im french als ,i come in hadassah last
    marsh to been add on patient als list for the trial ,until now no news from hadassah, and if them open stem cell treatment tomorrow the cost of treatment will be for rich people 120 000$

  • Alfred Miller

    The combination of ALS and Myasthenia Gravis in the same patient raises the question of Lyme Disease as the cause of both.
    The Rabbi should be tested for Lyme Disease.
    If Lyme infection is present and is not treated the Rabbi will ultimately fail because the environment remains toxic.

  • Jim Fitzjarrell

    I just read the article regarding Rabbi Refoel. I pray this is true. I to have ALS and pray every day for the researchers and for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to provide a pathway for researchers to follow that will lead to a cure. This would truly be an answer to my prayers. How soon can all of us who suffer with this horrible disease obtain NurOwn treatment? Please let it be soon as time is running out.

    • Stan

      I would be interested in contacting Mr. Hale if he has a cure for ALS & PLS

      • Charlotte

        He wants $350 million first… Scammer –WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY?

    • carla


    • diego

      Daniel, with all my respect, but what bullocks are you talking about ? The rabbi got inserted stemm cells that release neurotrophic factors. Neurotrophic factors cure neurons and generate new neurons. Moreover, though not completely proven yet, scientist also think they can unfold misfolded proteins attacking the neurons. With other words … the cause of ALS is not taken away. But, it could be possible that inserting these stemm cells every 3 years, can keep ALS patients functioning normally like if they would have no ALS. Seems like a practical cure to me.

      • Jessica

        Daniel I have sent you 2 emails can u plz respond to me, I am from Australia and I attempted to call your phone but it did not work…do u have Skype instead ??

        My email is

    • Daniel

      Hi Daniel,
      I’m very interesting in this treatment.

      I’ve tried to call your number but have no success.

      Please reply if you can help me with some questions about this disease.

  • Marc

    Are there any opportunities for more compassionate care cases? I have a good friend with ALS who would be more than interessted in any potential cure.

  • Baruch Rofeh Choleh! Dank Gott!

  • Tamar


  • Tamar


  • Tamar

    I’m very happy for this Rabbi.
    I don’t think, and I’m sure that scientifically you can not conclude from 1 case. May be it’s only a miracle….
    I’m sure that you (Prof Karussis) treat many patients from ALS with MSC. Can you decribe what happened to other patients?It’s good to give hope to patients but I think that as a scientific doctor, you have to moderate your point of view and to give us statitistics from these patients. How many patients received MSC injection.
    How many patients had a real improvement????

  • Belinda

    I understand that there are studies being performed at Boston General Hospital. I am having difficulty finding the appropriate department that knows of this clinical study. Any phone numbers or person’s to contact would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for the work that you have done and are doing to irradiate this horrible disease.

    • rosalyn eisner

      My son has ALS and my heart is completly broken. I have read the article and finally think there may be some hope. Please, Please, let me know if there is anything that we can get here in the U.S or if we have to even go to Israel , we will do anything to save our son. He is 57 years of age and I am his caregiver, which makes it quite difficult for me as I am an elderly women.Perhaps a clinical trial, anything I pray to G-D. Thanking you in advance Rosalyn Eisner Son name Jayson Eisner He lives in Boca Raton Fla, but will go wherever needed. my phone number is 845-8667757

    • Daniel

      I’m interesting in any of your trials for ALS.
      Would you please contact me if its any trials available.


  • Larry Cartier

    I’m truly happy to hear what NurOwn and doctors at Hadassah Hospital have apparently done for Rabbi Shmulevitz , certainly nothing short of miraculous . News like this offers renewed hope to people with ALS . If this is really true and verifiable , then lets get the ball rolling and offer this treatment to other ALS sufferers a.s.a.p. since they have little time . Unfortunately , my reading tells me that it will take five or more years for any promising treatments to undergo the required trials and receive approval , especially since ALS has orphan status . So , as I already said , if NurOwn really does offer a miracle , then lets get going . When might it be available ?



      • Mr. Cahoon, Would you email me at the email address below. I recieved your phone call however with the amount of response I am receiving from around the world, I cannot afford to call everyone back. My research is not a scam sir. It is spot on correct. A.L.S. is not Lyme disease,even though it shows similar symptoms. A.L.S. has not been solved because the medical community is simply looking in the wrong place.

        Daniel R. Hale Email–

    • fabiola



    • Charlotte

      If you were a mensch,and if this isnt a scam, you would patent this then release it for free. Because you have the patent you would own the intellectual property and you will get your dollars


    Would it be possible for someone with ALS to get this treament if he/she is from another country?
    If so , how soon and what would the cost be ?

  • Larry Cartier

    Would it be possible for someone with ALS to get this treament if he/she is from another country?
    If so , how soon and what would the cost be ?

  • lois katzman

    Dr.Karussis, I saw you at the Hadassah Hospital 4 years ago. You retrieved my bone marrow and I returned the following year to have an injection into my spine.I just received the article about Rabbi Shmulevitz. Would your findings be something you would consider for me? Please respond.

    Lois Katzman

    • Faye.A

      Did he ever get back to you ?

  • nikos. nikopoulos

    This I’d wonderful news. Imagine what other auto-immune diseases could be dealt with.

  • Yes, we thank G-d for the miracle of healing — and the human knowledge that allows us to actuate such miracles. Here’s a point to consider when forming a world view. When was the last time a Moslem country came out with such a profound result, advancing the frontiers of bioscience? Moslems aren’t intrinsically stupid. The Islamic world can import nuclear scientists and sufficient technology to build bombs — with the avowed purpose of destroying Israel. So if not their insufficiency then why their lack of creative contribution to the world at large? They worship a delusion and are bound by idiotic laws that are meant to keep their minds enslaved. Sorry to digress so much into this area of human events but recent compromises and betrayals by the Obama administration bring to mind the need to educate people in general as to the difference in the warring factions in the middle east. On the one hand healing medical advances. On the other the continued dire commitment to destroy the nation of Israel. Wake up.

    • Philip L

      I am sorry but I found Rod Taylor’s anti Muslim rhetoric so very disappointing distressing and factually wrong. Muslims led the world in medicine in the medieval ages and have contributed hugely to advances in science. I write as a person with ALS who is grateful for all of the community who focus on curing this horrid disease

  • Nikola

    Good news, thank you!

  • Scot Davis