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August 28, 2012 9:17 am

Michigan State Student Brutally Beaten in Alleged Anti-Semitic Attack

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Sign on campus at Michigan State University. Photo: wiki commons.

A violent anti-Semitic hate crime took place early Sunday in East Lansing, Michigan when 19 year old Zachary Tennen was beaten unconscious and then had his mouth stapled by two men, according to his family.

Tennen, a sophomore at Michigan State University, was approached by the men at a party early on Sunday and asked if he was Jewish, his mother said.  The men proceeded to raise their right arms in a Nazi salute and said “Heil Hitler”, before beating Tennen unconscious.  According to Tennen’s mother, 20 people watched while her son had his mouth stapled by the two suspects.

“It’s an awful hate crime, and what he’s gone through emotionally and physically, it’s scary to put it into words,” Tina Tennen told the Indianapolis Star. “Hopefully the worst is behind us. It’s going to be hopefully not too rough.”

Following the attack, Tennen took a cab to a nearby hospital and would eventually receive surgery to have his jaw wired shut in Detroit.

“I hope that they get prosecuted, go to jail,” Tina Tennen told The Star. “You hear about it in the news, but I guess it’s something that you think never will happen to you.”

Michigan State has approximately 3,000 Jewish undergraduate students on campus, according to Hillel, while Oakland County, where Tennen’s family lives, has a Jewish population near 80,000, nearly 7% of the county’s overall number.  Tennen’s mother said her family has spoken with the school and they have been responsive.

“The school’s been involved; we’ve been in touch with them.  They’ve outreached to us. But we’re still trying to find them (the attackers). The job isn’t done.”

UPDATE: On Tuesday, East Lansing police announced that they did not believe the attack was a hate crime.

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  • mare bear

    I’m interested in these thugs names and nationalities…

  • rick

    But the police would call bacon at a Mosque a hate crime. This is pure insanity.

    • mare bear

      You know it!!

  • shenesh hannah

    Algeimiener should organize a protest in front of city hall in Ny & the town where this happened!
    Mouths don’t staple and break themselves. Solidarity!

  • Michael Husinger

    Stupid.Just plain stupid.

  • Lois Shulman

    The “facts” in this article are NOT ACCURATE and not SOURCED. You are inflaming people about an event you have no evidence for. You should put an article out that you do not know the facts and are looking into verifying your facts. Be journalists please!

    • Judi

      What are the facts?????????? You can’t say that unless you back it up

      • William
        • Alex

          It doesn’t matter if Zachary was drunk or not, nor does it matter if the attackers were drunk. There is no excuse for making anti-semetic remarks to a Jewish student and there is especially no excuse for beating him unconscious and stapling his mouth shut. Only a sick individual could validate such actions.

          • Any anti-Semetic, or anti-Israel attack on one of God’s Chosen people is going to be Judged by God Almighty!!!!He guarantees it in His Inerrant, and Inspired HOLY WORD, the HOLY BIBLE!! Obadiah 15KJV also, in Joel 3:1-2, 3-21; and in Genesis 12:3 b!!!!!!! Those who worship Adolf Hitler, and others like him, now, and throughout history, are possessed by a Satanic, demon that owns them, because they have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and LORD, and have given themselves over to be the Devil’s servant, and worshipping wicked devices!!!

    • mikerirker

      Well Loass, what are the facts?
      What is a good reason to beat someone unconsciousness and then tape their mouth so they aspirate on their own blood?
      Just what are the facts Loass?

      • mare bear


  • sic108

    Thats why I believe in concealed carry, training and practice!

    • Robyn Gothelf Fishman

      Thank you Lois for pointing that out.

  • Jeff

    Eye for an eye. I am jewish and this BOILS MY BLOOD. Would love to go up to East Lansing personally and teach these (expletives) a little lesson.

    • Anonymous

      These people are sick, literally. We are not born hating others, they are raised that way. They need to be reprogramed. Beating them up, makes you as bad as them. I am not Jewish, but my father in law is, & was in the camps for years. I am shocked that anyone could still be so ignorant & inhumane!

    • john markey

      you’ll just end up gtting your jaw broke too, toughguy

  • I hope everyone knows that everything said in this is completely wrong, this was NOT a hate crime.

    • Yakov

      No Jim, not everybody. What do YOU know about it?

      B.t.w., ABC (–abc-news-topstories.html ) reported that “The East Lansing police department said in a statement to ABC News today that they do not believe the assault was a hate crime.”

    • kathy lipschutz

      okay, Jim, let’s do the same to you, welcome to reality, WTF?

      • john markey

        ya know with a mouth like that, someone is gonna staple yours shut too

        • Detective John Applebee

          John Markey & the rest of you are idiotic ignorant denier’s of a proven crime on police record, with over 20 witnesses, & hospital surgeon reports etc. It’s evil guys like you we enjoy locking up the most, you denier’s are such loser’s you act as retarded as the Joker in Batman. What a bunch of low life’s you all are, to even think of such a false denial proves how sick minded you disgusting wicked fools. The Creater of life is watching you & recording your sins, you will all pay for your wicked behavior throughout this life & the next, as well as the evil dispicable creatures who brought such pain & rauma into an innocent God-loving student’s life! Shame on you no-good thugs!

    • Howard Bell

      Are you s moron or just an anti-Semite? Of course it’s a hate crime. The fact that he was first asked his religion and then beat senseless and had his mouth sstapled certainly makes it a hate crime. If it makes you feel better, then parade your lack of intelligence all you want.

      • Ramilya

        I think he was saying that the “facts” of the case are in question as they are completely unsourced. Of course, if the article truthfully represented what had happened then it would obviously be a hate crime. But we don’t have much reason to believe that this was really how it happened.

    • Mike

      If that is Not a Hate Crime, what would you call it? This is not a hate crime you have too be kidding me.

    • mikerirker

      Not a hate crime. So we can call it a Love Beating?

  • Lindsey

    I am so sorry. This is absolutely terrible. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sad for you and your family… and outraged. Please, G-d, we will fight this


    I think an eye for an eye is warranted in this case. Hold these low lifes down and do the same to them. Someone should live stream it on youtube for the world to see Biblical justice being dealt out! Anti-semitism, bigotry, color or and other type MUST not be tolerated by anyone.

    • Burns

      So, what’s your plan? Find some guy who happens to have a shaved head and retaliate? Biblical Justice?

  • Steve

    Why those guys who say Hi to Hitler move to Germany. They will feel at home over there. This is America, no room for racist pigs.

    • Eric Lipshaw

      Actually, in Germany, they would be JAILED and probably be given worse because in modern day germany, anything nazi related is illegal, so basiclly sending them to Germany would be worse.

    • Lynne

      America is full of racists. This is tragic, but saying these thugs should move back to Germany doesn’t address or solve the problem.

    • blackdragonfly


    • jeff

      they’ll not feel at home in germany too.

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    With all due respect to those advocating self-defense, it is important that this sort of thing be given the right lesson by the police. Why? Because the victim of such an attack is not always a young male student. It could be a frail old man or woman or a frail young woman. The creeps who stage these attacks do not flinch at attacking even the most vulnerable of us and other folks too. The swarmers in subways are a bit similar. They must be made aware that the police really care about cleaning up on them and defending the defenseless.

    • sic108

      Thats why I believe in concealed carry!

      • Burns

        And if those maniacs had been carrying? They might not have records, and therefore could be carrying too.

  • Ken Karsh

    20 people looked on. I hope they can live with that. They will have to answer to a higher power for their negligence. And I hope the neo nazi pieces of shit are caught and punished appropriately for their hate crime. All hate crimes need to stop!

    • Lee

      Live with that? No, they need to be found and prosecuted.

    • mikerirker

      That is 20 witness’s and someone will blab.
      Frankly they all can be charged as accessories and should be.

      • Deb C

        I am pleased to see a couple blogs actually acknowledge the whole picture here. There were 20 on-lookers, and they stood watching, and observing. DID NOTHING to protect another human being. Why? because they would get a boo boo, or a cut or scratch if they did? I find it very sick that people with cameras and video equipment would rather film and click a camera, than put the darn thing down, and help the poor soul that got beat. Did you enjoy watching them pierce his mouth shut? I believe you are just as guilty as the criminal who committed the crime. SICK SOCIETY!

  • Yael

    And then there were the Jewish teenagers who kicked a random young Palestinian unconscious in downtown Jerusalem this weekend. There too bystanders, Israelis this time, did not stop the attack. Jews do not have a corner on being persecuted, nor on being persecutors, nor apparently on being bystanders. We could all improve our behavior and at least stop making racist remarks, like some in these postings.

    • CEPA

      Stop making this about the Palestinians. Most of the Palestinians do not help the situation. There’s plenty of Arab land. Why are the other Arab countries not offering help to the Palestinians (Arabs) in Israel?

    • Tabitha Korol

      Yael, were you there or are you assuming the Jewish students began the assault? It is possible they acted in self-defense or are you a run-of-the-mill apologist, eager to lessen the crime of Nazis against Jews and trying to make a connection to Jews’ attacking a Palestinian. With a name like Yael!
      Shame on you – you are either completely ignorant of your heritage and history or you think you’ll be accepted if you align yourself with the oppressors.

    • oh……so if someone does the wrong thing in one country that jusstifies another group of people being hateful in america…are you a true moron or just impersonating one?
      How can you relate to totally isolated incidents in the world to make your moronic point….why dont you take your self and go live in gaza and help those downtrodden individuals you care so much about..I am sure you’d like to do that….go live with the downtrodden and be helpful…dont waste your time being a n american liberal….

    • Anonymous

      Jews are the most prosecuted group in the world. The evidence to this is that it is even politically correct in nowadays. Not saying that Israelis are perfect. However this act of cri in Michigan state is a result of on going anti Israel – anti Jewish propaganda that is POLITICALLY CORRECT.

  • Mark

    I feel so bad for this student to have this happen to him during one of the greatest time a child has, going to college. I agree with Elaine that the students that watch this happen should be held responsible as well and expelled. Remember the final Seinfeld episode? There should be a good Samaritan law. I hope Zachary heals quickly and can go back and finish his education and one day try and understand what happend.

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone remember Rabbi Meir Kahane…his philosophy was for Jews not to be victims and be strong and tough and FIGHT BACK….we have to train our kids to learn how to defend ourselves

    • Do you remember Rabbi Meir Kahane…his philosophy was as Jews we need to be strong and tough and teach our kids to defend themselves….
      Devasting story


    • Steven

      A heinous and unthinkable event in this day and age in America.

      There IS a “Good Samaritan” law, or the equivalent, in every state attached to the Federal government. However, what a Good Samaritan act says is that persons at the scene of an injury, accident or trouble, will not be sued for an attempt at help for medical care that goes awry so long as they are not medical professionals, who are charged with a higher level of care and knowledge of care, than an untrained person.

      These “acts” or “laws” do NOT give bystanders balls or ethical foundation…..

  • Robert Sklar

    FiRst the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. First they will be coming for me, then they will be coming for you. The approach of the fundamentalists is relentless incrimination. The approach of the Jews, in answer,seems to be relentless appeasement.
    If we are going to form Muslim/Jewish dialog to promote understanding, it has to be with based on our understanding of the truth and not on the basis of “lets be nice and maybe they will like us.” Public discourse involves “agreeing to disagree” and “disagreeing without being disagreeable”. We need to demand public protocols from Muslims that attest to our political differences,our acceptance that some disputes may require war to resolve, and our mutual condemnation of violence against civilians. (Does anyone have a way to resolve the Syrian revolution without war. Please let me know. Also, explain how we could have avoided the Revolutionary War and have established, for the world, the fallibility of monarchs and their lack of a divine right to rule.

    • Anonymous

      This is not about you and your issues. A boy was attached because of his family heritage. Unacceptable. I hope they catch the bastards and throw them in jail for a very long time.

    • Lynne

      Please forgive me for zeroing in on what I suspect is a minor part of your post, but I find two phrases have caught my attention. First is the “agree to disagree,” a phrase that I have attempted to use (usually falling on deaf ears) for a long time. The other, however, is new to me but one that (with your permission) I intend to start using. “Disagreeing without being disagreeable” is an art that everyone needs to try to master. Thanks for that!

  • Head for an eye

    Karate? 20 witnesses and no one identified? Jews keep getting pushed bc they have a rep for being peaceful. I am a Jew. You come and try to persecute me for my religion…I take your whole family tree. Jews know how to be intelligent, and try to be peaceful and all of that, but there is a time and place for everything. Do I turn my back on a rabid pit bull? No, I put it to sleep.. Plain and simple.

    • nrb

      I agree with your comment that you should stand up for yourself and fight back in a situation like this, but completely unnecessary to make a negative comment about a pit bull…why choose to mention a rabid pit bull over any other rabid dog?

  • Ilene JudithLee

    It made me literally ill to read this article. How could 20 people stand around and watch a person being brutally beaten and do absolutely nothing. Some of you need to read up on your history. Read about Kitty Genovese and Martin Niemoller. Learn about doing nothing. When it happens to you don’t be surprised if there is nobody left to stand up for you. I wonder how you look in the mirror knowing that you could have helped this young man and you DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I’m sure your parents are really, really, really proud of you.


      I believe the 20 “do nothings” are the most important part of this story. Though they technically did not commit a crime, I think it would be appropriate to verify who was there and publish their names, so all will know who these cowards are. A public shaming would be justified.

  • N.A.L.

    This story needs to be shared with as many people as possible!
    If anyone thinks racism is a thing of the past THINK AGAIN.

    Share this story with everyone you know (Jew and Gentile alike) so we NEVER FORGET!

  • Susan Gold

    I’m sure if this young man was a man of color
    or Middle Eastern it would be headline news.

  • Not safe to say

    The attackers were most likely black, and most likely Muslim. Here in the United States the media does not report the color of an assailant when they are black because it makes black people feel bad about themselves for robbing, raping, beating and stealing from white people.

    Michigan is also predominantly black, predominantly Muslim and has a LOT of black on white and black on Jews and black on gays crime that the police do not help with, and that the media will not report because they think it is racist to call a black person a terrorist. Google “black on white crime” in United States and you’ll see. Black people here, the violent ones, mostly attack weak, old, white, female and Jewish people or gays because they know they won’t fight back and most likely are not armed.

    If a Jew, or white or Latino person shoots or harms a black person who is raping, stealing or beating on them the white person is called a racist and they, not the black terrorist, are arrested. America is not a safe place to be white, Jewish or gay.

    • Anonymous

      actually most crime is committed within racial groups, black on black, white on white, etc. upwards of 90%. Dont let media ratings grabs fool you. Racism is still cery prevslent but if you think that crime is black on white or something to that effect than you do not do enough investigation into your own prejudices.

    • Just a guy

      so many racist ignorant comments here, Michigan is a predominately black muslim state? Are you an idiot? Nobody said the attackers were muslims if they were obviously it would be in the article as if the media is afraid of badmouthing muslims when thats all they do all day

    • Good choice

      By predominantly black, you mean 15% of the Michigan population. And by predominantly Muslim you mean around 5%. “Here in the United States” the media typically does not report the race of an assailant of ANY color because that would be, I don’t know, stupid. Considering how many blacks there are in this country (not tons, as it happens), it would be quite hard for a black criminal to only attack fellow blacks whom he/she thought were weaker then them. In the entirety that is all of America (mostly white) not as difficult to find victims. Some food (logic) for thought, that is all. Also — you really do not understand what a terrorist is.

      As someone living in East Lansing, I am horrified.

    • Billiam

      Colombine, Oklahoma city, and most other major racist anti-semitic attacks in this country are not perpetrated blacks or muslims.. they are by WHITE psychos… quit perpetrating a lie on other lies.. just dont help.

    • Truth

      Except that usually Nazi’s are not black people…

    • Michele

      Your reply, not safe to say, is cowardly, you don’t use your own name, it’s racist and as full of hate as the person who committed the crime. It’s disgusting and I will not be silent. I am Jewish.

    • markj

      What you wrote was just more racist ignorant garbage in response to an already horrific racist attack. If they gave a hitler salute, my guess is that the attackers are skinhead types – who are usually white.

    • Lynne

      There is so much racism and bigotry in this post that it is almost as deplorable as the event being posted about.

    • Anonymous

      What a terrible comment. You have no idea if they were black or Muslim. The fact that they used the Nazi salute would make it seem more like white Neo Nazis, but I don’t know. Don’t trade one form of hatred for another.

    • helen

      that is so not true they are most likely white and christan

    • Alina

      Where is the safe place to be a Jewish? Holocaust happen with silent agreement from the crawd.

    • Taylor

      Your email shows your ignorance on many levels. The most basic of which is the statement that Michigan is predominantly Black. Blacks constitute 14% of the states population. Without you being there or having any evidence your “Most Likely” statements are very ignorant.

  • HaDaR

    It’s just the beginning…
    America’s Jews should WAKE-UP and GO HOME ’till they can.
    Even just ONE MILLION US JEWS coming to Israel, the usual 20% who gets it right, like at the time of the Exodus from Egypt, where 80% refused to leave the COMFORT of exile and perished in the Plague of Darkness, would just make incredible headways in securing Israel’s rights against Her enemies, and would be a MAJOR Sanctification of God’s Name, whose positive consequences people can’t even imagine.
    BESIDES, it would be good for the US too, since it would send the message that things have gone too far for American Standards!

    • KEW18

      Hadar, I couldn’t agree more but I think American Jews refuse to see that this story has played out many times throughout history. Most Jews just never learn from the past. American Jews are in denial.

  • Melody

    The real shame of it is…where are the other 3,000 Jewish students and 80,000 Jewish residents? We have taken to the streets to defend all peoples…except our own! I go back to the 60s when I demonstrated for civil right, human rights, women’s right, gay rights, etc, etc. And still do so today. When are us Jews gonna stop wringing our hands and crying “shande!”? Where has “the higher ground” gotten us? I am NOT advocating cheap violence. We live in the USA not a shtetl.. it’s about time we take to the streets for ourselves and our children!!

  • Abby G. Burton

    Whether through omission or commission, those who stood by are as much a past of that violent assault as those sub-human perpetrators. What kind of kids are we raising who can stand by, witnessing the violation of another? Disgusting.

  • Seth Halpern

    FYI, the local police after interviewing some witnesses do NOT believe any hate crime actually occurred, and if they’re right the obvious implication is that the young man may have fabricated the story to conceal a less sympathy-inducing scenario.

  • PaulN

    My father used to kill Nazis for a living…

  • Viola

    This is awful, my family left the Former Soviet Union because they were prosecuted since they were Jewish. It is sad to hear about people hurting others because of what they believe

  • Mark

    I’m jewish and I understand this is an anti semetic hate crime but at the same time other people need to be aware that this isnt just happening to Jews. And this happens to other individuals too. We can take this personally of course due to Hitler references etc. But other groups like immigrants / LGBT and other communities need to be aware there is nothing stopping others from doing this to them. We need to nip all of this in the bud and educate as many individuals especially the YOUTH about bullying and being culturally competent. We need to learn to understand and how to interact properly with people of other cultures relgions creeds and sexualities.

  • Sigh)
    Truthfully I feel safer in Israel than anywhere else!
    This was a blind hatred attack!
    People are educated in this manor. Education is the only way to save the world!

  • Vardit

    This would have not had helped in this case because there were a bunch of them ganged up on one… however Jewish kids listen up! Take karate, all of you… It will come in handy one day or carry a gun and shoot them in the legs. I understand you are allowed to carry a gun in the USA.

    • Hmmm

      What is with all these calls for Jews to learn martial arts??? Last time I checked, we were a people pushing for social justice and progress. Why is that not the case anymore? Why do we accept that we must be a violent and pugilistic people? Even before the Holocaust, we were persecuted. But it always seemed to me that a large tenant of who we are evolved around maintaining justice and law to preserve our way of life. This whole “eye for an eye” mentality that we have developed (usually in the defense of Israel, but it is poking it’s head in here) is destroying our moral integrity. If you are threatened, you have every right to defend yourself…but a focus on defense is not a focus on progress.

      • Bia

        But one should learn how to defend oneself when attacked. One who learns martial arts also learns that it should never be used against another except in competition or in defense of one’s person. Every other method should be used to prior to using force. But because we are Jews and generally a peaceful people does not mean we need to lie down and be a target. We have the right, like everyone else, to defend outselves.

      • Anon

        You do realize that martial arts are for self defense right? So you’re all in favor of people defending themselves, but it’s wrong to learn how?

        • Hmmm

          It is the mindset that shocks me, not the practice of marshal arts. And in reality, even highly trained people can’t defend themselves against multiple attackers. Bruce Lee movies aren’t real.

          • Dave

            Read your Talmud if you’re concerned, as you say, with “moral integrity”: When they come to kill you, wake up early and kill them first. Read what the Torah says you shall do with members of Amalek. And don’t try to pull “morality” from any other source: If it’s not from the Torah, it’s just what someone pulled out of their posterior.

            And how young are you, really??? If we’ve learned nothing else from WWII, it should be that there are evil people in the world who WILL NOT be reasoned with, and the ONLY way to survive is to destroy them…PERIOD.

          • Yes, highly trained people can defend themselves against multiple attackers. Even not so highly trained people can defend themselves against multiple attackers. There are tried and true techniques that work. You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. Of course Bruce Lee movies aren’t real, but the experiences of police officers, soldiers, and run of the mill street fighters have shown that although these techniques aren’t 100%, they can help and do often work. Learning and practicing self-defense skills is not a kung fu movie. Instructors put their students through serious rigor and scenario training. In the end, any rational person would agree that fighting back is better than taking it. It has never been a Jewish ideal to just take it. Never has been, never will be. Learn some Torah and see for yourself.

      • david

        Yeah, then the holocaust happened.
        There are idealists and realists.
        The idealistic Jews push for social change and a future where humans love each other unconditionally. They are first in line to bash on Israel when it tries to defend itself.
        The realists live in a world where hate breeds faster than love, and learn from history; the world hates Jews, and will tirelessly continue to seize every opportunity to push down others who are different.

        Learn defense and pray you will never need it.

      • Seth Halpern

        Your precious philosophy of lovingkindness renders a lot of decent people incapable of even recognizing that there is evil in the world, and disarms them before they have a chance to protect themselves. I would go further and suggest that Jews of all people need a drop of the Nazi virus to survive – a vaccine so to speak – especially since it also takes one to know one.

      • david

        Hmmm, we can push for social justice, morals in society and fair governance, but there will always be those that hate us. They will never go away, no matter how irrational their hate is. We, as well as every person, should know how to defend themselves. Taking something like Karate is not about learning how to beat people up, its about learning how to not need to fight

      • Ephraim Jacobson

        Do you really think learning how to defend oneself and advocating for justice are mutually exclusive?! Where is it established one must allow oneself to be beaten? That’s progrresivism?

      • Isahiah62

        social justice and progress
        are code words for COMMUNISM – Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler- educate yourself

        eye for an eye was considered “progress” as the popular custom of the time, they killed an entire family or town for crime of one person- it is not literal- again get educated

        moral integrity is lost if you are DEAD.
        Jews have a warrior history – again educate yourself.

        Only Christians advocate giving another cheek if they get slapped- if a person slaps you don’t stand there like a putz- Bullies understand one thing only- hit back hard and hit back fast

      • N + A

        Never Again.

      • Anonymous

        The Torah states that if someone attacks you intent on bodily harm that you MUST defend yourself. The positions you stated in your comment are not valid Torah ideas. Educate yourself in authentic Judaism. G-d loves life above even His own commandment and does not want His beloved children to be victimized by disgusting hooligans!!!!!

      • Noirling

        I hate to point out the obvious, but pacifism does not work. When Hitler rounded up the Jews just prior to the Holocaust, a huge culture of pacifism existed in Germany. If a few of them had fought back, it would have saved many Jewish lives. Instead, they bowed their heads and were led to slaughter. Defense of self is a tenant of your culture, from the story of David, are you not taught that the best answer to bullying is to charge it back, with interest? I am not a Jew, but I have respect for their culture and heritage. They should never sit and abide while being provoked.

      • You obviously are prepared to walk meekly to to whatever ovens those in Dearborn prepare for you…you have not learned from history…Go study Jabotinsky…or continue your meek walk to oblivion…

        • helen

          richard the truth if there was someone from deaborn he would have stopped the assult a little fyi

      • Dave Freeman

        Yo HMM

        Ever hear of Hitler? Jews will always be attacked whether they support Palestinian rights or not.
        What rock have you been living under?

      • Mike

        Hmmm, please take you kumbaya nonsense somewhere else. You have absolutely no idea what it means to be a Jew.

      • Asher

        The best defense is a good offense. P.S. What planet do you live on? Getting the shit beaten out ofyou des nothing to improve ones “moral integrity”.

      • Yeremiahu

        social justice and progress? you must be reading the democratic platform instead of the torah. Jews are required by hashem to take any steps needed to guard one’s life, this certainly means defending yourself against a rodef who seeks to attack you, if someone tries to kill you or any jew you are required to kill them first. Preserving life is paramount in jewish law.

      • Dan

        Actually, in light of your specific post here, I would say a focus on defense IS a focus on progress. This pathetic viewpoint that it’s better to beaten like a ragdoll than to try to protect yourself and possibly deter your attackers is anything but moral. There are many amazing achievements by the Jewish people, but if there is a resounding failure, it’s probably in the area of defense. Case in point would be this: somebody posting as a reply to an article about a Jew getting beaten senseless that we need to take the “moral” route and not focus so much on defense. You can live in your bubble as much as you’d like, but to the people that identify as Jews among hostile populations a little defense can be a virtue. Apparently you are not one of them. But thank you for passing judgement.

      • simintov

        You poor, poor ignorant person. I’d have called you an idiot, but then I realized that even then I should have sympathy for your idiocy.

    • john joseph

      karate would be an ok idea but in most states you cannot walk with a gun around. you can also not shoot people in the legs. firing a gun at any person is a crime and using the defense that you aimed for the legs does not stand up in court. Getting a conceal and carry permit would help in some states

      • Bob

        False: Firing a gun in self-defense is perfectly legal in most, if not all, of the US.

      • SH

        In Michigan, one may obtain a concealed pistol license. Moreover, carrying a firearm openly is legal in Michigan, although the decision to do so may, in many situations, be highly ill-advised, for many reasons.

        Using deadly force to defend oneself against a deadly attack is most certainly not illegal, in any US state, although its limits and application do vary.

        Attempting to defend onself against deadly force by trying to shoot one’s attacker in the legs is incredibly foolish, for many reasons. First, they will miss. Second, when they do miss, the bullet will keep going until it hits something/one. Third, if the thing it hits is a concrete sidewalk or a metal drain cover–things one is likely to hit trying to shoot downwards in an urban environment–it will ricochet. Fourth, if someone is threatening a person’s life, one of the least-smart things the potential victim can do is demonstrate that he has a weapon that is really good for ending someone’s else–and then demonstrate that he is not going to use it for that purpose. While getting anyone and everyone in the vicinity all kinds of riled up. A person could get shot doing stuff like that.

        I don’t carry a pistol, and don’t think doing so passes any kind of reasonable cost-benefit analysis for most people, regardless of cultural affiliation. Don’t see the point in perpetuating myths and falsehoods about it, though.

        • SH

          PS: No firearms in schools or uiversities–could further complicate the whole “carry a gun” argument as applied to an MSU student.

    • Thom S

      Screw “karate.” Pack a Pistol. Loaded.

    • Amy

      Why Karate? KRAV MAGA! duh..

  • Hmmm

    This is sad, gross, and inexcusable. But what bothers me is that this isn’t just a Jewish problem, it is a human problem. The situation could have been (and often is) a group of white people doing something equally as disturbing to a black kid or some bigots beating a gay kid. Us Jews should be vocal and defiant of ALL hate crimes, not just those that hit close to home…the whole “never forget” mantra means exactly that…never.

    • Mischa

      Hmmm…Is this really the right time to bring this up? seems insensitive to me… Also Jewish people have been heavily involved in ALL civil rights groups. Jews stood with African Americans during the Civil Rights movement and have been instrumental in advocating for all minority groups. Shame on you for bringing this up at a time when we should be consoling Zach’s family and friends. Despicable.

      • Hmmm

        Why is it despicable? Because I don’t want this to happen to any innocent person? I am very sad for Zach and wish him and his family comfort after this tragedy. But my call for compassion for all those in need is despicable? I guess you didn’t appreciate me bringing up gay hate crimes….

      • R

        What the hell is wrong with you? There are plenty of minority groups being attacked everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning that. You do realize this article is not hosted by Zach’s family, correct? Our comments are for public discussion, not consolation.

    • Lauren

      Speak for yourself, dude. I AM vocal about all other hate crimes, and so are the members of the Jewish community. Jews mostly support gay marriage/rights and were vocal during the civil rights movement. Yeesh.

  • Berman

    What a million other people are saying….the worst part of this is the 20 soulless, gutless, wretched, cowards who stood by and watched. Then those same pieces of human feces did not even drive the kid to the hospital. I hope they live the rest of their days in crushing shame unable to look at their pathetic reflections in the mirror. They are just as guilty as the neo-nazis.

    • Linda Feldman

      Could not have written it better myself. I hope all 22 of those nutcases rot in hell.

    • Asher

      People who stand by and do nothing – this is the problem. Got to step up.

  • Gil

    Let the police investigate this! It seems simple enough, they have 20 witnesses…one if not more had to have seen what happened!

    We can hope that soon, the two animals will be caught and prosecuted for this crime.

    My best wishes to the Tennen family and may the Goddess watch over their son, Zachary.

    • Lynne

      I agree that the police should be the force that investigates and brings to prosecution the perpetrators. However, if the 20 or so people who stood around watching didn’t take any action at the time, I suspect that their memories will have been wiped pretty clean by the time they are questioned. Unfortunately, our society in the US has taught the “do not get involved in what isn’t your business” train of thought to the point where people forget that something like this is everyone’s business.

      I hope the perpetrators are found, arrested, and appropriately punished — and quickly.

      Best wishes to Zachary and his family. I pray that Zachary will heal from his wounds both physical and mental and that he will know that there are millions of people who deplore what was allowed to happen to him.

    • helen

      20 people stood and watched this do i really trust them dont think so

  • Mike

    Where is our US Attorney General Eric Holder now? Does this not fit his definition of a hate crime?

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right! Where is the outrage?? If this was a student of any other culture it would be all over the media!

      • Not safe to say

        If the perpetrators were BLACK, and they probably were, then the media and the police will deny it happened. In America the media and the police believe that black people are weak, pathetic and helpless – and that is why the media and the police protect them, because they are unable to take responsibility for their actions and must be pitied, coddled and treated like animals who have no sense of what it means to be part of society. Black people cannot handle being told they are breaking the law, and no one wants to get involved because that would be RACIST!!! Seriously. It’s sick. Thank Obama for that. Obama would destroy Israel in a heartbeat and will try as soon as he is reelected. DO NOT trust Obama. Do not trust black people. That’s not racist. It’s TRUTH. Google “black mobs” and “black on white crime in America.” It’s everywhere…

        • Lynne

          Why would you assume that the perpetrators were black? That would be very inconsistent with the references to Hitler given the Nazi salute and other neo-Nazi implications. It is much more likely that they were white “skinhead” types who are simply mimicking the hate they have been taught by their (probably white) parents.

        • helen

          wow are you for really this was done buy white christens for sure,

    • Mike, Your remark is uncalled for. Right now this is a local police matter. These guys need to get caught by the local police. I can’t see what the Atty General has to do with this. If the locals don’t prosecute, the Feds have a pretty good track record of stepping in to deal with hate crimes. If you must hate someone, hate the perps not the Atty Gen and the Justice Dept. Better yet, don’t hate anyone and make sure that everyone is treated with respect.

      • Noirling

        well said.

      • Not safe to say

        Jason, in America it is not a hate crime if a black person beats up a Jew, a homosexual, a Christian or a white person. Black people, according to the media and police here, can’t commit a crime.

      • Lynne

        Very well said! The Attorney General doesn’t have anything to do with this at this point. Perhaps he will at some time, but it is much too early for that to happen. Mike’s remark is completely out of line.

    • He will consult Rashid Khalidi who will tell him that these thugs were just following Mohammad’s example in Quarazah….and Holder will agree…

      • Lynne

        This comment is just as offensive as Mike’s.

    • Joshua

      And where does it say that it doesn’t fit the definition of a hate crime, or that it won’t be prosecuted as one at some point? Hold your horses and your agenda please

      • Lynne

        Thank you, Joshua.

  • Cheri

    The shanda are the 20 people who stood by and watched

    The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. Dante 1265-1321

  • Appaled

    Not only did noone do anything. Though frankly, walking away and calling 911 does not take a brave soul. But the poor kid took a CAB to the hospital. NOONE COULD CALL 911 FOR HIM. In Germany, Nazis beat up Jews also and noone said anything, I thought I lived in a country where things were better. I guess I was wrong.

    • R

      Ambulances are extremely expensive. If one is in adequate enough condition and capable of finding another means of transportation, they should always opt for this option.

  • The solution for all Jews: learn self-defense. Learn, train, practice regularly. This is no joke. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise around the world. Don’t count on help from anyone. Learning these type of skills gives a practitioner a level of awareness to avoid or run or deescalate or fight if necessary. And when it comes to that, no rules and no mercy. Punch soft targets like the nose or throat, poke eyes, box ear, smash shins, and crush groins: get home safe. Answer violence with ruthlessness. Chazak!

    • Eliyahu

      We are lucky enough to have our own discipline for just this – krav maga! You are absolutely right. But I would go one step further — for those of us Jews of greater size, strength, or fighting acumen, we should be wearing our kippot (yarmulkes) and tzitzit out of our pants. We need to be a visible group in our communities. Violent skinheads should be aware that there are Jews out there, normally peace-loving, who are nevertheless prone to stomp them in a fight.

    • “The solution for all Jews: learn self-defense. Learn, train, practice regularly. This is no joke. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise around the world. Don’t count on help from anyone. Learning these type of skills gives a practitioner a level of awareness to avoid or run or deescalate or fight if necessary. And when it comes to that, no rules and no mercy. Punch soft targets like the nose or throat, poke eyes, box ear, smash shins, and crush groins: get home safe. Answer violence with ruthlessness. Chazak!”


    • Leah Rivkah

      and the real solution is of course: come Home to Erets Yisra’el!

  • wendy wallach

    Lest the world forgets..

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

    • This.

      • The Unimportant Comment Catcher


    • cbabie

      Thank you for sharing this Wendy. We are all human regardless of our race, culture, creed. We need to find our inner courage to stand for others who are being intimidated or harmed. When they seem so different than we are, we need to remind ourselves that we share much more than we may immediately recognize.

  • Dee

    These are not the actions of sane, civilized people. One would think that an institution of higher education, people would not stand around and watch torture happening. This is an unspeakable, unfathomable, inhumane act of cowardice and lunacy. This is beyond stupid. This is criminal on so many levels. Reminds me of the Genovese case. We have a duty to protect the members of society who are visibly under attack and tortured… for the sake of humanity. Where was security?????? Why did no one call for help??? We, as a people are responsible and culpable when someone gets victimized and no one does a thing to stop it. The 2 animals who performed this perverted act of Masochism belong in jail, with the worst of convicted inmates. Perhaps they should have their body parts stapled together… how does ANYONE come up with this kind twisted self-righteousness???? And to those who stood by… WHY!!!! were you afraid of being violently beaten and mutilated? I understand fear, but I don’t understand how at least 20 people felt they were powerless to stop the act of 2 people… CRIMINAL AND SAD. My heart goes out to this poor young man and his family… who will do their best, but will never be able to put this atrocity behind them. A Hate Crime??? Seems to be much more than that…. seems like an act of torture and terrorism.

  • Rachel

    Oh my goodness! This is in my own backyard. I honestly never expected anything like this to happen in Michigan. Who ever the heck was in that room should be punished for not intervening or getting help. Unacceptable. I hope that those two little punks get life in prison.

  • Sean

    Knowing how the world views things like this, Israel will probably be blamed for this.

    • gil

      what a stupid comment

      • Not really when you think about it! We have been blamed for every stupid thing!
        The sharks in the Egyptian waters their weather,etc. ect. Oh and seriously even for the terrorist attack on Israel that killed 16 Egyptian police. We stopped the terrorist in Israel before he could do harm!

      • Not really when you think about it! We have been blamed for every stupid thing!
        The sharks in the Egyptian waters their weather,etc. ect. Oh and seriously even for the terrorist attack on Israel that killed 16 Egyptian police. We stopped the terrorist in Israel before he could do harm!

  • KC

    The attack is bad and I hope they catch them soon. I am just as or more appalled at the 20 or so people that just stood by and watched this happen. How can you just stand buy and watch something like this happen. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good to do nothing” This is more true in this instance than ever. Did nobody even dial 911 on their cell phone. 20 people against 2 come on they could have stopped this.

  • sarah

    trying to find them???? there were witness to the actual crime???? nobody stopped to call the authorities???? and why, why, why is this not being covered in the main stream media??? unthinkable all of the above…..we must be more then outraged, i will share, we all must do what we can…..

  • Thomas

    wouldn’t have*

    • Anne

      Wouldn’t have stepped in? You’re a sick !#$##!

      • ATB

        No, that’s not at all what he’s saying. Read the entire comment before you attack someone.

        “It could have been 20 young females around while 2 brutally aggressive males attacked a defenseless guy. Yeah they could have called police, but that would [NOT] have actually stopped the attack. Speak with understanding.” — From the post literally below this one. Doesn’t take much scrolling here.

  • Thomas

    Horrible and outrageous hope they find the guys that did it. gotta be logical though can’t arrest the people who did nothing with out knowing the details. It could have been 20 young females around while 2 brutally aggressive males attacked a defenseless guy. Yeah they could have called police, but that would have actually stopped the attack. Speak with understanding.

    • Lori

      *Thomas, I understand that we weren’t there and did not see this first hand. But I think 20 women could do something against 2 men. Unlikely that it WAS 20 women, however, so this is completely disgusting. I’m a woman. A 52 year old woman. And I think I would have at least tried to kick one (or both) in the nuts. At least gotten between them. If I had gotten injured in the process, at least I would have tried to do the right thing. Someone should have.

    • Anonymous

      Whether taking action would have prevented the attack is irrelevant to the fact that Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years with nobody doing anything to stop it. We must teach our children not to hate and to stand up for what is right even when it is difficult, regardless of who is being oppressed. We must not let the horrors of the past repeat themselves, but we must also be realistic in knowing that they may and to be prepared. G-d bless Israel for having the courage to stand up for the Jewish people because no one else will. I pray for Zachary’s recovery, the Tennen family and for the Jewish people, that in the face of oppression we will stand up to hate and not reduce ourselves to hate as well.

  • Phil

    I AM JEWISH AND I AM PISSED!!! NEVER FORGET!!! Shame on the people watching

  • Rose

    This is disgusting! And People watched?!?!?! I’m shocked and appalled! I think the whole Jewish student, no the whole student body should protest! They should let it be known acts of hate like this should never be tolerated! Especially at a place of education, when we learn about free thinking and tolerance. I’m sick to my stomach. Is this the future generation we have to look forward too? Disappointing so far.

  • JB

    Jews are never safe anywhere. Learn to defend yourself, which doesn’t just mean practicing martial arts. Don’t get caught out in the open, and carry a weapon where allowed. Best wishes on your recovery. Am Yisrael Chai.

  • Rhonda

    They don’t have the attackers?! Then arrest all 20 of those that stood and watched…and did NOTHING!! There has to be a way to teach bystanders that they are an even bigger part of the problem we have with hate crimes like this continuing. Shame on every one of them!!

  • Ellaine

    There have always been evil people in this world, but what shocks the most is that 20 people stood by whilst this happened. There is a place in hell for people like this. The attackers better be kicked out of University and prosecuted and get years in jail where they will suffer. Michigan better stand up and act and get behind this poor student and his family. This is complete insanity.

  • Doreen

    Shocking! I hope very much these attackers will be caught and SEVERELY punished.