Palestinians Have Launched 9,000 Rockets at Israel Since Gaza Pullout

September 14, 2012 3:09 pm 7 comments

Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Photo: wiki commons.

In the August 2005 Gaza disengagement, nearly 10,000 Jews were forced to vacate their Gaza homes. However, in the years since that major political move by the Israeli government, Palestinian terror organizations have launched more than 9,000 rockets at nearby Israeli cities.

“Seven years ago today we disengaged from the Gaza Strip,” an IDF Spokesperson said on Sept. 13 in a Facebook post, according toIsrael National News. The post included a poster depicting two Gaza terrorists planning to launch a missile at Israel.

“Share to show the world Israel’s true neighbors. Share this, because mainstream media won’t,” he also posted.


  • OK, so how many bombs, rockets, shells etc has Israel launched with its jets, helicopter gunships, tanks, drones and navy gunboats since 2005?

    And of course Israel did not “disengage” from Gaza – it still occupies Gaza’s airspace, coastal waters and airwaves and controls Gaza’s borders (except now the Rafah crossing into Egypt).

    • You must be a Jew.

    • You better ask that question to the government ruling Gaza . As far as I know ,Israeli launch of those bombs,rockets etc is only a replay to Hamas for their rockets. Why don’t you suggest to Hamas to try and stop those attack’s in the first place for a while and see what Israel would do?

    • After Isrelai withdrew from Gaza everything was open . There was no blockade. PLo was in control . Why did the palestinain started shooting rockets days after we left Gaza?
      What was their exuse than?

    • You better ask that question to the government ruling Gaza. Israel launch of those bombs,rockets etc is only a replay to Hamas for their rockets…

  • President Bush and Condoleezza Rise mistake handing over Gaza to the palestinians as part of President Bush’s ‘Road to Peace’. Palestinians elected Hamas to run the government in Gaza, and they turned into a staging area to fire mortars, and missles into Israel. Islamists have yet to prove it can be trusted, and keep to their word. Israeli Prime Minister is the only adult in the entire region. Israel is surrounded by hatred. Takfiri in the Sinai, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Flip-flopper Erdogan in Turkey, Lunitics Ahmadinejad and Khameneni in Iran, sectarian war in Syria, Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and Al Qaeda everywhere. No other country has ever been faced with such a dangerous position. Yet the world, only see the plight of the Palestinians. I Stand With Israel, because with all the land that Islam controls they still want to take pices away, or destroy Israel. The Arabs who have much don’t help those who don’t, any they kill one another over the differences of how their holy men are chosen. None of us are perfect, but trust and respect are the only measures that prove a person’s character. Unfortunatly, there’s too little of it around today.

  • For me, the Jewish people is the people chosen by G-d. To be a blessing for all of us. I am not a Jew, but I believe that, and I think everyone has a responsibility and everyone has to choose. My prayers are for Israel, Jerusalem and all the Jewish people! And I know for sure, that G-d will never let down his people, because He has given His promise.

    Love and greetings from “Daniel”

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