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November 4, 2012 2:56 pm

The Reality of Barack Obama

avatar by Yale Zussman

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President Obama on an episode of 60 minutes. Photo: screenshot.

This election just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.  In its Friday edition, The Washington Post endorsed Barack Obama for reelection, hardly a surprise in light of that paper’s role in promoting him in 2008 as the solution to all the nation’s problems.  What makes the endorsement food for thought is that it reflects an astounding failure to see Obama for what he is.

This point came home where they wrote, about Mitt Romney, that his campaign consists of “a willingness to say just about anything to win.  Every politician changes his mind sometimes; you’d worry if not. But rarely has a politician gotten so far with only one evident immutable belief: his conviction in his own fitness for higher office.”  What makes this so interesting is that, with the exception of a willingness to change his mind, it is a perfect description of Barack Obama’s approach to politics.

The Post mentioned an extensive list of Obama’s failures during his term, evidently they understand that they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they didn’t, and then blamed the Republicans, much as Obama does.  Elsewhere, they claim that Romney’s economic plan doesn’t add up, but the same can be said for the Post’s attribution of blame for Obama’s failures.

Obama failed even when his party controlled both houses of Congress, after he had been elected by a substantial majority, and when it looked like his coat-tails would be valuable in the 2010 election.  The Post would have us believe that the Republicans will be more cooperative if he manages to eke out re-election after association with him proved to be a serious liability in 2010, he has become a lame-duck, and his polarizing political and personal style has further alienated Republicans, who may control both houses of Congress in January.  If they believe this, maybe we could solve the deficit problem by repeatedly reselling this bridge I own…

The problems with Obama don’t end with his being the most polarizing leader we’ve ever had.  They extend to a leadership psychology that is about as bad as it can get.  Abandonment by a parent produces a child  who really never grows up, but spends the rest of his life trying to prove something to the missing parent or getting even.  Obama was abandoned by both of his parents.  The experience leads to a desire for power and the “immutable belief… in his own fitness for higher office.”  Obama doesn’t “change(s) his mind” even in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is wrong, because that might force him to reconsider his whole approach to life.

Thus, having brought the Middle East peace talks to a halt by siding with the Palestinians, he simply upped the ante by making further demands on Israel.  That there is no longer any prospect of meaningful discussions after the new Islamist government of Egypt has announced its intention to unilaterally revise the Camp David peace accord with Israel does not seem to have registered with him.  Why should Israel negotiate if any treaty reached will not be deemed binding on the Muslim side?

Similarly, Obama entered office convinced that his personal involvement would result in meaningful negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.  The result has been an ongoing series of meetings that have merely provided more time for the Iranians to move toward a weapon.  The Iranians have been playing him for a fool, and to avoid having to face up to that reality, he has persisted in seeking more talks.  Nothing will be done under Obama because that would require him to admit he had been wrong.

The advantage in the skills necessary to be an effective political executive all favor Romney.  We know Romney was at Bain, rescued the Olympics, and then served as governor of Massachusetts.  There doesn’t seem to be much question that he knows how to run an organization.  Meanwhile, the Post knows, even if it doesn’t give much attention to this fact, that the Obama Administration is an organizational nightmare.

The same thing applies to political skills.  Romney was an effective, if less than brilliant, governor in a state where his party was an irrelevancy in the legislature.  He knows how to work with Democrats.  Obama failed even when his party controlled both houses of Congress.  He shows no sign of having learned anything from this experience.

The roster of problems goes on.  Obama is on the record that after he is re-elected, and beyond the reach of the voters, he will do as he sees fit, ruling by decree if necessary.  We know he told Russian President Medvedev that he would comply with Russia’s desires on missile defense for Europe.  He has opened the door for penetration of the US government by people affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization dedicated to destroying Jews, Christians, and Israel. Their manifesto states explicitly that they seek to destroy Western civilization from within. What role have these people played in setting US policy on Middle Eastern issues?  What role will they play in a second Obama Administration?  The issue hasn’t even been discussed. Obama’s State Department continues to support a UN resolution that would prohibit honest discussion of Islam.  Is the end of free speech on the horizon?  And this at the hand of someone who has sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…”

Yale Zussman holds a Doctorate in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he concentrated on International Relations, American Government, and the role of leadership.  He has no connection to the Romney campaign.

The opinions presented by Algemeiner bloggers are solely theirs and do not represent those of The Algemeiner, its publishers or editors. If you would like to share your views with a blog post on The Algemeiner, please be in touch through our Contact page.

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  • Samuel A. Abady

    Mr. Zussman,

    CNN recently aired an interesting documentary about the candidates. Romney was portrayed as the quintessential consultant. He governed Massachusetts via plans developed by experts, and his singular achievement was Romneycare on which Obamacare was based.

    So why does Romney now vow to repeal Obamacare as his top leadership priority? Because, as the generally conservative David Brooks pointed out, Romney approaches politics as market research and shapes his message to the results, something Brooks characterized as “disquieting” because no one knows what Romney actually believes or stands for.

    If leadership means more than being an able technocrat, and more than acting as agent of a fickle public will, then what is it that gives you confidence in Romney, the ultimate wind sock, as a leader?

    • Yale Zussman

      1. I’ll take experts over ideologues any day.

      2. Federalism permits the states to act as laboratories for testing out new ideas. The Massachusetts health care plan was designed with the particular needs of Massachusetts in mind. The needs in other states might be different. Imposing a federal-level one-plan-fits-all law undermines the ability of the states to act as laboratories and precludes the possibility of finding an even better plan.

      Would you be opposed to a plan that proved to better than Obamacare? If not, then YOU must favor repeal of Obamacare, which isn’t so much a plan as a collection of ideas that Obama thought he could get through the Congress.

      3. We should all have learned during the last four years that there is a difference between politics and campaigning on one hand and governing on the other. Obama knows how to campaign; he doesn’t know how to govern properly. Romney’s campaign hasn’t been wonderful, but we’re not electing a campaigner in chief. In my mind it is better to go with someone who might fail than with someone who is guaranteed to fail; there is at least some chance of success.

  • Ellke

    The writer’s credentials are stellar indeed but his vision seems somewhat skewed. He writes simply that Romney was at Bain, rescued the Olympics and was Governor of Massachusetts, all as evidence of his effective skills…where? What? Nothing about character? Has the writer been listening to his speeches? And nothing that Obama has done deserves any mention? That is a particularly one sided, black and white view of a presidency. What was the writer’s father like? Any childhood trauma? Any psychoanalytic experience? Maybe the writer should read David Brooks or better yet, talk to Rachel Maddow, a person with a PhD in Politics.

    • Yale Zussman

      Let me suggest you go back and actually read the article, which appears here in a an abridged version. If you do, you may notice that it is about Obama and what he has done and failed to do rather than Romney.

      I wrote the article because none of the Obama supporters with whom I have discussed his campaign and/or presidency has wanted to discuss what he has actually accomplished. In this, they follow Obama’s campaign strategy of keeping the discussion away from that topic. For an incumbent, that is to say the least quite odd.

      • Ellke

        Okay, this is off the cuff but some agree that he saved the country from going into a deep depression. We were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs before and after he got into office. He saved the automobile industry. Job numbers have gone up. Lily Ledbetter matters! He got rid of Osama bin Laden. He really had to lift the country with no help from Republicans (they took a vow!). Does he have faults? Yes. Did he make mistakes? Sure. I don’t think any president could have done too much better in such a short time coming from such a deficit. You were not talking about Romney but if you think Obama was such a bad president and Romney is the opponent, and you like his experience without any critique, what can I say? I think I could write more about what Obama has done but I don’t have the facts at hand. If the Republicans see such evil in Obama (and I do hear some terrible things) they should have come up with a better candidate and not pander to the tea party.

        • Yale Zussman


          What saved the country from going into a depression was the TARP, adopted in the closing months of George Bush. I recently saw a report that after repayment of the loans made possible by TARP, the program will have cost the US about $30 billion.

          Obama’s devotees never mention the TARP because his actual economic record has to be determined on a baseline after TARP. On that basis, Obama’s economic plan has accomplished next to nothing, while costing more than six TRILLION, none of which will be recouped. If the economy ever recovers and interest rates return to a normal level, the Obama economic plan will cost the US more than $200 billion a year FOREVER (or at least until some future economy manages to pay it off). That makes George Bush a better manager of the economy than Obama by many orders of magnitude.

          For most of your other comments, see my response to Terry Anderson’s Nov. 5 at 1:01 AM.


      Jewish World Review Oct. 26, 2012/ 10 Mar-Cheshvan, 5773
      Romney’s ignored Mitt-zvahs
      By Deroy Murdock | Why is Mitt Romney rising? Americans who watched the GOP nominee debate President Obama never met the cold, greedy, sexist, racist, carcinogenic tax cheat that Team Obama promised would appear. The calm, steady, and reasonable gentleman who opposed Obama was no Gordon Gekko.
      Americans might like Romney even more if they understood his random acts of kindness and significant feats of bravery. As Mara Gay, Dan Hirschhorn, and M. L. Nestel wrote for “A man weighed down by the image of a heartless corporate raider who can’t relate to people actually has a history of doing remarkably kind things for those in need.”
      – After Joey O’Donnell, 12, died of cystic fibrosis in 1986, Romney built a playground in his honor. “There he was, with a hammer in his belt, the Mitt nobody sees,” the boy’s father and Romney’s neighbor, Joseph O’Donnell, told Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, authors of The Real Romney. A year later, Joey’s Park needed maintenance. “The next thing I know, my wife calls me up and says, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but Mitt Romney is down with a bunch of Boy Scouts and they’re working on the park.’ . . . He did it for like the next five years, without ever calling to say, ‘We’re doing this,’ without a reporter in tow, not looking for any credit.”
      – On a chilly December night in the 1980s, a Mormon bishop told Romney about a parishioner’s daughter. This single mom, a non-church member, was shivering after her heating oil had been shut off. Romney and his sons stuffed their Gran Torino with firewood, drove from Boston’s affluent Belmont suburb to the modest Dorchester district, unloaded the logs, and built a fire for the relieved family.
      – Ellen Hummel’s father worked with Romney at Bain Capital, but died when she was just 5. She later asked Romney to help her attend Columbia Medical School. He loaned her tuition money. Just before graduation, Hummel received a Christmas letter from Romney. “It was something caring,” Dr. Hummel, now a Michigan general practitioner, told “It was something saying, ‘This is a gift.'” Romney forgave Dr. Hummel’s loan.
      – In 1995, Romney heard about the Nixons, a family who moved to Boston. Soon after, a car wreck left their sons paraplegic. Romney called and asked if they were available on Christmas Eve. Romney, his wife, and his sons arrived with a stereo and other gifts for the crippled boys. Romney offered to put them through college and supported them through numerous fundraisers. As their father told Kranish and Helman, “It wasn’t a one-time thing.”
      Beyond generosity, Romney has demonstrated organizational leadership and personal courage while aiding others:
      – Melissa Gay, Bain Capital partner Robert Gay’s daughter, vanished while visiting New York City in July 1996. Then-CEO Romney closed Bain’s Boston headquarters and jetted to Gotham to find the 14-year-old. Romney flew in his private-equity company’s 50 employees and transformed a Marriott Hotel into a command post. He consulted the NYPD and recruited private eyes. He dispatched staffers to enlist Bain’s business associates. Bain’s printer, R. R. Donnelly, produced 300,000 missing-person fliers. Bain’s CPAs at Price Waterhouse placed the handbills all over town. Duane Reade, a Bain-portfolio company, stuck leaflets in shopping bags at 52 local outlets.
      Five days after Melissa disappeared, someone rang Bain’s tip line to ask about a reward. The NYPD traced the call to a New Jersey home, where a 17-year-old had, unbeknownst to his parents, hidden the disoriented and drugged child.
      Romney’s focus and management saved Melissa. She now is a happily married mother who teaches fourth grade.
      – Romney learned that a member of his church fractured his foot after tumbling from a ladder while trying to dislodge a hornet’s nest. As Philip Kleinexplained in the Washington Examiner, “Romney showed up and devised a way of removing it from the inside of the house.”
      – A home once burst into flames near Romney’s residence. Kranish and Helman report that Romney “organized the gathered neighbors, and they began dashing into the house to rescue what they could: a desk, couches, books” until fire fighters arrived.
      – The Romneys were vacationing in New Hampshire in 2003 when screams shook the Independence Day air. Some 900 feet from them, New Jersey’s Morrisey family and their leaky boat were sinking into Lake Winnipesaukee.
      Romney’s sons Craig and Josh sped into the lake on a Jet Ski. “We tore out of there, and my dad hopped on the other Jet Ski and came out right after us,” Josh Romney told the Boston Herald. They found three men and three women bobbing in the water in barely buckled life vests. Massachusetts’s then-governor pulled the two younger women onto his three-seat Jet Ski, while his sons assisted their mother. They then whisked these women safely to shore, along with McKenzie, their Scottish Terrier. Meanwhile, the three men treaded water under the sons’ watchful eyes until Mitt made two more trips to rush them to dry land.
      Previously, while spearheading the 2002 Olympics, Romney and his sons used a boat to rescue several kayakers as high winds slammed them onto rocks.
      Why is the real Romney totally unlike the terrifying caricature that has haunted this campaign? Team Obama’s distortions and lies have conspired with Mitt Romney’s modesty to mask his good deeds. Instead, Romney fans should make these secrets famous.

  • Terry Anderson

    I’m not a racist, but that what all of this unwarranted hatred, and condescending banter is about. We have had presidents that by public opinion and statistically have done absolutely horrible in office, and haven’t received the amount of polarization and scrutiny that Pres Obama has. This has everything to do with his race. Rich whites, who are used to being the all powerful, and ruling hand are now threatened by a black man that shows poise, character, and resolve on the national stage..and is ACCEPTED by mainstream America. If you can honestly not find fault in a man that took us to war twice, allowed 911 to happen, crashed the economy, lost American jobs at a rate of 800k per month, and got RE-ELECTED? How can you justifiably bash a president who has only been in office one term, and put an end to the recession, unless consciously, or sub consciously…your disdain is racially related…IJS

    • Yale Zussman

      “I’m not a racist,”

      Mr./Ms. Anderson, let me pose a simple question: In your mind is it possible for a black man or woman to simply be a bad president? If your answer is no, then
      you are a racist. Making distinctions based on race is what “racism” means.
      Your entire defense of Obama is based on the fact that he is black.

      Whether intentionally or not, Mr. Obama, or to be precise, his political style, has injected an ongoing stream of venom into the American political system. He does this by constructing a cartoonish caricature of his opponent, which he then proceeds to bash, and mates this with an equally false image of himself, one that has been built of the mirror images of racist stereotypes of black people. Much of your case for Obama parrots these images. This strategy forces anyone who recognizes that the image is false to confront the expectation of being called a racist for pointing out the truth.

      If your answer to my original question is yes, then why can’t you acknowledge that Obama is a bad president? The evidence is overwhelming?

      • Ellke

        Mr Romney has created his own cartoonish character with help from no one. He is a caricature of a 1950’s salesman, see Mad Men, with very little respect for women or for the solid citizens who are listening to his ever changing views. Sorry, sir, you are really reality challenged.

        • Yale Zussman

          On the contrary. You have accepted Obama’s caricature of Romney. See the Deroy Murdock article just before Terry Anderson’s first posting.

          Also see my response to Terry Anderson’s message after yours.

      • Terry Anderson

        Its apparent that you’ve read nothing I posted…you just saw the words black and went for it. Barrack Obama has been nothing but a representative of the America we now live in. Am I saying he’s been a perfect president…no, I think we can all attest to that, but fundamentally, he has pulled this country out of a seemingly never ending recession. He has more than earned a second term. Th only venom he has injected is Anti-venom in countering the corrupt practices and racist agenda of the right wing. Most whites that hate the POTUS are disgusted by the fact that he’s not doing what they think they’ve taught minorities to do, which is fail, and be humiliated. They have this attitude like..who does this black man think he is running this country and being successful at it. Look at his approval ratings not only domestically, but on the foreign stage….the whole world agrees that Barrack Obama is an effective, and visionary leader.

        • Yale Zussman

          OK Mr/.Ms. Anderson.

          I have reread your comments and understand where you’re coming from. For your sake, I certainly hope you’re wrong about where this country is going, because people like you will be the big losers. I encourage you to read my messages because it is very clear you don’t want to consider that I know what I’m talking about.

          In one of my responses to you, I posed the question: “In your mind is it possible for a black man or woman to simply be a bad president?” I note that you haven’t even made an effort to reply to a simple question that gets to the heart of the matter. The case that Obama has been a terrible president is very strong. Against that case, the advocates of Obama claim that opposition to him is based on race. On the contrary, the case for him is based on race, the case against is not.

          What makes this so ironic is that apart from the symbolism of a black man in the White House, which I don’t underestimate, the Obama Administration has been as bad for black people as it has for whites, maybe worse. That the first black president should also be the country’s worst leader should be an embarrassment for black people. They should want him out more than whites.

          This election presents American blacks with a great opportunity to free themselves of the racist thinking that has proved to be such a stumbling block for black progress. You need to realize that in a non-racial America, blacks can fail for reasons other than race. So I repeat: “In your mind is it possible for a black man or woman to simply be a bad president?”

        • Yale Zussman

          Why Obama’s style poisons the political process.

          Let me pull together some comments made to various posters to explain why Obama is so polarizing.

          The venom Obama has injected into the political system comes from his political style which is based on polarizing the electorate. That is a simple fact. He does this because that is what he learned to do as a community organizer; they are in the business of organizing “us” against “them,” who are to be regarded as “our” enemies.
          Community organizers can never acknowledge that “our” point of view might be wrong or that “their” point of view might have some merit because that undermines their ability to vilify the “other”. The objective is to divide and conquer.

          Obama cannot make a case for his policies; it seems as if he doesn’t even try. (His speeches are mainly platitudes that don’t make a case at all.) Indeed, one of the great curiosities of his political career is that he hasn’t built it by making a case for himself but by making one against his opponent. Obama cannot function without setting Americans against one another: race against race; class against class; people who attend his parties, cheer his speeches, and love “Big Brother” against those who understand freedom and will vote based on what he has actually accomplished.

          If you are on the receiving end of such a campaign, the last thing you’re going to do in opposition is validate the approach by assisting the winner in any way. For Obama, winning would be no more than a pyrrhic victory because he won’t get any cooperation in Congress. When Harry Reid announced that Democrats would not cooperate with Romney if he wins, Reid lost the Democrats whatever basis they had for asking Republicans to cooperate with a reelected Obama: Romney has not constructed a caricature of Obama and thus had a better claim on future Democratic cooperation.

          In 2008, Obama ran against a caricature of George Bush, who wasn’t even running. If McCain had pronounced his “I am not George Bush,” line earlier, it is very likely that people would have awakened to the reality of Barack Obama and he would have lost. What made this almost ridiculous is that George Bush could correctly have pointed out that he was not the George Bush Obama was talking about either.

          This year, the Obama campaign has reprised its strategy of presenting the opponent as a caricature and their own man as a paragon of virtues. Superficially, this is standard operating procedure for campaigns. It’s the content of those two caricatures that is the cause of the venom.

          Obama’s caricature of Romney blew up in the first debate where many people saw him for the first time. Americans — except for the Obama true believers — came to recognize that Obama’s presentation of Romney was simply a lie. What remained missing, and one reason for my writing my article, was that the bogus image of Obama had not been challenged.

          Obama’s presentation of himself consists of the mirror images of traditional stereotypes of black people: He’s hard-working, erudite, intelligent, etc., etc. If true, that would have been great, but the evidence is overwhelming that this isn’t the case. It has become increasingly clear that the Obama image was constructed specifically to enable his campaign to allege racism against anyone who would present evidence of the reality.

          This tactic could not have been better crafted to be divisive: It forces people to either 1) buy into Obama’s false image of himself, even when they know it is false, or 2) speak the truth and risk being accused of being a racist. The objective is to make it impossible to have a dispassionate and serious discussion of the reality of Barack Obama.

          This is a binary choice and is unavoidably divisive and polarizing. It is the sort of thing that a candidate who wants to win at any price will undertake. The final straw was the claim, from Obama, that it is Romney who wants to win at any price, when Romney has not replied in kind.

          Barack Obama should never have been elected in the first place. Re-electing him will be a bad day for democracy.

    • A Reader

      Terry Anderson wrote:

      “If you can honestly not find fault in a man that took us to war twice, allowed 911 to happen, crashed the economy, lost American jobs at a rate of 800k per month, and got RE-ELECTED? How can you justifiably bash a president who has only been in office one term, and put an end to the recession, unless consciously, or sub consciously…your disdain is racially related…IJS”

      Terry, the man you are describing is not running in the 2012 campaign. And the reason why he won a second term is that the man nominated to challenge him was a terrible candidate. And are all the people who voted for Obamba in 2008 but now shifting to Romney, are they racists, or are you the racist by voting for a candidate because of the color of his skin just to prove how morally superior you are to the rest of us?

      When can people vote for a white candidate over a person of color without being called a racist?

  • Terry Anderson

    *style of leadership

  • Terry Anderson

    This has to be the most biased, incoherent piece of literature “if you can call it that” that I have read in a while. You focus all of your attention on shortcomings of the POTUS, which are largely parallel with the unwillingness of the Republican party to compromise. But hey, who wants to compromise when you have someone in office that demands equality, and fairness among not only the American people, but the government as well? I guess it makes to much sense to to GOP to actually be in touch with a rapidly changing demographic, that us affecting the world. Nothing is “Lilly white” anymore. Minorities will be the majority within 20 years in this country. The right wing had been so busy trying to suppress them that they never saw this country changing right in front of them. You can no longer depends on the white vote to simply cruise your way into the white house. Peoples interests have changed when it comes to how they view this country, and Barack Obama us a prime example. Not only is he black and qualified, he is stern, and shows poise in his dyke of leadership

  • ben Omonoyan

    Romney on the other hand have no foreign policy experience or solid positions that he has not flip flopped on. During the debates, Mitt romney agreed with a great majority of the presidents current and future agendas on foreign policy issue. With domestic policy economic issues especially balancing the budget, Romney and the republican platform mirrors the same Tax cuts for the top 1%that not only create s more deficits but makes it completely impossible to achieve without cutting much needed programmes for students in education and training for future Jobs work force,and etc etc. These same solutions proposed by Romney coupled by two unfunded wars got the country into a pre ecobomicdepressioj mode that obama has tried to clean up with out republican help. With these facts considered that is no solid argument for any kind of endorsment for mitt Romney as a better. Alternative to obama. I will argue that the washington post made the right decision in endorsing president obama. In the second term,obama and both houses of congress and the senate need to find common grounds and solution. For the American people.

    • Yale Zussman

      “In the second term,obama and both houses of congress and the senate need to find common grounds and solution.”

      Please see my response to Terry Anderson for why this cannot happen in a second Obama Administration.

      Obama burned the bridges to do this in 2008 and has been destroying any possibility of getting them reconstructed since. Whether his supporters like it or not, this is just the way it is. Obama’s political style is the problem.

      If Obama gets re-elected, he will be forced to work with a Congress that will be more hostile to him than the current one. That is a formula for four more years of gridlock and wasted opportunities to actually address the country’s problems.

      Historically, second terms are always worse than first terms. Obama’s first was bad enough, let’s not have four years of worse.

      • Ellke

        I don’t think Obama has burned his bridges. I happen to have enormous hope for what human beings can accomplish and the changes that are possible. Just look at Gov Christie and Pres Obama. Catastrophe can make strange bedfellows. I think Obama has learned much in these four years. I hope he has the opportunity to show it. I also think that moderate republicans can and will work with him next time round. Let’s see what happens.

        • Yale Zussman

          Unfortunately, Harry Reid has already destroyed any basis for Obama mending fences with the republicans by announcing that Democrats won’t cooperate with Romney if he is elected.

          For why this is the last straw, see my reply to your posting after my first reply to Terry Anderson.

          • Yale Zussman

            Let me amend where to find the reply. I’ll leave it after my Nov. 5 5:15 PM.

  • logan

    It is interesting how one can have a doctorate and still be so stupid….You are spouting nonsense which has nothing to do with reality……Do you really want someone who represents the 1950’s as your President in 2012? Then vote for Mitt Romney….Do you want your president to be so vile that he keeps his beautiful dog on the roof of his car as he goes on a vacation? Do you want your President to be schizophrenic —with a different personality for each occasion? Then vote for Mitt Romney….Do you want a President who chooses someone who looks and sounds like Pinocchio (Paul Pinocchio Ryan)…Ryan is too ugly-looking to be in politics….I can go on and on, but an empty-headed person like you will just not get it…..President Obama will be re-elected on November 6th…..Romney and Ryan are dangerous people….President Obama is cool, hip, compassionate and an excellent President…

    • Yale Zussman

      You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote this. Much of what you write about me appears to be true of you; much of what you write about Romney is actually true of Obama. I don’t care what Paul Ryan looks like as long as he doesn’t sound like Joe Biden.

      Obama may be cool and hip, but neither property has any utility as president except for titillating people who don’t understand the purpose of government. I agree Obama presents himself as having compassion, but I doubt he actually has any, at least for people other than himself, and he is very much in love with himself.

      When enough time has passed for historians to evaluate the Obama presidency honestly, he will probably be rated as one of the worst in American history mainly because his actual accomplishments will be so few that they won’t begin to compensate for the poison he has injected into the American body politic.

    • Ellke

      Logan, Logan, Mr Ryan’s looks have nothing to do with anything. You take away from your argument when you talk like that.

    • a

      Renew renew!