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November 12, 2012 4:41 pm

Teen Star Demi Lovato Claims Jewish Roots

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Demi Lovato. Photo: Ashton Noe.

Actress-singer/tortured child star/current X Factor host Demi Lovato made a big announcement on Twitter Monday—well sort of. During the course of a conversation on her Twitter page she made mention of the fact that she is part Jewish. We’re not sure how much Jewish she is though. Below is the actual tweet and the reactions from some of her more, shall we say, committed fans. Whether this is a recent discovery or she’s only just divulging this sacred truth is unclear.

A welcoming fan:

An overwhelmed fan:

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  • She has Jewish roots , her mother is not Jewish so can not be fees will be Jewish on both sides , fees , me and all your fans are waiting for your performance in Israel , the stunning and I love your music , the talented and amazing . All that exciting to discover that you have Jewish roots . Love you very much .

  • amira

    demi please don’t vote for Israel. you are my favorite celebrity in the world and i would hate to see you not my favorite anymore. why would you want to go against gaza when we are dying.

    • avia

      and we are not dying?
      gaza shooting bombs on us too!
      Today, I can’t walk on the street without fear from stabbing me!!!
      Palestinians hate us beacause we are jews.
      If 13 years old go to stabbing jews people beacause they are jews so I don’t know how to protect you anymore.
      I always say that the Palestinian want to live with us in peace and that Hamas who incitmented the Palestinians against us but someone who want stabbing me beacause I’m jew or beacause I’m Israeli, is not someone I want to make peace with him!

  • Aisha

    Demi, hi, why ur doing this? Now the middle eastern is hating u but me, i will not hate u, but please help gaza so god can give u courage to fight what ur dreaming for and let u be strong and have faith, we believe in u, and trust u but please dont be jewish, dojt be against ur own best friend selena, she is helping gaza because they dont have food, home, and babies are dying please help save gaza so we could be together in peace! I hope u listen and feel their pain!

    • avia

      you’re the proof that you hate us beacause we are jews!!

  • Lucie

    Cool! I love her music!!!

  • bee

    Her father comes from the Mexican community in New Mexico. Her mother is the daughter of a Protestant minister.

    My best guess is, she knows or thinks she knows she has “crypto-Jewish” ancestry on her father’s side, as many Mexicans in New Mexico do. Linda Chavez, the politician, is also the daughter of a New Mexican Mexican father and an Anglo mother; on a television series, a DNA test showed she likely had as much as 20% Sephardic ancestry (i.e. her father was about half).

    Demi’s father could have as much.