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November 18, 2012 1:57 am

Russia Today Presenter Accuses Israel of “Terrorism” and “Apartheid” (VIDEO)

avatar by Lakkana Nanayakkara

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Pro-terror Russia Today presenter Abby Martin. Photo: Screenshot.

Abby Martin, a presenter for Russia Today, accused Israel of “terrorism” during her program “Breaking the Set” yesterday. RT is funded by the Russian government and is notable for producing a relentless stream of anti-American and anti-Israel bulletins.

Martin made the following comment:

“over 4 billion dollars a year to sponsor these acts of, can’t call it anything else but terrorism. Now its up to us to stand up for the human dignity of the Palestinians…”

A few minutes earlier in the same show, she accused Israel of carrying out a “brutal blockade” and said “Israel is no stranger to war crimes”. She then proceeded to interview an anti-Israel activist, Mike Prysner. He accused Israel of deliberately dropping white phosphorus onto Palestinian schools during the 2008 Gaza war. He claimed that Israel was deliberately trying to burn the children inside the schools. He also alleged Israel has committed various other crimes.

The  program a day earlier followed a similar pattern. Martin went on a 5 minute monologue, explaining the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict from an anti-Israel perspective. She accused Israel of “apartheid” and of expelling Palestinians from “the land of Palestine”. She also claimed that Israel is destroying thousands of Palestinian homes every year. However, she did not mention that Israel was attacked multiple times from 1948 to 1973 by Arab countries seeking the destruction of the Jewish state.

For that show she interviewed Phyllis Bennis from the Institute for Policy Studies, who has a long history of making anti-Israel statements. Predictably, Bennis repeated anti-Israel claims that are routinely made by Israel’s enemies.

So two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, hostility towards Israel remains as strong as ever in the Kremlin controlled media.

A video of Martin’s warped Middle East history lesson can be viewed below.

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  • Mark

    Why is it everywhere I look I anti Israel? If you’re a Christian then you know the scriptures say that every nation will go against Israel. How ironic that for the first time in Americas history, since 1947, we have a president that acts like he is more of an enemy for Israel than anything else. Google Obama anti Israel and watch a video on there that will show him saying things that would make you believe if you don’t.

  • AndersonW

    99% of Israel’s oil supply comes from Russia !!!

  • Your only counter-argument is this: “However, she did not mention that Israel was attacked multiple times from 1948 to 1973 by Arab countries seeking the destruction of the Jewish state.”

    Are you suggesting that Palestine and it’s sympathisers should simply accept the “occupation” and not fight back?

    Granted, her report is one-sided but she has not said anything that is not a widely-known and confirmed fact.

    • Arnold Millan

      Yes, your right: the reporter didn’t say anything that is not already known, BUT, she failed to mention two significant things. First is the fact that the people who now go by the name Palestinian did so only since they attacked Israel in’67 and lost. Before that they were Syrian who mostly migrated into what is now Israel/West Bank in search of jobs being created by the Jews already living there since time immemorial.

      The second thing that she failed to mention was the 900K+
      Jews who were expelled from Arab countries and went to the Land of Israel penniless. She mentioned the 700k+ of Arabs that fled in ’48 mainly at the behest of their’ Muslim leaders, but deliberately failed to mention the EXPELLED Jews from their Arab homes and land. I would call that BIASED REPORTING.

      • Did i miss the part where Abby made the claim or RT for that matter that her show is ‘unbiased’. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to speak emotionally about them. It’s also convenient to omit how much corporate influence has over most of the major media networks while mentioning that RT is government funded. So who’s the ‘biased’ reporter now?

        • J Robb

          All of you are (biased). Which makes me take RT’s word or MSNBC’s word as much as the Faux News.

          So I go to Primary Source documents about the region’s history — all the way from archaeology of 3000BCE – 30,000BCE (to determine who has First Nations (NATIVE) status: e.g. Rugem Hiri [STONE HENGE in Israel] and Dolmens builders, all the way to Natufian people) to the British Mandate/Ottoman periods & up until yesterday — all of which makes me support ISRAEL in 98% of the issues.