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December 4, 2012 2:29 pm

Israel Land Fund Seeks Zionist Jews to Purchase and Develop Land in Jerusalem’s E1 Area

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Aerial image of E1 area. Photo: ILF

While the international community continues to express its outrage to Israel over its recent announcement that it plans to go ahead with development in the disputed E1 area of Jerusalem, the Israel Land Fund is already hard at work trying to assemble a group of investors to purchase and build the land.

“This land was rezoned and is approved for building of at least 200 Apartments in the future. From the plot you can see Jerusalem and the Judean desert and also from some parts you can see the Dead Sea,” the Fund’s website says.

“This is $6.5 million USD for the land and rights to build 200-250 apartments in the future.”

“That’s $26,000 per apartment = 100,000NIS*.”

The ILF’s enthusiasm for the project is palpable, though it’s somewhat pragmatic in its prognosis:

“Yes, it will take a long time until actual building begins maybe 3, 5, 7, 10 years or longer till Israel will make the decision to build E1. We believe that if Zionist Jews own this plot and become active on the land: Agriculture, Farm, Tourist attractions etc….This will be the turning point for the E1 concept and will make things easier for the government of Israel to start building and developing this important area.”

The Israel Land Fund describes itself as  “a registered not-for-profit organization. It was created to continue the original efforts by the Jewish Forefathers, and in more recent history, over a century ago, by pioneers of The State. This includes acquiring all the land of Israel for the Jewish people.” It was founded in 2007.

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  • Jerry Hersch

    During 1939 and 1940 Germany tried to induce good patriotic Germans to settle in the newly “liberated” lands of western Poland.
    Some of the recent Israeli pronounments mirror the German language inducements regarding western Poland.
    The Oslo accords were/are an INTERIM agreement pending a final settlement.
    Israel was given the right to CONTROL construction..not to build. The understanding was that nothing would be built by the Palestinians that would jeopardize Israeli security.

    Israel’s attempt too settle (colonize) areas B and C of the accord agreements will leave Palestine as a fragmented tatter–incapable of a viable nationhood.

    What nation could be formed from those light colored scattered and fragmented pieces….surrounded by walls and wire ..Ghettoized.

  • Cheskib

    I’m in. where to get info?

    • ILF

      If you are still interested in becoming invloved in ILF activities, please write to us:
      or to call : 972-2-6223195

  • Jerry Hersch

    “This includes acquiring all the land of Israel for the Jewish people.”

    This means that about 20% of Israel’s population is not eligible even though they may have served in the military.
    Yet if any other nation,with a national religion or not,were to deny the right of a Jew to own property there would be an outcry.
    The other key is that the land is for sale–never mind ownership or legitimacy–the only Jewish sector of the Israeli population with the funds to by land are those whose origin is European.
    In America when “unoccupied” Indian land were seized they were to a large extent sold to railroad corporations who were not only allowed to buy land for trackage at ridiculously low prices but miles wide swaths on either side of the track for resale to settlers.
    This Netanyahu SCHEME reeks

    It goes against Palestinian aspirations as previously described by ISRAEL.
    It goes against non-Jewish Israelis..and it goes against Israelis of non-Jewish background.

  • Jerry Hersch

    It LOOKS empty and unimportant -so I will repost this as to the importance of E-1
    Map of E-1

    Pay attention to the location of Abu Dis..a Palestinian town of about 10-12,000 mentioned a number of times by Israel as a possible site for a Palestinian capital..It would be almost completely surrounded.
    This Netenyahu move shows the pretense Israel has made to a viable Two State solution..That is why Israeli settlement in E-1 is a Red Line.

    Other than the CIA map library the online Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas is the best in the USA

    I fear that many nations will break off relations with Israel if E-1 is settled by Israel.