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January 7, 2013 4:34 pm

Ed Koch on Chuck Hagel Nomination: Obama’s Reneging on His Conveyed Support for Israel Has Come Earlier Than I Thought

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Chuck Hagel in Kuwait.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, a lifelong Democrat who supported President Obama’s recent re-election, expressed disappointment with the President’s decision to nominate former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

“Frankly, I thought that there would come a time when he would renege on what he conveyed on his support of Israel,” said Koch, adding, “it comes a little earlier than I thought it would.”

“It’s very disappointing, I believe he will ultimately regret it,” Koch said, “and it undoubtedly will reduce support for him in the Jewish community, but I don’t think he (the President) worries about that now that the election is over.”

The former mayor who is beloved among many in New York’s Jewish community, said that he believes the appointment will embolden Islamists and will be damaging to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

“It’s not good,” he said, “but fortunately, Congress, overwhelmingly both Democratic and Republican supports the Jewish state, so I’m sure they will defend it against the defense department when it ruptures the current good relationship which exists.”

“I’m sure that the Arabs are drinking orange juice and toasting Hagel’s good health,” Koch said.

“I believe it will encourage the Iranian program. I believe it will encourage the jihadists. They will say ‘ah, we are winning the battle. America is beginning to desert Israel,'” he added.

Asked if he had an idea as to why the President selected Hagel, Koch said, “If I wanted to be Dr. Freud, I’d open up an office. I don’t know.”

Koch hopes that Democrats in Congress will oppose Hagel’s appointment, and he sees it as part of the path to blocking Hagel, “if he (Hagel) is not (confirmed) it’ll be because the republicans take him on, and a few good democrats. It’ll be interesting to me to see how the two senators from New York work on this issue. I hope they’ll join the republicans. But I doubt it.”

“To me this is a test for Chuck Schumer, where he stands, and what he will say,” he added.

Koch explained to The Algemeiner why he decided to back the President’s re-election even though he says he suspected that Obama would backtrack on his pro-Israel overtures. “I did what I thought was warranted and intelligent,” he said, “He was going to win! There was no question about it. I thought it would be helpful to have a Jewish voice there, being able to communicate.”

The Mayor says he has no regrets, “it wouldn’t make any difference. The Jews were going to vote for him no matter what. And that’s the nature of the Jews. They are always very solicitous of everybody else except their own needs and community.”

Koch added some strong criticism for Hagel’s positions, saying, “Hagel is more afraid of the gay community than he is of the Jewish community. Does anybody believe that Hagel regrets what he said about gays? I don’t think so. In fact, did he ever say anything (apologetic) between whenever that incident (when Hagel opposed an ambassadorial appointment on sexual orientation grounds) occurred many years ago until his name was discussed as secretary? Undoubtedly, one of his friends said ‘you better get the gays off your back,’ but they don’t believe it, they don’t believe it at all. If he really believes what he says today, he would have said it a long time ago, not today. With the Jews, he doesn’t, I mean the thing I’m aware of, that most depresses me, is (for Hagel) to say that the letters from Congress (sent to the President) supporting Israel basically were “stupid,” I think that was his word, and he wouldn’t sign any of them, reflected his hostility to Israel.

Now I  want to make something clear, I am not accusing him of antisemitism. You can be hostile to Israel and not be antisemitic. I don’t know where he stands on Jews, but I am not accusing him, I have no basis for that.”

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  • Jeremiah

    If you view Obama as a socialist are his actions consistent?
    Maybe Obama thinks Israel is a bit too right wing and should allow unlimited immigration across its borders too?
    Can anyone think of an historical lesson that could be drawn from Jews living in a socialist country that might hint at how life will be for them in the Amerika of the future?

  • robert stein

    Obama’s administration has endangered Israel’s existance more than any president in history. Moderate friend and peace treaty signer Egypt is becoming a hostile foe. Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon. Obama is openingly hostile to Israel’s prime minister. Now he appoints an anti-semite as secretary of state. Would he appoint David Duke or a racist to that position. Of course not, he really has no affintity to the democracy of Israel unlike any president in history ( maybe except Carter) and has done to harm Israel. If it were not for the support in congress Israel would be on it’s own in a hostile world. I am Jewish and voted for Romney and have Jewish friends who agree with me. Unfornuately there is a liberal democratic majority of Jews who put there head in the sand and hope for the best despite many warnings.
    I hope and pray that Israel stands strong for the next four years !!!

    • Learn more about the Obama relationship with the Jews.

  • DJ Ari Judah

    Keep voting yourselves into second class citizenship Dhimmicrats…

  • Tutu

    If you thought that Obama would renege on his support for Israel, why did you vote for him. It is folks like you who put him in office. Now, you are getting your just results.

    • pedro bundol

      No we are all screwed.

  • Marlene

    The evidence is clear: Chuck Hagel is anti-gay and anti-semitic. All the rest will be history.

  • Carl Tindall

    barack has the donations from the Jewish community and the election is over so he can safely tell Israel and the Jews to go stick it.

    • pedro bundol


  • Dogwood

    Said Koch of Obama: “He was going to win! There was no question about it. I thought it would be helpful to have a Jewish voice there, being able to communicate.”

    Does this make any sense? You vote for the guy that you expect will win expecting that he’ll treat you better having won with your support? I suppose that might get you some traction if you’re dealing with a candidate that shows an interest in consensus, and a moral or pragmatic desire to unite the country (such as Bill Clinton). But when you’re dealing with an uncompromising agenda-driven man with a history that’s dubious at best and anti-Semitic at worst (consider the divest-from-Israel campaigns advocated by Obama’s Trinity Church), you’re being played for a fool by standing with him.

    • pedro bundol

      Which brings to the question why do US Jews especially secular ones insists on voting Democratic ? Obama leanings was plain to see before the 08 elections confirmed when he won by ignoring Netanyahu and meeting with Muslim Brotherhood at the White House. Is it because
      the GOP is identified with Evangelicals ? If so are Christians so contemptible in their eyes that they are willing to put the state of Israel in peril ? Just asking.
      So moderator why is my posting too fast for you Am I typing too fast or submitting too fast or just do not like my views

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Ed Koch was derided as “the King of the Jews” as Mayor, but he has been, for better or worse, a leading figure of American Jewry – which is why his comments are so disgraceful.

    In saying that “The Jews were going to vote for (Obama)no matter what. And that’s the nature of the Jews. They are always very solicitous of everybody else except their own needs and community.” Koch observes that the Jews, while of no small self-regard, are entirely lacking in self-respect.

    Therefore, they were not entitled to his honest counsel; his presumption being, I suppose, that Pharaoh’s heart ought not be further hardened by a (futile) gesture of defiance.

    It’s an uninspiring, disheartening approach, but it’s hard to find fault with his premise – and that’s the pity.

    • Ari

      “Koch observes that the Jews, while of no small self-regard, are entirely lacking in self-respect.”

      Very well said and very true.

      This however is true of American Jews. Those of us from other countries are far more nationalistic and proud of out Jewish heritage.

      This is a paradox since American Jews enjoy more freedom rights and power then Jews in any other country.

    • Learn more about the Obama relationship with the Jews.


  • Bernhard Rosenberg · Senior Rabbi at Congregation Beth El

    • Adela

      I take my hat to you Rebe Rosenberg! :o)

  • Ed Clark

    I think Mr Koch was an excellent mayor of NYC. However, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground about Judaism. Jewish liturgy, the land of Israel & its capital Jerusalem are all inextricably bound together. As Mr Koch claims to be Jewish – “of Jewish origin” may be more accurate – there’s no basis in fact or history for his spurious suggestion that anti-Zionism can be isolated from anti-Semitism.

    C’mon Ed, cut the crap! If you feel like a Jew maybe you should finally read (or re-read) the first 5 books of the Old Testament, preferably annotated by Maimonides. Forget about the homophobic stuff & pay attention to the rest, because the rest is what unites us & is crucial to the well-being & safety of Israel & all Jews everywhere. Join the party, Ed!

  • Richard Blumenthal

    The history of Mr. Hagel’s desire to distance the United States from Israel is long and well-exampled, not simply by his use of a phrase to describe AIPAC as singled out by the pro-Obama media. Nearly alone in the Senate, his active, official support for Israel’s most dangerous enemies, most notably Iran, Hamas and Syria is troubling to anyone who values the well-being of Israel and those people who recognize that the existence of a strong Jewish state helps to protect Jews around the world and affords those Jews who need one, a secure asylum. There is every reason to believe that his views on the Middle East caused Mr. Obama to select Mr. Hagel. American Jews such as Mayor Koch and Mr. Dershowitz have correctly spoken out against his nomination. It is regrettable that they and other prominent American Jews urged Jewish voters to support Mr. Obama, despite the anti-Israel evidence of his first term. This nomination shows clearly that we may now look forward to a far worse second term.

  • John

    Ed Koch voted for Obama because it was the “intelligent” thing and he was going to win anyway? Doesn’t sound so to me. I do however agree with his take on Hagel. He should be opposed but the Republicans don’t have the balls to challenge his confirmation.

    • pedro bundol

      Signs of dementia.
      There I am typing it slow. Hope you reconsider my request moderator.

  • This is just part of an ever increasing story about how God said things are going to be in the latter days. The entire middle east moves from problem to problem. Assad the dictator of Syria remains in power and Iran continues unwavering on it’s march in the development of nuclear weapons. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran will get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Will the Syrian stock pile of Chemical and Biological agents fall into terrorist hands or is Syria preparing to use them? We also have a touchy cease fire in Gaza and not surprisingly, Egypt has broken it’s part of the deal by kicking the overseers out. This has all now been added to the list of issues in this region. If this situation does not drastically change soon for the better, I believe the war in Isaiah Chapter 17 will likely take place. Damascus Syria would be destroyed. The worlds economy would likely collapse as a result and usher in a one world government movement. I wrote a small 6 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  • This is the type of lying or miss information or deceit that I was trying to convey to various groups who swayed more to the left that I do. It was not about giving big business a blank check. It was about stopping Obama from playing out more (as I see it) of his anti-Jewish and anti-Christian positions. I fear that our nation has been cursed to pursue wicked things against the will of God and that is NEVER a good thing.

  • Hmm, if Koch’s criteria for Defense Secretary is “Gay Warmonger,” why doesn’t he lobby for Sen. Lindsey Graham?

  • Herb Grossman

    Koch is a disgrace. He knew that Obama is hostile to Israel and would do anything to destroy it in his second term, with no restraint of re-election consideration, and still supported him so as not to lose his standing among Democrats, and now claims to take the high road as a supposed altruist looking out for Israel’s interest. He and Dershowitz should be embarrassed to show their faces in public. Whatever good they ever did for Israel, they more than pissed away by assuring those who would never vote to destroy Israel that they could safely vote for Obama. They deserve our contempt, not our gratitude, as some have stated.

  • HaDaR

    The real idiots are those who believed such a democrat-first alte-cacker moron and voted for the “Occupy The White House” pro-muslim marxist Jew hater.
    I sincerely hope that Obama will continue this way and even worse. Hopefully he’ll beat-up with taxes and one antisemitic choice after another all the US Jews who have voted for him. It might not make billionaire Soros change his mind, nor the millionaire Hollywood crowd and the rest of LA-LA Land and Big Apple Jewish useful idiots, but some might just start seeing better, or finally GO HOME!…to the country with the highest growth in the West (see:

  • Mickey

    President Obama will say what he has to say to push out a controversy–and he will say conflicting things to two side.

    The root of the problem is he is an inexperienced leader. If one grows up thru the ranks you see and make errors which get corrected by the time you make it ti the top job, or office. The president was a community organizer speaking to people who easily bought into what he had to say. When State senator in IL he ran and campaigned for US Senator and when US Senator he ran and campaigned for President.

    In a sense its no different than promoting a low or mid manager in a company to the top job (or the owners son). Huge mistakes get made for several reasons.

    Just listening to news where the President is saying we do not have a spending problem -he is kind of right-we have a promises problem-our elected leaders (Federal and State) since FDR made promises that could not be met and now cannot be made and nobody really wants to deal with it.

    And here we are discussing Israel (and I support Israel). If the US falls apart economically, and then socially, the US will be of zero help to Israel, or for that matter any of our friends or even ourselves.

    Chew on that folks-whats the number one problem (that our elected leaders created over the decades and now are kicking the can down the road)

    We had better get our priorities straight.

  • Mimi Furst

    Mr Krotch:
    You should have been a Monday morning quarterback. You certainly are not a smart politician! You should have kept your mouth shut prior to the elections, and now you have the unmitigated chutzpah to voice your opinion, after the damage is done??

    The not so brilliant Dershowitz, and the senile Ed Koch, you got what you voted for.

    Every appointment this Hate America president has made, is the antipathy of what is good for America, and certainly to hell with Israel.

    When there are no future elections in America, we will have the Koch & Dershowitz ilk to thank!


  • Reuven

    I have absolutely no doubt that Hagel is an anti-Semite.

  • MiskaDenk

    Koch can’t call Schmagel an anti-Semite, probably like he could’nt call Obama for being anti-Israel. Koch believes that he needs to keep bridges to the administration. What he doesn’t or won!t admit is that most of those bridges are ones Obama wants closed.American Jewry failed when their brethren faced Hitler, they failed the State of Israel with their blind liberalism and now the “chickens have come home to roost”, American Jewry is effectively defenceless as it will be turned on next, after the campaign contribution cheques are cashed! American Jews have little experience of open anti-Semitism, yet but as we say in Yiddish, es kumpt!

  • Dan

    Certainly sounds like Koch has reached the stage of talking to himself.

  • What a bunch of Chicken Littles!
    “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”
    How silly! Let’s see what the guy has to say once the questions start being asked. Then we’ll assess the situation.
    “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”
    How ridiculous!
    Your extreme, hysterical, paranoic prejudices are showing…
    Per usual.

    • Ron

      Dear Joan…

      You’re a blind idiot. All the best.


      • Adela

        Excellently said Ron!!! The Joan Rosenfelts are subconsciously(?) killing Israel and the Jews with their ignorance and indifference to their own race!!!

    • Tedishor

      Ms. Rosenfelt,
      Perhaps I don’t understand: why would you, who are free of prejudices, prefer to believe Mr. Hagel’s answers now — when he wants to become Defense Secretary — more than his anti-Israel and anti-gay statements delivered over a life-time career?
      Am I missing anything?

  • rofedoc

    Ed Koch has “buyers remorse”
    Juden Erwache

  • Rodriguez

    People’s votes are not fixed forever! Romney Ryan got 30% of the Jewish vote, which was better than McCain Palin. Koch has messed up endorsing Obama TWICE, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not true that “everyone was going to vote for him anyway.” Tell the truth!

  • DanStlMo

    His name is Barack Hussein Obama not, Barack Goldstein Obama.

  • Deborah

    stMr. Koch,

    With all due respect, was it not you who came out in support of President Obama just weeks ago, before the election? Did we not witness you in a video taped statement, complete with a menorah on your desk, informing the “misinformed” Jewish community that Mr. Obama was a true friend to Israel? But now, suddenly, it’s all changed, just like that?

    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark, nisht?

  • rudolph j. girandola

    My Jewish Brothers what did or do you expect from a loosely defined Muslim? You elected him twice.

  • anti democrat

    Koch talks about democrat support for Israel in congress. It may exist now, but the democrat base is rabidly anti-Semitic and their leaders will eventually have to follow the base.

  • Martin Gray

    Ed Koch is a schmuck; plain and simple. Koch has lied to the Jewish community about Obama twice. His weak excuse about having Jewish voice as a rationale for supporting Obama is so transparent that it borders on the cynical. Ed go put yourself in an old age home and please stop speaking for and to the Jewish community. As for Chuck Schumer, well he’s such a political suck up that he won’t oppose.

  • The Mayor is very brave when it does not count. as far as Hagel is concerned , a friends daughter worked as one of his assistants in Washington , but quit because it became obvious that he was not anti-Israel ,but an out and out anti-Semite

  • Ron163

    I can uderstand Black America supporting Obama. If he told them to jump off a bridge they would ask how high. I don’t understand the Jewish support. Mayor Ed Koch should have known better. From a Black supported of Isreal.

  • Mike

    If Koch knew Obama would renege on his support for Israel, then why did he trumpet his support for Obama, proclaiming that Obama was a friend of Israel? Gee, I’m sure not looking forward to senility!

  • Rob

    OK Ed Koch just proved he’s an idiot no that’s wrong he’s a useful idiot. We all knew Obama was anti Israel but it’s give me democrat victory or give me death morons like Koch that helped Obama win I say too bad! Hagel has my support.

  • tdrag

    As a Christian who supports Israel, I and many others like me cannot understand Jewish Americans support for this liar. He is attacking all religions except of course, Islam. Now he has appointed two Israel haters to SECDEF and CIA Director. When are you going to learn? Obama’s next attack is on the Second Amendment, will American Jews roll over on this too?

  • Charles Class

    Do Jews read? All of this was revealed in Bill Ayres ghost written book for Obama. “Dreams of My Father.” Obama has been re-elected. He doesn’t need anyone anymore.

  • Alan K. Whitney

    Ya think?

    Obama lied about Israel, and he lied about gun control.

    To everyone who voted for this… OBJECT: Thank you so much. See you in Hell.

  • giovanni

    And he got what percentage of the Jewish vote?

  • Leon

    Koch made the perfect Judas-goat. Think of the thousands of Jews who took his advice and voted for B0.

  • Chris G

    Since American Jews don’t seem to support Israel neither do I.

  • Steve T

    When did we start putting the needs of another country over our own? I wish only the best for Israel but they are not one of the 50 states. These decisions need to be based on the needs of the USA and have nothing to do with a foreign entity.

  • Joe

    Ed Koch is like Charlie Brown and the football… and in this article he admits it. He has lost all credibility.

  • billp


  • Lawrence Kulak

    the only reason why a white guy is being appointed by Obama is because he is anti-Israel. Otherwise you know that Obama would put either a black, hispanic or woman on the job. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put an illegal Mexican on the job. Hegel is Obama’s Great White Hope – to supervise the destruction of Israel. If all Israel has is that faggot Axelrod in its corner, you know we are in trouble.

  • Timothy J Reaka

    Based on the definition of “antisemitism” from the 2013 Random House Dictionary, Mr. Koch is engaging in intentional ignorance.

    Antisemitism: discriminating against, prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.

    How can you be hostile toward Jews, yet not be antsemitic?

  • Robert F. Middlebrook

    Our lawmakers should not be entangled with Israel. We elect them to look after America’s interest. No matter how many fancy steak dinners, trips to the Bahama’s, and wealthy lobbyist jobs they create. Our representatives serve the people, not their PAC’s. Well in theory anyway. However a lot of people feel if Sanduski had a billion dollar PAC like Corzine, he would be sipping champagne in the Hampton’s.

  • Bill Ireland

    So, Mayor Koch “thought that there would come a time when he (Obama) would renege on what he conveyed on his support of Israel”–yet he supported him for reelection anyway?

    I recall an Op-Ed in which Koch mentioned Obama’s support for Israel as a major reason for supporting his reelection. No mention of any misgivings at that time.

    Shame on him.

  • dsb71

    Reneging on his support for Israel earlier than you thought? What’s that supposed to mean? That it would have been OK if Obama threw 6,000,000 Jews to the wolves as long as he didn’t do it so soon after the election?

    I suppose he could’ve waited to screw Israel until at least after his inauguration, but I just don’t think he can help himself.

    The 70% of you, and you know who you are, who voted for this anti-Semite are a complete and utter disgrace.

  • karl anglin

    Thank you Mayor Koch, for your outspokeness
    about Obama and a big thanks for your World
    War 2 service.

    • I P Standing

      The log cabin republicans and israeli pac is put and well,,remember the liberty

    • I P Standing

      The log cabin republicans and israeli pac is out and well,,remember the liberty

    • John Galt, Jr

      Thanks for towing the Democrat line to the bitter end and endorsing an anti-Jewish cipher despite compelling evidence do otherwise!

    • karl

      Yeah anglin, sure. How about thanks for helping sell out Israel Ed. Koch and several others implored the Jewish community to vote for Obama. He lent his credibility to someone he now says that he knew would betray israel. It sounds fairly dispointing.

      • torcann

        I agree with you 100%.

  • brucevodka

    Just remember fellows Jews, you get what you voted for. You voted for B.O. this is what you get, can’t return the gift once it’s opened and used.

  • ethel

    My vote for whopper of the year — no, decade — no, century — no, millennium!

    “And that’s the nature of the Jews. They are always very solicitous of everybody else except there own needs and community.”




  • Mr. Mayor what did you expect? Obama seldom keeps his word and has very little character. Dems keep hoping for the best and he is nothing more than a Chicago thug.

    • Dorothy K Carter

      Amen and Mayor Koch who witheld his support initially for Obama believed the lies and voted for King Obama. Mayor how stupid are you everytime these democrats (Obama,Reid, Pelosi, Schummer on and on) move their lips they lie…. Where’s your ability to see what Pat Caddell said Democrats are the CORRUPT Party GOP just the STUPID Party because they keep falling for the gamemanship of these Jack Asses (Donkeys)

  • Sashland

    this idiot is too ‘smart’ for his own good – he knew betrayal was likely and yet he gave cover for mis-trusting voters to do the wrong thing.

    what a putz.

    • Dave

      Sashland is spot on~!

      For a former mayor, so well respected, to use his own good name to reinforce the idiots who voted BO into office is a disgrace period! No scruples but decided to dance with the devil.

      As a retired Mayor, better to have stood on princple and not dancing with and tossing your name in with the devil.

      How disingenuous to state ‘they’ would have voted for BO no matter what. Stand up and be a man KOCH!

      Now you helped lead the blind into the pit rather than save a few lost souls.

      You now act surprised…….it is pathetic what you have degenerated into. Your attitude is the same as too many liberal Jews as well as liberal Catholics and liberals in general. You all supported a man whose background you cared not a whit enough about to research even though so much was at stake.

      Through the idiots, the liberals who serve in essence as a Trojan horse, our nation and other nations who are free are now in jeopordy of loosing their freedoms.

      Thanks to all the liberal know it alls, those whose keen sense of right and wrong and serve as watchmen protection us all.

      Please, in the future, vote how you will, just shut your mouths and stop influencing others who you know are ignorant. You want higher taxes, pay them to the government yourself voluntarily, kiss the Iranian Hitler with your own lips if you will and stop subjugating everyone else who has yet to hear valid substantiation for your poisonous and ignorant views.

      Make love to Raila Odinga whom your president supported and Khalid Al-Mansour whom your president is so in lock step with. Make love to Frank Marshal Davis and Saul Alinsky as well as every other radical Islamic devil. Just leave the rest of us the alone.

      GO live where you feel things are so good, just leave the rest of us alone.

      Start by taking critical thinking 101. Till you graduate, leave the rest of all alone! This includes YOU Mr. Mayor!

  • Mr Koch although im not a Democrate i have been a fan of yours, but never understood how you could support Obama.
    Hopefully this will be the eye opener you needed to see what we have on our plate .

  • Nick Kasoff

    “I know he’s going to stab us in the back, but I’m supporting him anyway. And I didn’t think he’d stab us in the back so quickly.” Yeah, that makes sense, Mr. Koch.

  • jrl

    Thats what we get for single issue, partisan voters. I guess it matters that Obama has not been honest in either campaign when it comes to his own supporters too? Not raise taxes on 90+%, cut the deficit in half 1st term, go through every budget line by line, strong ally of Israel, wouldn’t support a mandate in health care reform, and his treatment of Israel up to re-election? What evidence for Jewish voters he would support Israel? Ed koch may deserve to be disappointed for voting party over America and Israel, but Americans who want the US to be steadfast in support of Israel do not deserve Obama. Obama is not a center left Dem, he is a leftist ideologue and his convention was proof there is a strong contingent of anti-Israel Dems.
    Jews voting for Dems has not made sense for many years, I thought they were smart with

  • Entitled 2 Free Stuff

    People of each religion are stepping stones for Obama. Religion and big government cannot peacefully coexist. Obama wants big government. Obama is content to keep those of religion at each other as he advances his agenda on the side.

    Obama see Jews as just some other White people, wealthy through their exploits of non-Whites. There was never in Obama heart-felt support for Israel. Obama and his wife weren’t proud of America until they proved themselves stupid by electing Barack, so we can imagine how unproud the Obama are about Israel.

  • Rich

    The failed attempt to cover up the antisemitism at the DNC (Jerusalem…God) was all the warning you needed, and all the warning you’re going to get.

  • bill

    hagel belongs in the democrat party. Obama picked someone who is a hater just like he is.
    If Kock is surprised by this he is a moron.
    Nobody with a brain believes a word that comes out of Obamas mouth.

  • Jay

    Support Israel with 300 billion dollars each year while California and Illinois go bankrupt? How about ending foreign aid to Israel and paying off the debt so we can pay less in taxes? America first!

    • Timothy J Reaka

      Why should it be up to the rest of the country (the other 48 states) to help the idiots in California and Illinois who have, through their love of liberalism, put themselves on the road to bankruptcy? We don’t need more welfare recipients in the United States: we need smarter, more conservative leadership, unlike what they have in the two states mentioned. They are controlled, top to bottom, by the Democratic Party…how’s that workin’ for them? I also don’t have a problem with helping our foreign friends: you should have addressed the issue of the 20 F-16s and the top-of-the-line battle tanks that are being shipped to the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egyptian government…not to mention the foreign aid being passed along to all those other countries who have proven (either through word and/or deed) to be our enemies…China, anyone?

    • Philip

      Why should California and Illinois be bailed out, when all they will do is run up their debt again. This is the same mentality of the people that kept refinancing their homes to pay off credit card debts until there was no equity left.
      Ed, you should have expected Obama to turn on Israel.
      Hope you have a healthy new year.

    • ken

      it’s 3 billion you moron, not 300 billion – not that you have any idea what the difference is. AND – most of the 3 billion comes back to US military suppliers – making US jobs and adding economy of scale to US industry. back to Mom’s basement for you

    • M.Otero

      You are fully justified in your complaint about Israel except it’s NOT 300 Billion; it’s 3, just 3 billion and it’s almost all American jobs that make the stuff. The US spends 80 billions each year on intelligence. Israel offers them often higher quality intelligence worth how much? We’d appreciate the US making the slightest effort for us to get back the vast lands that the Arabs stole in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, etc from more than half of the Jewish citizens of Israel. That doesn’t cost the US anything. Just balance the absurd claims of the Palestinians and their Arab League.

  • dan’l

    So Ed, you knew Obama would turn on your brethren but you supported him anyway. That makes you at the very least stupid, at worst a turncoat.

  • Adheeb

    I used to think Jews were smart people but Koch proved me wrong.

  • atthebeach

    Obama has never shown any ‘authentic’; honest or believable support for Israel. He IS a consistent liar; and lacks all credibility – the kind supported by ‘moral lights’; that is. The only thing surprising here; is the ‘surprise’.

    And for those deluded – still – as to the Obama ‘spirit’ there is a total vacancy of ‘nice’ as well. Not a matter of ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy’. . .because there never was one.

  • walls

    Surprised anyone?

    According to Pew, in 2012 Jews voted for Obama at 69% while blacks did so at 95%. Frankly, Jews and blacks will ALWAYS vote ‘D’ regardless. Obama could nuke Israel, and the Jews would still support him. Why the surprise?

    However, given black unemployment rates and particularly black youth unemployment rates, it is difficult to explain the blind allegiance to Obama. I have therefore become a recent subscriber to the theories held by the late Nobel prize winning Professor William Shockley of Stanford.

  • MargieLyle

    Mayor Koch hasn’t figured out by now that Obama lies?

  • MargieLyle

    Mayoor Koch hasn’t figured out by now that Obama lies?

  • Deskboy

    Mayor Koch, Sean Hannity warned you but you blindly marched in step with the rest of America’s Jews, against the truth that stared at you in the face.

    Payback is a bithc ain;t it?

  • scott

    “very solicitous of everybody else except there own needs and community.”

    Maybe your generation, Ed. Not anyone in their 40-50’s and below. Today’s Jews simply don’t care whether someone is Jewish or not. We care about others as well as our own. How can you espouse such a horrible stereotype?

    So you supported a man who you knew would betray you just because “He was going to win!”. I guess there’s no room for integrity in the world of politics. Thought you were better than that.

  • David

    Remind me again when Ed Koch became relevant.

  • wario

    Ed Koch’s principled defense of Israel, even in the face of his party’s increasing hostility to it, was refreshing to see… Right up until it really counted, during the heat of the election, when he meekly turned apologist. After the fiasco at the Democratic National Convention, when the delegates booed and demanded that the DNC formally drop its support of Israel, how could anyone see the Democrats as remotely pro-Israel?

    “He was going to win anyway” is a cop-out, and Koch knows it. He and Alan Dershowitz both had a choice to make, between towing the party line and standing up for what’s right. Obama can take the kind of aggressively anti-Israel stances he does because it’s wildly popular on the radical left, and because he knows moderate Democrats like Koch will support him anyway.

    The far left has no shortage of excuses for why moderate, pro-Israel democrats should vote for nakedly anti-Israel policies. In both 2008 and 2012, they played the “we’re still trying to figure out where he stands” card. Now that they know for sure, mere weeks after it became too late to do anything about it, they can start playing this game anew with whomever is nominated in 2016.

  • dothan

    Democrats can always count on the Jewish vote. The President could appoint Ahmadinejad to Sec of Defense and American Jews would still overwhelmingly vote Democrat at the next election.

  • JP12

    Buyers remorse already…the liar in chief hasn’t even been inaugurated for his 2nd term yet and we already have gun control, higher taxes, more proposed deficit spending and an anti-semite Sect of Defense nominee, not to mention a dictator coddling Sect of State nominee. Wait until he really gets going.

  • Jim Chern

    Well Ed, you were warned about supporting Obama for a second term – that nothing Obama did during the first 4 years gave evidence that he was going to support Israel. Would have thought all your years in politics you wouldn’t have been so naivete.

  • Jim Harvey

    So Ed Koch, the Brilliant Democrat Strategist, who overwhelmingly supported Obama NOW finds that OBAMA is a fake and an Israel Hater? RETIRE ED (from Public Life), you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • LuceSociator

    Koch’s double speak; “I supported President Obama before I opposed him”, or “I didn’t think he would keep a promise to support Israel. But I supported him anyway.” Which is he, stupid or unprincipled?

    Well Mr ex-mayor, you got what you voted for, and you got exactly what you knew you would get. I can’t fault Obama for being Obama, but I can fault idiots with buyers remorse when they’ve had four years to kick the tires.

  • Dennis D

    I am thrilled with Hagel. American Liberal Jews get what they voted for. An Anti Israel Administration.

    • Fred

      Cool. And when they get rid of the Israeli Jews who do you think they will come for next? Oh you can’t think ahead that far? Not surprising, but it won’t matter since you will be gone. Enjoy your short sighted victory. 🙂

  • rick shaw

    Can anyone explain why Koch’s opinions matter at all? He was a horrible mayor.

  • garys opinion

    When will people learn.
    As Obama conveyed to Putin, he will have more latitude after the election.
    Now everybodys going to be sorry, except for those getting free cell phones, of course!

    • torcann

      Gary, you are absolutely right !

  • billindallas

    Ed “How am I doin’?” Koch is right, as usual.

  • Petey

    When will people realize that they have re-elected the biggest LOSER in the history of the presidency?!?!? He does not care about anyone but himself. he has lied over and over again to the American people, raised taxes, hates israel, and could care less what happens to this country. He is the biggest JOKE the world has ever seen and he still acts like he deserves to be POTUS. Get him out of here!

  • Iska Waran

    Well this is rich. Mr. Koch helps get Obama reelected and before he’s even inaugurated for his 2nd term Koch feels backstabbed. I don’t wish Israel ill, but the irony is delicious.

  • curious george

    Well hell, Ed, if you knew he was lying while expressing support for Israel, and you still supported him AND voted for his re-election, HOW stupid and crooked are you? No wonder this country’s going down the toilet!

  • Bill

    Mr. Koch, this is just another lie from the democRAT Marxist, muslim in the occupy White House movement.

  • mark alesse

    Few people in America have as much credibility with the Jewish community as does Ed Koch. If he suspected that President Obama would backtrack on support for Israel, he should have said so before the election. Instead, he supported Obama and his suspicions are now confirmed. In the end, he was able to exert no influence over the president, despite supporting him. Romney would have been a staunch supporter of Israel, and might have made a race of it, had he won the Jewish vote.

  • Jerome Feldman

    You are a stupid old man who do all of us a favor if you refrained from future comment.

  • Joe Prevish

    As we always knew, Mr. Obama is a reneger.

  • George Babbitt

    One of the few things this administration has gotten right is appoint someone who puts America first before other countries INCLUDING the ‘State of Israel’.

  • Larry W

    Your Honor – I love you to death, but how can you say you didn’t see this coming? You could have done what you did in 2004 and endorsed Romney rather than stay on the sidelines.

    The truth is that you can learn a lot about someone by the people they hang out with. I recall in 2008 you said Sarah Palin scared you to death. Well as a member of the tribe, I can say that Louis Farrakhan and Bill Ayers scare me a lot more, then a woman who proudly displayed a flag of Israel on her desk. Obama is Farrakhan – H is Bill Ayers…no not as loud…but of the same belief. Let me assure you as far as the Jewish State is concerned, Obama couldn’t care less. He just as well have us lose our big stick in all regions of the planet. Amazing that Hagel is the first nominee of Obama’s that Pat Buchanan likes!

    Well its 2013, and Kerry, the guy you didn’t support, is Secretary of State – Hagel will likely be Secretary of Defense.

    You have contended to be the voice of reason, but sadly your silence in 2012 – is as much to blame as anything. Hopefully you have enough pull to see Democrats join in a filibuster to block Hagel. The realty is this is not going to happen; Democrats are not going to go against their President – and Reform Jews, who are the vast majority of Jews in the US, sadly give two hoots about Israel.

    The President has major power when it comes to defense. As Obama said spoke when he was miked – showed his cards, saying in part…I am also annoyed at Bibi, and I have to deal with him! Israel better be on her toes these next four years its going to be a bumpy ride!

    But Mr. Mayor let me be the first to say, you knew this was coming – don’t act surprised!

  • O. Noe

    Agreeing with Koch once more?

    Now I’ll have to second guess myself henceforth.

  • drjake

    And why should we care what Koch thinks? He knew Obama was not a friend of Israel and supported him anyway. It is unbelievable that he would express concern about Obama now that it is too late. Pardon me while I say, Mayor, I don’t want to hear from you on the subject. You’ve forfeited the right.

  • radiomankc

    Well our blind support of Israel is SOOO yesterday. Lets tell the Zionist lobby to quit bothering our Congressmen with political pressure. We need to look out for OURSELVES. They need to show some courage and ignore the Jewish vote which is costing us vastly too much money.

    Show some balls, politicians. Tell the Zionists to defend THEMSELVES! They are way too big for their britches!!

  • Don Collins

    It is really a good thing that GOD is on Israel’s side in this conflict and all future ones.. because they sure won’t be able to count on US support with Hagel and OBAMA in Office.

  • Dave

    The Mayor feels it “undoubtedly will reduce support for him in the Jewish community.” It’s unfortunate that he is probably wrong. It will not reduce support for
    Obama at all in the Jewish community. I simply do not understand how the Jewish community remains dedicated to this guy and a party that has shown so much antipathy if not downright hostility to Israel. It will not be long before Israel will be totally surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and the meaning of the Arab Spring will be clear.

  • Jakartaman

    Hope the Obama voting jews are real happy now!

  • Richard

    Does anyone out there that really believes Obama would go to war with any Islamist nation for Isreal? …and yet American jews supported Obama…Go figure!

  • Art

    Well, after all the election IS over now. No need to really coddle anyone. Note to Israel: The policies of the current administration do not necessarily reflect those of the people.

  • You knew he was lying to you, but you voted for him..You
    should not be allowed to vote..

  • JoeFromNYC

    Why is Ed surprised? Obama has a history of reneging on his promises after he gets what he wants from a deal. Look what he did to Catholic Church regarding contraceptives for their support of Obamacare? With Obama, there is no “QUID PRO QUO” – It’s just “QUID PRO”.

  • John Snedeker

    Yet Mr.Koch would vote for imam obama even now. Some Jews must have a death- wish. But so do 53% of America’s voters, evidently.

  • Joe Doakes

    How are smart people so easy to con into thinking that candidates will do something during vote harvesting time, when they in fact will just do the opposite so long as they can never suffer any consequences?

  • Shawn Phetteplace

    So apparently you’re anti-Israel now if you say as a US Senator your first priority is protecting the American people and not putting the interests of Israel over the US. Also, when he referred the to the ‘Israeli lobby’ as the ‘Jewish lobby’, that was simply a syntax issue. This just reinforces the fact that Bibi is a blow hard who tried to intervene in US elections. We’re supportive of Israel and always will be.


  • dave

    Mr Mayor:

    If you felt that, ultimately, the President would renege on his support for Israel, then why would you endorse him? If you cannot trust someone, what was your agenda in supporting him. I am not sure how many votes your endorsement translated into; however, I am sure that at least some concerns by the electorate for the President’s attitude toward Israel were assuaged by your vote of confidence. Clearly, you bamboozled those voters by keeping your suspicions for yourself (or, even worse, are trying to appear like a prognosticator in hindsight). Either way, shame on you.