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January 15, 2013 1:02 pm

Egyptian Soldiers Send Flirtatious Messages to Female IDF Personnel

avatar by Max Elstein Keisler

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Looking north along Egypt-Israel border north of Eilat. Photo: wiki commons.

Although women are in the minority when it comes to Israeli combat soldiers, they make up 55% of field intelligence officers, a number of which are stationed along the border with Egypt.

Israel’s female soldiers are permitted to keep their hair long, pulled back in pony tails, making their sex easily identifiable. For Team Mor, a unit which is stationed on the border, this can mean they receive extra attention from Egyptian military personnel garrisoned on the other side of the border.

“When we’re not concealed, and the Egyptian personnel can see that we are girls, they’ll sometimes try to get our attention with messages – like one time when they lined up rocks in the sand to form a heart” a sergeant in Team Mor told Reuters.

But it’s hard work on the border. In the camouflaged crawl spaces that serve as border positions, soldiers  can spend several days nearly stationary in the desert heat, watching through military issued binoculars, calling in reports of suspect movements. According to Colonel Richard Kemp of the British Armed Forces “In my experience, while men tend to be physically stronger, women often tend to be more systematic, thorough and have a greater attention to detail, which is obviously better for intelligence collection and analysis.”

In the camouflaged crawl spaces that serve as border positions, four- to six-soldier teams can spend several days almost immobile in the blazing heat, peering through powerful binoculars and radioing in reports of suspect movements.

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  • The Koran requires Muslims to lie if it helps them achieve their religious and cultural destiny….which is jihad and.most importantly for Muslims: killing Jews….This is all that this is…Given the slightest opportunity every one of these Egyptians would kill the Israelis…That is their only purpose for living as per SURA 9.3

    • Dear Mr. Richard , I am an Egyptian coptic christian and from what I have read, I found that your commend is merely about pure hatred. The Koran did not ask the Muslims to lie at all, ask me I have been living with muslims all my life. We must differentiate between what the religion asks us to do and what we do. Same in our Christianity, Lord asks to do something, and we might do the opposite and we can’t relate our bad deeds to jesus. and I have read sura 9.3 and it has nothing to do with it, Actually I have searched on the online quran for a verse that the Egyptian should kill israeli and I didn’t find any. I believe in peace, why don’t we spend our life in peace and enough with war. I believe that if both Israel and Egypt spent their military expenditures on social welfare it would be much better for both of them than war