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January 22, 2013 1:16 pm

Senior Hamas Commander: We Labor “Day and Night” Educating Children to Become Suicide Bombers (VIDEO)

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Zaher Jabarin. Photo: Youtube/Al-Quds TV

On December 18, 2012, senior Hamas commander Zaher Jabarin gave an interview to Hamas’ Al-Quds TV, during which he said Hamas labors “day and night” educating Palestinian children in Gaza to become suicide bombers.

The role of suicide bomber is in high demand amongst children, Jabarin claimed. “The Palestinian youngsters, the resistance and Jihad warriors, fight and quarrel over performing a courageous suicide operation,” he said.

Because suicide bombers are ready to die, said Jabarin, Israel has no way of preventing them from carrying out their attacks. And he boasted of Hamas’s role in developing the tactic. “With God’s grace, Hamas originated the use of this weapon,” he said.

Watch a full video of the interview below:

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The full transcript is below (provided by IDF Blog):

“I wish to talk about our choice, the choice of resistance. There was training of the divine generation, the true generation of martyrdom-seekers, through which we can participate in the battle. First, before anything else, before any Jihadi action, before the transfer of weapons, money, etc., and everything required for action, first and foremost is the individual person. The Islamic Movement [Hamas] took care of the education of this youngster who will participate in this battle, and afterwards we found out, as we always say, that the martyrdom-seekers stood in line, moreover, the thought among themselves who will be first to perform the suicide operation or Jihad operation. There was a quarrel between these Jihad warriors. We labored day and night to build the person, who will participate in this battle, and indeed, after 26 years, today the results are clear and visible to the entire world, that Hamas indeed has succeeded to build in this period of 26 years, what others wouldn’t have succeeded to build in centuries, such a person and such a resistance.

The Palestinian youngsters, the resistance and Jihad warriors, fight and quarrel over performing a courageous suicide operation. No doubt when Rabin said he has no solution for this weapon (suicide bombings), it’s because you want to kill this man, but he himself is essentially coming to die, so how can you scare him and how do you want to deal with this weapon? There is no treatment, and you cannot find a treatment for this weapon. With God’s grace, Hamas originated the use of this weapon.

We in Hamas are now convinced that our leaders are preparing for the battle of liberation, not resistance. We will remain “The Islamic Resistance Movement” — Hamas — but we now have the concept of liberation, and we are preparing for the battle of liberation and entering Jerusalem, God willing. I am convinced that you will interview me — if Allah wished that we stay alive — from the courts of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem. The Palestinian people and the Arab people are now convinced that Israel will be defeated, and indeed it will be defeated, and we will succeed to liberate our country. We are now preparing for the battle of liberation, and not just the resistance as we have done in the past.”

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  • EthanP

    Do you ever wonder where the outrage over this child abuse is? I do.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Even though Zaher Jabarin speaks with through the insane language of death, his ideas require a sane response in the language of life. No culture, no civilization, and no people can carry out their life’s wishes successfully in this world when they speak through the language of death. Located on the homepage of the Qur’an Institute of America, Dr.Riffat Hassan, Professor of Religious Studies and Humanities at Louisville University, is quoted as stating the following: “Sanctity and absolute value of life are upheld in the Qur’an. Almighty Allah says, ‘And that you slay not the life which Allah has made sacred, except for the requirements of justice. This He has enjoined you with, in order that you may discern.’ (Al-An`am 6:151) The Qu’ran points out that the life of each individual is comparable to that of all humankind and should therefore be treated with the utmost care: (‘For this reason did We decree for the Children of Israel that for whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though they slew all mankind, and (for) whoever keeps it alive, it is as though they kept alive all humankind.’)” (Al-Ma’idah 5:32). Accordingly, there is not any justification for the wanton killing through suicide killing of innocent men, women and children living in Israel. The language of the living is completely supported by the Holy Qur’an.