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Shocking: Russia Today Presenter Abby Martin Accuses Israel of Using ‘Hitler’s Methods’

February 3, 2013 3:03 pm 41 comments

Russia Today's Abby Martin. Photo: Brainwash Update/YouTube.

Russia Today host Abby Martin got back on her high-horse recently, accusing Israel of using “Hitler’s methods” to maintain a “Jewish majority.” The host on the Russian state-funded channel adopted her inimitable posture of disbelief and outrage to brandish her accusations.

Martin has a history of spewing anti-Israel propaganda and of lashing out at The Algemeiner. This should come as no surprise, however, as RT has developed a reputation of being no more than a government mouthpiece purporting to “tell the truth,” as this 2010 article by former New Yorker writer and current New Republic staffer Julia Ioffe explains.

Watch a video of Martin below:


  • Robert T Andrewsoø

    Abby is Beautiful… And she is knOLwlegable…how many of you would be able(or offered her job)TO FILL HER SHOES. ??? She is not perfect and do remember: “YOU ALL ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINION EVEN IF YOU ARE W R O N G. ! ! !”. T J R

  • Liam O'Sruitheain

    What motivates this woman’s fixation on Israel …. given the fact that, by any objective standard of statistical measurement, the crimes and genocidal atrocities committed by other regimes in Africa and the Middle East have been so much worse? More Muslims have been slaughtered by MUSLIM regimes than have ever been killed by Israelis. Does this woman know NOTHING about the horrors financed and provoked by the Sudanese regime in Khartoum? Does she know NOTHING about the crimes committed by BOTH sides in the conflict in Syria? Does she know NOTHING about the Christians, Bahais, Zoroastrians and homosexuals in Iran who have been hung and murdered since the Islamic revolution in 1979 …. as well as girls and women in Iran who have been raped, then hung, after being convicted of “fornication” BECAUSE they were RAPED? Does this “journalist” know NOTHING about the Turkish regime’s atrocities against indigenous Kurds …. or the ongoing attacks on, and murders of, Coptic Christians in Egypt? Why doesn’t she ever rant against THOSE crimes? Why is she always focused on the alleged atrocities committed by Israeli JEWS …. to the exclusion of virtually every other hideous crime provoked by countless authoritarian regimes elsewhere that do not even pretend to be democratic? Has she ever “investigated” the machinations, propaganda and crimes engaged in by the Putin regime against the Republic of Georgia, Ukraine and the population of Chechnya? Right! When pigs learn to fly! Does anyone in their right mind think that she would even be allowed to …. given the fact that she is employed by a Russian GOVERNMENT media group?

  • There are so many normative philosophical questions one can ask relating to the supposed facts. We can analyse and interpret any piece of verbal or written word. People and some of them the great thinkers, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Sartre, Russell, Ayers, Descartes, etc etc. Have done this and left us a wealth of philosophical knowledge.
    The right wing, the left wing and the center pluralists, have interpreted this wealth of knowledge to either support a particular philosophical position, or used it as a critic to denegrate or attack a position, held by their protaganist or opponent.
    That is a fair and proper use of normative argument, and philosophically, we can start at the top of the circle of argument and work our way round to start, exactly, where we started from, in the first place.
    This is now where pragmatism rears it’s ugly head, somewhere on that circle we have to decide, best fit, now best fit means costs and benefits. What are the costs and what are the benefits?
    We have created socities where the benefits accrue to those in positions of power (remembering philosophical thought it’s arguable )the people who make the rules whom decide the future, the economic wellbeing of peoples, have corrupted the cost and benefit part, because they assume that what is best for them, is best for all. That is not patently the case, as we can see by all the world wide problems this thinking has caused. They, will not relenquish this position unless coerced or forced. because they own all the economic resources, and they feel it is their right to use and abuse them as they see fit.
    Yes, some of this has been of benefit too humanity, but when you weigh the cost in many cases, it has been against the best interests of that humanity. However, because it suits the very minority, the ultra rich, we collectively pursue policies that actually work against all of our interests, whilst being led to believe, that this is the best and only way forward.
    The wars, the deaths from pollution, scarce resources like food, medicine, etc. Are a direct result of pursuing those crass and limited policies. it is a in-arguable fact, that the money spent on weaponising the world if spent on other resources would educate, and create health care for all, without the other spin offs that would result from that policy.
    We need new governments, governments of the people for the people, not governments that identify the well being of a few, against the best interests of the many.
    Whilst we allow the corruption of the ultra rich to create the ecological problems facing us, the abuse of the planets finite resources, and when it comes time, for them to leave this planet and start the whole rotten process, elsewhere in the universe, because that is the intention of space exploration, and if you think otherwise man you are deluding yourself and up to the present we have suffered self delusion. because delusion has been a comfortable place for us. Isn’t it about time we faced reality? But, the ultra right wing are never going to allow you to do that, all their collective efforts, have been to delude you otherwise.
    There are two types of people on this planet of ours, those that will destroy it and those that will build and protect it.
    What do you think, the ultra rich are destroyers or protectors? How is their collective wealth accumulated? By buying off the governments and making them a tool for their collective wealth enhancement. They need governments in their pockets too do this. They are bought and paid for, and every election you can see that, do you spend money on a political party? How come one person spends millions of pounds on trying to get one or several people elected into power?
    These same people, do not wish to pay any taxes or as less, as they can get away with. They do this by blackmail, if you tax us we will close our business and take it elsewhere and you and your people, will have no jobs and you will starve.
    So governments need jobs for us and know, if their are no jobs, people will riot and the government usually falls, so they would be out. So good idea, tax them less let them accumulate even more wealth and they will be satisfied, do you really believe in Santa Claus, yes, I know, you stupid Americans do, but you would believe anything you are told, hey! watch out! there is a communist under the bed, quick send an IBM. Ho Ho HO.
    Are you sure that your fore fathers came from mainly Europe? Maybe, we let all the lunatics escape and they emigrated to America lol.
    Because I cannot see a great nation in America, well any brains, have to be bought in from outside, the country. That’s because there is not much intellectual capacity, in America.
    Except one race of people and they are not really American, because foremost they are Jewish first, now they have the brains in spades.
    If we allow the ultra rich right wing thinking to dictate the agenda, we will end up with ashes in our mouths, not me, you.
    I think people should be able to improve their lifestyle and accumulate an amount of wealth, to an extent. But, we have allowed some, to become so wealthy, it has tipped the balance of power, and their personal corruption has corrupted the world, and we are infected. Tax them and stop that power, that is all we have to do. The consequences of not doing this are dire, and do not say, you have not been warned, the age old cry, ‘I did not know!’ well now you do, make your politicians work for the collective good of the American, people as a whole. Not the one per cent. Not communism but sense.

  • Hey, are some of your intellectual abilities confined to making personal attacks on Abby Martin, the way she dresses has some effect on her journalism? You have the right, the same as I to analyse, interpret, and philosophically question, her journalastic comments. By all means,but when you make a personal attack, is it because you are bereft of the intelligence to make any sensible comment that may widen the debate, and therefore, help to understand the human condition. I suspect that the more acid comments come from the retards of America, along with the Jewish sensitivity, because, they feel the goyim has no right to question or comment on the things they do. Because after all they are gods chosen people, and you must also remember, the only piece of land in the world Israel, was given to them by god lol. All I can say to that is thank god the English, were not chosen by god, there wouldn’t be many of us left. How can these idiots ever believe that? maybe, they do not, but perhaps they wish us to believe it and be intimidated by it. Yes, there may be only five million Jews in Israel, are you saying that the worlds population of jews numbers that? There are around 1.5 billion Muslims world wide, 1.8 billion chinese in China, plus others in different countries. Unfortunately, there are 368 million Americans, hopefully, that number will decrease massively in the next twenty years. The world would be a more peaceful and happier place without them. And that is a tragedy just to say it let alone think it. Come on America, it was not always thus, return to the core values, ditch the right wing and the jewish influence and return to the great days of America. Your elections are a joke, you the people and the government are a joke, and you just sit there,is America, an asylum for lunatics? Because that is how you are seen and unfortunately, the way you act. Remember, the statement of the secretary of state Hillary Clinton, ‘We came, we saw, he died,’ this was the comment of an intellectual, when a man, Ghaddafi, was slain. The weapon was inserted into his rectrum, this person wants to be the President, and you will vote for her, how crass, how stupid are the electorate?
    This is a great nation? By what standards? Your space program, the direct result of Werner Von Brun, oh he was a war criminal,he should of been tried and shot or hanged, but America, does not have problems with war criminals they have enough of their own,lol. Didn’t we do away with torture, oh yes, the great Americans, brought it back, three cheers for America, what was that you said, the Russians, the chinese, are bad people they do not care about the human rights of people, you do? Hang your head in shame and do not mention America, it is a pariah nation in every sense of the word. Israel, and America, two wonderful nations that the world should look up to? Ah now lets have a look at great nations, well there is Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, these are great nations Israel, America, you kidding me? Tch. I forgot, you and your Jewish lobby who own most of the worlds media, they are the ones who say what great countries you are, I myself am Irish now, that is a great nation much superior to America, and we have the high moral ground, no imperialistic tendencies, or colonization of the world, America, do the world a big favour disappear into a black hole, the world would be a much safer happier place.

    • Gary Goodguy

      You think you have the moral high ground because your irish and look down on israel and america.the irish were the biggest supporters of hitler and the ira kills civilians.i would hang my head in shame if i were from ireland.

  • Big up abby martin truth hurts

  • Hallo,
    concerning Abby. She is beautiful and reminds me my first love in a German Highschool (her name was Annegret). I can’t
    understand what she is saying when she tries to spread some lashing comments on whatever is wrong on our small planet.
    One of the previous comments is right pretending “she is too young and her comments do show a lack of wisdom”.

    What’s o ever: she should speak and ariculate cearly and slowly. Her language and kind of pronouncing is an insult of the Queen’s English I learnt at school. Are all the girls from California deforming original English in that way?

    Nevertheless: she is such an attractive girl my first love alike !


    Rainer Zirbs, Germany

  • I had a great fun reading the comments above. Abby Martin is a great journalist & an artist. Period.

    PS. Israel and United Nazi States of America are indeed using “Hitler’s Methods”. Ask Snowden or Assange, anyways.

  • Seems to me Abby is a typical California left winger
    To day is the first time I have heard of her on Coast to Coast.

    Abby dear If Israel was actually using Nazi Tactics were are the death camps why are we not hearing about the extermination of thousands of or hundreds of thousands or millions of Palestinians?

    The fact is they are not exterminating Palestinians.

    The fact is Israel has built schools and hospitals for the Palestinians.

    Abby why don’t you tell the truth about the relationship of Palestinians and their relations ship with the middle east.

    How Jordan had to use force and drive the Palestinians out of Jordan and into Lebanon and how the Jordan killed ten thousand Palestinians ?

    How the Palestinians destroyed the nation of Lebanon and drove that nation to Civil War ?

    • If Palestinians are so bad why aren’t they simply sent back to Palestine? The expulsion of Palestinians into Jordan was part of the genocide. Hitler did not begin with concentration camps when he came to power. He worked his way up to them. This is what Israel is doing now. Ms Martin’s comparison is accurate.

      • When the Nazis came to power.
        In the Beginning the (SA) Brown Shirts were the dominant wing of the Nazi Party, the (SS) in fact was a part of the (SA).

        The majority of the (SA) are like our KKK and Black Panthers a bunch of thugs and goones, there
        they actually built concentration camps these camps were called labor camps if I recall they just beat the crap out of you and worked you till you died.

        They also built a few extermination camps If I recall in those days they had you dig a ditch kneel down and they shot you in the back of the head and kicked you in the hole.

        The fact is Israel has done nothing of the kind to the Palestinians.

        Israel God’s People gave the Palestinians Land, What has the Palestinians done with this Land?

        Did they parcel it out for farming or building factories or schools and hospitals and universities In other words build a nation ?

        The fact is they did not do anything of the kind.

        They produce videos to teach their children to become hardened killers not just of Jews but Americans as well.

        They teach them how to blow themselves up along with others and to murder children.

        and to create terror.

        That is the only thing a Palestinian is good for in the leadership’s eyes.

        They are not freedom fighters, the Palestinians are the Nazis !

        • I do not wish too see a repeat of the horrors that were inflicted on the Jewish people, by Hitler during the 1939-45 war.
          However,the right wing ultra rich Jews are in fact pushing America, into being their personal thug and bully boy. Yes, the retarded backward thinking American, nation is more than a willing partner, driven of course by their own ultra right wing nationals. The un-educated average American citizen, knows very little about their own history, let alone the history of the world and it’s people. The Jews wish to command the primary resources of the world, for profit. They own the world in every way possible. That is why a small nation like Israel can dictate to America, it’s national policy and it’s international policy. The policies of America,are dictated from the Jewish, right wing dominated think tanks. within America, and the retarded Americans, are led by the nose, by the likes of the Koch, brothers etc.etc. That is the sole reason for the Aipac existence and no other. So, what about the left? The power resides with those with the wealth, anyone who opposes that will be beaten down, killed, as you can see daily on the television screens. The technology they have developed is not too keep you safe from supposed terrorists, they themselves have created, with their right wing policies, it’s going to be used against you eventually. Because they know at some point in the future resources are going to scarce and we will be fighting to survive. They will then be used against you and I. Drones were developed for that purpose, and when we gather to protest, boy you will then see the deverstating effect of the, ‘Hellfire’ missile. Welcome to a brave new world controlled by the right wing jews and their bullies America. Look at what they own and control, Wall street, Jewish controlled, media mainly in Jewish control world wide, diamonds De Beers, jewish controlled, mining mainly Jewish controlled, you name they own it or control it. So, you tell me who does America protect? Certainly not their own citizens, they sold them to the Jews after the second world war. Research your history, they are good at hiding but do the research, and you will understand the power of wealth and it’s insidious evil. Tax them, so they cannot accumulate such wealth and power, and use it detrimentally, against us the citizens of the world. That is the reason, they are shy of taxes it dilutes the power to control you and I.

  • Abby Martin is beautiful and politically astute.She should run for U.S. president and not that billiary clinton.

  • what happened to four eyes on cross talk if he nods his head
    more often it will fall off

  • Harry Joseph

    I love her i absolutely love her

  • I’ve watched a few of her videos and I don’t really see much substance. Her segments consist of a lot of speculation and stirring the pot, and I see little in the way of actual journalism here. Her ‘reportage’ appears to be of the whining type, not unlike having to put up with a barking dog in the middle of the night. Furthermore, I did some research on Russia Today and I see that RT is a state-sponsored media arm of the Russian government. Wiki suggests that RT is part of an attempt to infiltrate American politics. Yeah, she’s attractive, but that wears pretty thin after a while. I think there should be a clearer distinction between reporting and commenting. Martin is a commentator, and not old enough to have wisdom behind her comments.

  • Abby Martin puts on the sexuality, and don’t the shallow American audience, brainwashed on mind-numbing sex, love it! However, it makes a nice change from the pro-Zionist mainstream media line. The trouble is that RT is just plain repetitive and dull. The news isn’t exactly up to the minute either.

    There is an amusing contradiction between the line that Martin and the irritatingly left-wing uber-liberal Thom Hartmann (a white self-loather) take on homosexuality. They both sneer at critics of homosexuality and label them ‘homophobe’, yet it is also Russian state policy to restrict homosexuality.

    • I don’t think you could have made it any more obvious that you’re clueless about RT, Abby Martin and Breaking The Set. The question is: What motivated you to post this clueless, slanderous comment?

  • I love Abby Martin and she just tells the truth. Sometimes the truth isn’t flattering for Israel, so learn to deal with it. Don’t expect everyone to say only good things about Israel 24/7

  • Abby Martin is awesome.
    No doubt the mainstream media reporters (really little more than shills at this point) will be trying to attack her, just as they have all jumped on board with attacking Julian Assange.
    Actual journalism which tackles controversial issues and reveals unpopular truths was on the verge of extinction.
    We desperately need to defend people like Abby Martin and Julian Assange.

  • Its shameful and sad how any criticism of Israel is perceived as anti-semitism. Although comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is exaggeration, Israel has plenty of human right violation on its hands. Case in point:

    “A Israeli government official has for the first time acknowledged the practice of injecting women of Ethiopian origin with the long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera.”

    • @Jerry

      The powers-that-be try to use accusations of antisemitism against anyone who threatens their agendas. They’ve been doing it for years now. If you start revealing too much truth about them and their agendas, they’ll try to find a way to paint you as an antisemite in an effort to rally the Jewish community against you.
      You’ll often find comments online which claim that ‘the Jews’ were behind 9/11. These comments don’t actually come from members of the 9/11 truth movement; they come from people who are trying to paint the 9/11 truth movement as an antisemitic movement.

  • Well,

    If she really means what she says, she needs to pack her stuff and GETTA HELL OUT of Northern America (back to whatever country her parents came from).

  • This stupid women’s hysteric and hateful attitude must be something personal nothing really related to her job in the madia. Russia’s “campaign” in Chechnia, Assad’s mass murders in Syria, Arab-Islamic persecutions-torture and killings of Christians and endless massacres of their own people are “Hitler’s methods”. No such things ever happen in Israel!

  • Abby Martin’s Antisemitic and anti-Western past has followed her to Washington. The hints are in her working previously for the vociferously anti-Israel Pacifica radio network. No Wikipedia entry on her – but let’s assume that will be next in discovering this deeply pro-Russian broadcaster’s background.

  • So is she saying the Holocaust actually did happen?

  • This is what pretends to be “journalism”? Where’d they get this cheerleader reject from anyway …

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Abby Martin of Russia Today, comparing Israeli policy to Hitlerian policy is downright immoral. May your tongue be forever transfixed to the roof of your mouth.

    • actually no, it’s not immoral to critically think! :)

    • Well, another shill exposed, thanks to the open forum. I notice that you cannot give examples of Abby’s “whining journalism”- most Zionists, after all, rely on emotion to carry a point, because they rarely have any facts to support their hate speech.
      As far as state run media goes, you may be the last literate soul to not acknowledge that Tel Aviv runs most western media. RT is mostly INTERVIEWS, and if you took the time to check on the ethics of professional journalism, you would realize that this is the highest form- just the facts, straight from the source.
      Sorry, mate. You fail.

  • Alexander van der Linden

    Oh my goodness. What are terrible simpleton. She looks so terribly frustrated haha. An aggresive woman no man will go near her hence her frustating outbursts.

    • Lawrence Kulak

      I am afraid that I must defer to our aristocratic sounding friend Mr. Van der Linden. Perhaps he is right and we are dealing with a frustrated woman. But even if that were true, why would she target Israel for her outbursts?

      Could it be that Mr. Van Linden is failing to look past the feminine aspect (or lack thereof) of this woman because he is perhaps immune himself to expressions of anti-semitism? I am not so immune, and therefore not as easily prone to let somebody off the hood simply because they may be frustrated.

  • Lawrence Kulak

    The real question is, why does this repulsive looking Nazi slut have to wear – of all things a mini skirt while getting her point across. Perhaps the answer is simply what Marshall McCluhan said, “the medium IS the message.”

    • Propaganda, particularly anti-semetic propagands is something the Russians know about. Wasn’t it the Okrana that created “The Protocols….”?

      Problem is the unsophisticated, the naive and the ignorant believe in Coca Cola, Mickey Mouse and the pogrom as the panacea to all conundrums. Thousand million Muslims, five and one half million Jewish Israelis. Who is the scapegoat here?

      RT, Russia’s media equivalent of the Republican’s Fox?

    • Are you Hasidic? Mini skirts ar fine in the world that most of us live in

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