Noam Chomsky Backs MP David Ward’s Attack on “The Jews”

February 11, 2013 1:34 pm 18 comments

Enemy of Israel, Noam Chomsky at World Social Forum. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr.

Having found himself at the center of a controversy of his own making, UK MP David Ward has picked up at least one high profile supporter: devoted Israel-basher Noam Chomsky.

Ward caused a stir after he equated Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Arabs to that of the Nazi’s treatment of Jews. However, it wasn’t only the statement that was the issue, but how he phrased it.

“Saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new state of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis.”

Last week he dug himself into a deeper hole when it emerged that he had subsequently questioned whether it would be acceptable for him to replace the phrase “the Jews” with “the Jewish community.”

Chomsky said that he believed there was “nothing remotely antisemitic in his remarks, which are in fact familiar in Israeli discussions.”

In a response on his personal website, Mr Ward thanked the academic for his support: “The intention behind my comments was to start a genuine discussion about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and how the Israeli government seemingly acts with impunity for its actions in Gaza and the West Bank. I now intend to work with groups around the country to start a discussion that can take a frank look at this conflict and what we can do to bring an end to atrocities committed by both sides in this appalling and long lasting conflict.”

In the meantime, over the weekend Ward Tweeted that he had received 5,000 emails supporting him, but just “100 (pretty vile) against.”

Asked by an interlocutor whether Israel’s actions are  “because of the holocaust? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Ward responded: “I don’t know….but it is important to ask the question and we cannot allow the horror of the Holocaust to stop us asking.”

Ward has been condemned in every corner of British politics for his remarks, including by Respect’s George Galloway, himself a devoted critic of Israel.


  • this uk mp -david ward should be sacked from his position !! it was a unthinkable insult to YIsrael and the jewish people ! shame on this idiot mp.

  • I wish a muslim would put them both out of their misery soon, so they can both join all virgins in heaven, or is it hell?…….

  • It is no surprise that David Ward’s admirer would be the self-hating Jew, Noam Chomsky. The latter forgets that today’s enemy spews the same ideology as the Nazis who murdered Jews. Regardless of his views, Chomsky would have been counted among Hitler’s victims at that time.
    As for MP Ward, he should be reminded of his country’s failure to facilitate the creation of the Jewish homeland on all of the territory of Palestine as mandated unanimously by all 51 members of the League of Nations in 1922- still legal today. He should remember that his country failed to protect the Jewish population in Palestine against terrorist attacks by those who are still doing the same. He should also know that his country abstained from the UN vote to recreate the legal and historical Jewish homeland in 1947. He should understand that those who want to destroy Israel today have the same fate in mind for his country and the rest of the free world -a global caliphate and sharia to follow.

    • Elizabeth Morley

      “As for MP Ward, he should be reminded of his country’s failure to facilitate the creation of the Jewish homeland on all of the territory of Palestine as mandated unanimously by all 51 members of the League of Nations in 1922- still legal today.” Pardon??? What ARE you talking about? The Mandate was an endorsement of the Balfour Declaration which was about establishing a Jewish homeland IN Palestine – not INSTEAD OF!! And then only on proviso that the rights of the indigenous population were respected. Were they?

  • I had thought, until recently, that Chomsky was dead. I am certain that my ignorance in this was a blessing; it caused me to miss absolutely nothing of any importance.

  • Please send a Mossad agent to finally deal with these roaches.

  • Send the Mossad to deal with this individual.

    • praps you can clarify ? I hope you’re not making a serious threat (that seems to have passed moderation)

  • Noam Chomsky is a denier of his religion Judaism. As if he knew the Jewish philosophy as well as he knows so much about being an anarcho-syndicalist he would be able to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction or media propaganda – something that he criticizes but not when referring to those beliefs that he has established in his mind set.

    He is stuck in his own established and well admired beliefs that Israel should not be called a Jewish State comparing the idea with America being called a Christian State. The fact that Jews who have always been a minority wherever they have dwelled, and have been a persecuted race have had the desperate need for a State that they can call their own. The fact that the Jewish people have returned to their homeland should be a fact that he should celebrate and not abhor. I fail to comprehend his psyche and disrespect his opinion regarding Israel.

  • Perhaps the issue here is that the man once known as one of the smartest men on earth is ‘losing it’ – there is no logical reason for Chomsky to have supported Ward – Ward’s generalised statement was simply racist – that he had 5,000 emails in support tells you how serious the bigotry now is in the UK. Edward Said in the final chapter of his life took off his ‘civility’ mask and revealed himself to be no more than a petty racist bigot – maybe with Chomsky’s reputation on the wane and as age progresses he is finally entering into a period of senile fury. Watch this space!

  • Chumpski is a Jew hater, nothing new here. It would be nice if some of the “Jewish leader” of the progressive community would actually call out his Jew hating incitement and collaboration with genocidal psychopaths.

  • What a disingenuous request David Ward made!
    And as for asking that Jew-hater Chomsky. Why didn’t he ask me? Or any other Jew for that matter?
    I hope your newspaper makes mincemeat of this prick!

  • Chomsky, while not himself a Holocaust denier, did support such a denier. Chomsky denied a different mass murder–Pol Pot’s killing of one-third of the people of Cambodia.

  • When will this Nazi (not a Jew) bastard Chomsky take his last breath?

    The sooner the better, I hope.

    • elliot j. stamler

      You have posed an excellent question. Your hope is that of any decent self-respec ting Jews, I pray for the death of Noam Chomsky – without any restriction on whatever causes it.

  • My grandmother said, from time to time, “there’s no one more anti-Semitic than a Jewish anti-Semite”. Hoo boy! Was she ever right.

  • Ward and Chomsky are obviously enthralled by the beauty of Hitler’s hands …just like the Faux philosopher Martin Heidegger.

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