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March 1, 2013 1:06 pm

New Poll: 31% of Americans Favor Israelis Over Palestinians

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Prime Minister Netanyahu shaking hands with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as President Obama looks on.

A recent joint poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal posed several  questions to U.S. citizens on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The first question was whether the United States should support the Israelis more than the Palestinians, support the Palestinians more than the Israelis or should the U.S. treat both the same? To this question 55% of respondents answered that they should be treated both the same, while 31% said Israelis should be favored vs. just 4% in favor of the Palestinians.

The following question asked which nation Americans sympathized with: 45% said Israel, 13% said the Palestinians and 19 percent said neither. Sympathy for Israel stood at 48% in 2002 and climbed to 61% in 2010, according to the survey.

To the final question, whether they believe Palestinians and Israelis will or will not be able to form a lasting peace agreement that will work, the overwhelming majority of respondents, 69% in fact, believed that the two sides would not be able to live alongside one another in peace, while only 18% said that they would. This was up from 57% and 31% respectively in a similar 2005 poll.

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  • Lawrence Kulak

    these statistics bode well for the next Repbulican running for President. One thing for sure – no candidate has to pander to the American Jewish vote. The country as a whole probably cares equally or more about the welfare of Israel than the average secular Jew today, sad to say. 78 per cent of Jews voted for Obama the second time around when it didn’t take a prophet to understand that he was going to clamp down on Israel even tighter.
    These are part of the challenges facing Jews at the end of days. Will you use your widespread acceptance by Gentile society to stray further from your homeland, and hence, become even less worthy of redemption than the average Gentile who supports Israel? Secular Jews may be facing a form of oblivion if they choose the wrong option. Even if they are also redeemed they will only get to see from a distance (like Moshe viewed the Holy Land)