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March 15, 2013 10:08 am

Pro-Israel Activists Roughed Up at Anti-Israel Rally (VIDEO)

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Anti-Israel activist attacks Pro-Israel activist in Oakland March 13, 2013. Photo: Youtube

The video below was taken at an anti-Israel rally in Oakland on Wednesday. As you can see, the protesters didn’t take too kindly to having their turf encroached on by some pro-Israel activists who were wielding…chalk. In response an anti-Israel activist wielded her… fists.

According to the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers website, an anonymous contributor tentatively  identified the female assailant as Gabby (Gabrille) Silverman, whose mug shot appeared in the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle after she was arrested on Oct. 6, 2012 as part of a group that marched through the city’s Financial District in black clothing and tossed projectiles at police officers.

Dr. Michael Harris, spokesperson for the local chapter of Israel advocacy group Stand With Us, told The Algemeuner that “this is  unfortunately not an isolated incident.”

“There were four people arrested several years ago after a rally in San Francisco for assaulting pro-Israel activists,” Harris said, adding, “the person who filmed this event in Oakland was himself the target of a completely unprovoked attack by an anti-Israel demonstrator in November on front of the Israel consulate in San Francisco.”

“I think it is very unfortunate that some of the same people who are supporting Hamas violence against Israelis are themselves attacking supporters of Israel here,” Harris concluded.

Below is the video showing how anti-Israel activists treated peaceful protesters in Oakland:

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  • Daniel Wencel

    I’m the person that has filmed the event. Yesterday I have done an interview with Hannah, the girl that was roughed up by the BDS/peace activist. Here is link to the interview plus more footage from the assault:

    • In my opinion Gabby Silverman is nothing more than a skinhead with hair. While my feelings go out to the injured placing yourself in a dangerous environment is risky. In this case the out come was sad yet preventable. Her hatred of jews is evident. I would defend myself against someone like her and her associates. They bring no good will to Jews or Israel.

    • the skinny on gabby is she is a catholic girl who attended parochial school from an antisemitic family in the midwest masquerading as a jew. A total fraud from a scumbag family. She charges five bucks to send her a message on her fascist web site.

  • Sharon

    Gabby “SILVERMAN” (!) wants to believe that her pro-terrorist rants will protect her infidel arse when the ‘slamists come for everyone.

  • martin

    just another example of how this country is descending into an abyss of ignorance that it will never escape from…Jews beware !!

  • Gavin

    I hope that they sue her for assault!

  • Roz C.

    Gabby needs to be medicated or one of these she will find herself under arrest for assault or she’ll be at the receiving end of someone who is prepared to defend themselves physically.

    • Roz C.

      Gabby needs to be medicated or one of these days she will find herself under arrest for assault or she’ll be at the receiving end of someone who is prepared to defend themselves physically.

  • Fredric M. London

    Storm troupers in the US. What will they think of next? Start keeping an eye on unpopulated woodsy areas where the first camps will be built. What’s Arabic for “Work makes free?”

  • DrMike

    It is on YouTube:

    also from the Bay Area, in a similar vein: assaulter shouts “F*** you Jew”.

  • Reuven

    The violent, cursing anti-Semites should have been arrested.

  • We are in an Islamic Cultural War. That has no Borders
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture OR
    Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.
    Stealth Jihad will destroy America!
    It is a Genocidal War.
    Islamic Culture = Evil: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose Freedom or Slavery
    This is a battle between Light and Darkness or Good and Evil or Knowledge and Slavery
    America decide which side you are on?

    • Sonia Willats

      Yes, and behind the political battle between light and darkness that we SEE is a spiritual battle against the only true G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Hence the irrational hatred, foul language and use of violence.

  • Steve Klein

    Weird music.

  • susan prince

    if that idiot in the red shirt could not use the word “f—-“, she would not be able to think. Loves to shove people, doesn’t she?

  • Tony George

    wow, the antisemites would have felt right at home in nazi germany – this video should be display everywhere, i hope it’s on youtube.

    • Shlomo Ben Hungstein

      Youtube is where this video first turned up.