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March 21, 2013 1:39 am

Jewish Anti-Semites Finally Come Out of the Closet

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The 1947 partition plan map. The dark brown area was to be the Arab-Palestinian state.

Ben Ehrenreich, a freelance journalist and novelist – in a LA Times op-ed piece entitled “Zionism is the Problem” – has put all his cards on the table, has decided to let the chips fall where they may, and has crossed the proverbial Rubicon. Finally, once and for all, we can understand the true problem in the middle-east: the very existence of the State of Israel:

“The problem is fundamental: Founding a modern state on a single ethnic or religious identity in a territory that is ethnically and religiously diverse leads inexorably either to politics of exclusion or to wholesale ethnic cleansing. Put simply, the problem is Zionism…establishing a secular, pluralistic, democratic government in Israel and Palestine would mean…the only salvation for the Jewish ideals of justice that date back to Jeremiah.”

No kids, the problem is not Saudi Arabia, where practicing any religion other than Islam is punishable by death; the problem is not the murderous and tyrannical regime in Syria that has murdered tens of thousands of its own citizens (imagine what they would do to Jews!); the problem is not Jordan, where selling land to Jews is a capital crime; the problem is not Iran whose leader has vowed to inflict a nuclear Holocaust on the world; the problem is not Egypt whose fanatical Moslems assassinated the first Arab leader to make peace with Israel and is now ruled by a Moslem Brotherhood whose mantra is Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!, and the problem is certainly not the Palestinian Arabs whose only innovative contributions to mankind have been plane hijackings, murder of Olympic athletes, suicide bombers, and whose greatest hero – Yasser Arafat – is the godfather of all radical Islamic terrorism in the world. In other words, the Arabs/Palestinians/Moslems are not expected to live up to any of the ideals of justice and morality expressed in exhortations of the prophet Jeremiah. They are permitted to routinely engage in “politics of exclusion” (try wearing a cross or Star of David necklace in Saudi Arabia) and “ethnic cleansing” (any Christians left in Bethlehem these days?).

Only the State of Israel was born in 1947 because the Arab state never even recognized itself!

No, the problem is Israel; the only pluralistic, democracy in the middle-east, the country whose Arab population has a higher life-expectancy and per-capita income than any of the surrounding Arab states, where hospitals treat all of its citizens, be they Jew, Arab, Christian, or other; the only country in the middle-east with a truly free press and where freedom of religion and expression is guarded, where an Arab judge sits on the Israeli Supreme Court, where an Arab judge can preside over the trial of, and sentence, a former (Jewish) President of the State of Israel to a prison term for rape, and where Arabs vote and can (and do) elect Arab representatives to the Knesset who rail against the very state that confers upon them the right to be elected.

“Israeli policies have rendered the once apparently inevitable two-state solution less and less feasible.”

Only someone who is completely ignorant of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict or a liar (or both) could possibly write such nonsense. The two state solution was already agreed upon by Israel and failed because of the Jew-hatred and bloodthirsty designs of the surrounding Arabs.

In 1947 the United Nations voted into existence two new countries and welcomed them to join the family of the nations of the world. One was a Jewish Palestinian state called Israel. The other was an Arab Palestinian state whose official name we will never know for reasons which will soon become clear. The Arab Palestinian state included every square inch of the territories known as the West Bank and Gaza and also much of what is now northern Israel. Although Jerusalem was to be an international city, it certainly would have de-facto come under Arab control. Of the seven countries in the region – Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and the Arab Palestinian state – only one officially recognized the existence of the Arab Palestinian state: Israel.

All these Palestinians want to do is build a pluralistic, secular democracy with their Jewish cousins.

Why don’t we know the official name of the Arab Palestinian state? Because instead of bothering to form a government and taking care of all those other picky details needed to establish a functioning country, they joined together with their Arab brothers from the surrounding countries and launched a war to destroy the State of Israel. The Arab Palestinian state never even recognized itself! For the next 20 years every square inch of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, were under Arab control until, in 1967, they launched another war to destroy the State of Israel. Why didn’t they use these 20 years to build a state? The answer, of course, is simple. They never were interested in a state of their own, they were interested in the destruction of the Jewish State.

Ehrenreich, of course, would never write an article calling for the disbandment of the Jewish state without the obligatory comparison to South Africa:

“If two decades ago comparisons to the South African apartheid system felt like hyperbole, they now feel charitable. The white South African regime, for all its crimes, never attacked  the Bantustans with anything like the destructive power Israel visited on Gaza in December and January, when nearly 1,300 Palestinians were killed.”

There you have it, Israel is more evil than the former white South African regime.  Is it possible that Israel’s attacks on Gaza had something to do with the fact that Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, has in its official charter an exhortation to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel? Did it have anything to do with the fact that Palestinians fired more than 2000 rockets from Gaza into Israel in 2012? When asked about the rocket attacks, Ehrenreich replied: “Rockets? What rockets? I don’t see any rockets. Do you see any rockets?”

Logic, facts, and history are wasted on Jewish Jew-Haters like Ehrenreich. He is the classical Hellenized Jew who joins with anti-Jewish gentiles against his own people. He is not the first and he will not be the last. The sages of the Talmud composed a special prayer for traitors like him: “For the slanderers let there be no hope and let wickedness perish in an instant…..”

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