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March 21, 2013 1:39 am

Jewish Anti-Semites Finally Come Out of the Closet

avatar by Moshe Averick

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The 1947 partition plan map. The dark brown area was to be the Arab-Palestinian state.

Ben Ehrenreich, a freelance journalist and novelist – in a LA Times op-ed piece entitled “Zionism is the Problem” – has put all his cards on the table, has decided to let the chips fall where they may, and has crossed the proverbial Rubicon. Finally, once and for all, we can understand the true problem in the middle-east: the very existence of the State of Israel:

“The problem is fundamental: Founding a modern state on a single ethnic or religious identity in a territory that is ethnically and religiously diverse leads inexorably either to politics of exclusion or to wholesale ethnic cleansing. Put simply, the problem is Zionism…establishing a secular, pluralistic, democratic government in Israel and Palestine would mean…the only salvation for the Jewish ideals of justice that date back to Jeremiah.”

No kids, the problem is not Saudi Arabia, where practicing any religion other than Islam is punishable by death; the problem is not the murderous and tyrannical regime in Syria that has murdered tens of thousands of its own citizens (imagine what they would do to Jews!); the problem is not Jordan, where selling land to Jews is a capital crime; the problem is not Iran whose leader has vowed to inflict a nuclear Holocaust on the world; the problem is not Egypt whose fanatical Moslems assassinated the first Arab leader to make peace with Israel and is now ruled by a Moslem Brotherhood whose mantra is Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!, and the problem is certainly not the Palestinian Arabs whose only innovative contributions to mankind have been plane hijackings, murder of Olympic athletes, suicide bombers, and whose greatest hero – Yasser Arafat – is the godfather of all radical Islamic terrorism in the world. In other words, the Arabs/Palestinians/Moslems are not expected to live up to any of the ideals of justice and morality expressed in exhortations of the prophet Jeremiah. They are permitted to routinely engage in “politics of exclusion” (try wearing a cross or Star of David necklace in Saudi Arabia) and “ethnic cleansing” (any Christians left in Bethlehem these days?).

Only the State of Israel was born in 1947 because the Arab state never even recognized itself!

No, the problem is Israel; the only pluralistic, democracy in the middle-east, the country whose Arab population has a higher life-expectancy and per-capita income than any of the surrounding Arab states, where hospitals treat all of its citizens, be they Jew, Arab, Christian, or other; the only country in the middle-east with a truly free press and where freedom of religion and expression is guarded, where an Arab judge sits on the Israeli Supreme Court, where an Arab judge can preside over the trial of, and sentence, a former (Jewish) President of the State of Israel to a prison term for rape, and where Arabs vote and can (and do) elect Arab representatives to the Knesset who rail against the very state that confers upon them the right to be elected.

“Israeli policies have rendered the once apparently inevitable two-state solution less and less feasible.”

Only someone who is completely ignorant of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict or a liar (or both) could possibly write such nonsense. The two state solution was already agreed upon by Israel and failed because of the Jew-hatred and bloodthirsty designs of the surrounding Arabs.

In 1947 the United Nations voted into existence two new countries and welcomed them to join the family of the nations of the world. One was a Jewish Palestinian state called Israel. The other was an Arab Palestinian state whose official name we will never know for reasons which will soon become clear. The Arab Palestinian state included every square inch of the territories known as the West Bank and Gaza and also much of what is now northern Israel. Although Jerusalem was to be an international city, it certainly would have de-facto come under Arab control. Of the seven countries in the region – Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and the Arab Palestinian state – only one officially recognized the existence of the Arab Palestinian state: Israel.

All these Palestinians want to do is build a pluralistic, secular democracy with their Jewish cousins.

Why don’t we know the official name of the Arab Palestinian state? Because instead of bothering to form a government and taking care of all those other picky details needed to establish a functioning country, they joined together with their Arab brothers from the surrounding countries and launched a war to destroy the State of Israel. The Arab Palestinian state never even recognized itself! For the next 20 years every square inch of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, were under Arab control until, in 1967, they launched another war to destroy the State of Israel. Why didn’t they use these 20 years to build a state? The answer, of course, is simple. They never were interested in a state of their own, they were interested in the destruction of the Jewish State.

Ehrenreich, of course, would never write an article calling for the disbandment of the Jewish state without the obligatory comparison to South Africa:

“If two decades ago comparisons to the South African apartheid system felt like hyperbole, they now feel charitable. The white South African regime, for all its crimes, never attacked  the Bantustans with anything like the destructive power Israel visited on Gaza in December and January, when nearly 1,300 Palestinians were killed.”

There you have it, Israel is more evil than the former white South African regime.  Is it possible that Israel’s attacks on Gaza had something to do with the fact that Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, has in its official charter an exhortation to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel? Did it have anything to do with the fact that Palestinians fired more than 2000 rockets from Gaza into Israel in 2012? When asked about the rocket attacks, Ehrenreich replied: “Rockets? What rockets? I don’t see any rockets. Do you see any rockets?”

Logic, facts, and history are wasted on Jewish Jew-Haters like Ehrenreich. He is the classical Hellenized Jew who joins with anti-Jewish gentiles against his own people. He is not the first and he will not be the last. The sages of the Talmud composed a special prayer for traitors like him: “For the slanderers let there be no hope and let wickedness perish in an instant…..”

Rabbi Moshe Averick is an orthodox rabbi, a regular columnist for the Algemeiner Journal, and author of Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist. It is available on and Kindle. Rabbi Averick can be reached via his website. If you wish to be informed when new articles appear, send an email to with the email address and the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.

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  • PermReader

    Jewish intellectual and moral influence on the contemporary world make it possible to use Jewish anti-semites as the pundits of the Jew haters`s masses.Politically correct “anti-Zionists” make the dirty work of the deligitimizing Israel.

  • Hilda

    US always referred to as a Christian nation. Does that mean no other religions may live here? Are we about to divide Scan dinavian countries into original Danish, Swedish or Norwegian and half for the Muslims which have invaded it(legally and otherwise)
    Do we do the same for France, Belgium, England etc? Just because some Muslims Nomads moved into the territory then known as Palestine gives them the right of a state there to displace the legitimate State of Israel. Churchill already subdivided the Balfour declaration’s Jewish homeland by giving the imported Arabian 75 % to rule over namely Jordan. Jews had and have every right to their State of Israel. How much more has to be lopped off to assuage the appetite of the Muslims appetite for a Islamic dominated world?

  • The God of Abraham, the one true God, is not the God of Islam, nor of any other heathen belief. All false gods will be destroyed by God’s Kingdom of truth and righteousness.
    Dan 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.
    Dan 2:45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.
    This is real – it has already begun to happen. The “Divine right of kings” is gone, and this ‘time of trouble’ will lead to His Kingdom,s reign.

  • Moshe Averick

    Dear Readers:
    Although in the article Ehrenreich clearly identifies himself as a Jew, it has been pointed out to me that it is quite possible that according to Jewish law he is not actually Jewish. It could be that his father is Jewish but not his mother.

    • rivka c.

      yes. if his mother is not jewish, then he is not jewish. and by all accounts, his mother is not jewish. but because we are so obsessed with last names as an indicator of “jewishness”, many have been fooled. he is just a plain old non jewish anti-semite. nothing new under the sun.

  • Send a Shin Bet agent to deal this individual.

  • Being a Jewish antisemite will not save Ben Ehrenreich from the wrath of the jihadists. He is another Chaim Rumkowski, the head of the Lodz ghetto who collaborated with the Germans to the extent of allowing his own son to be sent to Auschwitz. And where did he end up – in Auschwitz like the rest of them. These people think they are safe but in the end, to the Moslems, they are just another Jew.

  • Being a Jewish antisemite will not save Ben Ehrenreich from the wrath of the jihadists. He is another Chaim Runkowski, the head of the Lodz ghetto who collaborated with the Germans to the extent of allowing his own son to be sent to Auschwitz. And where did he end up – in Auschwitz like the rest of them. These people think they are safe but in the end, to the Moslems, they are just another Jew.

  • Josh

    “He is the classical Hellenized Jew”

    I like the way this religious nutter uses this Kahanist term to attack Jews with. Why is he being published by the Algemeiner?

  • Temple Mount is a Vortex of metaphysical energy on Earth given to the patriarchs of the Jewish Nation for safekeeping over 3000 years ago by Ribonah Shel Olam, the Holy ONE. But Because the Israeli nation failed to reclaim and ‘liberate’ this Holiest Place in ’67 when Israeli forces liberated Jerusalem after 2000 years, the results are obvious; the cancer of radical Islam has metastasized into a worldwide threat and the Jewish Nation is at greater peril than at any time in it’s history. Israel and the entire world are racing towards destruction closer every day.
    The ‘alien fire’ of el Aqsa must be removed and the Holy Mount returned to the keepers of the Covenant. Only this will bring back the Blessing of Hashem.

  • Anatoly Tsaliovich

    Through the ages, day by day,
    Jewish people used to pray
    Begging G-d to save the nation
    From pogroms and termination,
    Asking Heaven, time and time,
    To restore Yerushalayim.

    And at last, the dream came true!
    Proud under White and Blue
    Modern Israel stands grand
    In ancestral homeland –
    Shining star!
    Yet, strange and snide
    Turns up “Israel divide”,

    Self-inflicted hard abuse
    Separating Jews from Jews.
    There are Jews with noble goals,
    They support and volunteer,
    Offer their lives and souls,
    Fight for State with no fear.

    These are Jews that merit kudos,
    Proud of the ancient roots…
    There are also “dirty Judas”,
    Foul anti-Semitic fruits.
    Each would scoff at Jewish cause,
    Mock the State, defame, and jeer,

    Snub achievements, hunt up flaws,
    Join boycotts, fling dirt and smear.
    Each of them is ruthless critic –
    Brutal enemy’s delight,
    Each is more anti-Semitic
    Than the worst anti-Semite!
    Never mind, that their masters
    Call them judas, hymies, kikes,
    And enact “man-made disasters”
    Wasting them and their likes.
    Why a Jew becomes Jew-hater,
    Creeping poisonous pest,

    A disgusting rotten traitor,
    Useful idiot at best?
    What could be the valid reason
    For a no-sense making treason?
    Could it be the left-wing bias,
    Communism fairy thrills,

    Snake oil from the false messiahs,
    Or exotic mental ills?
    May be, at genetic layer
    Some mutated chromosome
    Had replaced the ‘freedom prayer’
    With ‘love enemy’ syndrome?

    But whatever is the cause
    Of those weird behavior trends,
    Be on guard with them, because
    They are enemies – not friends!
    Their heart is with your foes,
    They aren’t members of your team,

    Their throes are not your throes
    Of millennia-old dream.
    Such would serve in Judenraten,
    Gift to Hitler Zyclon B:
    Don’t befriend disgusting satan –

  • Michael

    In older times and in the orthodox community people like him are put in Cherem or are shunned.

  • Steve

    Ben Ehrenreich – a Jew by birth, an anti-Semite by conviction and a pathetic excuse for human being. History is replete with self-hating Jews like him. Ehrenreich is just another example of a one who speaks his mind and says nothing.

    • BethesdaDog

      It is not hard to understand why. He is the son of writer Barbara Ehrenreich, and the sister of Roaa Brooks, a far-left Georgetown law professor and columnist. They are hardcore leftists and very anti-Israel. It is a shame the NY Times gave him such a prominent forum for his extremist and hateful views.

      You could never expect a balanced, fair-minded article on Israel from this family. That the NY Times continues its march to far-leftism is a shame. They should not be disseminating the type of poisonous views that they have recently.

      I don’t think he is really Jewish, by the way. His mother, Barbara Ehrenreich, was born in Montana, the daughter of a miner and a liberal Democratic mother, according to her wiki. Neither parent had a name that would suggest that they were Jewish. She described herself as a “fourth-generation atheist.” Perhaps her husband, from whom she was divorced, was Jewish. Nothing I read suggests that either Ben Ehrenreich or Rosa Brooks had any exposure to Judaism or were raised as ethnically Jewish. It’s just an accident of name. So, he is probably, not really Jewish and probably doesn’t identify as such. I read parts of the NYT article, and I can’t remember if he really identified himself as Jewish. I doubt he has much Jewish identity, if any at all.

      • Eve

        Barbara Ehrenreich is not Jewish.

  • M.Otero

    Like Spain, Israel needs a reconquista. Around 650 AD, the Muslims stole lands from Persia to Spain. Spain took 700 years to reconquer its land and throw the Arabs out. Israel was stolen by the Arabs from what is now Saudi Arabia and the Jews are in the process of reconquering its ancient Jewish state. The Arabs stole all that land and now it’s reconquista time. Israel belonged to the Jews then and so it does now. The Hamas protocols could be rewritten with Israel replacing all mention of Hamas.

  • Daniel

    Well said!

  • Nadene van Staden

    I have been following Israel for 40yrs,From my understanding of the scriptures God will never allow Jerusalem to be divided.From the scriptures my understanding is that God is going to destroy all the nations which come against Israel.I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and no with all my heart that when there is peace Messiah will be here for al of us.This hatred for the Jewish nation has been going on from Isaac and Ishmael in the Old Testament and the only way it will be stopped is when God intervenes as he is all powerful and all knowing.the world is in a big mess because of lack of belief in the one true God.People never really believe that when God says a thing he means what he says.

  • Reuven

    Ben is just another repugnant Kapo!

  • Reuven

    Bem is just another repugnant Kapo!

  • Reuven

    Bem is just anopther repugnant Kapo!

  • Leonard Klahr

    Ehrenreich’s article appears to have been in March 2009!

  • Michael Garfinkel

    There is no surprise that another Jewish “red-diaper doper baby” has lashed out at his own people, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    For more than a century, Marxism and its inherent anti-Semitism have been the Golden Calf for generations of assimilated (Hellenic) Jews seeking to escape the burden of the Covenant – and of being a Jew in a hostile world.

    For Ben Ehrenreich and his ilk, these attitudes come as naturally as breathing.

    The more interesting problem is this: can the Jewish people survive the Ben Ehrenreichs of the world; the damage they do is not insubstantial.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    There is no surprise that another Jewish “red-diaper doper baby” has lashed out at his own people, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    For more than a century, Marxism and its inherent anti-Semitism have been the Golden Calf for generations of assimilated (Hellenic) Jews seeking to escape the burden of the, and of being a Jew in a hostile wold.

    For Ben Ehrenreich and his ilk, these attitudes come as naturally as breathing.

    The more interesting problem is this: can the Jewish people survive the Ben Ehrenreichs of the world; the damage they do is not insubstantial.


    I am not a Jew, I am a Christian but I forever will say and believe, Long live and God bless the state and people of Israel !!!

  • Jack Weinberg

    Hooray! Someone at last has the guts to tell the truth about the vicious Israel haters who just happen to be Jews!

    • marty kaplan

      Jack, my I call you jack because using your last name might impinge upon your hatred of the Jewish name given to you. When have you if ever visited Israel, did you ever see or witness any of the horrendous destruction caused by the so called freedom fighters, have you ever witnessed the free flow of thoughts by both the Jewish and Arab Israeli’s,?? I guess since you hate being considered a Jew that you should stop taking most of the medical miracles that have sprung forth from Israel, stop using your cell phones, stop using you Ipods, request that all countries that are today using the agricultural miracles for arid areas to grow crops. And yes Jack stop being a Jackass!!!

  • EthanP

    Of course Israel is the problem. “Sui Genaris”. The interpretation of laws and customs as to hold Israel to a different and much higher standard than the rest of the nations of the world. And these self hating Jews have been with us for a long time. Fotunately for them they’re Jews. We won’t do to them what the Muslims do to there traitors.

  • Ross Lloyd

    A major all out war is coming – it will be the Christian West vs Islam. We will protect Israel and after the dust settles it is hoped that Israel will finally know peace.

  • Gilbert Weinstein

    Great piece!

  • Michele Locker

    finally, someome with balls who clearly states the truth! now how do we enable the rest of the world to read this!

  • EHRENREICH cares as much about the Jewish people as his soul mate Gertrude Stein.

  • Moshe Averick

    Steve, Nice to see we agree on something!

  • Ken Kelso

    The NY Times and Ben Ehrenreich prove how their apologists for Palestinian terrorists.
    Ben Ehrenreich And The NY Times Paint False Picture Of Terror And Violence Advocates
    Aussie Dave
    Mar 17, 2013

    Last night, I posted how I was mentioned in a NY Times article, albeit referred to simply (and derogatorily) as a “right-wing blogger”.

    The article dealt with the inhabitants of the village of Nabi Saleh – home of Shirley Temper – and constitutes a real hatchet job on Israel.

    The Roths – who lost their 15-year-old daughter Malki in the Sbarro suicide bombing of 2001 – have posted a powerful critique of this NY times hit piece.

    Friends have pointed us to this week’s NYT Magazine cover story, published today. It’s devoted to a Palestinian Arab village set in the hills a few kilometers north of where we live in Jerusalem. It’s a place the author calls “spirited”, where “on warm summer evenings, life… could feel almost idyllic. Everyone knows everyone.” He says “a pilgrimage”to this magical place “has achieved a measure of cachet among young European activists, the way a stint with the Zapatistas did in Mexico in the 1990s”.

    Who would not be captivated? But there is much wrong with the picture he conjures up. We know this because for years we have been tracking the media’s romance with the community called Nabi Saleh. I am furious with anger as I sit here writing about what the article says, and what it carefully avoids saying.

    The Wikipedia entry for Nabi Saleh describes the village of some 550 people in gentle terms. Centred on an old religious shrine to the prophet Shelah whom we encounter in Genesis as the son of Judah and grandson of the patriarch Jacob, it was a hamlet of a mere five houses in the late nineteenth century when the Turks ruled the area. It grew slowly under the Jordanian military occupation that started in 1948; then declined when Israel took control of the West Bank in 1967, and flourished and multiplied in the past two decades. Today, it’s the scene of weekly protest demonstrations and, to judge from Wikipedia’s English-language version, a place where things are done to passive inhabitants and for no apparent reason.

    Interestingly, if you go to the Arabic-language version of Wikipedia, it puts the emphasis elsewhere, describing Nabi Saleh as a place of “popular resistance” that took a prominent role from the outset in two Intifadas, providing “hundreds of prisoners” and 17 so-called “martyrs on the altar of freedom”. The most prominent of the prisoners (Wikipedia’s description) is a woman called Ahlam whose surname is shared with almost every other inhabitant of the village: Tamimi.

    But it’s Bassem Tamimi who is the focus of the article. He says the Intifada launched by Yasser Arafat in 2000 was “the big mistake… Politically, we went backward”. The writer helps us understand what kind of backward he means:

    “Much of the international good will gained over the previous decade was squandered. Taking up arms wasn’t, for Bassem, a moral error so much as a strategic one. He and everyone else I spoke with in the village insisted they had the right to armed resistance; they just don’t think it works. ”

    Or to say it another way: they are entitled to kill the Israelis and have done so again and again, but it’s not effective. A different kind of warfare therefore needs to be adopted.

    Half-way through the essay, he introduces readers to a figure who embodies that “big mistake”:
    In 1993, Bassem told me, his cousin Said Tamimi killed a settler near Ramallah. Eight years later, another villager, Ahlam Tamimi escorted a bomber to a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem. Fifteen people were killed, eight of them minors. Ahlam, who now lives in exile in Jordan, and Said, who is in prison in Israel, remain much-loved in Nabi Saleh.

    That’s all he writes about Ahlam Tamimi but we can tell you more. She is a Jordanian who was 21 years old and the news-reader on official Palestinian television when she signed on with Hamas to become a terrorist. She engineered, planned and helped execute a massacre in the center of Jerusalem on a hot summer afternoon in 2001. She chose the target, a restaurant filled with Jewish children. And she brought the bomb.

    The outcome (15 killed, a sixteenth still in a vegetative state today, 130 injured) was so uplifting to her that she has gone on camera again and again to say, smiling into the camera lens, how proud she is of what she did. She is entirely free of regret. A convicted felon and a mass-murderer convicted on multiple homicide charges, she has never denied the role she embraced and justifies it fully.

    Yet all the NY Times says about Nabi Saleh’s favourite one-time resident is that she was an escort “who now lives in exile in Jordan”. Period. This is no oversight. The editors at the New York Times showcased this psychopath once before, six years ago. Then, as now, we felt someone needed to push back, and we posted two blog articles: “7-Aug-07: Hot House: Cold Truths” and “28-Jun-07: About sweet-faced young women”, and got some attention. But it was clear to us that those who thought they perceived greatness of spirit in her continued to do so.

    One of the lives she snuffed out was that of our precious daughter Malki who was fifteen years old. Malki was the kind of young woman whose life and achievements ought to have entitled her to at least a fraction of the media coverage bestowed by the NYT editors and others on the murderer. But those editors, as well as the author of today’s Magazine piece, are evidently less affected by the innocent lives of the victims, lived and lost, than by the hypnotic power of symbolism.

    About the lethal rock-hurling attacks directed at Israelis, Bassem Tamimi says he didn’t worry over whether stone-throwing counted as violence. The question annoyed him… If the loincloth functioned as the sign of Gandhi’s resistance, of India’s nakedness in front of British colonial might, Bassem said, “Our sign is the stone.” The weekly clashes with the I.D.F. were hence in part symbolic. The stones were not just flinty yellow rocks, but symbols of defiance… The message they carried, he said, was “We don’t accept you.”

    Stone-throwing as a symbol? People have been killed and (as recently as this past Thursday) critically injured by the rocks (and cement blocks and boulders) of the ‘stone’ throwers. Perhaps “we don’t accept you” is what people living far from the scene imagine goes through the minds of baby-killers and restaurant bombers. But living where we do, innocent-sounding turns of phrase like that leave us dumbfounded.

    Ahlam Tamimi’s post-massacre trajectory has been like something out of Hollywood – or perhaps the NYT Magazine. On conviction in October 2003, she was sentenced to 16 life terms in prison. The presiding judge, having heard her proudly claim credit for the killings and maimings, added for the record the view of the judicial panel that she “not be eligible for pardon by the military commander, nor to early parole by any other means”. He and his fellow judges (and my wife and I as well) were ignored when eight years later, almost to the day, she walked free as one of the 1,027 murderers and assorted other terrorists unjustly freed – not pardoned – as part of Israel’s agreement to the extortionate terms of the Gilad Shalit transaction.

    She flew to Jordan the same day, was married there on live television to another freed and unpardoned murderer (a cousin, a Tamimi from Nabi Saleh), addressed rallies in various Middle East capitals, and became a media hero as the presenter of a weekly Hamas satellite television program. This is devoted to the interests of imprisoned Palestinian Arab terrorists, and broadcast from Amman to all corners of the Arabic-speaking world. Latest reports say she is preparing for the arrival of a baby. How the twists and turns of this life have impacted on her victims has never, as far as we know, been explored by any branch of the media, presumably for reasons of lack of interest. But within the Arab world, she is a celebrity.

    Bassem Tamimi receives a salary from the foreign-aid-funded Palestinian Authority. But, like many thousands of other Palestinian Arabs on the massively-bloated PA payroll, he admits to the NYT Magazine that he almost never has to report to his office or do any work (while blaming this on the Israelis). The article might have pointed out, but did not, that massive servings of no-strings-attached funds paid by European governments to the terrorism-friendly PA are the reason men like Bassem Tamimi have the time and energy it takes to become a star of the New York Times and a source of videos, interviews and opinions.

    His own photogenic daughter has achieved fame and influence and even been awarded a prize by one of the Middle East’s more Israel-phobic political figures for playing her part. Photos of her sticking a fist in the face of IDF servicemen in Nabi Saleh, the personification of an innocent sort of juvenile courage, are everywhere. (The NYT article mentions that she has been dubbed “Shirley Temper” in some quarters; you can see why in this video clip.) In reality, those images of defiance were captured by a horde of press agency photographers arranged by her parents. They followed the girl around as she walked up to one Israeli officer after another, hoping to provoke a camera-worthy (meaning violent) response. It never came, though not for lack of effort.

    She has been used in this way again and again by her parents and community; there is no shortage of collaborators among the paparazzi. Any connection between this contrived set-piece and reality is entirely accidental.

    Read the entire thing.

    I will add the following: As I posted recently with regards to a Ha’aretz puff piece on Bassem Tamimi, his Tamimi Press Facebook page clearly indicates he is fighting for a one-state solution – a palestinian state – and supports terrorism and the terrorists who perpetrate heinous killings in support of this very goal.

    Case in point: Right below where Tamimi proudly posted a link to the NY times article on his Facebook page is a link to an obituary of recently deceased Hamashole and terrorist matriarch Umm Nidal.

    The question is what kind of journalist is Ben Ehrenreich…dishonest or sloppy?

    • marty kaplan


    • Eve

      I think you should send this to the NY Times and DARE them to print it. But they probably won’t because it contains facts, and we can’t sully their leftist anti-Israel agenda with mere facts.

  • Ken Kelso

    New York Times March Madness
    Andrea Levin
    March 19, 2013
    Andrea Levin

    New York Times March Madness

    The Times landed a sharp one-two punch at Israel in its March 17 coverage. There was correspondent Jodi Rudoren’s front page story rehashing old themes about Jewish housing in eastern Jerusalem allegedly victimizing Arab residents and thwarting peace. Then, in a rambling 8000-word cover story for the Sunday magazine (“Is This Where The Third Intifada Will Start?”), Ben Ehrenreich, who has elsewhere called for an end to the Jewish state because “the problem is Zionism,” waxed poetic about the Palestinian “resisters” from a West Bank town engaged in weekly – and sometimes violent – protests.

    Among the featured faces in the cover illustration is the unrepentant terrorist who helped take the life of Malki Roth and other innocents at Jerusalem’s Sbarro Pizzeria in August 2001.

    Sunday’s banner day followed other recent, extreme anti-Israel pieces, including a March 9 column by Joseph Levine that argued “one really ought to question Israel’s right to exist…” He claimed it’s “morally problematic” for Jews to inhabit the land of their forefathers. Levine is an active, vocal champion of divestment campaigns against Israel.

    A few days later on March 12, former PLO spokesman and current Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, poured invective on the Jewish state in an Op-Ed devoid of balance and factual context, charging Israel with “intransigence,” “colonization,” “subjugation,” “discrimination,” “oppression” and more.

    But it was the one-two punch on Sunday that most shocked readers.

    Rudoren’s story, “New Apartments Will Complicate Jerusalem Issue,” relies on no breaking news at all. The story is a recycling of old claims buttressed by the same partisan voices the publication has offered up before. The underlying allegation is — in case there’s a reader anywhere who’s missed The Times unsubtle political message — that settlements and Jewish “settlers” are the crux of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    The 44 Jewish apartment units, already built, in two small developments that are propped up as the centerpiece of the Rudoren story are said to be intruding in “the very fabric of Arab east Jerusalem;” they are said to be a cause of friction and to exacerbate an “anxious time.”

    As in much of The Times coverage of Israel and its adversaries, Rudoren’s Palestinian voices are a Greek chorus, echoing the charges leveled against Israelis by the reporter. They have no responsibility as actors in the matter at hand; they’re victims only. They’re cited denouncing an “insidious ring” of Jewish activity in holy areas, along with “colonization” and aims to “disfigure.”

    In addition to Danny Seidemann, an ubiquitous partisan from the far left who opposes Jews living in eastern Jerusalem, and Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erakat (whose outlandish, false claims of Israeli massacres of Palestinians in Jenin have done nothing to prompt Times skepticism about his credibility), Rudoren invokes that handy source for the busy reporter — the anonymous “many say” and the unnamed “most experts” as well as the ever popular “international condemnation” to endorse her opinionated insertions.

    Thus, we learn that “many say” the Jewish neighborhood of Maalot David “fundamentally undermines” the goal of creating the “capital of a Palestinian state.” (She doesn’t explain why Arabs living in West Jerusalem wouldn’t cause a similar problem.)

    Likewise, Rudoren tells us “most experts” on the issues “have long imagined Jerusalem as ultimately being divided.” Actually, a lot of experts, including Israeli political leaders of all stripe, mayors of Jerusalem, think-tank specialists and academics do not imagine Jerusalem divided. Many “imagine” serious damage to the city and its residents should it be divided.

    How did the Times reporter conclude there is a majority of experts – “most” – who see benefit in dividing Jerusalem? Who are these experts? Did Rudoren provide backup to her editors to support this assertion?

    Needless to say, unsuspecting readers have no context for understanding the actual landscape of building in Jerusalem.

    How different the full and accurate story would have been if Rudoren had bothered to make a phone call to Israel Kimhi at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, a former city planner and a serious expert — not a propagandist — on housing in the city.

    He would have given her a fresh perspective, one based on figures that show an explosion of Arab building in the eastern part of the city. In just the specific Arab neighborhood Rudoren mentioned – Ras al Amud (and adjacent Abu Tor and Herbiet Beit Sahur) – Arabs built nearly 2500 apartments between 1995 and 2010, a 61% increase.

    In eastern Jerusalem as a whole, Arabs built nearly 19,000 apartments in the same period for an increase of 83%. Much of that has been done with legal permits but a lot without.

    According to research by Justus Weiner, another expert Rudoren ignored, “The Palestinian Authority and Arab governments have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in an intentional campaign to subsidize and encourage massive illegal construction in the Arab sector, seeing this as part of their ‘demographic war’ against Israel.”

    But in Rudoren’s simple tale Jews are building houses, causing tension and wrecking the peace process. Arabs are blameless.

    Rudoren and Ehrenreich’s stories, steered by ideology and not by journalistic ethics that require reporters to provide a full, balanced and accurate depiction of events, are obviously of a piece with the increasingly politicized coverage now proffered by the newspaper.

  • Raymond in DC

    “Because instead of bothering to form a government … they joined together with their Arab brothers from the surrounding countries and launched a war to destroy the State of Israel.”

    It’s pretty evident by now that there was *never* going to be a state for Palestinian Arabs in 1948. Those surrounding countries had their own designs on the territory, and were determined to grab as much for themselves as they could. Syria and Lebanon had designs on Israel’s north and coastal plain. Egypt had designs on Israel’s south and coast at least to Jaffa. Jordan intended to grab Judea, Samaria, and of course Jerusalem. In this, they were mostly successful, while Syria seized only a sliver of land near the Sea of Galilee. Egypt grabbed Gaza and maintained it under military administration.

  • The idiotic “two-state solution” is not a good idea. All that territory should be part of the State of Israel.

    And any regime that wishes to destroy Israel should be disbanded and outlawed.

    • shloime

      simply, the “two-state solution” is neither.

      in reality, there is already a “two-state solution” in place, and has been since 1923, when the british divided the mandate for palestine, into an arab homeland and a jewish one.

      the “arab homeland in palestine” was all the land east of the jordan river, and contained 78% of the mandate’s territory. the british named it “transjordan” (because no self-respecting arab would allow themselves to be called “palestinian” – that had meant “jew” for almost 2,000 years), and it eventually became just “jordan”.

      the “jewish homeland in palestine”, with 22%, or at least roughly half of that, became israel. (originally, it included judea, samaria, and gaza. so all of israel today is less than 20% of the original british mandate for palestine.)

      these newfangled schemes propose to create yet another “arab homeland in palestine”, or maybe two more, on the land occupied illegally by the arab armies in 1948. one might be called “fatahland”, and the other “hamastan”, so that the dominant terrorist groups among the arab palestinians can each have a place to call home.

      and all in the name of making “peace”? if a reasonable person were to compare the results of the egyptian or jordanian peace treaties with the oslo accords or the disengagement from gaza, they couldn’t help but conclude that peace should come before territorial concessions, and not the other way around. otherwise, they are used as a springboard for more attacks, and only serve to feed a desire for ever more territory.

      so the “two-state solution” is neither.

    • erving corbo

      mr steve two state is a real solution in the middle east problem. give peace a chance, and dont be a sided either.

      • M Hall

        No Erving Corbo, PEACE will never happen while Islam calls for the total destruction of Israel. Show me an Arab map with Israel indicated on it. Peace will only come when the Messiah comes and deals with the nations that turned their backs on Israel, and the nations that divided her….they interfered with God’s covenant, Israels’ EVERLASTING inheritance.