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April 4, 2013 6:38 pm

Introducing the 1st Annual ‘Jewish 100’ List – Your Nominations Are Invited

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Newspapers and magazines are synonymous with the practice of list making, and which reader doesn’t appreciate a good comprehensive, authoritative list? In a way they seem to make the world so simple; people or facts are presented in order, ready packaged, evaluated, boxed and categorized. In truth however in attempting to compile a list of our own at The Algemeiner, I have recently discovered that no compilation of names, however well considered, can possibly hold all the answers, or reveal all that there is to be told.

The value in a good list, I would venture, is in the opportunities it presents both to the reader and the publisher. Firstly, a list is an invitation to discover. It might be read as an introduction to a new world, a snap-shot of the playing field and unveiling of a tier or a genre, inviting the reader to delve further and develop their own understanding of the subject matter. Secondly the list provides a platform to introduce and to present new, yet undiscovered or unrecognized talent or ideas that are worthy of notice or recognition.

As far as Jewish lists go, perhaps the 10 commandments is the most famous. Etched in stone, it is hard to imagine a more authoritative presentation. With almost as much fanfare, modern day Jewish publications have presented Judgments on Jewish wealth, influence, charities, parenting, youthful leadership, rabbinic prowess and more in list form.

In honor of our forthcoming 40thAnniversary Gala, The Algemeiner set out to establish an annual list of our own, one that we hope will not only capture the essence of its subjects, but that will convey our  purpose as a publication as well. And to this end I would like to invite your participation.

The list, entitled the JEWISH 100, is of the top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life.

Throughout millennia of tumultuous Jewish history, our people have been inspired and led by a select few. Icons revered by the Jewish community have included powerful military leaders, prophets, visionaries, scholars, innovators, pioneers, kings, saints, politicians and righteous gentiles. What they all share in common, is their appreciation of the unique contributions of the Jewish people in serving as a voice of moral conscience for mankind and their willingness to make sacrifices for its continuity.

Our list aims to capture a glimpse of the top 100 people alive today that embody this spirit. For some it may come through their role in a position of influence or power. For others, it is through serving as a role model embodying Jewish values or qualities. Others will be listed for serving as a source of Jewish pride, or for bringing new and innovative ideas to Jewish expression; others yet may have stuck out their necks to advocate for Jews and Israel at great personal sacrifice. Some who will be listed, though rarely heard from in public, nonetheless have a significant influence on the important Jewish or Israel related events of our time.

As we are now reaching the crescendo of the nominations process, we turn to you our dedicated readers for your input and insight. Please join us on this journey by submitting your selections below in the comments section or by emailing

Let your voice be heard!

The opinions presented by Algemeiner bloggers are solely theirs and do not represent those of The Algemeiner, its publishers or editors. If you would like to share your views with a blog post on The Algemeiner, please be in touch through our Contact page.

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Let your voice be heard!

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  • Josh

    Jake Turx – writer and comedian from Zman and Ami magazine
    Popa Bar Abba – Influential blogger on the YWCR
    Amare Staudemire – professional basketball player

  • Natan Sharansky currently chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel who spent 9 years in Soviet prisons for calling on the authorities to let the Jews leave the Soviet Union.In 1986 he was freed and allowed to immigrate to Israel.He served as a cabinet minister in various Israeli governments.Today he is a major proponent for Unity within the Jewish People in spite of the various streams.His current target is to allow all types of prayer at the Western Wall and not only by Orthodox tradition.A real modern day Jewish Hero!

  • Eric R.

    Matt Drudge (yes, he’s a MOT). Most influential Jewish conservative in America, even over Mark Levin. His Drudgereport will actually expose politically correct, leftist garbage to a bigger audience than just about anybody else.

    I’d also put Charles Krauthammer on the list. Most influential columnist in America, right or left, who regularly calls out the left for its anti-Semitism and weakness.

  • Daniel Putterman

    Ravid Kahalani Yemenite singer of the Band Yemen Blues.

  • Bonnie Winkelman

    Yoni Netenyahu—-

    Epstein Brothers Orchestra–symbolic of the roots of Jewish/Klezmer music

  • BH in Iowa

    Tamar Fogel, brave young survivor of the Itamar terrorist attack.

  • Haim B

    The people at Janglo ( have helped create a revolution for Aliya from America. Thousands of Olim have them to thank for finding jobs, homes, and just about everything else they need to live in Israel. They came even before NBN! I give them my highest recommendation.

  • Reuven

    1. Roz Rothstein- founder of Stand With Us
    2. Lee Kaplan- founder of Stop the ISM and Dafka
    3. David Horowitz- founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center
    4. Daniel Pipes- pro-Israeli advocate; founder of Campus Watch
    5. Efraim Karsh- who has debunked the lies of post-Zionists.

  • David Blaski

    Aliza Davidovit is a Aliza is a published writer, author, journalist and former TV producer. A brilliant interviewer of the Who’s Who, she has her B.A. from McGill University and a Master’s of Science in journalism from Columbia University. She worked at ABC News “20/20” for six years with Connie Chung and in the ABC News Terrorism/Investigations. Her Facebook group “GA-GA for Israel makes known the contributions of Israel and the Jewish people on a daily basis. She is a tireless supporter of Israel that stems from her faith, family and heritage as a true “daughter of Zion”. Aliza doesn’t just write what she sees but rather breaks through the fallow ground, and like a wellspring. Her questions and interviews bring things into view not only for the readers, but for the one’s she interviews. Aliza has the unique gift that allows others see their own value and that what they have in themselves is wonderful and good, and worth bringing to the surface.

  • Ellen Schur Brown

    Stuart Muszynski is a Cleveland philanthropist and founder of Project Love and Purple America ( His goal is to bring kindness, community and shared values back to American life.

    Disturbed by the obvious link between violence in the media, teen bullying, and violent in high schools, Stuart created a program to build character and life skills for teens, based in part on his Jewish learning.

    “Believe to Achieve” teaches character and helps at-risk girls in Cleveland support each other – resulting in raising graduation rates from 52% to 81%. Project Love has other teen leadership and values programs with stunning success rates.

    Purple America helps students define their shared values and put them into action — and is designed to be an antidote to the partisan bickering in government.

    Stuart takes Jewish values and uses them to show others how to bring values and kindness back from corporate boardrooms to high school cafeterias and we can all learn from him.

  • Emes Said

    Reb Aryeh Levine was mosiach, has over two thousand descendants all Tohrah observant.

  • This woman saves Jewish lives – not in the hospital room, but by tackling terrorism:

    Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Israeli activist attorney has been leading the struggle to fight the Palestinian and Islamic terrorist organizations in the courtroom.

    • Eric R.

      I couldn’t remember her name, although I remember about the organization. She should definitely be in the top five.


    • BethesdaDog

      Yes. You beat me to it. World renowned champion of human rights. Defender of the free world against the menace of extremist jihadism. Exposes perseuction of Christians and other minorities, defender of the rights of women against honor killing, torture and genital mutilation.

    • Terry, Eilat – Israel

      My choice as well. One of the very few Jewish public figures with a backbone, not one of our usual brain-dead politically correct liberal cowards.

    Sarah Stern – Founder & President of EMET (Endowment for Middle East Truth, – has dedicated her life to supporting Israel by simply telling the truth to our elected officials about Israel, its Arab neighbors and Islamic Fundamentalism. Her respect on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill is a reflection of the admiration our elected leaders have for her truth and objectivity. Those who are familiar with the organization that she founded and directs – EMET – consider it the most important pro-Israel organization in the U.S.A., barring none! Sarah Stern initiated an annual SPEAKER OF TRUTH award to honor righteous Arabs and Muslims who have dared to confront Arab and Muslim hatred of Israel, America, Jews and Christians. The list of Honorees is astounding – every recipient would be a deserving candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize – a virtual who’s who of the most courageous people in the world. Sarah Stern – American Patriot, Zionist, Feminist, Author, Scholar – should be at the top of any roster of Jewish thought leaders and activists.

    • David Green is correct. I would like to add that Sarah Stern moves mountains on Capitol Hill by meeting face to face with policy makers and their staff. Sarah was one of three experts to testify before the US Commission on Civil Rights in 2005, that resulted in deeming college students on American campuses “protected minorities” who are entitled to certain legal protections. This Act is used today to protect Jewish students under constant assault at many universities.

      Sarah’s work on Capitol Hill led to passage of Title VI of the Higher Education Act designed to have a balanced curriculum in the university classroom.

      Other accomplishments include the endless commitment to the American victims of Palestinian Terrorism. Five years of Sarah’s work resulted in the passage of The Koby Mandel Act, which resulted in the opening of The Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism in the Department of Justice in 2005. Because the Dept. of Justice has not brought one terrorist to justice, last year she circulated a letter throughout congress, sponsored by Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Ill) and Rep. Howard Berman (D, Ca), which was signed by 42 other members of Congress. This went sent to Attorney General Eric Holder.

      While these accomplishments are exceptional, there are so many others not provided, due to space limitations. To end, Sarah accomplishes so much because she a tzedakis, behaving with kindness, honesty,and living each moment of her life so that the Jewish people will live on dor l’dor.

  • BH in Iowa

    In addition to the folks already mentioned:

    Breitbart columnists Ben Shapiro and Joel B Pollak

    Tireless blogger, Carl in Jerusalem

    Rabbi Gershom Sizomu of the Abayudaya (Jews of eastern Uganda)

    Righteous Gentile, Pastor John Hagee, founder of CUFI

  • I’d nominate Jamie Geller as well. In an age where the bon ton is that to be considered enlightened one must embracing a growing catalog of deviancy – the weirder the better – Jamie has made being a a good ol’ kosher mother cool. She gives regular people the backing to to feel okay about being normal, decent, and creative without being judgmental. Jamie Geller is giving being good a good name. If that is not revolutionary, I don’t know what is.

  • Julian Mannino

    Pamela Geller, Caroline Glick.

  • Liz Wagner

    Caroline Glick – for her brilliant analysis of events in Israel and for bringing us laughs with Latima
    Daniel Greenfield – for his spectacular deconstruction of evil around us
    Pamela Geller – for being a brave and unapologetic voice, unveiling the Islamist threat
    Elie Weisel – a treasured Jewish voice who has always spoken for all of humanity
    Robert Wistrich – for his enormous body of work in the study of antisemitism
    Eli Hertz – for keeping truth alive through his Middle East Myths and Facts resources
    Mitchell Bard – for the Jewish Virtual Library and answering Walt & Mearscheimer with The Arab Lobby
    Brigitte Gabriel (a righteous Christian) – for her courage in warning the West about Islamists and for her love of Israel and America
    Amit Goffer (inventor of ReWalk) – for achieving what was once considered impossible
    Anat Hoffman – for bringing women to the Kotel to voice prayers and sing songs in joy and dignity

  • YLR

    I’ve got a VERY random list for you. Great leaders and thinkers of our time:

    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
    Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo
    Rabbi David Aaron
    Rabbi Jay Marcus
    Rabbi David Stav
    Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
    Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
    Rabbi Meir Soloveichik
    Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt

    Stanley Fischer
    Natan Sharansky
    Michael Oren
    Ron Proser
    Martin Kramer
    Dan Senor
    Rabbi Dr. Marc Angel
    Rabbi Chaim Amsalem
    Rabbi David Wolpe
    Joe Lieberman
    Eric Cantor
    Jonathan & Esther Pollard
    Ruth Messinger
    Rabbi Judah Mischel
    Rabbi Meir Lau
    Noah Pollak
    Danny Danon
    Yehuda Avner
    Gilad Shalit

    Rabbi Dov Lipman
    Moshe Feiglin
    Naftali Bennet
    Yair Lapid
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Moshe Ya’alon
    Tzipi Hotovely
    Yuval Steinitz

    • BethesdaDog

      Yes, Jonathan Pollard, guilty, but not to the degree the haters say. Victim of a vicious anti-semitic judge, Aubrey Robinson, who sentenced Pollard to life just because Israel had relations with South Africa. Pollard became a convenient scapegoat for Robinson’s anger.

      Shanda are the Jewish judges on the D.C. Circuit to affirmed this odious judge’s sentence.

      Alan Dershowitz should be put on the list too for his championing of Pollard’s cause and speaking out against the railroading of the young man who killed Trayvon Martin, a feral thug, in self-defense. A liberal defense attorney, he knows political correctness when he sees it, and performs an important service for all of us when he challenges its pernicious intrusion into the criminal justice system.

  • Yaron Carni

    Eli Beer. Founder of United Hatzalah.

  • Yaron Carni

    Eli Beer. Founder of United Hatzalah.

  • yael konovsky

    Jamie Geller has changed the Kosher world!

    Jamie Geller started out as a housewife with no experience in the kosher kitchen. She published her first cookbook and since has set up a rapidly growing media empire – Kosher Media Network (KMN), a media, marketing and e-commerce company which offers Publishing, Broadcasting, Digital, Live and E-Commerce through their properties including, Joy of Kosher Magazine and

    Her latest successful project with Temp Tee cream cheese (Kraft food corp.)can be seen at

  • Adam Levick

    I nominate Elder of Ziyon as the best overall pro-Israel blogger. He has the tenacity of a great journalist, and is also a pithy and genuinely funny writer. He truly is indispensable.

    • abby hacker

      i second adam levick:
      elder of ziyon!

  • Rabbi Yaacov Haber

    Rabbi Haber has been a leading force in Jewish Outreach for the past 25 years. A founding trustee of AJOP, the Association of Jewish Outreach Professionals, he was the founder and director of the Torah Center of Buffalo from 1980-1990 while serving as a community rabbi in Buffalo. From Buffalo he and his family traveled to Melbourne, Australia where as a project of Kollel Bais HaTalmud he founded the Australian Institute of Torah, a national outreach and adult education program. He directed that program from 1990-1995, at which time he was sought out as National Director of Jewish Education for the Orthodox Union in the United States where he created the Internationally acclaimed and highly successful “Pardes Project.”

    In addition to his duties at the OU, in 1996 he replaced Rabbi Berel Wein as the spiritual leader of Congregation Bais Torah in Monsey, NY. In keeping with the position of Congregation Bais Torah in the Monsey community, Rabbi Haber was involved in issues involving the greater Monsey community, and counseled hundreds of individuals in the surrounding area.

    Rabbi Yaacov Haber is the founder and driving force behind TorahLab. Through TorahLab, Rabbi Haber is bringing together educational and media specialists to create dynamic learning experiences which will be accessible to adults of all backgrounds and levels. Rabbi Haber has published numerous articles and books and is a sought after international lecturer.

    Rabbi Haber and his family are presently living in Ramat Beit Shemesh where he is the Rabbi of Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun.


  • Herb Rude

    1- David Ben Gurion
    2- Menachem Begin
    3 – Rabin
    4 – Arik Sharon
    5 – Yoni Netanyahu
    6- Ezer Weizman
    7- Golda Meir
    8 – abba eban
    9 – David Levy
    10-The woman who wrote Jerusalem of gold

    • BethesdaDog

      Naomi Shemer wrote Jerusalem of Gold, although she later admitted she based some of it on the Basque lullaby, Pello Joxepe. Actually, if you look for it on YouTube, it seems like almost all the melody was taken from the earier song. Let’s just say she “adapted” the melody and added some lyrics.

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    Pamela Geller!

    In the face of adversity, facing vitriolic recriminations from non-Jews and Jews alike, she has stuck to her guns. Her only crime, to vehemently stand up for what she believes and attempt to spread truth and wipe away the pervasive evil of lies that try to rewrite history.

    It would be nice to see this brave, and kind and yes loving woman be recognized for the true hero she is.

    Not only do I respect her for being a good Jew, but a great woman, someone who stands up for all women regardless of what race or religion they are.

    Let’s stop treating her as though she were a modern day Cassandra or a pariah. Let’s embrace her and show that we appreciate her.

  • Pamela Geller embodies courage and love for the truth in an age when those qualities are in extremely short supply. She stands up for Israel and exposes the grim reality of the motives and goals of the foes of the Jewish State even against frenzied opposition from Jewish accommodationists. She is the quintessential 21st century Jewish leader.

    • BethesdaDog

      She’s absolutely courageous. She’s been vilified by the the hate group Southern Poverty Law Center, a fundraising hoax which enables crooks like Morris Dees and his ilk to pull down fat salaries and sit in luxurious offices. (They do nothing for the Southern poor, don’t know where they got that name). She’s also been smeared by Rip van Foxman and the slumbering ADL, an organization that wakes up every once in a while issues a press release, and goes back to sleep when not planning a tolerance concert which helps no one, but looks good to the few dozen who read the press release.

      People might not like her, her flamboyant style might turn off the nervous and fragile among us, especially the eastern urban, south Florida and west coast liberals, but she is the ONLY one who you can count on to constantly expose and bring to light the activities of the Islamist hate groups and terrorists around the world. There’s be a huge informational vacuum in our knowledge and understanding of what’s happening in the world were it not for this brave woman.

      Pamela is a national treasure, and should be revered by American Jews for her service in defense of freedom and tolerance.