Disorder on New York City Subway after Teen Tells Jewish Man, “They Should Have Killed All of You” (VIDEO)

April 19, 2013 8:38 am 34 comments

New York police officers arrest Stephan Stowe. Photo: Youtube.

A melee broke out on a New York City subway train after a teenager harassed a Jewish man and told him “They should have killed all of you.”

According to the New York Daily News, Stephan Stowe, 17, and a group of eight friends approached a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke aboard a  subway train on Monday.

“Assalamu Alaikum,” Stowe said to the man, using a common greeting among Muslims that means, “Peace be with you,” court documents allege.

The man ignored Stowe, and he became combative.

“You think you’re better than me?” the teen allegedly said. “We are cousins.”

“No we’re not,” The man shot back, and told Stowe to leave him alone.

“I’m going to kill you right now,” Stowe said, according to cops and court records. He then swore at the man, according to cops and court records, and in an apparent reference to the Holocaust added, “They should have killed all of you.”

The man alerted a conductor on the train and at the next stop police were waiting for him. But Stowe would not go quietly, which is what initiated the chaos that can be seen in the video below.

Stowe was arraigned on eight charges, including grand larceny, which was charged as a hate crime, resisting arrest and harassment.

Watch a video of the incident below:


  • Peace On Earth

    The teen greeted with PEACE BE UPON HIM…….
    Whats wrong with that??????
    If I said the same to a stranger and my greet was ignored then I would propbably think he is arrogant.
    For the arrogant that have never read the Torah, Bible and Qur’an, Isaac and Ishmael are brothers. So yes Jews and Muslim are brothers……lol.
    I suggest before sticking an opinion in, your facts must br right.
    Arrogance will not get the world anywhere.
    I say what is the world coming to when.
    Isn’t New York the “New Jerusalem”????
    Assalam ulaikum New York (Peace be upon you New York)

  • Yarmulke-wearing Jewish fanatics and Black Muslim thugs deserve each other.

  • ANN BELLOUS said all that needed to be said. Those who have no memory of better times can’t see the significance of this crowd’s behavior toward policemen. I see little hope for our country with animals like that being given a pass.

  • The “mob” consisted of a bunch of folks video-ing of the event. That’s a walk in the park for officers. If everyone had iPhones, and nobody had guns, and all folks did was scream and rant and maybe now and then kick a little, not so bad, really. Every country in the world would be under the rule of law and peace would reign.

    Hatred you’ll never eliminate. Mistreatment of those that appear to be weak by those who believe themselves to be stronger will never end. But if the only arms brandished are smart phones, we’re good.


  • Loved a great many of the comments especially FemaleNYPD and Mel they nailed it perfectly. How I am so happy I am in our own country and haven for Jews far from this deplorable incident in Israel. NY, especially under Bloomberg, is not missed by this American Israeli. Giuliani as US president would definitely straighten the country out from the socialist policies of the David Dinkens of the Oval Office.

  • They got what they deserved…especially the loud mouthed b*tch who was obstructing justice and in the cops’ faces. They don’t deserve to live in this country of freedom and democracy when they act like racist animals themselves!

  • They got what they deserved…especially the loud mouthed b*tch who was obstructing justice and in the cops’ faces. They don’t deserve to live in this country of freedom and democracy when they act like racism animals themselves!

  • 10 cops to arrest two products of our Public Fool System. Whoa! And to the guy who suggested the Jew should have been nice… was that tried in Germany? Thugs are thugs. The police should have pepper sprayed the lot of them and blackjacked the two most vocal pieces of excrement. Oh, I’m sorry. We’ve now the great black peacemaker in office and he’s assured us the Mohammedans are not violent. Great! Those must have been Martians (no doubt out of the same sect as the Boston Marathon couple). Non violent. Right. Bet on it.

  • Extremist Muslims are the new Nazis. Even a non-radical Imam walked out before the Hatikvah at the interfaith holocaust service in Edison N.J. Rabbi dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • PEOPLE THESE DAYS R SO STUPID!!! they fight for equality and this is what they do!!! so sad !

    • These types of people are not “equal” but evil and destructive. Hard for liberals to accept but we’re living through it.

  • Chayot….Beyond

  • Should be sent thru facebook and the other social media – part of a “wake up” call – even “homegrown hate groups” get the message from the jihadists among us.

  • Poor blacks. The group was threatened by that Jewish bully. You know that he started it all and the cops-all racsists-arrested the wrong person. This was a peace loving group of innocents subjected to pure racism. Just awful. Get that wonderful human being, al sharp ton to make peace (“no justice, no peace”).


  • This youngster, whose ethnicity is not mentioned, must be either of the Black Muslim “religion” to which all white people are demons or an Arab and there is nothing to wonder about…
    I dare bet however, that he will be sent home with barely a slap on the wrist by any of the Rotten Apple courts of Law

  • sad.

  • Gedeon Herschberg

    Perhaps if the Jewish guy acted friendly, all that could have been avoided. Though it does not excuse the aggression from the Muslim teen.

    • Mary Carlisle

      This man acted with Common Sense..”HE” alerted the conductor, who in turn alerted the police…who took action, by trying to remover the instigator.
      Other cohorts started the melee of shouting & stirring
      up the crowd.
      Had the remainder of the public kept their mouths shut
      & not contributed to it,The problem would have been dealt with in an orderly fashion.

    • Gedeon, I cannot think that you really believe that had the Jewish man been more ‘friendly’ that he would not have just set himself up for further harrassment. Did you not watch the rest of this video. Whoever these folks are peace does not seem to be their priority.

    • Are you seriously blaming the Jewish guy for not being “friendly” when he was accosted by a thug looking to bully him?

  • Marjorie Claire Gholson

    Big Big Sigh. When will the hate end. All I am saying is give peace a chance.

  • You do this to a black person. There would be riots only
    not so long ago they were downtrodden. To day you harass in turn and think its all right. Why????

  • The police were very restrained.

  • As I was watching the video, it reminded me of at school and there’s an incident with a student for poor behavior, where others want to meddle in the situation. The gal is another one who couldn’t just shut up. Then this young man was totally out of line by provoking the Jewish man. I’m glad both were apprehended.

  • Drew Levy-Neal

    Good .. the only thing that could have made it better would be if the man who was being harassed had a (legal) concealed weapon.

  • I was cheering when they arrested that woman. Obstructing justice and hitting a police officer. I wish I could have been there to arrest her. THen she couldn’t complain about males arresting her. Man, what a dumb woman, too many people these days have a big mouth when they see officers are busy trying to contain a suspect who threatened and stole the phone of an innocent man based on religion, yes, let’s protect hate crimes now. DUMB. Dumb. dumb.

    • Agreed! I wish you HAD been there to arrest her. I hope she and the male thug experience some real consequences, not just a slap on the wrist. The belligerent attitude of the crowd toward the police officers does not bode well for the future of the city.

  • Put these vermin behind bars and throw away the key.

  • The disturbance was unfortunate.
    How sad the perp-e-traitor did not reach for a handhold (like the third-rail, source of G-d’s ‘lightning bolts’). It took New York City 4 (FOUR) full minutes to back-up two officers bravely facing-off a mob. Citizens witnessed Giuliani rid their city of its worst criminals, only to see it returned under Bloomberg. Righteous Gentiles prove one need not be Jewish to protect Jews. Shame on RINOs Bloomberg. Bring back Giuliani.

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