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May 24, 2013 1:16 pm

London Police Source Cites Tactic ‘Employed by Palestinians in Israel’ in Explaining Woolich Killing Response

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The scene of the attack. Photo: Screenshot.

Commanders at Britain’s Scotland Yard defended their slow response time to the terror attack in Woolwich, England earlier this week as a preventative measure to save police lives, citing tactics used by Palestinians against Israel.

“Questions were immediately asked about why you would commit such an offense and wait for police. These are the kind of tactics seen employed by Palestinians in Israel.

“Detonate a bomb, wait for the emergency services to arrive and then walk in with a suicide vest,” one police source told Britain’s Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, commanders at Scotland Yard suspected the killers were waiting for officers to arrive so they could set off hidden explosives.

“‘The unarmed officers were effectively keeping a cordon. Both guys were wearing heavy coats and keeping a distance between us and them was a priority,” the source said.

“This is why we chose to send in firearms officers who did not arrive at the scene of the carnage for 14 minutes,” the source explained to the Mail.

“Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrnet said unarmed officers arrived at John Wilson Street within nine minutes of the first of hundreds of 999 calls to flood into their control room,” reported the paper.

At first, “Police just stood there,” one bystander told the Daily Mail. “It was only after shots were fired that officers appeared and started shouting at everyone to ‘get back.'”

Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said it was a “good decision” to wait for armed response officers to confront the men.

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  • Unfortunately Britain’s police might have to up-date their tactics, and arm every single one of them. Our “Muslim friends” do things differently

  • Andrew

    I hate to sound like an American NRA gun nut, but the U.K. is going to have to do away with unarmed “policing by consent” malarkey at the very least if they intend to continue down politically correct path of least resistance to its Muslim immigration problem.

  • me

    The best thing that came out of that disgusting situation was the way the British public flooded the ‘Help For Heroes’ website causing it to close temporarilly. They can’t kill everyone who wears a HFH T shirt. I’ve been trying to order two for my husband and myself but they are ‘sold out.’

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    I am afraid I have to agree with AC Mark Rowley, sadly the victim was already dead when 999 was called. In my view one does not confront men with dangerous weapons, and the possibility of being armed with suicide bombs, without caution. British police are not armed, we have special armed response units.

    The woman who confronted these men, indeed was brave, she was lucky they didn’t attack her also. I probably would have done the same. I still would not have expected police to act in any other way. Risking my own life is my decision not anyone else, it is likely police would have requested her withdrawal from the scene for her own safety.

  • Fred

    It is a curious defence Note the lady who walked up to the killer had more guts and less bias as Scotland Yard.

  • Jacqueline

    Sickness has come in the guise is religion

  • Debbie Mann

    Better decision would to be arm all your officers.

  • len

    What nonsense; yes, it makes sense to cordon off the area to protect against a suicide bomb; however, it makes no sense that these intitial officers were unarmed; given the possibility of suicide bomber they could have shot him; what is the matter with England?

  • Edible

    Using the same logic, first firemen on the scene would be without water in their hoses.

    But then, that has been the British way…as shown by the history regarding Burgess, Meredith and many others. Keep a stiff upper lip, peer down the nose, and historically leave it for others to clean up behind them.

    Have to fear for their future when they allow the Muslims to take over, all the while proclaiming “hail to the Queen/King.”

  • John Galt, Jr

    Cowardice, thine name is Britannia!