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May 29, 2013 11:55 am

Norwegian Newspaper Dagbladet Sparks Outrage with ‘Blood Libel’ Cartoon

avatar by Zach Pontz

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"Blood libel" cartoon in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Photo: Dagbladet.

Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, has sparked outrage after publishing a cartoon “blood libel” Tuesday.

Norway’s third largest newspaper, published the cartoon, in which a modestly dressed woman can be seen holding a blood soaked book and telling law enforcement officers: “Mistreating? No this is tradition, an important part of our belief”!

A bearded man wearing a hat and black coat on the left holding another book, has stabbed a child in the head with a Devil’s pitchfork while another hand is cutting off the toes of the child with a wire cutter, apparently mocking the practice of circumcision.

The officers who are present, appear to be permitting the ritual to continue. The first officer responds: “Belief? Oh yes, then it is all right,” while the second apologizes for the interruption.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO,  who is currently attending the Global Forum on Antisemitism in Jerusalem, denounced the “blood libel cartoon” as “so virulently anti-Semitic it would make Hitler and Himmler weep tears of joy.”

“We call upon Norway’s leaders to denounce this incitement to hate and especially urge the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights to denounce this outrageous denigration of a core Jewish rite dating back to the biblical times of Abraham,” Cooper added.

According to the JTA, “Dagbladet cartoon artist Tomas Drefvelin said he did not mean to draw Jews in his caricature, which he meant ‘not as criticism of either a specific religion or a nation [but] as a general criticism of religions.'”

“I gave the people in the picture hats, and the man beard, because this gives them a more religious character … Jew-hatred is reprehensible. I would never draw to create hatred of a people, or against individuals,” he added.

The Algemeiner was unable to reach the paper by phone for immediate comment.

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  • russ hook

    Eliabeth, if you are NOT anti-semitic then you are a huge part of the problem! And why do you ‘respect’ these REPTILES in any way shape or form? Do you LICK your masters’ hand also? You disgust me with your abeyance, and COWARDICE!

  • PJ

    That hypocrite wants the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights to condemn this – whilst many Jews and Muslims ignore childrens’ rights and continue to mutilate the penises of baby boys for “faith” and “belief” reasons. How can this sick rabbi even mention the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights when he is insisting on continuing to mutilate boys just because it has been done by a particular religious group for a long time?!

    Well done the cartoonists for bringing this awful practice to light. Europe (other than that German chancellor who cares more about money than the rights of baby boys) supports you.

    • Blue Mike

      …and reduces the incidence of HIV by 60 percent, which is why it is part of a generalized campaign in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Originally Posted on Reddit
    12/21/2012 6:00 AM
    Golden Dawn

    My name is Matthew Libman.

    Allen is my dog’s name (hence the handle) I am an only child. I was raised in Wisconsin. Today I live in Chicago, IL. I am a college graduate, a business owner, the founder of a national charitable nonprofit, and an animal lover.

    My adoptive mother’s name is Dinah Libman. Her maiden name is Dianna Nashban. Her sister’s name is Leslie Dee Dee Gooze. They are from Milwaukee, WI.

    My adoptive father’s name is xxxxx Libman. He is from Green Bay, WI.

    I was raised in Green Bay, WI.

    My mother’s first cousin is a man named David Rubin. Father of Shuvie, Shimon, and Joshua Rubin. During the early 1970s, David Rubin, while home visiting family in Milwaukee during his Israeli military service, committed an act of false flag.

    David Rubin unsuccessfully attempted – in the middle of the night – to burn down a Jewish-owned grocery store during the “black” riots of the 1960s-1970s. David was shot by police, arrested, and charged with arson.

    His father, Alex Rubin, was a well connected attorney and Mossad/KGB operative. Because of his “relationship” with the judge, the criminal charges were plead to nearly nothing. David Rubin immediately repatriated to Israel, moved his family into a disputed settlement in Palestinian territory, and continued the acts of terror against innocent, honest people.

    My life growing up was devoid of religion and god. We had no sense of faith, other than a general “naturalistic” view of the world. There was no love. No hugging. No cuddling. No nurturing. No encouragement. Only coldness, intellectualism, punishment, and greed.

    My mother had Lupus, a disease affiliated with witchcraft, and very common among witchcraft practitioners in Hati (I don’t believe in demons, but it appears Lupus lets “demons in,” I assume there is science behind this, but the hocus-pocus explanation is sufficient for purposes herein).

    Our home was filled with metal statues of horned beasts. This included elk, horned giraffes, and about 10-15 small statuettes of horned animals. Until I later read of Moloch, witchcraft, and satanic practices, I thought nothing of this.

    When my grandfather returned from serving the Nazi army in Europe, he used his banking connections to become a lithographer. He printed currency and bonds for member banks of the federal reserve. When gold and silver redemptions – something blamed ON German Jewish lithographers (as well as the government of France) – my grandfather died unexpectedly. My grandfather grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin. He was the same age, and was friends with, Senator Joseph McCarthy.

    I have Native American blood, and was adopted.

    My adoptive mother would torture me on a near-daily basis. I was screamed at roughly 2-3 hours per day. I was beaten with a wooden brush or stick 3-4 times per week.

    I was never suspended from school, was well behaved, and got good grades. I was fairly popular, and have been pretty successful my entire life. I was never a bad kid, and never deserved to be punished at all, let alone tortured and abused.

    I have suffered many broken bones and countless bruises. On several occasions, my mother took an entire bookshelf filled with books, solid brass bookends, statues, and electronic equipment, and threw the entire, full bookshelf at my head. This probably happened once a month or so for a period of about 5 years during my early childhood.

    She only cooked in cast iron pots and pans. Additionally, my mother would drink my blood. In fact, I believe that was the purpose of my adoption – not family.

    I was sedated many times, and blood was taken from my body. My mother – with the help of a Milwaukee-based imune system doctor (who was at the same hospital I was surgically performed on for 3 months prior to my adoption from the Lutheran-owned teaching hospital MCW) who treated her Lupus.

    I was filled with allergens via allergy shots (I have no allergies, but would be filled with poison). My body would reject the allergens, and produce natural antibodies. My mother would then drain my blood from my body (you should see how anemic I look in early childhood photos), store the blood in the refrigerator, and drink my blood as a medical elixir.

    And guess what, IT WORKED!!!! She has outlived her original life span by 40 years. She was supposed to die in her late 20s/early 30s. When I became too old to drain blood from, she began cooking in a cast iron pan.

    Good for her.

    Here is a video from the end of 2012 covering the topic:

  • Eliabeth

    I’m from Norway, but married to an american man, from a catholic family. I’ve seen the devastating effects of circumcision and will be against this practice until the day I die. It has nothing to do with religion, ethnicity or anything else, just basic human rights.

    Don’t be so quick to call Norway anti Semitic, it’s simply not true, deeply offensive and just weakens any argument.
    I have a lot of respect for many great Jewish people, but I cannot, and will not, have any respect for this horrible tradition.

  • Roza

    I think it is funny how people just automatically thinks this cartoon is against jews. It is clearly critisism of religion in general, if not only critisism of religion-based circumcision.

  • ex-norsk

    This sad cartoon is the product of the culture which produced it – insular and brainwashed. For all it’s beautiful nature, Norway could benefit from some fresh air and from learning the value of individual critical thinking. Instead, the government keeps the “sheep” clothed and fed and supplants their “thinking” with this kind of vile hatred, all the while claiming a moral high road it does not posess. Shameful…

    • Hans

      “individual critical thinking”???

      Is it “individual critical thinking” to cut your child with a knife because God has told you to do so?

      No, it is neither “individual”, nor “critical”, nor “thinking”.

      It is “unthinking group conformity”.

      The sad thing is not the cartoon. The sad thing is the way jews and moslems mistreat their children (boys). They use knives and cut in them!!! All in the name of God. Weird God, by the way, to make such crazy demands.

      Nothing wrong with Norway or norwegians here; they would never commit such meaningless cruelty against their children.

      • Blue Mike

        No, but it is a medically indicate procedure that reduces the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. The sexual partners of circumcised men have a significantly lower incidence of cervical cancer. It is a painless procedure, best performed in neo-natal male infants. Norway is clearly ruled by trolls.

    • geir ilja Think people shouldn`t react to this? (english-speaking pro-mutilation-folks: click “translate this, still angry?) angry at what?

  • Hans

    Why are people so upset about this cartoon?

    This line seems to be a fair rendering of the moslem and jewish point of view: “”Mistreating? No this is tradition, an important part of our belief”!” Why be upset about this? It is a fact. Moslems and jews see circumcision this way.

    Also it is a fact that they perform a bloody procedure on their small boys. They cut their kids with knives. A fact. Why be upset of mentioning/discussing this fact?

    Are they ashamed of mistreating their kids like this? One might get that idea, seeing how upset they get, when the subject comes up for discussion.

    Not one serious point of criticism against this cartoon has been raised. People are just angry. Angry because it is the truth that they cut of healthy parts of their kids body – and they do certainly not like to be reminded of that truth.

    So: what’s the problem with this cartoon? What’s false about it?

    Well, of course jews and moslems would never dream of cutting off toes from their kids; that’s barbaric and cruel, disgusting. They just cut off a piece of the kids penis which is a fine and pious thing to do. I am sure we all see the difference.

    • Bernard

      Why are only jews s e l e c t e d in this cartoon ?
      Are there hundreds of millions jews ?
      The priority is completely wrong.
      How do you know, the boys “suffer” so much ?
      How long are they staying in hospital to recover ?
      Does it cost the general society money ?
      You know what the top German cabaretier, Dieter Nuhr, with the finest satire use to say ?
      ‘When man von einer Sache keine blasse Ahnung hat,
      sollte man öfters mal die Klappe halten”
      So, if you are not an involved expert, better often keep your big mouth.
      I am not jewish and do not mind what other people do with their children. The parents are primarily responsible. However, I know many men, not jewish who also got circumsized for hygienic reasons.
      And, if concerning the ‘free will’, why are young children, both boys and girls, baptisized ?
      Because their parents want it.

  • Theresa

    Seriously… why is this practice only attributed to Jews? A practice universally used but only the Jews are considered monstrous ??? This whole attack is not only false but implies that circumcision is exclusively a religious practice of Judaism, when in fact it is not, nor is it a practice of only a ‘few’ small religions.. seriously .. again totally incorrect! People or publications who buy into such tripe and then repeat it as fact only prove how profoundly stupid they are! Can you imagine if this sort of crap were published about Muslims what kind of world wide backlash we would have to endure????
    Googling this practice will show LARGE numbers who do this and why !
    Wikipedia for a start…
    About ONE-THIRD of males WORLDWIDE are circumcised.[1][16] The procedure is most prevalent in the MUSLIM world and Israel (where it is near-universal), the United States and parts of Southeast Asia and Africa; it is relatively rare in Europe, Latin America, parts of Southern Africa and most of Asia.[1] The origin of circumcision is not known with certainty; the oldest documentary evidence for it comes from ancient Egypt.[1] Various theories have been proposed as to its origin, including as a religious sacrifice and as a rite of passage marking a boy’s entrance into adulthood.[19] It is part of religious law in Judaism[20] and is an established practice in Islam, Coptic Christianity and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.[1][21][22]

    • Birgitta

      But it is only in judaism you have this rite when a boy is 8 days old , right ?
      In islam , as I understand it , it is about 14-15 year old . To me that sounds a little bit better , as the child can resist .

      But female circumcision is forbidden in both judaism and islam , as I undrstand it .

      But , anyhow , I have a problem understanding why circumcision has to be a tradition today in 2013 . In Biblical time , I understand it , but not today !

      • Anne CD

        No,islam DOESNT forbid Circumizing of girls/wome n , although its NOT really cirmumizing, but cruel VILOENCE and destroying of female genitals. Islams prophet Mohammed told them how to do it IF they want to do it, but he didnt force muslims to do it, but he didnt forbid it either.
        The way Mohammed told them, they call it sunna circumizing but lucky for the girls… most muslims dont follow their cruel “prophet”.

      • Robert

        Circumcision on a 14-15 year old should be performed in an operating room with anesthesia. On an 8 day old, it can, and is, safely performed either at home or in a synagogue, in the vast majority of cases.

  • Reinaert Thomasson

    Here is a letter written to the jounalist of Dagenbladet in English.
    I have read the article ‘Dagbladets tegneserie vekker internasjonal oppsikt’ of your paper with the aid of ‘Google Translator’ into Dutch.
    Chief editor, John Arne Markussen, can not understand where all the fuse is coming from? It is just an illustration and it is not aimed to hurt anyone!!!. ‘Just for fun!!.
    Well!. I have to admit that main stream media in Norway – Dagbladet for example – has a morbid sense of humour. I do not say ‘The Norwegians’ for the reason that you do not represent (thanks heavens) the Norwegian people.
    It is well known, the whole media in Norway is in hands of politic-correct ‘progressive’ left wing Quislings. A sick elite cast who knows it’s days are numbered. In Dutch we use to say: ‘Een kat in het nauw maakt vreemde sprongen’. That means ‘A cornered cat makes strange jumps’. The adage depicts not only you, but all ‘fake left wing elites’ who are terrorizing western and northern Europe for the last 4 decades and ruining systematically the nation states and centuries of hard work. However, in Norway the ‘strange jumps’ of the ‘left wing sicco elite cat’ is reaching the extreme. It had degraded itself to the lowest propaganda like the illustration of Julius Streicher in ‘Der Stürmer’ or the ones of your Arab friends; who do their best to depict the enemy they cannot beat by cheap illustrations. By the way, your illustrator does not take into an account that his illustrations are also offending your Muslims friends? They also use to cut the dick of their boys in the age between 0 and 13 years old. Only that they are conducting the ceremony the way they sexually mutilate girls; in an unhygienic environment and filthy rusted equipment. The ones who survive the act, are invited to your country to use their ‘shaved dick’ on your girls and women in rape gang and fun rape. See :

    Professor Unni Vican of the university of Oslo (social anthropologist) is also an example for a deviate left wing multicultural thinking in Norway. She had claimed that rape of women and girls by Muslims (even the girls under 10 years old!) is to be blamed on the women!!.

    In such a social atmosphere, it is not really a wonder that Anders Behring Breivik has been born and grown up in Norway.

  • Geoffrey

    Jews should quit Europe as a matter of the greatest urgency. There are better places for them to live. Anti-semites kept a low profile after the World War II as they were embarrassed by what had been done to the Jews while they looked the other way. But they now feel sufficiently secure to start their evil work again. Thanks mainly to the Christian religion that preached hatred of Jews for hundreds, if not thousands of years, anti-semitism, ingrained into their DNA, is rearing its head again. A so-called friend who knew I am Jewish, once used the phrase “dirty Jew” when speaking to me, while his Polish born wife declared, without producing a shred of evidence, that Jews controlled the world. They are friends no longer. Europe is collapsing, so it would be best to leave it to stew in its own self-generated filth and quit.

    • Anne CD

      Shalom! I`m afraid you are right about what has happened in the history of christianity and to a lot of christian people. BUT, there IS a light in the tunnel. A LOT of christians who live NOW are REALLY caring and loving the jewish people and Israel. But still there are a lot of hatred among a lot of christians. But islam as religion is even worse. The christian religion does NOT teach hatred, but the islam religion does and islam has a pagan “god”, but the christians pray to HaShem like the jews do. Ani ohevet et Yisrael ve Yehoda. Am Yisrael chai!Shavua tov !

  • The Norse have thrown all the Jews out of Norway and we can expect their country to have similar troubles as Spain is having, because the Creator G_d who loves His own people will punish those who mock Him.

    • Birgitta

      It’s not only jews that have been thrown out of Norway . Native norwegians are leaving the country as multicultural hell emerge . The natives have less civil rights than asylants . E.g . I as etnic norwegian has a problem getting my husband from Bulgaria into Norway . An asylant has more rights than my husband , and we have to leave Norway . I have an old mother , 85 , she has only me and need me here in Norway . Maybe we have to emigrate to Bulgaria , and then my mother have to search family reunion for me to get me back into Norway ?
      The situation in Norway is on the brink of break down !!

  • P.

    Dagbladet is a very left-wing newspaper. They deny that this cartoon is Jewish contempt. This cartoon fits their heinous anti-Jewish agenda. They criticize most of what the Jews do, but not Palestinian terrorism against Jews in Israel.

  • Motbakke

    This is just one of his cartoons. He has criticized all religions. And I think it is disgusting how some people here says that Norway is an antisemitic country. We are a secular country, where we are free to criticizes everything, including religion and traditions. This is a cartoon that criticizes the law for turning a blind eye to mutilations done in the name of religion.

    And for the record, I am the proud great granddaughter of a Norwegian man how saved a Jewish family during WW2. You can not blame us for the politics carried out by the few against the will of the many nearly 70 years ago.

    • Reinaert Thomasson

      This is exactly the reason why I had referred, in my posting, to the left-wing political correct Quislings of Jens Stoltenberg and his red-green ‘progressive’ gang. As a symphatisant of Siv Jensen and her Progress Party, I know that many Norwegians are fed up with the ‘political-correct’ multicultural violence that is turning the Fjords country into a dung heap. If everyone in Norway was happy with the multi-curltural enrichment, there were no bloggers as Fjordman who protest against the welcome present of ‘free raping of local Norwegian women’. Please read also the book of Eirik Eiglad The Anti Jewish Riots in Oslo.

      • Motbakke

        I sincerely hope that you are joking.

      • Me

        Stop dette tullpratet. Folk i alle politiske leirer misliker denne praksisen, også i Fremskrittspartiet. Hvorfor klarer du IKKE å holde deg til saken? Omskjæring av gutter foregår både hos jøder og muslimer så å komme med dritprat om at dette er antisemittsme sier veldig mye om hvor korka du er.

        “Stop this nonsense talk. People of all political camps dislike this practice, even in Progress. Why can you NOT to stick to the story? Circumcision of boys is done by both Jews and Muslims, so saying that this is anti-Semitism says very much about how korka you are.”

    • Anne CD

      Hi! That`s not right! Norway is now an extreme antijewish country. I`ve seen this A LOT of times! But it`s VERy friendly to islam. Islam can not be critizised at all, but Israel/judaism and jews are not only critizised, but demonized in Norway.

  • Uziel

    Interesting that their cartoon focuses ONLY on Jews.

    Did they forget that Muslims also perform circumcision?

    Let’s see them make a cartoon with Mohammad performing a circumcision. Then they would really wind up with a blood bath.


    • T Hansen

      It seems whenever Christian or Jewish religious practices are ridiculed, there are cries of “You would never dare say the same thing about Muslims!”

      Actually, Dagbladet was also one of the newspapers publishing the now-famous Mohammad cartoons. Additionaly, as a poster above points out, this is one cartoon in a series criticising uncritical adherence to religious dogma and traditions – pointing fingers at Muslims and Christians as well as Jews.

      Also, the comic is easily as much a criticism of male and female circumcition in Muslim communities as much as Jewish rituals. The parents are generic religious fundamentalists, not obviously Jewish.

    • Jean Laferme

      The cartoon does not focus on Jews. Biased people claim that it focus on Jews.

      For your information: Here’s another cartoon by the same artist, published in the same newspaper a couple of days earlier. There has been no outcry by moslems against this.

      The cartoon text translates into: “A long awaited alternative to the burka is now being introduced: To look away”

    • Bendik

      Where in the cartoon do you see excactly that this is about jews??

      • Me

        It is only in his mind.

    • Anne CD

      Shalom! That`s right. And the muslims does not only circumize babies at 8 days old, but teenagers together with the whole family and they want them not to cry to show that they are a “MAN”! That`s disgusting and cruel, but WHO dare to say anything against islam????

  • Marton TeilgÃ¥rd

    Hi there, angry people! I’m a norwegian who is now going to try and explain a few things. First of all, “Norwegian is a antisemittic hellhole…”. No. Simply not true. We are country of various religions, but most people have a non-religious lifestyle, even though most are members of the national church. It is actually become so normal to have a non-religious view on life, that the newspapers recently have done several articles on the stigma of beeing religious. There are lot of anti-sionists(oppose the Israel government’s decisions) in Norway, but very few anti-semites(oppose the jewish people). And to ellaborate more on this point, every criticism of the actions of a jew, or a jewish government is not by default anti-semittic. It can just as well simply be a criticism of the actions taken.

    Now, the cartoonist. This is an artist I have followed for many years, and I can tell you with absolute confidence, this is no anti-semite. He has a sharp style and a brutal way of getting his point across, but he is criticising religion in general, not jews in particular. Don’t believe me? Check these drawings:

    text: Now there is finally a alternative to the burka: looking away!

    text: Thanks to a combination of the human mind’s
    1, ability to see faces in random spots
    2, willingness to be offended by irrelevances
    3, tendency toward violence instead of arguments

    the toaster had unknowingly sealed its own faith.

    (any inaccuracies in the translations is my fault, not the artists)

    My point is, as he said to dagbladet in a interview today, he is making a parody on religion, not jews. Hope this helped!

  • geir ilja

    Does it hurt when people cut off a piece of a boys genitals with no pain-relief?
    The strip is anti-mutilation, not “anti-semittic”
    The strip came after an article in a small norwegian newspaper. in two different court-trials, where boys (the oldest one 14) were gender-mutilated without any pain-relief. By people without medical education. The judicial system ruled “not punishable by law”
    The comic strip-artist draws the mutilators generically. Jews? muslims? Doesn`t matter, the human rights are coming to shut down gender-mutilation sooner or later.Even for boys!

  • Jo

    It is not only the jews that practise circumcision, other religions or traditions even do this on girls.
    And cut away pieces of their intimate parts that makes them unable to enjoy intimacy, and gives them health problems to some degree.
    Stop thinking everything is about you, its narcisistic.

    BTW: your reactions show exactly what mr. Drefvelin is trying to point out…

  • Richard Hode

    I saw the cartoon when it was published in the Dagbladet and had a good laugh since I despise circumcision and the bizarre ideas of the religious. I knew immediately that the hue and cry of antisemitism would be raised and that all the superjews would come running to the defense of this traditional infant mutilation. It is strange how this atavistic blood rite has survived until this day. Time to get your heads unwedged from the Bronze Age, folks. (I suppose it’s a relief there are no more Aztecs around, or we would have religious ceremonies where they rip people’s hearts out …)

    • Fred

      I would point Richard Hode to evidence of the benefits of this “atavistic blood rite”.

      1. Circumcision reduces the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), such as a bladder infection.
      2. Circumcision reduces the risk of getting some types of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.
      3. Circumcision reduces the risk of developing cancer of the penis.

      If you are in any doubt consult the World Health Organisation website…

      • Christian H

        Then, why not have circumcision carried out by trained professionals. Try saying that to the parents of the children who die due to the sometimes unsanitary conditions this takes place in; The child who died in New York due to contracting herpes when the Rabbi cleaned the wound with his mouth (a normal practice?)

        Circumcision isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but please, have it done by trained medical professionals.

    • SeattleAbe

      Wow–what a brilliant point! Thanks–Until now, I didn’t appreciate how circumcision and human sacrifice through ripping out the heart are EXACTLY THE SAME! Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Sorry,Richard Hode I can agree as for what I learn on medical information the circumcision is quite a good practice by protecting from disease and permitting high hygiene. Is done at 8 days old and not one can remember the pain, like injection?
      I’m not recall of any pain oppose to friend who at first sexual experiences had blood and pain from the foreskin braking.In any case the cartoon was more opportune to get attention of the amputation of Muslim female organ that take away the joy of sex.

    • HaDaR

      May be, just may be, such “primitive” People have been getting all of those Nobel Prizes and contributed more than any other People to world civilization BECAUSE of such practice, which is NOT AT ALL mutilation, but ENHANCEMENT…
      Even the World Health Organization has established that circumcision reduces the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (including HIV), and IN FACT there have been Israeli teams sent by the WHO to Sub Saharan Africa to circumcise entire populations where AIDS is rampant…
      YOU are the primitive and superstitious one, filled with antisemitic prejudice, who thinks like an animist and green fanatic (I remind you that “green” philosophy was CENTRAL in III Reich teachings!) that “nature is perfect and doesn’t need corrections or improvements or enhancements”, just like an idiotic animist… You are MORE primitive than us, in fact you imitate animals: they follow nature, so they do not practice circumcision…!

    • JZShore

      Has it ever occurred to you, or to anyone, that Muslims also practice circumcision?!
      It is not merely a religious gesture; it is — as modern science confirms — a health measure and a safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

    • Circumcised

      It is o.k. for you to be bigoted and despise that which you don’t understand – and would not accept. I would bet that you dismiss outright and could not be bothered to even try and understand – that is a sign of a very small and closed mind.

      Instead, you pass your own biased judgement on others. I would also bet, that you are the kind of person who screams live and let live at every opportunity (when it suits you of course) and would also shoot the messenger if he ever brought you bad news!

      I am circumcised, and the benefits of circumcision (medically) make a very strong case for everyone to be circumcised.

    • Nomi

      If you were slightly educated you would have learned by now that circumcision is far from a mutilation. cutting off some ones tongue and other atrocities are mutilations, that the Muslims and Arabs practice………the ritual takes a second, and has proven to be medically healthy,keeping the glans clean, Further more allowing such hateful LIES to go unnoticed is wrong………But then again what to expect from Scandinavia, they are a Germanic race………..Except this time around the Muslim lovers in the world, will regret their choices……………As for ripping hearts out, In Syria it happened recently, when an Arab ate the heart of a soldier………..So spare me your opinion……… The silent majority are criminals…..

    • (I suppose it’s a relief there are no more Aztecs around, or we would have religious ceremonies where they rip people’s hearts out …)
      But they do. Did you miss the Syrian ripping out the lungs of a rebel soldier and eating it?

      I’m sure you will find a suitable excuse for that one. After all, it wasn’t a Jew who did it.

      Strange too that even the British Royal family circumcises their sons – by a Jewish mohel because that’s the only one they trust to do it well.

      You’re just a pathetic Jew-hater.

    • Lynne T

      As far as I know, ripping out a person’s heart will result in death unless it’s done by a surgeon to replace a failing heart. Male circumsion on the other hand is being advocated in Africa by international health agencies of the UN as it’s been demonstrated to reduce the sexual transmission of diseases.

      But let’s not let poorly constructed and ignorant analogies get in the way of your anti-Jewish bigotry.

    • Mike Bernstein

      Only an extremist would compare a minor surgical procedure like circumcision to ripping out someones heart. Next you’ll say that owning a gun is equal to having an atomic bomb.

    • Julian Edelman

      Would you consider the same concept and approach to the crucifixtion? then why not apply it?

    • Murstad

      I thought it was about abortion at first. It is a pretty graphically correct drawing in that case. The blind atheists belief in himself.

    • it was not the Jews that adopted the circumcion it was the Created of everything even you, we are all subject to the One Creater.A Righteous Judge.

  • SHmuel

    Only one question.
    Why does a respectable publication re issue the “cartoon” and expand its reach?
    We have ceased to re print the enemies filth and redistribute it.
    If rebutal is the intent, please by all means, but do not give extra distribution to our enemies.

    • aall

      I agree with you .

      We cannot give more importance to this stupidity than it deserves.

      I wish more people would feel this way.

      • Nomi

        I beg to differ. That is how anti antisemitism has spread. Because no one is doing anything about it.

  • Fred

    Scandinavia lands of Quislings. What could one expect from a society that pretends under the Arab influences
    to love freedom, equality & “democracy” throw in political correctness for good measure + Jew hatred, an ideal society. What pretentions.

    • Marite Juul

      If this cartoon really is about circumcision, then surly all muslims should be offended too?

      It must be allowed to be critical of religion without being accused of hating Jews. To be critial of religious practice is not the same as being a racist.

      Members of my family risked their lives helping jews escape the during the war,it simply is not true that all Scandinavians hate Jews.

    • Reinaert Thomasson

      Scandinavia lands of Quislings. What could one expect from a society that pretends under the Arab influences
      to love freedom, equality & “democracy” throw in political correctness for good measure + Jew hatred, an ideal society. What pretentions.

      Dear Fred. “Scandinavian lands of Quislings?” That is not correct, as for you include here Denmark too. The country has nothing to do with old fashion and modern Quislings. Neither it had during WWII; when brave Danes had risked there lives to save the Danish Jewery and bring them in safety to Sweden. Denmark was the first country in Europe to have an anti Islamization party (DF), The International Free Pres Society (Lars Hedegaard) is a Danish initiative. The illustrators of the Mohammed Cartoons – who had to go underground – are all Danes. Lars Hedegaard attends (or had attended until the attack on him by a Somali Jihadist) every pro Israel demonstration and risks his life day in day out for one thing: the right to be free.
      On one issue you are right: the first steps to freedom equality & democracy are to send political correctness and multicultural Islam lovers like the sick cast that is ruling Norway – to hell.

  • Dr. Jane S. Gabin

    but notice which people are NOT rioting in the streets, burning cars, screaming for vengeance, and inflicting violence and mayhem?

  • Shmuel Mendelsohn

    Could you imagine if Jews acted like others? There would be rioting all over the world!

  • disgusting, priests raping little boys is also a religious ritual, shall we turn the other way

  • art frank

    Norgekies are well known as anti-Semites. Nothing new here.
    They are good christians.

    • Good One!

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Christian’s like me are supporting the Jewish, so if some one is an hypocrite is only that exception confirm the rule.
      In the Gospel that I encourage you to read is clearly teach that Jewish people still the more blessed now and after. But in God grace we are his children too. Jesus had done the will of the Father and had restored God creation to Him.
      Islam is our common persecutor mainly and we can afford to be divide by stupidity and ignorance.

    • Anne CD

      SHALOM! I`m afraid you are right about that a LOT of Norwegians are jewhaters. ( I `will not call it antisemitt here, because arabs are also semittes, and a lot of Norwegians love the arabs, but hate the jews). BUT dont forget that it`s mostly our Government,our journalists/TV channel (especially NrK) and Most of the Newspapers, and the MAIN church. There are ALSO MORE and MORE other people, also christians, who see all this MADNESS and hatred against Israel and the jewish people, and this group is increasing in size! There are a now more and more people like me, who love the jews and Israel! Ani ohevet et Yisrael!

  • aall55

    I would like to add this , could we avoid bringing the name of H…..i don’t even feel like writing it .

    it is unnecessary in this article , first of all, and it is not the way to progress.

  • Rob

    I just don’t understand in this day and age how so called enlightened people could find this humourus at all.

    • Sonia Willats

      They are NOT ENLIGHTENED no matter what religion they PROFESS. Neither do they know what respect is for G-d, or for others. Faith in G-d, enlightenment, respect, compassion and reverence for yourself and others all go together. No one would stir up vengeance and lies on another if they revered G-d. Nor would they laugh when it is done, because they are laughing in the face of severe injustice, past and future, and calling it fun!

      The media world seems largely to be serving the forces of destruction – with many happy exceptions – in the name of freedom.

    • Nomi

      Just goes to show that people have not learned anything from the wars, the holocaust and so on. People are two legged animals,worse than the four legged ones……………

    • Eliabeth

      And I find it hard to believe that so-called enlightened people would ever think that cutting into your childs genitals would ever be beneficial or okay.
      This is the yaer 2013, how many children have to die before this horrible act is finally stopped?
      This isn’t antisemitism, it’s a focus on the Human Rights and the FNs child convention!

  • rofedoc

    The Scandinavian Dream:To be Jew-free (Judenrein)
    This was also the goal of Nazi Germany.

    Norway, Sweden and Denmark appear to be in lock-step with the ideology of Chancellor Hitler and his minions
    Suggested reading for these bigots: Genesis 12:3
    “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who wish you evil”

    • Jens

      Maybe it has something to do with the fact that during the nazi-occupation most of the inhabitants of jewish heritage were shipped off to concentration camps. That’s the reason why the jewish population is so miniscule compared to what it used to be pre-WW2.
      Take your bigotry elsewhere and do some research before you label an entire people(most of who hated the nazis for what they did against the jewish people and their own country)

      • RandeomEncounter

        hear hear. Good to see that someone don’t jump on the biggot train and yell “all of Skandenavia hates jews.” That’s like saying “All of America eat McDonalds every day.”

      • HaDaR

        I wonder, if what you say is true, why the term Quisling has become synonymous with cowardly collaboration with the worst…
        Jews ran FROM Norway, NOT to Norway, because there the regime and its antisemitic Lutheran population were HOSTILE to Jews…just as they are now.

      • Luigi Rosolin

        Correct, the Swedish had help many Jews and is pointless to be critical, instead be helpful as they are paying for the generosity helping the immigrant Muslim.Who are not integrating and pretend to take over the nation.

      • Martin J


      • ex-norsk

        Nonsense. There were very few Jews in Norway because they were excluded and the Norwegian Constitution forbade “Jesuits and Jews” for years until (and it took three tries…) that exclusions clause was removed, well after more civilized European nations. As for WW2, the Norwegians did give a rat’s patoot what happened to the Jews. They have no knowledge of Jews except what government propaganda and their church has told them for centuries and it wasn’t “love they neighbor”…

        • ex-norsk

          Should have read “As for WW2, the Norwegians did NOT give a rat’s patoot what happened to the Jews.

    • Nomi

      Well from the stone age people have been trying to annihilate us. Instead these Empires fell…….so all you Jew haters get used to the idea that we are here to stay, and have the full right to do so as all of you………..

    • Reinaert Thomasson


      What do you know about Denmark? I am afraid very little.
      Have you ever heared of Lars Hedegaard of the Free Pres Society? The Dane fighting for freedom of speech even if multiculturalist dictatorship does not like the idea? If the Danes had aimed to make Denmark Judenrein they had not done their best to save them during the war.
      Please read the comment I had just written as an answer to Frank.

  • Fredric M. London

    First, nothing is going to happen. As always, the authorities will issue a lukewarm statement stating no harm was intended, or words to that effect, and that will be as far as it goes. I do not think there are many people left in Europe that care one bit about justice for Jews. It is difficult to eliminate nearly 2000 years of Jew hatred in 65 years, and, obviously, in this case, it is impossible.

    Second, why not just change the name of Europe to:

    Antisemitism R US.

  • Tikun Olam, Repairing the world:
    I been asking Jews and non-Jews for the last 4 years to help with this and few if any of you are willing to help. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    • Mel

      This post is the first I have heard of your project. Israeli industries are well-developed. Agriprocessors included. If your idea is viable, why are Israeli companies not standing in line to import longhorn cows? Have you a breeding pair of crimson longhorn heifers? Haredim everywhere might ‘kill’ for a pair of those!

  • Egypt Salafist University: It’s OK to kill unbelievers and eat them!
    allah is satan and mohammed is its whore. If it weren’t for apostacy – islam would die out. Basically, the biggest bully wins in islam – it is nothing but learned sociopathy and thuggery. Liars, thieves, sexual perverts and murdering scumbuckets or those who fund those murdering scumbuckets (with t…

    The Promotion of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism in Egypt
    Posted on March 11, 2013 by actforamericahouston
    By Walid and Theodore Shoebat
    The promotion of ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism has been a topic of discussion on two Egyptian TV programs recently.
    On Al-Tahrir, Egyptian TV advisor Ahmad Abdo Maher discusses the high-school curriculum issued by the highest religious authority in Egypt, Al-Azhar University, which encouraged students to cannibalize apostates and Muslims who abandon praying. The schoolbook stipulated that the act can be carried out so long as the human flesh is eaten uncooked in respect to the dead body and that the act “does not necessitate a governor’s consent or is punishable by law.”

  • aall55

    My question is , who are the authors of this cartoon , really ?

    Norway is populated with many Muslims who call it home today.

    This kind of cartoon has appeared before and was the work of Muslims.


    • RandeomEncounter

      Congratulations, you are a racist.

    • Lars Wrang

      I have no problem with Jews or any other people for that matter. Believe whatever the hell you want, I don’t care, but when you mutilate children’s genitals or allow animals to suffer just because it’s tradition or some “holy book” tells you to, then I have a problem.

    • I guess you should do some research before you make such accusations.

      There is shops around Oslo and other cities in norway that provide foods that are Kosher( and Kosher Senter Hatikva (HÃ¥pets koshersenter), Waldemar Thranes g 36, 0171 Oslo to mention a couple)

      There have been multiple cases where the police have gone to great lengths, even futher than required by law to protect jews and their places of worship, and if a law that is antisemitic is spotted it is put through a speedy process of removal.

      • ex-norsk

        Any kosher food available in Norwway is SHIPPED THERE, usually from Denmark, because Norway does not allow for Jews, what it allows for Moslems since Nazi times. Congratulations for knowing so little about your country’s hartred and hypocracy.

        • Eliabeth

          Not true.
          Jews does not allow the animals to be sedated before bleeding out, muslims do.
          That is why the meat is shipped in from France, etc.

    • Lars


      This is true. Regrettably, schächting was outlawed in Norway in 1927, partly due to a (misinformed) animal’s rights claim, partly due to a chauvinistic hostility towards the very small jewish minority that lived in Norway at the time.

      However, that is also the only of your statements that has a semblance of truth to it.

      • Lars

        Correction: 1929, not 1927.

  • Walter Duranty

    ‘not as criticism of either a specific religion or a nation [but] as a general criticism of religions.'”

    How is “a general criticism of religions” not inciting hatred of the people who practice reglisions.

    • Sonia Willats


      • Sonia Willats

        When it comes to faith in G-d, one label does not fit all.

    • Lori

      Criticism doesn’t equal hatred, and the days of religion being protected from criticism just because it is religion are over. Thankfully.

  • Howie Bringshill

    “We call upon Norway’s leaders to denounce this incitement to hate and especially urge the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights to denounce this outrageous denigration of a core Jewish rite dating back to the biblical times of Abraham,” Cooper added.

    Interesting how this Cooper lives up to the cartoon…

    • Simon J. Ewing

      Spot on, Howie!

  • Jean Laferme

    Since when has it been a Jewish rite to stab a baby in the head and cut ist toes off?

    This cartoon is a satirical criticism of the liberties some people call upon themselves under the cover of religion, nothing else.

    The rabbi’s allusion to nazism is nothing but distasteful.

    • Leslie Green

      @Jean Laferme -Don’t be so disingenuous. The Rabbis allusion to Nazism was very apt. Der Strumer was filled with similar cartoons during the 1930s.
      Norwegian legend says that on Christmas Eve witches and evil spirits come out looking for brooms to ride on. To thwart the witches, all brooms in the house are hidden and men go outside and fire a shotgun to scare the bad spirits away. So if the purpose of Mr. Drefvelin was to satirize religion and other cultural traditions, why did he choose to target a Jewish tradition, circumcision rather than a ridiculous tradition of the Norwegian Christian community. Gun violence, by the way is a big problem in Norway where 1 out of 5 people own a gun.
      What about the Shia practice of zanjeer zani, self flagellation, which adults force children to practice?
      What about Jehovah’s Witnesses refusal to accept blood transfusions even if it means that they risk serious complications and possibly death?
      There is a multitude of other religious practices he could have satirized. Your comment “This cartoon is a satirical criticism of the liberties some people call upon themselves under the cover of religion, nothing else” Is an insult to the intelligence of all those who read your comment and to those of us who know and have lived through anti-semitism at it’s worst.

      • Merlin

        “Gun violence, by the way is a big problem in Norway where 1 out of 5 people own a gun.”

        I live here, and I can’t say that I have ever heard about us having a gun problem. Most of the guns, almost all of them, are hunting rifles. So if you mean that hunting for moose and other wild animals, is a “gun problem violence”, well, then your right…

      • Ingrid

        “To thwart the witches, all brooms in the house are hidden and men go outside and fire a shotgun to scare the bad spirits away.” I am a Norwegian and have no idea what you’re talking about, this is not something anyone does, or have done for a long time. The cartoon critizise both the jewish and the muslim tradition of circumcisiom, and I don’t see a problem with that in a democratic society. I support everyones right to practice their religion, but not mutilation (!!!) of children. If you ask me to range one before the other, I will always say that childrens welfare go before jewish or muslim parents religious rights. To say that this is anti semitic is a serious misunderstanding! Also, it hides the real anti semittism which needs focus.

        • ex-norsk

          Except it is NOT mutilation. Do you even stop to think that this perspective is your own government propoganda?

      • Erland Nettum

        Circumcision is not a specific jewish custom it, is done by muslims and many, many christians. The only bigotry related to the cartoon are all the christians and jews who interpret antisemitism into it.

      • Martin J

        This comment is superb.. 😉

      • ex-norsk


      • Jean Laferme

        “There is a multitude of other religious practices he could have satirized.”

        And he does.

        This cartoon text translates into: “A long awaited alternative to the burka is now being introduced: To look away”

    • Heshy Green


      Don’t be fooled by your liberal attitude. Stop and smell the roses. Anti-semitism is on the rise all over the world and Auschwitz is becoming a fleeting memory. It wont be long, maybe one or two generations, before your children and mine will be standing shoulder to shoulder on our way to the gas chambers again. Every human being, Jew and gentile alike, should be outraged at anything that even hints at anti-semitism. With G-d’s help, the Sate of Israel will remain strong and still exist so that the nightmare doesn’t reappear!!

      • Richard Hode

        Being opposed to ritual mutilation is not anti-semitism. It’s not necessary to obey every jot and tittle in the “holy” book. Only fanatics do that.

    • Lori

      @Jean Laferme: Exactly.