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Israeli Officials: We’d Prefer Al-Qaeda-Run Syria to an Assad Victory

June 4, 2013 10:24 am 17 comments

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (left) with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (right). Photo:

Israeli officials are voicing their concern over Bashar al-Assad’s recent advances in his country’s civil war, Israeli Army Radio reported.

According to Israel Hayom, senior Israeli officials were quoted as saying that “al-Qaeda control over Syria would be preferable to a victory by Assad over the rebels.”

Officials believe that an Assad victory would strengthen Iran, as a weakened Syrian regime would become more reliant on the Islamic Republic. The Iran-Hezbollah-Syria axis would thus become an even greater threat to Israel, the officials said.

“Assad is now Iran,” the officials said, according to Israel Hayom. “Any of these groups would be less problematic for Israel than an Assad regime that is a puppet of Iran,” the officials were quoted as saying.


  • Read my friends, READ:

    Israel Rushes to Rescue Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria

    The Damascus Saga – Israel and Alqaeda Alliance

    Israeli Attack on Syria: Desperate Bid to Save Failed US-NATO Covert War

  • Wars can forge massive political changes and tectonic shifts. It is of course hard to see how the Syrian civil war will play out – but realpolitik by Israel and the anti Syrian rebels leads to the conclusion that some form of strange unforeseen alliance pattern will emerge. It is possible to see Israel and Saudi Arabia swapping ambassadors from this. Israel and the Sunni Palestinians also find themselves on the same side as Hezbollah has made a massive strategic blunder – though one I suspect determined in part by its rejection by the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. It is out of this that a common Palestinian/Israeli nation might at last be formed….

  • Because al CIAda is very well known by Israel. 😉

  • Greg Burton

    Well, that’s been the whole point all along for Israel (City of London) undermine progressive secular regimes in the Muslim world, and replace them with fascist, heretical version of Islam.

    It’s called the “Arc of Crisis”…from Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon.

    Then, the hasbara can be used to convince the liberals that we’re fighting these concocted enemies to free the “oppressed” women forced to wear the veil.

  • i agree totally

  • What these officials appear to be advocating is Syria run by a terrorist organisation and top hell with the Syrian people

  • Kevin Bjornson

    That would be true only if the Iran regime were not overthrown. If the mad mullahs were not deposed, they will continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons (even if bombed, because nationalized oil money enables rebuilding).

    Once Iran theocracy is out of the picture (which it would be, if deprived of nationalized oil money), Assad would have to reply solely on Russia.

    Russia should be encouraged to resume it’s rightful role as heir to the eastern roman republic, and suppress Islamism on it’s southern flank.

  • Officials in Israel speak for themselves and don’t represent the will or best interests of the people. And those that were elected, got in on false pretenses & illegal methods. In fact, the Israeli government supports terrorists & oppresses Jews. So this article is no suprise.

  • Why do these people assume that Iran would not swallow its pride and co-operate with AlQaeda against Israel, if it beat Assad? It has no loyalty to Assad, who is a secular Alawite, technically a Shiite (like Iran) but not really, and anti-religious, to boot. Whoever is in Syria will be anti-Israel, unless we show them it is not worth it to try to fight with us.

  • Steve Klein

    Who are these un-named Israeli officials? I want names.

  • Be careful for what you wish for, Israel. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

    • Indeed !They should know better about the horrors that will surely be inflicted upon Israel if the jihadists (from different countries,by the way) win in Syria !

      • Frumious Falafel

        As much as that may well be true, those “horrors” are still not greater than the *known* and fully expected horror of a nuclear bomb launched by Iran — something which has a far higher chance of occurring if Assad wins.

        The ideal solution is what occurred with Iran and Iraq — to quote Begin, “I wish the best of luck to both of them.”

        Sell arms to both sides never allowing either side to become too strong. And to those who say, “but what about the innocent civilians?” — If the Arabs fought like Western armies do, taking *every precaution* to avoid civilians, then the death toll would be far far less and would remain so.

      • Of course for Israel, it is a Hobson’s choice of one between two evil. The lesser evil based on strategic self interest has to be the decision. However, to date it has not been up to Israel, and perhaps never will unless she is attacked.



  • Yes… an Assad victory in Syria means Iran will have a direct front along the Golan Heights. Assad now depends solely on Iran and Hezbollah for his survival. Iran is already deploying sophisticated missile systems near the Israeli border. Only a rebel victory can defeat Iran’s master plan to dominate the Arab Middle East. So Israel and the West MUST destroy Assad’s military NOW.

  • Nadene van Staden

    As I am a Bible Student I have to say what Isaiah has to say that the proclamation against Syria, says Damascus will cease from being a nation.Chpt.17 vs1.It will also be on fire so as we see in the news it is not far off from burning up.
    Its is very sad to see the hatred Syria has for Israel.
    But God has a love for his people and he will punish the nations.

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