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June 7, 2013 11:53 am

British MP to IDF Soldier: ‘You Look Like a Bloody Jew’ (VIDEO)

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Screen shot of former British MP caught on camera calling female IDF soldier a "bloody Jew." Photo: Youtube.

A British MP has been caught on tape by a BBC documentary crew making an anti-Semitic comment, the Commentator reports.

Former Conservative Party Member of Parliament Patrick Mercer, who had to resign his party’s whip following lobbying allegations, was caught on camera making the outrageous comments about a female soldier in the Israel Defense Force.

Mercer is secretly filmed recounting a story of an encounter with a female IDF soldier during a visit he made to the Jewish state. “You don’t look like a soldier to me. You look like a bloody Jew,” he told her.

The MP later said that his remarks had been “misheard.”

Watch a video of Mercer’s comments below:

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    I’m sure the BBC microphones did NOT have an auditory hallucination.

  • joe

    A proud “bloody Jew” and a proud Israeli soldier. No contradiction there.

  • aall55

    Too bad the bloody rifle did not bloody go off his bloody nose!

  • Stephen Hoffman

    My take on the Patrick Mercer case. Really disappointed to hear this. When I interned in Parliament the MP I worked for was good friends with Patrick Mercer. Patrick Mercer was one of the friendliest and most down to earth MPs I ever met who clearly knew his stuff on defence and counter-terrorism policy and strongly opposed quite rightly moves which in the name of fighting terrorism would take away the liberty of British citizens. However just like the lobbying scandal this looks indefensible. It also shows that antisemitism is alive and well across the political spectrum.

  • Stephen Hoffman

    My take on the Patrick Mercer case. Really disappointed to hear this. When I interned in Parliament the MP I worked for was good friends with Patrick Mercer. Patrick Mercer was one of the friendliest and most down to earth MPs I ever met who clearly knew his stuff on defence and counter-terrorism policy and strongly opposed quite rightly moves which in the name of fighting terrorism would take away the liberty of British citizens. However just like the lobbying scandal this looks indefensible. It also shows how antisemitism is alive and well across the political spectrum.

  • Monty

    Like most anti-semites, he has a big inferiority complex, is inferior, and terribly jealous of people ,he thinks are better off than him. His ilk should rot in hell.

    • Bruce Robert

      C’MON……….we have always known with whom we are dealing. He should be told that the god he prays to when the cancer gets a hold of him also looks like a Jew….because he is a Jew, like the little emblem around his neck on the silver or gold chain, Jesus was a Jew you vegetable.

  • Are any of us surprised by this? Does York ring a bell.?

  • Mike

    A person like this ,is so primitive and stupid that it is not worth to spend time on him, this poor man ( or whatever he is) will never learn, but will for sure be punished ,earlier or later , he and others like him !

  • davida vakachi

    I too am a “bloody jew” as you call it, as are my kids, grandchildren and husband, and Israeli bloody jews probably of the worst kind in your opinion I can only imagine. You are an embarrassment to your country, countrymen, and parliament, flashing your ignorance in such a low class manner. I’m not insulted by you , maybe cause I don’t take comments reeking of such ignorance and cheapness to heart. Please get in a course for social behavior so you can better represent your country, private thoughts you can keep to yourself. Sincerely, a very very proud to be Jewish Israeli .

  • geoff

    There is a lot of covert anti-Semitism here in the UK, but they prefer to express it as anti-Zionism because that is more “respectable”, especially as “some of their best friends are Jews”. Yes, we’ve heard it before, of course. I have heard the words, “dirty Jew” referring to someone who was not present, said directly to me by a non-Jewish friend – a friend no longer. Meanwhile, his Polish wife declared that the world is controlled by ten Jews. When I asked how she knew, she became hysterical and screamed that she had read it in a book! I asked for the names of these people, and of course, she could not provide this information.
    That’s what we are faced with, folks.

  • Otto Waldmann

    … yet, a simple cretin does NOT define a whole people.

  • Thogu

    Personally I get convinced more and more, that racism is really some kind of mental reduction, a kind of personal unstability which should lead to consequences like being held off of public positions.

    As far as I know, for example, people which want to serve in an army are psychologically tested. And as soon, as one gets a record of racism in whatever kind, should be banned of being recruited. This should also be valid for any leading positions or academical ranks.

    Soldiers, Policemen and Teachers should especially tested and controlled about racism, be it ethnical or social or sexual or political and if one ever gets such a record, consequences should be taken. With absolutely no excuses.

  • He is absolutely right. She is a bloody Jew and she will shoot his face off if he acts in any way suspicious of being a Jihadi. But he is really a victim of the Jihadjs too, and so he is a bloody idiot for looking superciliously at the representative of the only force which has been able to deal a serious blow to the Fourth jihad, while Britain the US and now Austria are running away as fast as they can, the jihadis in hot pursuit on the streets of Woolwich

  • Okey

    After India shook off the British imperial yoke, Israel did.
    Many Britishers have forgiven the Indians but not the Jews.

  • E.S.Lombard

    I suspect that it all begins with a deep seated sense of his inferiority…and well justified.

  • The bloody MP didn’t know he was being taped ?

  • BlueShadowII

    In my military life (a ‘few’ years ago), there were two forces we all agreed that we wanted on our side: the Turks and the IDF. At the other end of the scale, Brits were considered a bit more reliable than the French.

  • aall55

    Cheap insult which reflects about the person who uttered the words.

  • Dafna Yee

    Mel, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m curious to know your sources.

  • JP Jens

    F you Mercer. God Bless Israel!

  • FB

    בן זונה

  • I love Israel and lead groups there every two years and also volunteer, this man is a typical public school MP and has been caught being antisemitic and worse, disrespectful to an IDF soldier, for whom I personally have the highest regard. In the UK he has been proven to be a cheating scum but he still represents a section of public school educated rich idiots who currently hold power. I am sorry this happened and sorrier that he was not arrested and in cells for a time.

    • geoff

      Well said, you are right.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    Well, you bloody Brit, we “bloody Jews” were 99% literate when you bloody brits were running around dying your faces blue and worshipping trees. I’ll take being a “bloody jew” to having any connection with you on any given day of the century.

    • BlueShadowII

      “…were running around dying your faces blue and worshipping trees…” Nice retort. LOL

    • Sonia Willats

      And writing epic poetry and prose, even viewed at a literary level only. The bible is astounding not only as documents of faith. The man needs no further answer. He betrays his ignorance.

    • Roelf-Jan Wentholt

      @Stuart: You wrote the perfect comment!

    • Klara KoÅ‚odziejska

      I love you.
      Szalom from Poland

  • peter boland

    “There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary.”
    -Attributed to a well-know Israeli statesman.

    • And I’ll bet you call yourself a Christian forgetting Jesus,
      and His father God, who is also Jewish.

    • jacob mandelblum

      With all due respect, it is my understanding that this phrase author was the Hungarian Count EVOSZ, defining an anti-semite as “one who hates Jews more than what’s necessary” and given the Judeophobic record of Hungary,
      (not that England falls any short of it), I can believe Hungary rather its origination place…..

  • art frank

    Nothing new about his remarks. Most of the bloody brits hate Jews. Taught by their bloody church and parents. A bunch of losers.

    • enzo jones

      what a stupid comment, I am english and have no anti semitic feelings whatsoever, in fact I have many friends of the hebrew faith,

      it does seem reading some comments on here that some people of the jewish faith can make anti christian /british comments though!

      • Michael

        If you know so much Jews, how do you make this (typical for Anglo-Saxon education, same happens in Australia) mistake, “people of Jewish faith”… Being Jewish is also nationality!

      • No doubt. having been the recipients of both British valor and Albion’s perfidy, it is difficult to make up out minds about the Brits. We would like to think they are rational IE their pro-Muslim policy back firing like a bazooka, but oftentimes it seems British rationality is like Jihadi love: an oxymoron. For the sake of argument had Britain honored its obligations to the Mandate, and allowed all the Jews of Europe to migrate to Israel way back then in 1933-48 Israel would have been a formidable ally of the Brits, would have made short work of the Germans, since a great deal of the German brains were jews.

      • Morton

        “I have many friends of the hebrew faith” Where have I had that defensive anti-semetic remark before?

        As the Phialdelphia Rabbi, who was losing congregants to Quackerism said: “Some of my Best Jews are Friends”

  • david sprung

    And you look like a bloody big got,asshole!


    asshole….let him say that again in the face of an Israeli and face the consequences….die jerk, misogynist!!

  • Jerome

    No problem now – she was indeed just what he said, a bloody Jew; but thank God now we’ve got bloody Jews with guns, and the willingness to use them if necessary (not to mention an intelligence office this shegutz wants to get into). His day, and his peoples’ day, is pretty much done, and it’s because of misjudgments like that.

  • David S. Most

    MP Mercer carries on the noble tradition of Oswald Mosley who led the black-shirted British fascists just before WWII. Sir Mosely “didn’t like Jews” either and wanted Hitler to win.

    So 80 years and 6 million dead Jews later we see another one let slip his true feelings. And there are many others likd him in the UK.

    I guess he’d rather see Britain become an Islamic province in the New Caliphate where Nazis are replaced by radicalized Islamists!

  • Nancy

    The only way to handle British MP trash like Mercer is to flash him back: “YOU sound like a half-bred sucking Anglican!) That’s right, you don’t rise above it. You snap the trash and kick it to the curb.

  • Mike Danziger

    if you say you were misheard you may be a Nazi

    • jacob mandelblum

      Well, on top of having been “misheard” by no less than the recording, what he missed adding was the claim of all Judeophobes of “some of my best friends are Jews”..

      Surely, in a pig’s eye…..

  • Wolfgang

    It’s OK because karma can be a bitch. In no time soon, Mssr Mercer’s progeny will have to scramble down a London street, pursued by bearded Islamists, now the plurality of denizens of that rain shrouded isle, and be hounded by comments “you look like a bloody pig-eating Englishman”.

  • Steven

    And you Mr Mercer look and sound like a bloody anti Semite – and don’t let the door hit you on the way out of Parliament and into oblivion

  • Alter

    He looks like a bloody edomite, from the Bnei Hoshech (sons of darkness) from the North

  • Mel

    The way certain members of the Obama Administration and Congress describe Jews makes Murtha’s comment sound by comparison like an official pronouncement of the Vatican.