Avigdor Lieberman Blasts EU for Failure to Blacklist Hezbollah

June 10, 2013 9:02 am 13 comments

Avigdor Lieberman.

Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK Avigdor Lieberman, lashed out at the European Union in a letter Monday, calling its decision to exclude Hezbollah from a terror blacklist as “the ultimate hypocrisy.”

Lieberman writes in the letter: “Such a decision would not only send a strong message of zero tolerance towards the activities of the organization, but also prevent it from being able to raise funds and gain support across Europe.”

He noted that the threat Hezbollah poses to European countries increases every year, using as an example the recent Bulgaria bus bombing, the organization’s drug trafficking in Germany, and the recent conviction of a terror operative in Cyprus.

Lieberman was quoted as saying that Israel must convey to the EU that failure to blacklist Hezbollah in an upcoming discussion on the topic in two weeks “will make the EU irrelevant to us.”

During a meeting last week in Brussels, several EU countries expressed their concern that a move to blacklist Hezbollah could lead to greater instability in the Middle East.


  • The Europeans are afraid. They have terrorists amongst them and they know it. No one wants to be targeted by a terrorist attack because they condemned a terrorist organization. In addition many have been brainwashed by Muslim propaganda. One result of having a large Muslim population is that people become convinced by their Muslim friends that Israel is a terrorist state. Another is that the media becomes a mouthpiece for Muslims.

  • Hezbollah defiant after EU adds it to terrorism blacklist – Guardian


  • I can only read the comments when I write one myself .also when i do get them, only a few are visible .please help.

  • Europa has turned into Eurabia. The old anti-Semites have a new master Arab money. None so blind as who does not want to see.

  • Kris Kristian

    We only have Archbishop Tutu to thank for this.
    That man is satan personified.
    He has supported every anti Israel statement and country and anti Semitism around the world.

    He spread BDS all over the world.

    So, thanks to this man, the EU is taking a lead from Tutu

  • >>>”several EU countries expressed their concern that a move to blacklist Hezbollah could lead to greater instability in the Middle East.”

    Typical European approach, which places interests ahead of principles. Either Hizb’ullah is a terrorist organization — or it is not. If it is (and there’s no doubt that it is — even these “several EU countries” appear to admit it), then it needs to be recognized as such. It is the blatant lack of ethical principles that is bringing EU foreign policy into disrepute.

  • Eu’s position on Hezbollah will come back to bit them.
    That’ll be their well-deserved reward.

  • we can not change the European attitude, antisemitism is today encapsulate in antisraelism, which is the same thing under a different decoration. I am surprised that we are still surprised. I am not saying all Europeans are antisenitic, but it takes only one rotten apple to spoil a whole basket and we can rest assured that there are more than one rotten apples in the European basket. Israel should try a different approach. Israel should find different ways to punish Europeans states. Take for instance Prof Hawking, if he really wants to boycott Israel, he should not use the chair and all the gadgets he uses which have been developed partly in Israel. The world wants to play tough with us, we should pay back with the same coin.

  • Dear Avigdor,

    Great! These is what every single Jew from all around the world think about European position, cowardice and hypocrisy. They turn themselves irrelevant for us. Am Israel Chai!!!

  • That’s what’s called politically correct.

  • “During a meeting last week in Brussels, several EU countries expressed their concern that a move to blacklist Hezbollah could lead to greater instability in the Middle East.’

    So, they are going to bend to the Muslims demands ????
    Coward , that is what Europe has been , with a back drop of anti semitism always present.

  • Ray Aronson

    Anti-antisemitism flourishes in the EU!

    Why can’t individual countries take action? Those countries that fail to blacklist Hezbollah should be denied technical support from Israeli and American scientists!

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