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June 19, 2013 10:42 am

ADL Blasts Anti-Israel Author Walker: She is ‘Unabashedly Infected With Anti-Semitism’

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Author Alice Walker. Photo: wiki commons.

The Anti-Defamation League slammed Tuesday a new book from anti-Israel advocate Alice Walker, saying she “has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level.”

According to a statement from the organization, Walker’s “The Cushion in the Road” (The New Press, 2013) devotes 80 pages to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, often making comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany, denigrating Judaism and Jews, and suggesting that Israel should cease to exist as a Jewish state.

“Alice Walker has sunk to new lows with essays that remove the gloss of her anti-Israel activism to reveal someone who is unabashedly infected with anti-Semitism,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “She has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level, revealing the depth of her hatred of Jews and Israel to a degree that we have not witnessed before.  Her descriptions of the conflict are so grossly inaccurate and biased that it seems Walker wants the uninformed reader to come away sharing her hate-filled conclusions that Israel is committing the greatest atrocity in the history of the world.”

Walker has a history of making extreme anti-Israel  statements. In June 2012 she refused to allow an Israeli company to publish a Hebrew edition of her novel, “The Color Purple.” Most recently, Walker wrote a letter calling on the singer-songwriter Alicia Keys to cancel her upcoming July 4th concert appearance in Tel Aviv.

In her book,  Walker accuses Israel of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” “crimes against humanity,” and “cruelty and diabolical torture.”

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  • Noevil9

    This is the saddest page of history representing the most venom I have ever read spilled by so many Israel/Zionist and some Jewish defenders. Even though- I am assuming- most of these commentators have not even read what was exactly written by Ms. Walker, their deep racism ,slander and insults came out with such ease. One of them even tried to edit(moderate ) others comment,then the other person protested against the attempt to silence him, while he was just doing the exact same thing ( in a much more vile way,suggesting the Mossad should deal with her, and we know ,what the Mossad does in sovereign lands) to Ms. walker.
    I just have not seen any where beside in this people’s heads, that Israel and the Jewish people are above any criticism , and the whole world should be in love with ! Or for that matter ,any country or any people ? Is this part of that Choosiness, and that all others whom are not Jews are inferior and of a lesser God? Does any one of these commentators or other Jews , see anything wrong with this picture? I certainly do. Israelis, Zionists and Jews, should be scrutinized ,judged and criticized for what they do, and being Jewish or not, should not be a reason for their exclusion . Humans have and still are suffering under injustice ,including Jews and Palestinians, its about time to get ourselves rid of our bigotry and choosiness.

  • Baruti Mulagata

    The readers here use every type of racial stereotype to denounce Alice Walker. They fail to engage the issues raised by Alice Walker but instead sink to personal attack against Walker and Black people in general. Apparently Paula Deen is not the only racist in America. The comments are typical of Americans who enjoy white skin privilege. Disagreeing with whites who happen to be Jews has led to sinister calls for Alice Walker to be “dealt with by MOSSAD”. One very silly claim was the claim that Walker is a follower of Minister Louis Farrakhan. I doubt that any of Farrakhan’s followers married Jewish men and raised their daughter as a Jew as Alice Walker has. Others have called in to question Alice Walker’s ability to write, claiming that she benefited from the fad of “ethnic writers. This is as silly as saying Jewish writers weren’t really good they just benefited from Gentile guilt about the Holocaust.
    The attacks on Alice Walker and Black people in general are unjustified.

    • I totally agree. The usual tactic of certain critics is to attack the messenger as “ignorant of the facts” or devoid of any talent. Then they go on to change the subject. Absolutely despicable behavior.

    • Carl

      Alice Walker’s attacks on Israel are totally unjustified. She unabashedly supports the racist, murderous Arab regime and expects Israel to roll over and die at their hands.

  • Jeff Blankfort

    I have posted all of these comments on my Facebook page for all of the world to see. I can tell you one thing: they will help the sales of her book.

  • barbara dobbin

    I cannot believe I am responding, but no one should support Walker by buying her books. She is a disgrace!


    • Jan

      I hadn’t heard of Alice Walker’s new book but now I am motivated to buy it.

      I know that Alice Walker knows of the brutality that the IDF and the Border Police have meted out to Palestinians. She knows that since 1967 Israel has demolished well over 25,000 Palestinian homes and destroyed close to a million olive trees, many centuries old. She knows of the settler attacks against aged farmers and of the attacks against Palestinian kids on their way to school. She knows of the arrests of leaders of protests in towns such as Bi’in and Ni’lin where the residents and progressive Israelis demonstrate against the theft of more of their land. I could go on and on to list the sins of Israel against the people who also paid the price for European anti-semitism.

      Opposing what Israel has and is doing to the Palestinians does not make one anti-Semitic or a Jew hater any more than opposing apartheid South Africa made one anti-white. When a people of any race, religion or color do bad things one must stand up and denounce their actions and in this case that is exactly what Alice Walker has done. I suggest to her critics that you take off your blinders about Israel.

      • Carl

        Your lack of context and woefully incomplete “history” is appalling. How about the 1000’s of Israelies brutally murdered at the hands of Palestinian terrorists, starting well before the founding of Israel? What exactly was the PLO trying to “liberate” when they organized the terror group in 1964, three years prior to the “occupation”? Palestinians worked in Israel and traveled freely until they launched the second intifada against Israeli civilians. Only then did Israel reluctantly construct a physical barrier to separate them. Most of the homes you cite were either constructed illegally without permits or were the residence of terrorists. Care to comment on Jordan’s destruction of countless synagogues and Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem during their military occupation from 1948-1967 and their desecration of ancient Jewish cemetaries, using gravestones as latrines and pavers? How about the Muslim Palestinians expelling Christians from the birthplace of their faith, Bethlehem? Only under Israeli control has their ever been freedom, both religiously and otherwise, in that land. So where are your denunciations of the Arabs? I suggest you remove your blinders before you become entirely blinded by your Jew-hatred.

  • George Yegorov

    Alice Walker isn’t a thinker or a writer. She rode to fame during a time when critics championed “ethnic” writing, no matter how bad it was. And now because of the dim-wittedness of those times, during which all voices were “valid” and “equal”, even though it is more than apparent that art distinguishes itself by talent only. Alice Walker’s brief moment in the sun (she was largely propelled to the forefront by Steven Spielberg)ended when people woke up to Toni Morrison, a real novelist of the greatest ability, who just happens to be female, American, and Black. If people had just waited for real talent to emerge instead of dressing a wart hog in a ball gown and giving it a rhinestone tiara, we wouldn’t now be stuck with Alice Walker.

  • H. Schalk

    So, the ADL has had a momentary lapse of good judgement in condemning Ms. Walker. If only the ADL could be far more adept and consistent at recognising who are the enemies and who are the friends of Israel and the Jewish people.

    • H. Schalk

      My apologies, I meant to write: So,the ADL has had a momentary lapse and exercised good judgement in condemning Ms. Walker.

      • Mark

        Jewish and Israelis are separate entities . they are and should not be related. making such link can only be serving propaganda purposes


    For all her edication she is still an illiterate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when the opinion is published for all to see and it influences and changes the thinking of others then the masses should take action. Everyone who bought this trash talking book should get together and burn them all at once. We can’t allow this hatred talk to stay available to anyone. We should boycott buying or reading it and make sure that she knows WHY. She would be the first one to scream when there are anti-black rantings going on.

  • Spielberg made her what she is today. I first saw the Color Purple in Israel with my 2nd wife who was working for Spielberg as a body double for Lynn Redgrave. Everyone in the movie house was moved by the film and felt for the Blacks. But the feelings are not reciprocal.

  • Joe

    maybe she was/influenced by David Icke’s cult, see this link

  • Lynne T

    The one thing about Walker’s open and unapologetic expression of her views (as opposed to Jimmy Carter who will spin his foot-in-the-mouthisms furiously) is that they are so obviously those of a crackpot / crank, that they will ultimately discredit her and those who share her views quite thoroughly.

  • Otto Waldmann

    As her tools of trade are fiction and hyper-drama, she doesn’t need to be “there” to imagine and peddle her own reality. When success punctuates self assumed privileges, creative derailment rules. We don’t really know what were the details of her intimate association with Jews, as in ex husband. Trouble is she could claim “affection” for Jews based on marrital history, divorce notwithstanding. But, then, glorified irrelevant REALITY commentators, such as fiction writers, would find acclaim more readily than the best informed political scientist. Combined with a solid anti Semitic tradition of the Western society type enhanced by the post Haatzmaut ati Semitism, she is as popular as sliced bread and she is slicing her own world as she pleases, reality notwithstanding.
    Somehow I feel that Steven Spielberg would be privately disgusted as well.


    Though Walker’s views are anti-semitic what’s mind blowing is that she is in fact anti- Black. Black Sudanese refugees have been escaping the Arab Janjaweed Nazi murderers in Darfur for safety in Israel. While on route they are shot at by Arab Egyptians. The leader of Palestinan Hamas Ismael Haniyeh 10 years ago gave his full support for Arab Sudanese butcher Omar Bashir now under indictement by the UN for mass murder of southern Sudanese Africans , yet the imbeciles like Walker and other like- minded leftists side with the Arabs against Israel. That would be the equivalent of Jews siding with Nazis- very impressive….

  • Fred

    She forgets herself and her own past. Not so long ago
    the blacks in USA were on the same scales. Remember Martin Luther King a wise man. She should measure her anti-semitic , anti Israel, rhetoric to the anti black, anti African specially in the middle east and north Africa. She adds fuel to the fire of hatred she might get burned herself. Arab money fuels her hatred.

  • Mel Sherwood

    Walker’s perverse thinking stems from when, as an advisor on the set of the Color Purple, she was laying down on a bench and Oprah Winfrey came along and sat down on her head lodging it tightly up her bum. It was Stevie Spielberg and Whoopie Goldberg who managed with great effort to dislodge the terrified and nearly suffocated third-rate writer. Walker was dazed and confused and blamed the two of them instead of Oprah for the catastrophe. She wandered away mumbling “Spielberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same to me,” and since then has been obsessed with Jews, shape-shifting lizards, and the little rascals.

    abe foxman says something that gets credit towards his million dollar salary.
    Credit to date,
    foxman earned approx a dollar and 88 cents.

  • Sophie

    Shame on you Alice Walker.

    Go totally under cover find out what it is to live under the PA.

    And if you survive…
    Then go to live in Israel.

  • Why always attack the messenger? It’s the message that needs to be looked at. If she is wrong, then point out her errors. Name calling never settles anything.

    The “one true democracy in the middle East”? Don’t make me laugh.

    • Eve

      You are responding from ignorance. Go live in another ME country and find a democracy. And yes – Israel is a democracy. Everyone votes, is represented in the Knesset.As for the messenger – she is an anti-Semite, a man-hater and hates people who are a color other than hers. That’s not attacking the messenger – that’s just fact. According to your logic, Nazis should never be attacked, only Nazism. Your ignorance is frightening.

  • Rosy

    In her writings, this woman has made reference to her ex-husband, a Jewish lawyer. I can’t promise, but it’s possible her attitude stems from a personal grievance that she has projected onto the state of Israel or even the entire Jewish people.

    • aall55

      I thought the same as you right away.

      • Carl

        Sadly, there are also very many self-hating Jews who foment and propagate the same vile anti-Israel, anti-Semitic diatribe that Walker spouts. That loathsome UN “human rights envoy” Richard Falk is a perfect example. She may have learned this behavior from her own husband.

  • Ephraim

    Who cares what this cockroach says. Look at this parsha. Billam tried and as usual Hashems words stand strong.
    I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.
    She is cursed.

  • David S. Most

    The specific nature of her anti-Semitism indicates some deeper and darker inner hatreds towards Jews than the stardard variety. She is probably a follower of Louis Farrakhan who has been preaching this kind of anti-Semitism for years.

    How this woman could become infected with a hate virus so virulent that it lets her write lies, distortions, and outright venom would make a great psycho study. She shares the thinking of such greats as Adolf Hitler and Ken Livingstone, ex-London mayor.

  • Jack

    I would like to here Spielberg’s explanation.

    • Jack

      There needs to be an edit function: hear.

      • BlueShadowII

        Agreed. Unfortunately, the edit function is principally a matter of reeding what you have ritten.

  • Alice Walker is your typical angry, resentful,envious and enraged black american female who takes advantage of our freedoms to spew out her hate and jealousy of the success of Israel and the brilliant intellect of the jewish people.In comparaison a great majority of her kind have really never totally gave up the law of the jungle with a hidden sense of inferiority and savage,bacward reasonning no matter how much instruction and emancipation they get in the modern world.Well,our left leaning jewish people ought to stop giving an audience and importance to her kind and put them in their place and stop being hypocritical like them.The jews should help and take care of their own poor and Israel and be proud and assertive before there is another holocost.Real charity begins at home,you liberal jews had better ponder on that,wake up and smell the coffee and fast while you can!This is coming frome me a 75 years old jewish Moroccan woman whose father had prepared to gun down his ten children,his wife and himself while the german gestapo was knocking at our door the night the Americans landed and invaded north africa in 1942.They saved us in the nick of time.Remember ALL THAT AND WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Diogenes

      “A great majority of her kind”? Racism is as noxious as anti-Semitism.

    • Alon

      very well spoken indeed! you are really wearing reading glasses and see the world for what it is and that Walker for for her “real” low value.

    • Ilbert Phillips

      Martinique: “a great majority of her kind. . . the law of the jungle. . . savage backward reasoning. .. .” Ms. Walker is clearly a American is mixed ancestry (both African and European) Your piece sounds as racist as Alice Walker’s drivel. We do not need that kind of language to describe Ms. Walker as the anti-semite she is. She is clearly emotionally disturbed and her ancestry has nothing to do with it.

    • Monty

      Well written. Exactly right about about that crow [cow?] walker.

  • rofedoc

    “I shall bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” Genesis 12:3

  • Joel Keller

    So it goes when an individual who believes he or she holds more value than they actually do. It’s the same for movie stars that support leftist causes thinking that because they are movie stars, their views are more important than the average American.

    Alice Walker can go to Hell.

    • geoff

      The trouble is that in spite of the rubbish that passes as her views, many people will se this as legitimising their having a crack at the Jews. We know where that led in the 1930’s and 1940’s in supposedly civilised Europe. This lying woman, full of bile and hatred, which probably makes her feel superior to those she hates, must be confronted and shown to be the fool and liar that she is.

  • JB Silver

    Close to a million people murdered in Ruanda; over a million murdered in Darfur; almost 3 million murdered in Cambodia. Millions starving to death, tortured and murdered in North Korea; Hundreds of thousands gassed in Kurdistan and south Iraq using the WMD that Saddam Hussein ‘didn’t have’; and an estimated 2 million slaves mainly African and south Asian, in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

    And Alice Walker’s problem is Israel?!
    Eric R.’s comment is stupid. But someone should tell the woman to cop on to herself.

    • Carl

      And 100,000 Syrians murdered in the past 2 1/2 years at the hands of their tyrant dictator Assad. Ah yes, without Israel and the “occupation” the world would be so much better, free of conflict and oppression! NOT

  • Carrie Mataraza

    I never understood black anti-semitism. It was Jews at the forefront of civil rights driving equal rights forward and many died defending the black citizens. Blacks siding with the Arabs is off the wall as the Arabs were and ARE the biggest slave traders in the world. It can only mean one thing: the color of their skin is more important than historic facts..

    • Bigolfascist

      Now you have answered your own question. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s has been taken over overtly by the communists, socialists,and anarchists. These groups were cheer leaders in the 1960s’ movement, but the great revolution did not occur, so they hijacked it. For them, having unlimited minutes on a cell phone is a basic civil/human right. I lived the 1960s, and even then the Black Muslims, Black Liberation Theology, et. al. put it all on the backs of the White man, and in particular the Jews. The situation has grown worse over the years. Just look at the OWS movement. The left used the Jewish bankers and capitalists as the scapegoats. The reigning POTUS and his administration do not value Israel as a strategic partner, and put more effort into destabilizing North Africa into radicalized Islamic states. What can one expect from someone that allows a Christmas ornament with Mao’s likeness to be on the National “Holiday Tree”?

      Militant Blacks in America very often identify with the Arabs because of the commonality of the continent of Africa, and they more often than not identify with them as being non-white, and the influence of Islam in traditional Black Africa. In terms of the Middle East, Jews are viewed as Whites/White Europeans suppressing and subjugating the peoples of color in the region. This is a holdover from the old days of Communism when the Soviets and Chinese were involved in “liberating” the African Continent from the Western Capitalists. Even then there was tacit approval of Israel being swallowed up in the People’s Revolution that would follow. The Communists much preferred that to having to deal with Israel following the establishment of Soviet-friendly regimes.

    • Armando

      There are a lot of reasons for – or more accuretely factors in – African American anti-semitism. Maybe the name Harod Cruse is not familiar to you. He was a black American writer and academic who claimed (we are back in the late 1960s) that Jewish participation in the Civil Rights movement had somehow castrated the black people and diluted the content of that movement. You surely have heard of Amiri Baraka (formerly Leroi JOnes), the African American poet, who went along with the claim made in the Arab world that 9/11 was engineered by the Mossad, that the Jewish employees of the Twin Towers had been forewarned of the attack. There is clearly a seething envy on the part of these writers toward the Jews, perceived as intellectually gifted.

    • Ilbert Phillips

      Once you assume that there are “black” people who are essentially Borgs, connected by a single mind, aware of what each thinks and feels and there is a supreme leader directing them on what to think and do, you have fallen into the trap of racism. Liberals are often the worse. Jews played a significant role in starting the NAACP, who cares. That is already old news and mostly unknown news. How many people of color belong to the NAACP? How many know, including Jews, that Jews are not a race, but a people made up of all races (Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterner, Asians, etc.). You want hugs and kisses because some Jews marched in Birmingham and were friends and supporters of Martin Luther King. Do not hold your breath. In fact, I find it insulting that a fellow Jew who holds the view that blacks are some kind of monolithic group who are unanimous in their attitude toward anything, let alone Jews.

  • Larry Levine

    I unabashedly say the woman is an anti-semite. Her rantings should just be ignored without comment.

  • Ed A

    Oh come on! You jump from anti-jew to anti-semite, different things. Lots of Jews are anti-semitic. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is easy too, the world sees the results. But if anyone dares to speak up they are insulted as anti-jewish. Crrrrazzzzy propaganda. As my nice IUsraeli jewish friends tell me!

    • Steve B

      Ed…you are as ignorant and misinformed as is Alice Walker. You can’t just “look at the results”; you need to look at the entire picture. The only thing for which Israel is “guilty” as pertains to the so-called “Palestinians” is defending its citizenry against Arab terrorism.

      Wake up!

  • Babs

    Walker is obviously a misogynist and a homophobe. That’s why she likes Palestinian culture.

  • edward neidich

    I.m not surprised since she is best friend with Amy Goodman,who shares her views..

  • Bernard Ross

    why did spielberg make her book into a film, he must have known what she was? Jews should make sure not to have dealings with her.

  • She shouldn’t take her bad marriage to a Jew out on all the Jewish people and Israel. Her book she be consigned to
    the trash in the toilet.

  • Jacqueline

    Walker is a educated idiot. She should realize what she would be if. She lived in a Arab country a slave. Idiot

  • Harris

    Alice Walker is consistent with her misinformation. It helps that people are made aware of who are the Father Coughlins of our current day. I hope she reads all sources of info on the Israeli situation. Sadly, she probably does not.
    Her attempt to infect Alicia Keyes with her bias is sad. Ms. Keyes will hopefully stay strong.
    She does the Color Purple a disservice. Perhaps those involved in its production…Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopie Goldberg can say something in support of the MidEast’s one true democracy.

  • one of the tragedies of the african-american community is its susceptibility to both anti-semitism and the kind of demon-infested conspiracy thinking that informs Walker’s world view. and like so many other manifestations of anti-Semitism historically, it not only hurts Jews, in the long run it does even more damage to the cultures of the anti-semites.

    no one but the warmongers win with this kind of thinking… and yet I’m sure Alice thinks of herself as a good person working for peace and justice.

    • Eric R.

      As you point out, this sort of hatred is endemic in the black community. Jews worked hard for the civil rights of black Americans, and we got paid back with Jew-hating scum like Walker, Farrakhan and Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson. Go look at votes in Congress dealing with Israel and you will see how the CBC almost always voted in support of our genocidal enemies. Jews did the right thing during the civil rights era, and look at how we have been paid back.

      And as the Crown Heights pogrom and the Freddy’s Fashion Mart fire showed more than 20 years ago, they will manifest their hatred as violence against Jews and Jewish-owned property. So who is doing the warmongering, Mr. Landes? And what should Jews do when attacked? Nothing?

  • Ms.Walker just reflects the latent anti-Semitism that is in most Afro-Americans.I’m old enough to know it to be true.

  • one would think that being Ms Walker black she would know the obscenity of racism and would have the compassion to understand what a terrible disease it is..
    I for one, will not read her book because her position disgusts me.

    • Armando

      “one would think that being Ms Walker black she would know the obscenity of racism and would have the compassion to understand what a terrible disease it is..”
      Mirella, your surprise is extremely naive. The oppressed and downtrodden can becoee oppressors, and even murderers, overnight. Think of the Ukrainians, who suffered terribly under Stalin, and jumpped at the opportunity to murder Jews once the Nazis occupied Ukraine. Human psychology is much more complex than you seem to think. People don’t necessarily understand “the obscenity of racism” just because they’ve suffered from it. For some victims of racism, it is safer and easier to direct their anger at a safer target, the Jews, than at the historical perpectrators of slavery and racism. Witness the Nation of Islam, which publishes and distributes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and on occasions makes common cause with neo-Nazis.

  • Judie Selig

    Alice Walker has shown the world how ignorant and stupid she really has become. She has not been in the limelight for quite awhile and this is giving her 15 minutes of fame that she dearly needs! Her lies about us are disgraceful and we as Jews should take her lack of knowledge as a sign of her losing her place in the world. She is pathetic and needs deep therapy.

  • This is very sad, that a woman with as much sensitivity and insight about the terrible injustices experienced by people of African descent as Alice Walker, is overwhelmed by such a negative bias towards Israeli Jews. I wonder how such utter poison, such poisonous water, got into her well?

  • Herman Cummings

    Anyone with such an attitude has to be an idiot, demon possessed, or both. She will spend a warm eternity discussing such stupidity with Lucifer.

    Herman Cummings

  • Elliott

    She suffers from ASDD – Anti-Semitic Delusional Disorder. She needs professional help, long-term psychotherapy, and heavy medication…

  • Eric R.

    The Mossad should deal with her.

    • this is a stupid comment and should have been moderated out.

      • Eric R.

        Tell me two things Mr. Landes:

        a) Tell me, Professor Landes, why you are against Israel dealing with her and other Nazis in this manner? Don’t just give me a reflexive “How awful! We can’t say that!” How else are you going to stop such hatred coming from such sick, hate-filled scum like Walker, who is basically inciting people to genocide? Persuade them? This woman is deranged by her hate, and can no longer be reasoned with. People like her who support and incite people to murder Jews are just as bad as the suicide bombers themselves.

        b) Why do you feel the need to silence and eliminate postings you don’t like, Professor? You write a great blog, Mr. Landes, but perhaps you have been in academia too long, surrounded by leftist professors whose first instinct is to silence opininons they don’t like, and it has infected you as well.

        Israel is dealing with two genocidal groups that increasingly dominate the world – Marxists and Islamists. Playing nice will no longer work with such brutal totalitarian ideologies. To survive, Israel will have to play some very brutal hard ball. That is just a fact of life in an increasingly intolerant, anti-Semitic and totalitarian world. Trying to silence me does not change that.

        • Carl

          I completely agree with your assessment of genocidal marxists and islamists working together to incite and dominate, but you sound like a poster-boy for the discredited Jewish Defense League! Please try to respect the rule of law and don’t sink into mindless “tit-for-tat” retribution.

        • jon p

          this comment that israel needs to deal with marxists makes no sense. marxism was/is created and run by zionists. why would they want to destroy their own construct?

    • MBenFaivol

      The Mossad should not deal with her; for the Mossad to do so would give her new found stamina as well as give her cause even further celebrity status. If Eric really wants to do something about Ms. Walker, he should take responsibility and recognize that he has power to change the world–her world. He should undertake such activities as to become fully versed in her works that are anti-Semitic as well as what else she has done that is Pro-Palestinian. He should then find the areas he sees where confrontations leading to embarrassing her publicly can be addressed. THEN he should find a credible person or organization that has like-minded people who can help him formulate the attacks. At that point, he is ready to gain supporters to help and to then undertake non-violent confrontations. Good Luck. If I can help you, please get my email from Algemeiner.

    • aall55

      I could not AGREE more with you .

    • Anne Lawrence

      No, Mossad has more important things to do – really. History will take care of Alice. Please noise down the rhetoric against an elderly lady – she really isn’t taken seriously by the younger generation

      • Yocheved Leah

        Totally disagree with you. Because she is older means nothing. Young African Americans look up to her, her works are studied in universities around the world. She is extremely influential to young African Americans who have inherited anti-Semitic ideas. And why hasn’t Steven Spielberg said anything about her stupid BS rants?

      • Jack

        Alice walker, like Tutu, is a feather in the cap of antisemites masquerading as anti-Zionists. The BDS movement parades these characters as cultural icons, long past the day when their words had any significant meaning..

      • There is a great deal of racism and anti Semitism in the black community that is ignored.

      • I would respectfully disagree.

        She’s widely-lionized on the Left, alongside gap-toothed BDS Pimp, Dr. Cornell West. Add Toni ‘Mo Racist’ Morrison, and you have the makings of an Afrocentric ‘intellectual’ insurgency in America. And be very aware; their foot-soldiers are waging war on Israel, across North American university campuses.

        Share your thoughts on her facebook page. Or, create your own, and title it something like,

        ‘Enter the Nap, Afrocentric Antisemitism and the BDS Movement’

        (pls. don’t call me a ‘racist’ for saying that)

      • geoff

        She’s no lady! A lady would know you don’t spew anti-Semitism even if it is disguised as anti-Zionism. She is a low-grade propagandist with a mental problem.

    • You deal with her. The Mossad doesn’t engage in terrorism