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July 5, 2013 10:32 am

Muslim Brotherhood Claim: New Egyptian President Adly Mansour is Jewish

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Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Interim Egyptian President and Supreme Court Chief Adly Mansour became the target of Muslim Brotherhood mudslinging on Friday, complete with a counterfeit Facebook page, an impersonated journalist and an inevitable “retraction” from the Brotherhood website.

On its website, the Muslim Brotherhood sought to unmask Mansour, born and educated in Cairo, as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, which it re-classified as a Jewish sect, thus making him a descendant of Jews.

The Brotherhood’s claim, since removed from the website, was attributed to Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour (no relation to the interim president), who on a Facebook page, now believed to have been created to perpetuate this myth, said that Adly Mansour even approached the Coptic Pope in an effort to move closer to Christianity, but was refused a baptism. In the post, Mansour concludes: “Congratulations, [Egypt], you are now ruled by Jews and Christians.”

The Brotherhood’s website quoted Ahmed Mansour as posting: “This is a token gesture offered to the Jews by [former IAEA chief and Egyptian politician Mohamed] ElBaradei so that he can become President of the Republic in the fake elections that the military will guard and whose results they will falsify in their interests…All with the approval of America, Israel and the Arabs, of course.

“This is the glorious scene of the future of Egypt and the Arabs, who competed to recognize the coup, the coup whose drum the secularists are dancing to…even to the extent that one of them, who hates religion, Islam and the nation announced that he has been reborn…and that his date of birth is 30/6, that is, the day the army of defeats staged a coup against ballot box legitimacy.”

For his part, Ahmed Mansour denied that the Facebook page belonged to him, posting on his Twitter account, which appears to be real, that, “I do not have a Facebook account and everything that was published in my name through Facebook is false.”

According to Israel’s Channel 1o, the interim Egyptian president is set to name a provisional government, which he is to preside over, as early as Sunday. Among the candidates for prime minister being suggested is ElBaradei.

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  • usman

    May the wrath of Allah befall all the Egypt army and the president

  • SDAdventist

    He is Adventist…I saw him at church last Sabbath. lol

  • NYK

    Mursi didn’t apply 100% Shariah in his Islamic land … so Allah made him lose his seat. This is natural. Only the one who will have the full trust in Allah and implements 100% shriah will be victorious … For nono-Muslims it is their IGNORANCE tha tkeeps them barking like idiots. It doesn’t matter. Islam is indeed a powerful religion and it is the only religion which can salvage the sick world today. Allah keeeps count of everything … and evntually on the believers will be in bliss.

    • crap! we have moslems ruling the country here who do not implement even 60% of shariah’s requirement, and has been in power for 55 years, and is alive and well.

    • Flomely

      You are funny!! God is a wonderful God that love everybody the same. Almighty God. No matter if you are whatever religion you are as long you do the right thing you are safe… only a pure heart can be lead by God. Blessings to the new President!

    • I guarantee you live in the United States and you are trying to implement your beliefs on what’s best for the Egyptian people who are really living through the struggle. Lol NYK? What’s that an acronym for New York Knicks? Come on man aren’t you more interested in whether or not Carmelo Anthony is re-signing? Don’t you dare try and act like you know what’s best for the poor and sick who have been forgotten.

    • James

      My but your full of yourself . U r A pompous, over-reaching A^^. U definitely cum off as a kafir to true Islam.
      Every monotheistic religion says GOD keeps track of everything.
      Any group that demands that others obey it’s unqualified demands, (human demands) are sinning against GOD.
      In short sir, GET A LIFE!

  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    In all fairness, when generalising, as in “Egyptians”, we should consider also that the Brotherhood lasted but one year and, if not for the Egyptians with common sense, we would not have seen these tectonic changes. Furthermore, we are also essentially relying on the same sane Egyptians to carry on in their frontal conflict with the large mad Islamist contingents. So, even some mitzrim min Mitzraim can be trusted…………

  • Salomon

    Yes, its true! He name is not Adly Mansour.
    Indeed his is Mendel Manischewitz, from the Chelm shtetl.

    • I met Adly Mansur for 853 years ago in Warsow in Babylonien. We went to the same shool … His father was from Berlin in Makedonien………………..and was a kolleague with Mursis fifths wife………………….Is it enough for you or you want more details……………………………………….I will find out more yesterday……….

      • mike ibraham

        so now tell me who should the egyptians trust ?
        the one who married FIVE times, or a decent man, no matter his religion ???
        please smarten up !

  • art frank

    These arabs are all insane with Jew hatred. Hope the whole f’kin’ country implodes.

    • NYK

      Bortherhood will return. Don’t you have high hopes … Next time it will be 100% Shariah … nothing less nothing more … The laws of Allah are the best …

  • nrgreenfield

    That couldn’t be the same Al Jazeera that AlGore opened our airwaves to, could it?

  • Muslim Brotherhood is out for a while before they can come back again. It doesn’t matter what they think any more. Egyptians themselves have kicked them out. Somehow the concept of elections doesn’t seem to work in the Middle East. Maybe the current situation in Egypt can actually qualify for an Arab Spring, if there is one.

  • aall55

    you said there are 15 comments , i only see 3 , can you help ?

  • Jacqueline

    If a Jew was running the country they would not be broke

    • Moti

      He is a secret jewish….. Admirer.

      • mike ibraham

        true !! good for you jacqueline !!

    • Flomely

      He is not Jew. He is Adventist!! Both are different.

  • Bobbie R . Wilfong

    Pllease do not publish my email address!
    Question: Is this politician ElBaradai the same one that was on the Atomic Energy
    Commission for the United Nations?

    • jacob mandelblum

      Yes :
      This El Baradei is the same one presiding the UN Nuclear Inspection Commission who wouldn’t find what Iran was doing…
      Be as it may, anything is preferable to have a country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the very one Obamba considers a humanitarian organization and one of its adherents was Hillary´s right hand…

      I wonder how does it grab the 80% American Jews who elected him and the 70% who still reelected him, just because he was their DEMOCRAP party choice….

  • rofedoc

    Good News for Egypt:
    If Adley Mansour is Jewish, Egypt is sure to prosper and flourish..and…Christian Churches (Coptics ) will be able to practice their religion without fear of murder or firebombing their places of worship

    • And Moslems, Hindus, Protestants, Catholics, and all people of any other faith, will be able to practice their religion, as they see fit. Similarly, all people, regardless of sex, color, class, national origin or sexual orientation will be free to live as they chose. They will also have access to health care and will be able to obtain drivers licenses. This projected scenario seems similar to life in Israel, but markedly dissimilar to life in any other middle Eastern Country. But then, I’m preaching to the choir here.

    • mike ibraham

      excellent remark. God help them !

  • I don’ think Egypt will be that lucky

    • Jacquelyn

      I heard that !!!

  • Alon

    Einstein once said “Intelligence has limits that stupidity unfortunately does not know”.

  • Lunatics on the Nile.

  • Arthur Cohn

    El Baredai will be a big improvement over Morsi, but he also, as the UN official in charge of halting N-Bomb development by States which had signed on to the UN non-proliferation treaty, conspired with Iran to hide their dangerous N-Bomb development.

  • Carol

    Gee, I guess in some parts of the world that’s about the worst thing you could say about someone.

  • Sara

    Mansour could possibly be a Jewish name, but I doubt a Jew would have lasted in the Egyptian government this long if his true identity had been known

  • Funny…he doesn’t look Jewish! And Steven is correct, if he is Jewish, Egypt may have some hope!

  • john


    • Chole Mortez

      That sounds like a reliaty show. “Undercover Rabbis”

  • aall55

    how long will it takes to get the Jews dragged into their mess ?

    they need a common scapegoat , don’t they ?

  • This is proof that even the Muslims don’t know what is controlling their thinking and behavior. I know! It their culture.
    Read: The Arab Mind, Culture and Conflict, The Third Choice, From Time Immemorial, Infidel and The Prince by Machiavelli. The you will know to.

  • Steven

    Egypt should only be that lucky …

    • carol

      You are not kidding.