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July 16, 2013 10:15 am

ADL ‘Applauds’ De Blasio’s Campaign to Highlight Saudi Arabian Airlines ‘Six-Decades of Discrimination’

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Bill de Blasio. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Anti-Defamation League praised New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s probe of Saudi Arabian Airlines’ anti-Israeli policy of not allowing Israelis to fly the airline.

In an email to The Algemeiner on Monday night, the ADL wrote: “We applaud Bill De Blasio’s campaign to highlight Saudi Arabian Airlines six-decades of discrimination against Israeli passport holders.

“Saudi Arabia, along with numerous other Arab countries, have refused entry to people traveling on Israeli passports since 1948. As many travelers know, many of these countries will not allow entry even to individuals who have an entry stamp from Israel in their passport.

“Mr. De Blasio is attacking this old prejudice with a new approach, and seeking to change Saudi Arabian Airline’s policies through U.S. anti-discrimination statutes.”

De Blasio announced Monday that a probe by his office uncovered discriminatory practices by the airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, in violation of both state and federal law. A letter from De Blasio to the airline demanded an end to the practice and threatened action to have the airline excluded from the U.S. market.

JFK Airport and the Israeli Consulate in New York did not respond to The Algemeiner’s requests for comment. Saudi officials and Saudi Arabian Airlines representatives could not be reached.

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  • Jasper

    Mr. De Blasio — all bombast and bully – dosent have the power or the influence to ban SAL — Saudis have friends in high places too — we prefer diplomacy to threats. Pick some other issue for political promotion. (_)? . Jas

  • Ron

    This has nothing to do with the airline.

    All Saudia flights go to or from Saudi Arabia. Israelis are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, or to transit. No airline will take a passenger to a country that they are not allowed to enter.

  • Sophie

    Good for Mr. De Blasio for bring notice to Saudi Arabian Airline’s policies of discrimination towards Israeli’s and those showing entrance to Israel.”
    It seem discrimination by Arabs is accepted.

    Truth be told…Tell me; why an Israeli or anyone in the world who loves freedom and the safety of their lives would want to fly the Saudi Arabian Airline.
    I certainly wouldn’t buy a ticket and spend my money supporting anyone who wants to destroy Israel.

    Let them discriminate.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Good move, is time that the Saudi Arabian are take to scrutinize by they continues discrimination.
    The Arab are damaging Israel and negate world citizen like me ( Australia) fly connection with Israel.
    I had been in Dubai twice on my visit to Italy but had to renounce to visit Israel as can do only from EU and was not affordable for my pocked. That is discrimination as I was a few Km from Israel.

    • Sophie

      Weren’t there any other airlines out of Dubai?
      Do Saudi Arabian Airline have monopoly in Dubai?

  • Uriahh

    Our govt. makes a very big deal out of alleged discrimination within our own borders. It also threatens all of us with prosecution for violating somebody’s civil rights.
    But when it comes to Saudi blatant discrimination, it remains silent. The Saudis have had major influence in DC for years. Former presidents owe large pieces of their personal fortunes to the Saudi royalty.
    NYC may bring anti-discrimination charges against Saudi Airlines but it won’t get any help from the Feds. Sad but true!

  • RP

    “Mr. De Blasio is attacking this old prejudice with a new approach, and seeking to change Saudi Arabian Airline’s policies through U.S. anti-discrimination statutes.”

    I wonder why no one has ever tried this before.

    • Mel

      Western politicians are noted for conducting and attending balls, usually paid unknowingly by taxpayers.
      Rare is the politician who possesses a pair of his own.

      • Drchcago

        Very good, funny

  • babaganoush

    F.U the Saudi-airlines