Jewish Heavy Metal Rocker David Draiman Takes on Roger Waters, Urges Twitter Followers to Condemn ‘Flagrant Display of Anti-Semitism’

July 25, 2013 11:44 am 55 comments
Heavy metal rocker David Draiman urged Twitter followers to condemn anti-Semite Roger Waters. Photo: WikiCommons.

Heavy metal rocker David Draiman urged Twitter followers to condemn anti-Semite Roger Waters. Photo: WikiCommons.

Jewish heavy metal rocker David Draiman asked his 120,000 plus Twitter followers to condemn British rock musician and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters and his latest stunt, after the musician released a giant pig shaped balloon emblazoned with a Star of David into the sky at a July 18th concert in Belgium, as reported by The Algemeiner yesterday.


Waters is well known as a vocal activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” “apartheid” and “international crimes” in a November 2012 address at the United Nations. Last Fall, he was also at the forefront of efforts to boycott an Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

In Thursday’s emotion-filled Twitter-sphere, Draiman went on to engage Twitter users who challenged his comments. “Seriously its not anti-Semitism he’s against the actions of the state nit the religion or the people as a whole,” wrote user Curtis Deck.


“You guys could be right but I’m not sure that the crowd he draws cares, or even understands anti-Semitism. Ignorance abounds,” wrote user Jack Durrell, to which Draiman responded, “HIS CROWD IS DIVERSE AND HUGE AND THEY SHOULD CARE.”

Draiman, the lead singer of heavy metal band Disturbed and new group Device, has family in Israel, including his brother, Jerusalem-based folk rock and ambient musician Ben Draiman, and his grandmother, according to Loudwire magazine.

Earlier this year, Draiman told Ultimate Guitar magazine that rock and roll and Nazi symbolism don’t mix: ”I don’t give a f*** who you are. If you’re going to brandish Nazi symbolism, I’m going to have a problem with you because I don’t understand how anybody could think it’s OK to wear something on their body that symbolizes the annihilation and genocide of my people. I’m not OK with that and there is no excuse and there is no explanation.”

Draiman said in the interview that he wrote the song “Never Again,” on his Asylum album, “about the Holocaust and the people who deny it, like Ahmadinejad. And part of our live show includes a video presentation depicting him as the new Hitler.”

Draiman’s comments came as Jewish human rights group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, called the display a “classic disgusting medieval anti-Semitic caricature” in a statement, after yesterday urging all entertainers to denounce Waters’s “anti-Semitism and bigotry.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Center, told The Algemeiner that “with this disgusting display, Roger Waters has made it crystal clear. Forget Israel, never mind ‘limited boycotts promoting Middle East Peace.’ Waters  is an open hater of Jews.”

Other groups have also let it be known that his public comments would have repercussions; El Al Israel Airlines last week canceled a promotional package bringing Israelis to a Roger Waters’ concert in Budapest next month.


  • Israel Liberated Judea and Samaria – Just like U.S. and its allies liberated Kuwait.
    Iraq conquered and occupied Kuwait a sovereign Nation and was liberated by the U.S. and its allies.
    Israel without outside help liberated Judea and Samaria after it was attacked by Jordan and removed Jordanian occupation, just like the allies liberated Kuwait. It also had a war with Egypt and Syria at the same time – June 5-10, 1967.
    Historically Gaza was a Jewish City and the Golan Heights was always Jewish territory.
    YJ Draiman

  • Israel does not have to defend its’ legitimacy! r4
    Israel’s rights to the land is ingrained in history, archeological findings, international law and possession. Just like the Arab States have not been required to defend their legitimacy, Israel should also not be required to defend its’ legitimacy. The 21 Arab States and the State of Israel were set up by the Allied Powers after WWI, when the Ottoman Empire relinquished its title to the territories to the Allied Powers. The British were assigned as trustee for the Jewish people to help reconstitute the Jewish State as Implemented by the San Remo Treaty of 1920. The San Remo Treaty adopted the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Of importance is the fact treaty terms and documents prove there was no state allocation of land to any other people or nation other than the Jewish people in Israel. It should also be noted the League of Nations set up the Mandate for Palestine as a State for the Jewish people with exclusive political rights.
    The Jewish people who lived in Israel for over 4,000 had additional Jewish immigration in the mid 1800. The local Jewish people with the infusion of more Jewish immigration, resources, funding and with the explicit permission by the Ottoman government, started developing the land. Within a short time the Jewish people started turning the desert and desolation into green pastures, thus, building an economy, agriculture, housing and industry. Many Arabs from neighboring depressed states who viewed this development as an opportunity for work and an improved standard of living, came to work in Palestine.
    It is of interest in this conflict to take into consideration. The Arab countries expelled over a million Jews, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land 5-6 times the size of Israel. Most of these expelled Jews from Arab countries were resettled in Greater Israel.
    Over the past 68 years Israel has become a thriving nation with exemplary innovation in education, technology, high tech industry and medicine. Many nations admire Israel’s outstanding development and innovation. Israel has always been extending a helping hand to any nation that wants to learn and advance in industry, technology and medicine.
    The Arab-Palestinians saw an opportunity to get land and a country that was developed and flourished by the Jewish people. They decided that through intimidation, harassment and violence to usurp the Jewish habitants into capitulating to their scheme of an Arab-Palestinian State on Land allocated to the Jewish people . The Arab-Palestinians live on charity from the nations of the world. They are unwilling to help themselves. After the 1967 war when Israel defeated the 5 Arab armies who tried to destroy it, Israel started employing many of the Arabs in the liberated Jewish territory, educating them in agriculture and water resources. In the following years the standard of living of the Arabs jumped 5 fold and more, and their economy and housing blossomed. When the terrorist organization entered the picture and instigated the Arab population to start terror and violence against the Israelis, the economic advancement was slowed down if not halted. The dire predicament of the Arab-Palestinians is of their own making.
    If you look at Arab land it is desolate and barren, with few exceptions. At the same time, the Jewish land is blooming and developing at an accelerated tempo. The Arabs, rather than follow the example set by Israel, tried to take the Jewish land by force and lost 4 wars in a span of 25 years.
    The Arab-Palestinians current actions in the political and legal arena is a result of losing 4 wars and various battles with Israel. They not only could not win ground, but in fact have caused themselves a downward spiral toward economic desolation.
    The Arab-Palestinians have switched tactics and have now gained more ground and concessions by playing the peace game. The Arab-Palestinians obfuscation and disinformation campaign along with various pleadings in front of the U.N. and other International bodies has gained them more inroads. The power of oil and the Arab Countries, who do not want the Arab-Palestinians to return to their countries, are helping them promote the false information, and utilizing their numerical control in the U.N. to pass any resolution that they deem necessary to advance their cause.
    Money, power and greed promoted hate and anti-Semitism by the Arabs in order to force Israel into surrendering territory to the Arab-Palestinians. The Arabs are trying to initiate land piracy camouflaged as legal rights to the land of Israel.
    Jewish resistance to persecution by the Arabs and the world at large: Any level headed individual would think that after WWII and the 6 million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust (plus another 5 million of other ethnic groups) would diminish, if not eliminate anti-Semitism and baseless hatred. It seems that no matter the amount of unwarranted persecution, and no matter the sacrifices the Jewish people have endured through the ages, Anti-Semitism continues to raise its ugly head.
    The Media is guilty of escalating hostilities and violence in Israel and elsewhere. The Media has a responsibility to deliver fair and unbiased reporting. They influence the information that people rely on. It is an awesome responsibility and it must be handled with factual un-slanted reporting. Peoples lives depend on it; maybe yours or someone you love. Do we need a legal task force to discipline the Media when they intentionally distort the truth and or stage events for Media sensationalism? I would like your comments and input.
    The affects on the world at large: Has humanity lost its values and fairness? The answer is no. In order to lose something, one must first possess it and the truth is, the world has never had total control of values and fairness. In today’s world, where money and power is pursued at all costs (see Machiavelli) , the core family unit is disintegrating and family values deteriorating. Honesty, integrity and fair-play seem to be a thing of the past. Where are we as human beings of the 21st century heading? Obviously downward.
    Take some time to reflect on the truth of what is stated here. Do you really want this kind of world for your children? Senseless hate and destruction must not be tolerated. I urge you to wake up, take the bull by the horn and pursue a path of correction, or we are doomed as a civilized people.
    YJ Draiman
    P.S. How many holidays do the Arabs celebrate due to historical events in the land of ancient Israel. The Jewish people celebrate most of their holidays and fast days in memory of and the goal and aspiration to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem – where it was before it was destroyed and desecrated by the enemies of the Jews. Many of the Jewish prayers for thousands of years recite the love of Israel and the Jewish aspirations to return to their ancestral land and bring back its glory and holiness.

    In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.
    Ben Gurion

    “Nobody does Israel any service by proclaiming its ‘right to exist.’ [As a Jewish State] Israel’s right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgement. . . .There is certainly no other state, big or small, young or old, that would consider mere recognition of its ‘right to exist’ a favor, or a negotiable concession.”
    Abba Eban

  • Now YHVH had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (GENESIS 12:1-3)

  • george, you didn’t spell your name with a capital letter, according to my graphology book, it means you think nothing of yourself!

    You are, in other words, a self-hater and by definition, you have a death wish.

    Therefor your opinion doesn’t really count, since you would take sides with those that would kill you, does it?

    • I attended a concert on Roger Waters’ tour during summer 2013. The Star of David was only one of many symbols projected on the pig. The Christian cross and the Islamic star-and-crescent symbol were there, too, along with dollar signs. The Star of David was not more prominent than the others. The impression I got was that Waters was making a connection between organized religion and greed.

      In 1977, Pink Floyd (Roger Waters’ former band) released an album called “Animals,” inspired by George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm.” The album included songs that compared segments of society to dogs, sheep, and pigs. Floyd and/or Waters have been using a giant, inflatable pig as a concert prop ever since. If you are at all familiar with the band’s career, you know that they have always been bitingly critical of organized religion, and authoritarian structures in general.

      Some of the comments others have left here are thinly veiled death threats. I’m happy you found a place to blow off steam, but please check your facts before you advocate killing someone.

      On the other hand, Waters has made it clear that he doesn’t like the Israeli occupation of Palestine; that fact alone may make you hate him and want him dead. But for those of you who are less zealous, you have to consider the possibility that David Draiman was fed out-of-context information by agitators. To me, it looks like a straw-man attack on Waters.

      • What a great response. There are 2…or 10 sides to every story. I am a long time Pink Floyd fan and like to think that I understand their thoughts on life. You have reaffirmed that.

      • John F. Levine

        BINGO! Kudos Aba Cad!

  • While it’s true that Roger Waters is an ignorant racist, and a no-talent waste of space, the important thing to remember is, he has lots of fans/followers…many of whom are as ignorant as he.

    Waters could be their “voice of reason”, just as Hitler was the “voice of reason” for hundreds of thousands of like thinking people in the 30s and 40s and beyond.

    These haters cannot/should not be ignored.

    Never again.

  • And.. you don’t have to be a fanatical Zionist to know that this Roger Waters is a pseudo-Nazi who latches onto the State of Israel as if he were being prophetic. Waters is a self-serving opportunist and it is a shame that the BDS campaign has not disassociated itself from his Nazi-like performance.
    abraham Weizfeld Ph.D. cand.
    Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians

    • Rachamim Dwek

      BDS is itself an Anti Semitic movement by definition. It isn’t concerned with a perceived “Occupation.” Nor does it support the 2 State Solution. Asked for its endgame, both co-leaders Judith Butler and Omar Barghouti offer that their aim is to destroy Israel. Asked why they would want to do this, both consistently reply, “Because it is Jewish.” Ergo, why would BDS distance itself? If anything it will remain silent in a calculated response but without a doubt, it does not bother them one iota.

  • Mitch Stein

    If you’re gonna protest Roger Waters for putting a Star Of David on a prop in one of his shows, then I want to see a boycott of every church that raises a cross within sight of those of us who have no use for it (or every baseball player who wears one around his neck on national TV, or awards ceremonies where the recipients thank God for their success). It’s a symbol. A religious symbol to be sure, but it’s still just a drawing. For all anyone knows, Roger might have simply been presenting satire: a visual paradox of something “Kosher” appearing on a very NON-Kosher animal. I’m Jewish and of course dislike anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head, but this is ridiculous. If you don’t like Roger Waters, don’t listen to his music. We have **EXPONENTIALLY** more racists, bigots and religious extremists here in the U.S. (represented by their own elected bigots in Congress) whose despicable hatred needs to be silenced before we should start worrying about something like this. When I was a kid, my religious school class went to the Nazi march in Skokie, IL. Many people there yelled back at the Nazis with hatred, or simply boycotted the parade entirely…thereby giving the Nazis exactly what they came to get. We instead decided to point and laugh loudly at the Nazis as they passed, and I can tell you firsthand that they were significantly — and visibly — upset by our laughter and ridicule at their pitiful, pathetic existence since we didn’t allow the the satisfaction of upsetting us (’cause if you strip away a Nazi’s uniform, he’s just an ignorant, insecure and often inbred loser crying out for acceptance). If more people took the path of laughing at those pathetic individuals instead of crying out to the PC police every time someone puts letters together to form words (or lines to create symbols) that some people don’t like to hear or see (’cause we’ve been *taught* that those words or collections of lines are BAD; the swastika is actually an appropriated ancient symbol of peace), we’d be much farther down the path of peace between all people; as long as religion continues to be used to divide, conquer, repress, oppress, control, intimidate, persecute and discriminate, we are doomed.

    • The prop you speak about is a PIG, such as all Jews and Christians are pigs and monkeys in islam.

      It seems to me you are an atheist. In Islam, the worst of the worst since you are not a people of he book. The fate that awaits you in islam is DEATH.

      As for religious extremists, yes, they exist but nowhere and in no case are they ordered to kill you such as in islam.

      Sometimes, people just shoot themselves in the foot through their own ignorance… PEACE.

    • He wants to exterminate the Jewish state. Got it now?

    • Sorry but this answer sounds ignorant. Most of the population is ignorant easily influenced yet very powerful. Do you not remember an entire country of followers work to annihilate us? Not to that this is the answer but please don’t try to wash this away as nothing. That would fall under the ignorant liberal flag that will change its tune only when an apartheid is facing them personally. Similar to how most Jews responded in Europe.

    • Stop making excuses for him – it’s pathetic!

      Crosses are worn as a symbol of belief, not as a symbol of protest, which the star of David on the pig was.

      That a Jewish person would openly try and defend an obvious act of antisemitism through obfuscation is totally beyond me and I find it despicable.

      There are many symbols that are completely benign, but when used in a certain way, they become associated with what they are used for. e.g. the swastika.

      Likewise, the star of David (as opposed to the Israeli flag of which the star is only a part) was used by the Germans in WWII to identify Jews for extermination. It has thereby become a symbol of the Jews, and not of Israel.

      That roger waters has issue with Israel is one thing and I challenge him to prove his allegations, which he will be unable to do, before indiscriminately attacking Jews as a whole.

      It may just be, that whist you call yourself Jewish, you may actually have lost your identity!

    • ConcernedJew

      Keep on being willfully ignorant and dismissive of the fact that Waters is clearly anti-Semitic, not just anti-Israel. Using just the Star of David, not Israel’s flag on an inflatable pig is plainly unmistakably offensive. There is no doubt at all what this sicko thinks about all Jews.. This is exactly the same thinking that led to the Shoah because people couldn’t imagine or think that HITLER and his followers meant what they said and wanted to do to Jews, even after they discriminated, harnessed, terrorized, segregated, and finally murdered.

    • Keep burying your head in the sand, numbnuts. Just like the Jews in Europe did in the 30s.

    • I can’t believe that as a Jew, you just compared someone who is an open racist putting our Star of David on a huge Pig to someone wearing a cross.

    • You were going okay till you used the word ” inbred ” ; thusly, you lost all credibity. A discerning reader woudn’t waste his time with your views.

    • We have to react and speak up. We can’t just let the voices of Emma Thompson and Roger Waters be heard in favoring boycott of Israel, speaking in defense of the Palestininians. It is important especially for celebrities like Scarlett Johanssen and David Draiman who are most noticeable to be voices for Israel.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Rock on David Draiman!!!!

  • Waters is a twit – and a second rate musician.

  • Roger Waters is a no talent slob. Anyone who knows anything about Pink Floyd knows that the driving forces behind the Band were the late Syd Barreett and David Gilmour–both who hated Roger Waters guts because they most likely knew what kind of person he was many years ago. Nick Mason and the departed Richard Wright felt the exact same way. So there you have it. They all unceremoniously threw that crappy bass player who can’t hold a note (he makes Edith Bunker sound like Beverly Sills)out of their band many years ago for good reason.

    So it’s much ado about nothing. Anyone who wastes their money (not many Jews) to see old man Waters in concert deserves what they get… which is goornisht.

    • Are you kidding? What are you trying to say? On the one hand you criticize Waters for being a lousy bass player, erego he’s a loser; on the other hand you write what can be viewed as a racist statement about Jews in this, the following: ” Anyone who wastes their money ( not many Jews )…” It’s plain ole incoherent. In the beginning, you’re making it clear Waters is a douchebag. Okay. Fine. Whatever. And then in your parting words you insert the common stereotype that Jews are penny-pinchers or even misers, to basically say, ” Oh! What’s the big deal? Jews are such misers that this Waters controversy can’t possibly harm them as they would never pinch out a few coins for a his rock concerts. So no problem.” !

    • Oingo Boingo

      Nick Mason supports BDS and Gilmour does benefits Hope (for balestein) Foundation (see their postcards). It seems a common cause over came their diffferences. So IL is a light unto the self absorbed douchebag aholes

  • We must protest but the ultimate answer to Walters is increased Jewish awareness.

    Every Jew that does a commandment, good deed or even learns Torah increases the Spiritual light and joy that the Walters of the world want to destroy.
    The Jews are G-d’s chosen people; chosen to tell the gentiles how much G-d loves them and ALL His creations; creating,provides our needs every instant!
    Walters preaches hate and destruction. Lets show him what real meaning and joy is.

    • “chosen to tell the gentiles how much G-d loves them….” Is this really an essential aspect of Judaism or is it some modern reinterpretation? Is this “Tikkun Olam”? I’ve read that this concept originated in the Middle Ages with kaballah. And it seems that a lot of liberal/reform American Jews preach this as if it were the heart and soul of Judaism – these being the same so-called progressives who helped to elect and re-elect our anti-Semitic, Muslim president. I don’t think it’s our job to ‘repair the world’, and it’s sanctimonious and dangerous to think we know how. And no one appreciates such efforts! African Americans hate Jews more now than they did before we fought for their civil rights. The Southern Poverty Law Center, with its millions in Jewish donations, is now a major supporter of Islamist propaganda in this country. Meanwhile, the same liberal American Jewish community disavowed the Serbs who died by the millions to protect their Jews in WWII. I don’t know why American Jews have become so ignorant, stupid, hypocritical, complacent and narcissistic (and I include myself in this). We’re not qualified to repair anything in the condition we’re in, and charity begins at home!

      • Steven Kalka

        US Reform Jews walk around like they’re still fighting the czar. The black civil rights establishment talks like it’s still 1960 in the Deep South, despite such improvement in conditions that we’ve had a reverse migration of blacks to the south. Why are so many Jews still fighting yesterday’s battles and not todays?

      • Well said, Pam.

        Judaism and Jews have been hijacked by foreign agents pretending to speak for us. I include in that all of the “Jewish” media and “Jewish” organizations. They are no different than the rest of the alphabet soup propaganda outlets. Follow the money. Most often than not the money trail leads to the CIA/Vatican, their thieving fascist multinational corporations and foundations. Everyone really needs to read up and educate themselves on this mafia.

        The Tikkun Olam scum, the Talmudist Vatican clowns,.. You can immediately spot these Vatican impostors by their hatred for Israel and the people of Israel. Like their nazi pig skull brethren, they receive their funding and propaganda agendas from the CIA and the Vatican.

      • Stuart Kaufman

        Thank you, Pam. The Reform movement has distorted Judaism to such a degree that it cut the last cord years ago. Whatever it is now, It is no longer Jewish.

        • Henry Exhaust

          #Stuart Kaufman
          Who made you the arbiter of who is a Jew? Maybe you need to look more to your brethren instead of at the bima.

      • Elliot J. Stamler

        I don’y know if this libeler “Pam” is the you-know Pam – she probably is.Jews. I am a Zionist as are the overwhelming majority of Reform Jews. This disgusting hatred that the Orthodox display in these comments is a perfect cause of the tremendous retaliatory loathing that 87% of we non-Orthodox have for them. I as a Zionist and a Reform Jew am furious that we are being slandered and insulted by people who think they alone are the real and indeed only Jews. Lastly, I am proud to be a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center and “Pam’s” vile libel is as much a filthy lie as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The center is NOT a spreader of Islamist propaganda and indeed is a valorous fighter against anti-semitism. The sheer radical vitriol of “Pam” makes me think it is probably the shrill, hate-spewing harridan from Long Island who has made common cause with the worst of the crazy Tea Party fascists in her maniacal hatred of everyone they disagree with. Just remember this: 70% of American Jews proudly voted for Pres. Obama and we would retch before voting for the kind of creatures endorsed by “Pam” and the other haters of Reform Jews, Democratic Jews, Liberal Jews, Conservative (denominationally) Jews and in fact ALL JEWS except Jews who are just like them.

        • To be Jewish!

          According to the Torah (and let’s forget the Rabbis for the moment) there are certain things that one should (and shouldn’t) do!

          These beliefs are central to Juadaism and, in my opinion, are what has allowed it to continue to survive all those that would have destroyed it.

          To discard certain aspects, as not being relevant, is to pick and choose from what many consider to be divine, and who gave us that right?

          Does one choose what parts of a car one wishes to use?

          Would one fly in a plane where that pilot decides he can do without one of the engines?

          Will an e-mail arrive at it’s destination if you substitute a comma for a full stop?

          The reform movement was started (strongly) in Germany just before the war, by people that wanted to be seen as less different from the general population.

          They threw out what wasn’t relevant and substituted for other things, have you ever seen a Chanuka bush? The tree is totally pagan in origin and has NOTHING to do with Chanuka at all!

          Jews became assimilated very quickly and it was difficult to tell them apart from the Germans> However, that did not stop adolf shitler from killing them!

          So when you say ALL JEWS, who do you really mean, those that try to follow what is written in the Torah, who consider it to be divine (after all, Judaism is a religion, and therefor, divine in orgin) OR, those that pick and choose and therefor negate the inherent divinity by saying (through their actions) that the Torah is not divine?

        • As for being a Zionist, where are you, sitting in your armchair nice and cosy in the good ol’ U.S. of A?

          Or perhaps somewhere else?

          A “Zionist” is someone who wishes to live in Israel and generally does so!

          A Zionist sympathiser, would more aptly fit the description with which I began my reply!

          You wanna be a Zionist, come live in Israel, no pretenders here, just the real thing!

      • RIGHT ON!!!

  • Maybe we should begin reacting when we are dragged into the mud. Roger Waters keeps on spewing his hatred on the Jews and Israel, and the only responses we find is cancelling promotional packages or sending tweets in caps lock. What will careen us towards our ruin is not the anti-Semites, but rather the inaction we opt for when we face them.

  • Well said David Draiman.

    George, take your tablets with the waters.

  • Instead of giving that Joo-baiting nazi troll publicity, an effective measure would be to knock some sense into his pig skull — literally. Like the propaganda outlets that this pig skull likes to parrot, these nazi pigs will not stop with their lies and incitement until THEY are confronted with violence.

  • Hurray for David Draiman. A real hero.

  • Good for David Draiman. I love what he said.

  • Kudos to Roger Waters!

    Excellent – we need more Waters – to he11 with the jeu world order

    • Spoken like true neo-n&zi trash.

      • Ready on the left, ready on the right; sight alignment, sight picture, deep breath let out half way and…

    • And may you be the victim of the next terrorist attack, you and all the other nazi vermin. It is a shame that there is not a pesticide to send you where you belong.

      • Right on!

        • Jeu world order??? OMG, it’s amazing how many morons are anti semites. I liked Draiman’s response, we need to speak up and face these disgusting people.

          I’m a grandmother and pray for a world of peace for my grandchildren, but the road to peace is not being a doormat to these people, most of them can’t be reasoned with anyway. Waters will get his as will all evil people, I am a believer!

          • Gayle, that’s why they are anti semites, they are simply incapable of thinking for themselves – just believe what is politically correct!

            Question: If honest politician = oxymoron

            Then politically correct = ?

          • Christina Lily

            The filthy Jews caused so many racial problems in America and have been behind destroying the black race by mixing it with white. The Jews are also behind the sick and ungodly gay marriage as they fully fund and run the LGBT. They also are behind all the porn in the USA.finally Jews are behind Abortion in America and they enacted blood libel on the infants of the USA. The Jews have destroyed the United States. Roger Waters is accurate in using a pig to represent them.

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  • Theater US & Canada Star of Auschwitz Thriller Says ‘God Was Holding the Hand of Every Jew in the Gas Chamber’ (VIDEO)

    Star of Auschwitz Thriller Says ‘God Was Holding the Hand of Every Jew in the Gas Chamber’ (VIDEO)

    The lead actor in Son of Saul, an Auschwitz thriller featured at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, told the UK’s The Guardian that he believes God was “holding the hand” of each Jew who died in the Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust. “I do not for one nanosecond like to pretend that God is off the hook. He could and should have stopped it at a much earlier stage,” Géza Röhrig, 48, said. ”But I would not be able to get [...]

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  • Music Backstreet Boys Singer Howie D Gushes Over Masada During Israel Trip

    Backstreet Boys Singer Howie D Gushes Over Masada During Israel Trip

    Backstreet Boys singer Howie Dorough took to Instagram on Tuesday to marvel about climbing the famed Masada fortress with his band during their visit to Israel, where they will perform this week for the first time. The group’s second day of sightseeing in the Jewish state included the Masada hike, and taking a mud bath at the Dead Sea. A picture from the band’s official Twitter page shows the five singers covered in mud. While relaxing in the Dead Sea, [...]

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  • Book Reviews US & Canada ‘Arms and the Dudes:’ New Book, Film Detail How Ex-Orthodox Yeshiva Guys Became Top Suppliers for Afghan Army

    ‘Arms and the Dudes:’ New Book, Film Detail How Ex-Orthodox Yeshiva Guys Became Top Suppliers for Afghan Army

    A new book and its upcoming film adaptation tell the true story of how three former yeshiva students who habitually smoked marijuana scored a $300 million contract from the U.S. government to supply weapons for the Afghan Army, the New York Daily News reported on Sunday. Arms and the Dudes details how the Miami Beach potheads became “the most unlikely gunrunners in history,” according to the book’s author, investigative reporter Guy Lawson. The tale begins with Efraim Diveroli, nephew of [...]

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  • Blogs Theater Natalie Portman: Israel-Themed ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’ Not Political

    Natalie Portman: Israel-Themed ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’ Not Political – Natalie Portman, who directs and stars in the new Hebrew-language film adaptation of author Amos Oz’s A Tale of Love and Darkness, says that despite Oz’s record as a vocal left-wing critic of Israel, her film is not political. Like the book on which it is based, Portman’s film is about a young boy at the time of the founding of the state of Israel. “I think the movie is very much about this very particular, specific family story. Of [...]

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