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August 2, 2013 6:26 am

Roger Waters and His Ilk are the Real Hate-Mongers

avatar by Abraham Cooper

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Roger Waters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

When Roger Waters floated a huge pig balloon stamped with the Jewish Star of David at his recent concert in Belgium, the aging rock figure confirmed his place on the “A” List of Anti-Semites.

Before there was the Internet, before TV, magazines, and newspapers, Jew-haters in Europe created woodcuts of Jews suckling on a wild pig, seen here, an image later regularly deployed by the Nazi’s Der Stuermer newspaper and by the Soviet Union to stir up violent anti-Jewish animus.

In 2013, Waters chose to adorn a flying pig with various icons of fascism, dictatorships, and multinational corporations. The Star of David was the only symbol of a people and its heritage. The image can be seen here.

The 69-year-old founder of the band Pink Floyd has never hidden his loathing for the Jewish State. While we aren’t sure he ever condemned Palestinian suicide terror attacks that killed and maimed hundreds of Israel civilians, he vehemently opposed the Israeli West Bank barrier that put an end to such cross-border horrors, labeling the fence an “obscenity” that “should be torn down.” In 2009, he pledged support to the Gaza Freedom March, and has since played a prominent role in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

While the BDS campaign has failed to improve the life of a single Palestinian, it has managed to complicate the delicate efforts of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to reboot Israeli/Palestinian peace talks and to bully some entertainers into canceling appearances in the Jewish State.

In their latest alleged “victory,” some BDSers used threats to keep *Eric Burdon from grinding out his signature House of The Rising Sun. The lead Animals singer initially cancelled his appearance—after a campaign of intimidation that included death threats, but some reports insist he will show up in Tel Aviv for his August gig.

Waters lends his voice in support of these ‘pro-peace’ bullies, whose public face speaks of “nonviolent pressure to end the Occupation” -but whose real goal isn’t peace and reconciliation, but instead the isolation and demonization of Israel as an ‘apartheid state’.

With the rest of the Middle East imploding before our eyes, BDSers count on celebrities to spout outlandish anti-Israel stances as a way to ensure media coverage.

That helps account for the recent antics of self-anointed celebrity Middle East activists. A protest letter signed by three-dozen British celebrities, including actress Emma Thompson, followed unsuccessful demonstrations at London’s Old Globe Theater to cancel a Hebrew language performance of The Merchant of Venice by Israel’s renowned Habima Theater. Habima’s sin? “…a shameful record of involvement with illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory.” These cultural icons’ outrage was absent, however, during a performance of Richard III in Mandarin, despite brutal Chinese repression in Tibet.

Some celebrities who have caved to BDS pressure – such as Meg Ryan, Carlos Santana, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, and Snoop Dogg – gave the excuse of “scheduling conflicts.”

But not Waters. He hasn’t masked his animus for the Jewish state and now he has floated his anti-Semitism and desecration of the national symbol of the Jewish people for the entire world to see.

Will any of his ‘activist’ peers or music buddies take him on? So far we only hear sounds of silence.

For every Animal scared away, there are plenty of A-list entertainers showcasing their talents in Israel to their Jewish and Arab fans – including Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake. When Color Purple author Alice Walker—a fanatical BDSer who won’t even allow her novel to be translated into Hebrew—urged R&B star Alicia Keys not perform in Israel to avoid the “soul danger” of visiting “an apartheid country” practicing a discrimination worse than “American apartheid,” the 14-time Grammy winner Keys responded: “I look forward to my first visit to Israel. Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of our show.” By performing in Tel Aviv on July 4, Keys declared her independence from intimidation and blackmail.

Mr. Waters has now claimed on a social networking site that he is not an anti-Semite, and has family and friends who are Jewish. But by boycotting Israel, he is using his cultural status to single out only Israel and punish all of her citizens, whatever their political views or religious status. If he doesn’t want to see his talents, energies, and name serve those who seek Israel’s demise through their anti-Semitic campaign, he should immediately walk out of the BDS movement. And permanently lose that Star of David on his pig.

Let’s hope that other cultural icons will have the guts to denounce Roger Waters’ hate, and, like Alicia Keys, use their G-d-given talents to inspire young people to embrace peace and reconciliation.

*Since the publication of this  op-ed, Eric Burdon  decided to go ahead with his show in Israel stating, “I’m not afraid to preform here and very happy to be back in Israel.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

The opinions presented by Algemeiner bloggers are solely theirs and do not represent those of The Algemeiner, its publishers or editors. If you would like to share your views with a blog post on The Algemeiner, please be in touch through our Contact page.

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  • Rant

    Roger is the biggest pig on wing, that’s why pf broke up because he thinks his shit does not stink. O it stinks to HIGH HEAVEN.

  • Thomas

    And just a last thing : I’ve never seen the lyrics of “In the flesh” as antisemitic, on the contrary they seemed to me a clear statement against discrimination (against jews, “coons”, or whatever)…

  • Thomas

    ooop by “an affair of justice” i meant an affair of “justice court”, for those who wouldn’t have understood…

  • The BDS should be sued and held accountable for Internet and Facebook bullying, death threats and harassment. They should be sued and taken to court. All of the above actions are illegal.

  • Irmgard Gesund

    I want to thank Michael Martin-Smith for the outstanding comment he submitted. He said so much that needed to be said.
    In another vein, I wish to comment on my utter disappointment with our American Jewish organizations. Instead of publically and loudly speaking up for Israel, they go on collecting money and doing nothing. Instead of challenging Pres.Obama’s policy of pressuring Israel, most of their leaders seem to be willing to agree to anything just so they can continue to be part of his charmed circle. They voted, and continued to vote for Obama, just as the 70% rest of our misguided American Jews have done.
    No wonder the anti-Semites with their BDS movements are doing so well. In many respects, we have our own uncaring, self-hating, Oslo-Syndrome Jews to blame.

  • Counterpoint

    There are two kinds of Jews: Zionists and the rest.
    Just because you disagree with radical Zionists, it doesn’t mean that you “hate all Jews” or you’re a so called “anti-Semite”. Of course you will be accused with it, that’s the official tactic of Zionists, to discredit their critics and avoid having to defend the indefensible. Don’t be offended if people treat you the way you treat them. The more arrogant you respond to your critics, the more BSD and other repercussions you get. Either you stop attacking the rest of the world for having a different opinion on the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation, and admit your wrongdoings, or the civilized world will turn against you, and even the US will not be able to make you look good.

    • An American Jew

      Counterpoint–there are two kinds of morons, the ones who see/read something and purposely ignore what they have seen or read because it is inconvenient and those who don’t understand what they have seen or read, yet chose to comment anyway. I am not sure which type of moron you are, but you certainly do fit into one of these two categories.

      If Mr. Waters wants to hypocritically single out Israel and ignore every other issue–Syria murdering 100,000, North Korea starving to death its citizens, China’s brutal repression of Tibet, etc. he can go ahead.

      Let’s be clear, Roger Waters isn’t an anti-Semite because he is critical of Israel. No one is claiming that except for you.

      Roger Waters is an anti-Semite because he uses the Star of David on a pig conjuring up centuries of vicious European anti-Semitic imagery which was used as an excuse to oppress and murder Jews. The result of using this image is that Waters himself becomes a tool for the very hatred and oppression that he is supposedly advocating against.

      If Waters doesn’t want to be known as an anti-Semitic tool, then I suggest he stop using anti-Semitic images in his concerts.

      • Martin

        Well, An American Jew, that’s an educated well thought out opening line!

        I’ve read through the comments here on this opinion piece and wonder if any of you have any idea what the song is about when the pig flys. the song is from the album the wall – an album that follows the life of a musician whose father was killed in war and grows up in a controlled fascist state. the “icons” of fascism on the pig – as in the hammers are from the Album and subsequent movie – they are made up!!

        If Roger Waters equates the state of Israel to a fascist state then argue that point – why does it make him anti-Semitic? As mentioned in many articles and as a matter of fact not ALL Israelis are Jewish! It is the state of Israel that I have heard him disagree with.

        So with his use of the Star of David on the warthog I think it is misguided as it is a Jewish symbol – but then Israel use it on their flag so now a religious symbol has been used as State symbol and thus open to be used to represent that state!

        I notice no-one on here objects to his use of the Shell Corporation symbol – funny that!

    • An American Jew

      Eprhaim posted this below, but it should be at the top…

      “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.”
      – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University


      • Ephraim

        Thank you, An American Jew. Not surprisingly, there’s still no response to date from Waters or his supporters on his Facebook page. Hopefully, they’re busy trying to come to terms with the failure of their argument vis-a-vis the late Dr. King’s position. or the illogic of realizing that by supporting BDS, they are supporting and engaging in apartheid, isolationism, discrimination and racism – the exact same hatred that Waters claims his “pro dialogue” show opposes.

  • Clearly Roger Waters is entitled to his opinion. But sharing a hate-filled diatribe full of misinformation clearly puts him “beyond the pale” of respectful discourse. If anything, it makes him look like a loon.

    In an interesting juxtaposition, one of his/Pink Floyd’s early albums was The Dark Side of the Moon. What we are being treated to today, 40 years after the album’s initial release is the dark side of the loon.

  • Mickey Mantle lives

    Roger Waters is a pathetic has been burnout case consumed by hate who I hope is one day taken hostage in a hellhole like Iran or Syria and tortured by the extremist radical Muslim Brotherhood he so willingly embraces. Alice Walker is a dumb Negress who would do well to have remembered the three Jewish civil rights workers brutally slaughtered and mutilated in Mississippi and the many other Jews who fought for freedom for her people. I am certain not one single radical Arab ever lifted a finger for the black race. Quite the contrary–they view women as chattel and black women as lower than swine.

  • ed

    waters is a clueless old man full of hate he needs our pity lest we become like him

  • Ephraim

    On August 1st, Roger Waters posted an “Open Letter” on his Facebook page defending himself against the accusation that he is ‘Anti Semitic.” In response, I posted:

    “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University (see http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=20210 ).

    To date, neither Waters nor his supporters have responded. Where they may have disagreed with Rabbi Cooper’s uncommon sense, it is to be hoped that the late Dr. King’s intelligent remarks will enlighten and educate those whose judgement has been clouded by the hateful, intolerant BDS movement.

  • Counterpoint

    When will Norman Finkelstein be allowed to enter Israel?
    Finkelstein in case you guys didn’t know is a Jew, just like my other favorite author Noam Chomsky. Maybe you should read their books and listen to their lectures on YouTube. It would give you the perspective on what is wrong with the blind obsession with Israel’s policies, and the blind hatred of everyone who may have a different opinion.
    Look at the other side of the coin, and imagine how would you feel if your family were murdered, your land taken away, your house bulldozed to make room for imported settlers. You cannot harvest the trees your ancestors planted, you have no access for proper sanitation and drinking water, you’re surrounded by a wall and an excessive military force. So how would you like that?
    Before you start the “anti-Semite” labeling, let me tell you, that I don’t hate Jews. I never judge people by their origin, only by their actions and attitude. I do like the above mentioned authors as well as many entertainers, like Woody Allen, and if Bar Refaeli wants to be my girlfriend, I’m available.
    I visited Auschwitz way back, when it was not mandatory, and the “Holocaust Industry” was not so in-your-face ripoff. I felt sorry for the innocent victims, many of them were taken away from my own country. I believe you are disrespecting the victims when you use their suffering to your advantage. Face it, tens of millions of mostly innocent people suffered horribly and died in WWII, but only the Holocaust is remembered, and only its survivors are collecting “reparation” money. People who were dragged into the war and forced to fight the Russian winter without proper equipment, then spent 10 years in Siberian camps, what did they get if they managed to survive and return home? Nothing. I don’t think it’s fair.
    So when you think about your privileged status and the arrogance you respond to criticism, don’t blame others, look at yourselves. Try a friendlier approach, instead of using your connections to ban free speech. Being accused with “anti-Semitism” right or wrong, can end your career, researching the history of WWII can be punished with imprisonment. We don’t need any more political prisoners, and we don’t like to be forced to approve anything Israel does. We don’t like radical Jewish pressure groups and the “nazi hunters” fishing for 100 year old people they can accuse with alleged war crimes. War crimes by the US and Israel go unpunished, they refuse to accept the same international laws they are so busy enforcing. Double standards and lies won’t get you many friends.
    Your problem is not Roger Waters, but your own actions and image. If you want to be liked, then make yourself likable.

    • NLitNd1

      Citing Noam Chomsky, the most notorious of self-hating Jews AND Americans, speaks volumes of this commentator. He also betrays a profound ignorance of the situation in the Middle East and the painstaking, soul-searching care with which Israelis consider any action adversely impacting Palestinian Arabs, who in turn, it seems, only seek to harm them.

      Obviously, Israel and Zionists still have a major PR problem, which you’d think they could enlist Madison Ave’s best and brightest to solve.

    • Mikey Mic

      Mr Counterpoint, you are so filled with hate that it makes no sense to even try to talk to you. The fact that some Russians were hurt by their own government and put into gulags, and their descendants have not tried to get reparations is a real shame: Shame on the descendants!

      I doubt my labeling you as an anti-Semite will do anything to your career. And I don’t really care if “some of your best friends are Jewish.” You are what you are. Why is that you accept what Naom Chomsky says but not what others who have posted here have to say? Is it because he is also an anti-Semite? Again, being born a Jew doesn’t mean you can’t be a Jew hater! Or is it because he is a famous…linguist! So his opinion about everything and anything should be taken as gospel.

      It is interesting that you choose to ignore all the crimes the Palestinians have perpetrated on Israelis, since that doesn’t fit your basic thesis that Israel has to be more likable and make nice with its neighbors.

  • Gabriel A. Levicky

    A rock&roll star with far reaching music coming out of age during last breath of hippies era – is actually exposing his limited, totalitarian opinions? Well, so much for brain damaging drug culture…
    R. Waters – better shut up and go and count your money from the concerts attended by many Jews…

  • Alana

    The publicist of actress Meg Ryan, has flatly denied that the star has ever boycotted Israel. The formal denial comes just over two weeks after the Toronto Star published a report claiming that the 51 year old celebrity was among those who “have refused to perform in Israel in recent years as part of an effort to promote the Palestinian cause.”

    • Debora Nortman

      Meg Ryan is seen wearing the keffiyeh/kufiya in the movie “The Women” which to my mind, signifies that she does in fact support the Palestinian movement. Very disappointing indeed. Have lost total respect for Meg Ryan, who was previously one of my favourite actresses. This addresses earlier issues of her not performing in Israel.

      Sorry, don’t buy the BS Meg and Publicist.

  • When I was in the Army stationed in Virginia, there was a soldier who stood formation next to me. He had a habit of calling me every name he could think of. I ignored him. Then one day he called me a Jew bastard. He never saw the punch that broke his nose. He went down as if he’d been shot. When the commanding officer ran over to ask what happened, he said he fell.
    “I didn’t think you had it in you,” he said to me.
    “You crossed the line,” I replied.
    We became friends.

  • Sandy Brown

    I find it sad that Mr Walters is like this. I remember when he became famous with the band Pink Floyd. I was a 20 year old. I love the music. He is a great musician But I do not like his anti-semetism as that is what I see. I wonder if he puts his money where his mouth is. I also believe a lot of these people who are anti-semitic do not know the real facts and certainly do not know their history.

  • Steven

    The Community that is fighting these bullies can be found here on Facebook … if you want to support us and see what we’re fighting using all the tools we have, get in touch


  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I don’t know anything about Mr. Waters, but from reading about him and my knowing history of Anti Semitism I can say that he stands in with the many angry misfits who have stepped through the world at one time or another. He is not the last of this “unterbreed” of self appointed guardians of morality.

  • Pamela Lazarus

    As Jews we too should find ways to have the impact this group of haters has.It seems they are infiltrating universities and everywhere else. We need to put our smarts together and finds ways to make our intelligent arguments on the truth known. Sadly, most of these people are just Anti -semites using any platform to make their sentiments known.Why arent they talking about other atrocities……..because its all just Jew haters , anti semites pure and simple. No Jewish organisation seems to force the history out there for those /and others to see., most do not know the Palestinians were NOT in the holy land before the Jews.Its crazy the haters voices seem louder than ours. Besides , how do biased journalist have such a platform.Their should be some rules that to be a journalist you cannot have any bias.
    This enrages me beyond words. To have a pig floating with the star of DAvid is beyond and the world stands by.

    • Michael Martin-Smith

      The selective boycotting by various sources of the State and People of Israel “in the cause of Peace” is meaningless unless accompanied by an equivalent boycott of the Islamic Empire of Iran and its malevolent catspaws.

      Thinly disguised antisemitism is almost always practiced by people who are totally ignorant of the Laws of Physics, particularly those relevant to nuclear warfare.

      Growing isolation of Israel in an increasingly hostile and ignorant world is not particularly clever, when we remember that Israelis know that any military defeat at the hands of an Islamist enemy would bring certain and total extermination.

      That which President Assad has visited upon his people is nothing beside the atrocity he and his Hizbollah allies, among others, would carry out on a defenceless Middle Eastern Jewry.

      We should also recall that, after the Koran, the most widely read book in the Arab World remains “Mein Kampf” – a work of such monumental tedium that it disgraces a culture once rich in literacy and mathematics!

      In a world notably short of brains, facing numerous existential crises natural and manmade, boycott of one of the leading powers in biomedicine, electronics, hydrology, astronautics, and agriculture would be regarded by our descendants as a kind of suicide!
      Such folly is best left to wannabe “suicide bombers” isolated by 1 kilometre from any other human beings…

      All this in the name of a Free Palestine whose life expectancy in the absence of Israel would be reduced to months by its bigger Arab “brethren”. It has always been so.

      All this folly pales into insignificance when we consider that Iran and Hizbollah openly desire and work for the removal, by one means or another, of Israel from the map.

      They may or not deny the Holocaust as a fact of History, preferring to declare that “The Holocaust never happened, AND the Jews deserved it!”
      That “AND” says it all

      Showbusiness fashionista enemies of Israel should reflect that achievement of this goal would come at a heavy cost- the continued existence of civilised life on this planet for a very long time indeed- perhaps forever. Israel , among its many technical achievements , possesses 300 nuclear warheads with second strike capability, advanced space satellite surveillance, and a persistent memory of previous attempts to exterminate them.

      Faced with certain extermination by any militant Islamist force bent on “solving the Middle East Jewish/Israel question” in a climate of global isolation, guess what! Israel would take as much of the world with it into that Darkness as it could. There would be no reason for her not to do so.

      It is no use crying “foul” . The Laws of Einstein trump the nostra of political fashion or even the Laws of Moses!

      Climatologists in California , in considering the probable effects of a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan (total 100 warheads) concluded that the result would include a nuclear winter, ie the reduction of sunlight by over 90% for up to a decade from stratospheric combustion products).

      This would mean a retreat to the unimaginable horrors of an Ice Age perpetrated upon 7 billion people, if not the biological extinction of Humankind. At the least a movement to colonise Space in a new Diaspora would be a far cheaper option for our species- even if it were termed “New Zion”!

      India and Pakistan do not like each other- but they do not deny the other party’s right to exist per se. So, a hotline and dialogue, imperfect it is true, was begun, and not even Islamist terrorists have managed to ignite a desired catastrophe – yet, but not through want of trying.

      While some of the more intractable enemies of Israel in the Lands of Islam might accept such an end, there is no reason for the 6.5 billions who are not Islamists or even Jews to tolerate risking such an event.

      The triumph of Fanaticism over Intelligence in this Time is a horror we can ill afford. Our Brains are our sole justification and raison d’etre as creatures to be entrusted with the governance of this world and many others. We betray them at our peril.

      Nature, rightly, does not forgive fools.

  • Sam Zameck

    I have never been a fan of “Pink(y) Floyd” and Rodger Waters is the main reason besides their crappy songs. He was always an anti-semite bigot with no ability to grow. So he ended up in a bum band and probably smoked his limited brains out.

  • michele

    Can someone please compile a list of all musicians and actors who are anti-semitic and/or supporting the BDS movement so we can mount an aggressive campaign to the entertainment industries informing them that we will boycott their products-movies, albums, concerts, etc., until this stops. The Florida Family Association and other groups have been successful in arranging massive campaigns and boycotts of Muslim organizations and those supporting them.
    We need a list-emails, addresses, websites, etc so we can inundate them with proof that we have power.

    • Debora Nortman

      Agreed. But let’s take this further. Being in the business of music, working internationally, there are many many Jewish people working in entertainment. Where are their voices? In the music industry alone, there are the management companies who organize the concerts, the promoters and publicists, the booking agents, the record label A&R, the music publishers, the licensors of the music, roadies, merchandizers and there are the Jewish artists themselves… then there is the Film industry… Where are the voices from these industries?

      • Mel

        90% of them are Useful Idiot, self-hating Jews who delude themselves with their ‘Progressive’ dogma.

  • Henry Boudin

    Rabbi Cooper is correct. All you famous Hollywood types, jazzers, Artists, writers, all of you who claim to show truth through art….don’t be hypocrites stand up for what is moral and honest. The lure of branding Israel, but not Jews,as fascists,
    or ignoring all the injustices of others is hypocritical and cowardly, and you know this to be true,if you can be rational. Do ghe right thing

  • StopTellingLies

    Stop this BS please. Stop telling lies about celebrities to serve your cause. How many more times do some of them have to DENY the same lies over and over again?


    Do your RESEARCH before publishing!

  • Bob Fales

    Roger Waters is nothing but an anti-semite and old piece of crap that he spues out in his music is trash. His day will come. They’re no good and care about themselves only. They ride a false flag of peace when in reality they are fascistic socialists. They care nothing about responsibility to anyone. They believe they are not accountable. Their day is coming and unless they change they’ll get all the Hell they’ve dished out and then some!
    Besides those who are not for Israel shouldn’t even have the priviledge of going there!

  • Terry Shaverin

    Mr Waters says ( as they all do ) that he has jewish friends
    I wonder if he could name one?

    On a more serious note, why are we taking any notice of this idiots views? He is a long since forgotten pop artist. Who cares what he thinks? If you asked people, who are the top 10,000 people who have contributed anything good to this world? his name would not appear. Let’s put it into perspective.

    • Mary

      We have to care! Yes, these activists seem harmless so therefore ignore their anti-semitism. But, this is what happened in 1938 Germany. People ignored the horrible hate mongering and then it was too late. We must NOT ignore this. We must stand up against this and demand an apology. This kind of thing was done in Germany, boycotting businesses, etc. and most Germans feared it but ignored it. Attacking Muslims would NOT be tolerated! So why must Jews/Israelis tolerate it? We must band together for Israel and for Christians and Jews being singled out for boycotts and persecution through hateful lies, words in music, etc.

      • Michael Martin-Smith

        The real point, Mary, is that this hatred is an omen for the future as much as a hangover from the past.
        If the new antisemitism succeeds in isolating Israel and Jewry, the time will come when a militant Islamist regime will- given the fortunes of war- prevail over an isolated Israel.
        There is no dispute as to what such Islamists would do to defeated Jews!
        Mr Bashar Assad has shown us quite enough already with his fellow Muslims…and we do know that he is an Iranian satrap. Christians and Bahai’s alike would fare badly in a triumphant Shi’ite Empire…
        I truly believe that antisemitism could prove lethal to human civilisation- even the species- as a whole. The results of a nuclear war would, contrary to the views of those who rely on fanaticism rather than Science, be catastrophic beyond recovery.

        The ignorance displayed by antisemites is even more terrifying than their malice. Even the 2006 Asian Tsunami was somehow blamed on Israeli machinations, like the Bubonic Plague of former times. Some even believe the 22 feet wall in Israel would exempt the Palestinian side from nuclear fallout arising from Iranian warheads directed at Israel. Yes, really!
        Against real folly, even the Gods are powerless and despair…
        What a high price to pay for fanatical hatred!

        • You are truly, an IDIOT. Turn off your TV. Use your brain if you have one!

    • Counterpoint

      The Pink Floyd and Roger Waters gave the joy of music to millions of people. I’ve been listening to their records for 40 years, and have yet to find something better.
      Not being in love with Israel doesn’t make their artistic achievements any less valuable.
      I know, you believe that Israel is more important than the rest of the world. Most of us may disagree with you.
      Some may say that Israel is a tiny, insignificant and illegitimate country. It failed to fulfill its purpose to attract Jews from the US and Europe. There are more Jews living in the “diaspora” than in Israel. You were given a piece of land you abandoned 2000 years ago. Be grateful for this misguided donation, and make friends with your neighbors.

      • Charlie

        If you haven’t found something better than the Floyd in 40 years, you have missed some good music and are stuck in the past like Waters’ideology which is not new but very very old.
        As with the Nazis, the Germans were so busy dancing to their music they couldn’t see the writing on the wall. Roger Waters has clearly written his message on The Wall, but some folks just don’t want to see because they’re too busy dancin’ to the music… justifying his hateful message.

      • Mikey Mic

        This is exactly the antisemitic drivel that Rabbi Cooper is talking about! Israel’s purpose is not to “attract” Jews from the US and Europe. It is a place where Jews can go to be Jews! Saying that there are more Jews in the diaspora than in Israel proves absolutely nothing!

        All the little jabs you make (“illegitimate country”, “misguided donation”) prove your true hate-filled nature. Saying that we “abandoned” the land is ridiculous, and the whole notion of making friends with the neighbors is completely obscene! For example, who started the 1973 war? So, please take your antisemitic self away from here. In the name of peace, of course.

  • Sylvia Dinkin

    who are the three dozen British “celebrities”

    Please give us their names