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August 7, 2013 10:27 am

Israel Ambassador Oren Slams New York Times Article on Palestinian Rock-Throwers; Says it ‘Dehumanized’ Israeli Victims

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U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Michael Oren. Photo: wiki commons.

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, responded sharply to a New York Times article published Tuesday, that favorably depicted Palestinian Arab youths who throw stones at Israelis.

“While Palestinian protagonists are described in detail, their Israeli victims are largely dehumanized ‘settlers’ — no name, age or gender,” Oren writes in a letter- to-the-editor published by the paper.

While noting that the article, written by NYT Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren and published August 5th on the paper’s front-page, features a chart showing “the amount of time Palestinian stone-throwers have spent in jail,” Oren said that “The article could have added another chart: the names of Israelis who have been killed or permanently maimed by rock throwers and the time they have spent hospitalized. One of the names would be Adele Biton, a 2-year-old seriously wounded by a stone in March.”

“The article notes that Palestinian youths attack Israelis ‘because their brothers and fathers did.’ By breaking that pattern, Palestinian leaders can prepare their people for peace,” he concluded.

Commentators on both side of the political spectrum criticized Rudoren’s article following its publication. The anti-Israel 972 Magazine wrote of the story: “This pseudo-anthropological investigation into the character and customs of the natives goes on with hardly any reference to the political realities…,” while the conservative Washington Free Beacon highlighted critique from Rudoren’s pro-Israel critics including watchdog groups CAMERA and Honest Reporting which criticized her for the romanticizing her violent subjects.

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  • Carl SAVLOFF


  • Jurgens Steyn

    Thank you Ambassador for stating the truth and the reality of matters at the coalface. Such unprovoked attacks can only lead to further breakdown in Israeli and Palestinian relations

  • Robert Geller

    I used to be an avid reader of the NYTimes until several years ago when I realized that the NYTimes had become a forum for Jews to write articles critizing anything to do with Israel, read and supported by Jews who felt that they would appear more intelligent (more liberal) by agreeing with the NYTimes. One of Israel’s problems is the current psychology of the “modern American Jew’.

    The NY Times has become the written equivalent of MSNBC, and will soon have an even smaller readership, and will eventually be forced to change and become a paper which prints objective news and leaves the editorials to the opinion page.

  • `Bob J

    I wonder how the New York Times would react if the rocks they justify were thrown at their 5 year old glass headquarters on 8th Avenue and 41st St or at their Jerusalem office in the German Colony, by New York Times readers “suffering” from decades of well documented bias against Israel. Better yet, eggs, tomatoes or ??? could be substituted with the word “rock” written on them, so as not to jeopardize the lives and limbs of Times reporters and editors, in spite of the fact that for years their pseudo news reports, headlines and pictures have encouraged Palestinian Arab violence against Israeli civilians.

    • Michael

      I like that idea. What is their address on 5th avenue?

  • The New York Times aka Der Sturmer. Jodi Rudoren aka Joseph Goebbals. The New York Times is getting its just punishment. The stock has gone from $50 per share to $12 per share since 2000. I cannot wait to attend The New York Times out of business party and Jodi Rudoren’s funeral.

  • Shalom Freedman

    The article by Rudoren was pathetic ridiculous demeaning. To celebrate Violence as she did in this article is immoral. I wonder how she would feel if the rocks were thrown at her family.

  • Okey

    Why doesn’t the courageous NYT “journalist” stand in the path of a flying Arab rock as a test of the consequences?

  • nachman

    Problem is these criticisms will only gain this latest in the line of pseudo-journalists a right of passage among the anti-Israel brigade to whom she will now be seen as some sort of a heroine.

    The NYT, BBC, Guardian, NPR et al have decided what the world order is and they drive their joint agenda relentlessly. One has to hope that people of goodwill will see through their mendacity and deceitfulness.

  • Elan

    she also wrote that the so-called occupied territories were “siezed”…..c’mon, Israel reclaimed those areas fair and square in a war thrust upon them by their surrounding enemies whose goal was to destroy Israel….how do you use the word “sieze” when it’s during a war, especially started by the enemy? They left themselves vulnerable- they paid a price. That’s what happens in a war, IMHO

  • Efram Paul

    The New York Times has long since ceased being the beacon of light for liberals and progressives, and become a permanent and inexorable part of the politically-coerced censorship syndrome of anti-Semitism.

  • Isaac Barr MD

    Jodi Rudoren responded to my letter criticizing her article that she does not support violence but only trying to EXPLAIN it. My answer: Ms. Jodi Rudoren, Violence cannot be “explained” because explenations always have a measure of justification and a ton of glorification. How can you “explain” the violence of Holocaust? On a smaller scale you know and should have known that “small” violence, stone throwing, begets bigger violence: How could two Palestinian youngsters from Awarta, an Arab village, slaughter the Fogel father Ehud, mother Ruth Fogel, and three children—Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, the youngest, a three-month-old infant. How can you explain the killing of these Jewish babies? What motivates people to such heinous crimes? And worse, how is it possible that the Palestinians glorify it and honor them by naming city squares by their name to commemorate their bravery? This lack of moral foundation should worry you. Would you make peace with organizations that declare their intentions to kill you (Hamas covenant)?

    Palestinian violence is not only directed against Jews. You missed the plight of the Christians in the West Bank. The violence against Jews is also aimed at the “Christian infidels.” In the past few years, Churches were set on fire in the West Bank, clergy killed. In 2006, in Tulkarem stone church built 170 years ago was torched and its entire inside was destroyed.,2933,214195,00.html#ixzz2bClfYWzt. Christian land was grabbed, men killed, women raped and girls kidnapped. Some were forced to convert to Islam. Not much is left of the Christian population in the West Bank. Take the village of Beit Jalla which was mostly Christian but now has Muslim majority. Many Christian Palestinians are afraid to talk about it for fear of retribution. I met many of them in USA telling horror stories in secret. In the war in Syria they fear that Christians are killed frequently and churches destroyed by radical Islamists. The role of Islam in the violence against Jews and Christians did not echo in your lengthy article. The role of radical Islam and the Islamic violent indoctrination plays a major role in the stone throwing kids. Their violence presently directed against Jews will turn against all “Infidels”. Even Muslims who may disagree with their ideology may become victims. Justification of violence for religious or national reasons will easily branch into criminal activity.

    In all, your article was asymmetrical. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated non violence and advanced their communities. Violence rarely achieves anything but continuous violence. Arab violence in the Holy Land never advanced the Arab cause. Is it not time to try acceptance and coexistence instead?

    • Lynne T

      Two things about articles such as these that strike me:

      1) nothing mentioned about the vast propaganda efforts and blood money paid to ensure a steady supply of stone throwers and other violent “resistors” since Arafat was allowed to return from exile under Oslo;

      2) the sheer hypocracy of North American-based “critics of Israel”, like Rudoren, the late and unlamented Helen Thomas and other “one staters” who can pretend to clean hands/high moral grounds because by the land theft and genocide visited upon the native populations of the Americas was carried out a little earlier in time, primarily by western European colonizers.

  • R

    OK, you’re right. How about you writing an article romanticizing the rock thrower’s point of view? Don’t forget to include a few lines how much physical effort it takes to bend over, pick up these larger stone, and then heave them. It’s a lot of work, y’ know???

    Don’t they get no credit for all that effort they…uh…expend?

    These poor Arabs: Their cities are still built on sand, many are uneducated, live without proper sanitary conditions, and often go hungry. Meanwhile, those jEWS NEXT DOOR have cities, schools, libraries, universities, symphony orchestras…THEY STOLE THEM ALL FROM THE ARABS…RIGHT???

  • Paul Leber

    Of course, nothing’s new. The old gray lady long ago became a tendentious rag that relies on half-truths, misrepresentations and distortions to promote its calumnious views of Israel.

    Rudoren’s article lionizing rock throwing hoodlums is yet another example. She depicts a group of Muslim teen-age criminals as heroes. Evidently, Rudoren would have us believe that these ‘youths’ want no more than to recoup land that the Jews stole, by force of arms, from their forbearers in 1967. This implication is false and misleading. The area in which Muslim hoodlums are gleefully stoning Israeli Jews today is in and/or adjacent to the Etizion settlement block where Jews lived during the time of the British Mandate. On the day before Israel declared its independence (May 14,, 1948), the Muslim forbearers of today’s stone-throwers, with the help of the Arab Legion, massacred all but 4 of the 133 Jews who lived in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion. Thus, the land in the area came to be Judenrein. After the 1967 War, Jews were able to return to the area.

    Is this history relevant to an understanding of current events? I am persuaded that almost any reasonable and disinterested persons would believe it is. The fact that the NY Times’ lead reporter in Israel failed to mention the history of Gush Etzion in her story is telling. Today, contrary to its masthead’s claim, the Times only prints the news that fits.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Israelis who are the recipients of rocks thrown at them are not victims; conversely, they are prey. Those who throw rocks at people and vehicles transporting people are not victimizers: they are predators. The nomenclature should be tailored to the act. The act of rock-throwing indiscriminately at Israeli Jews is as serious a hate crime as blood libel, cyberspace flaring inducing the emotional homicide of Israelis, or Jew-baiting. In every instance, those who would deny the human rights of their prey to live in peace and safety would also racinate their very existence in their historical homeland via an unjust dislocation named judenrein.

  • David Rubell

    The NYT has always been anti-Israel…yet it’s the New York Jews that have kept it in business all these years…

  • artcohn

    The NY times’ article by Jodi Rudoren sinks even below the Times’ usual scummy standard. Those rocks can maim and kill. I hope that one day she will not be a target.

  • Arie

    Reality is that the Episcopal Church’s very own Sulzbergers and Ochs families have been at the forefront of dehumanizing Jews since before the Shoah, making reading Mein Kampf a requisite of employment. They are bleeding significant cash explaining their garage sale of the Boston Globe. If not for the infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars from Mexican and Hezbollah allied Carlos Slim, they would have gone bankrupt already. As he did with CompUSA, Slim will soon enough pull the plug on what’s left of the rag profiting nicely from the sale of their NYC tower and other real estate.

  • Despite the article’s bias, those of us who are open to reality can see that the Palestinian rock-throwers are violent without provocation. They are fighting against the creation of an independent Palestinian state since they are saying that statehood is not the issue; killing or maiming Israelis is what matters to them.
    Iran never mentions settlements. Neither does Hamas. Certainly Nasrallah makes it clear that he simply wants to kill Israelis and Jews everywhere.
    According to an editorial in the New York Sun that appeared on March 11, 2005, a Hezbollah statement made in 1992 says, “It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth.” Three days later, on March 14, 2005, an article by Pranay Gupte in the New York Sun said that Nasrallah spits on the ground whenever he says the Arabic word for “Jew.”