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August 16, 2013 10:02 am

BBC Provides Platform for Claim That Palestinian Terrorists Are ‘Political Prisoners’

avatar by Hadar Sela

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On the evening of Tuesday, August 13th 2013, BBC World News America conducted an interview on the subject of the talks between Israel and the Palestinians with Robin Wright of the US Institute of Peace. Photo: Screenshot.

On the evening of Tuesday, August 13th 2013, BBC World News America conducted an interview on the subject of the talks between Israel and the Palestinians with Robin Wright of the US Institute of Peace.

video of the interview appears on the US & Canada page of the BBC News website and a transcriptcan be found here.

At 01:28 in the video version of the interview (07:28 in the transcript) Wright says:

“…there are also more than seventy other Palestinian political prisoners who are set to be released and so to get them out there has to be continued talks.” [emphasis added]

BBC guidelines on the subject of live output state:

“If offensive comments are expressed during live interviews, the interviewer should normally intervene, challenge the comments where appropriate and/or distance the BBC from the comments.”

Despite that, the programme’s presenter does not bat an eyelid at this blatant misrepresentation of terrorists and murderers as “political prisoners” – and the resulting implication that Israel imprisons Palestinians because of their political views – and she makes no attempt whatsoever to correct the misinformation promoted by her guest ‘expert’.

This week has seen – for the first time – two articles appearing on the BBC News website which did actually go some way towards clarifying for audiences the nature of the violent crimes committed by the Palestinian prisoners recently released.

One cannot but wonder, however, if the BBC  is really committed to providing – as stipulated in its ‘public purposes’ – the background information necessary for broader audience understanding of this issue when we see that those two important articles were given only hours of headline exposure on the website (in comparison, for example, with a navel-gazing article about PM Netanyahu’s recent hernia operation which stayed up on the Middle East homepage for no fewer than five consecutive days – August 11th to 15th inclusive) and when the BBC provides a platform for the dissemination of malicious inaccurate claims such as this one by Robin Wright.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    They are. If your politics are Nazi inspired genocide, which if you’re the Beeb, they are.

  • Mel

    If the BBC World Service carried commercials, it could claim sensationalism as the motivator of its historic anti-Israel coverage. The BBC sells no advertising, which eliminates any need for ratings. Provided free-of-charge in the United States to public stations, the obvious question is who supplies the huge funds needed for such a big international operation? Who pays for their salaries, their infrastructure, their insurance, their utility bills?

    Their one-sided coverage suggests the BBC is no more than the propaganda arm of World Socialist International, its Leftist allies and oil-rich regimes who believe the enemy of my enemy must be my friend.

  • Herman Gershon

    When murderers are called political prisoners then we know that the world of man is upside down and truth has been buried deep in the earth. hopefully, it will grow out again.

  • Political prisoners my foot. They are nothing more than murdering terrorists. BBC is nothing more than a spokesperson for any Anti-is rael Muslim group.

  • yussi

    BBC never presents an unbiased view of anything involving Israel..T H-ll with them

  • Given their long long history of parroting CIA/MI6 Jihadistani lies and propaganda incitement, one would have to be insane to keep tuning in to the BBC. Same, btw, applies to the other MSM propaganda outlets. These propaganda outlets have ZERO credibility and their audience is shrinking to zero as well. Why insist on giving these propagandists your eyes ears your time and money? Who cares about the BBC, that miserable British Intelligence propaganda outlet, or their pathetic MSM cousins. Ignore them and just let them die already.