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August 17, 2013 11:21 pm

Israeli Soccer Players Shield Children From Pouring Rain as Ukrainian Opponents Show Indifference

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Israeli players pictured bottom shielded the Ukrainian children with their training jackets as the Ukrainian players appeared to ignore the kids. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel’s national soccer team caused a stir in Ukraine Wednesday after showing up their host team for lacking in common decency, according to media reports.

As the national anthems were played prior to a friendly match in the country the Israelis shielded a group of children lined up in front of them on the field from the blistering cold and the rain, while the Ukrainian team appeared to be indifferent to the children, pictures show.

The young children joined the players for the singing of the anthems as is customary in international matches, but were caught in a torrential downpour that began soon after they arrived on the pitch.  The Israelis removed their training jackets and covered the children after one of the players noticed that one of the children was shivering Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported.

“I am glad we made the gesture and I hope that all the children returned home safely,” said Israeli soccer star Itay Shechter of the incident.

“When it began to rain during the anthems, we decided to take off our training jackets because we saw that the kids that were with us were freezing from the cold of the strong rain. We immediately decided to place the training jackets on the children so that they would feel a little more cozy and warmer,” another player Eitan Tibi added.

According to Yediot Ahronot the incident prompted media headlines in both Ukraine and Russia criticizing the Ukrainian team. “The human reflex was to do what the Israeli players did,” wrote one newspaper according to Yediot.

Israel was defeated in the subsequent match against Ukraine, which took place in Kiev, by two goals to none.

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  • See this is what happens when someone shows rachmanis. They lost the match. But won the war. Am Yisrael Chai! Ani Ohev MercazUSA!

  • I think the Israelis might have been the real

  • I think it is more important to do what the
    Israelis did than “to win”.

  • Moshe Becerra

    Amazing! What a wonderful sight to see. Feel bad for the other kids in the ukrainian side. Kol ha’kavod we will win the next game!!!

    • David

      Ukrainian kids are tough enough that they didn’t need to be coddled.

  • Carl

    The article ends with “Israel was defeated…” – I would suggest the Israeli team had a resounding victory on the world stage!

  • Rufus Firefly

    Ukraine equals Yad Vashem. Ukraine equals Cossacks murdering Jews before and during the Nazi conquest. Ukraine equals Stalin’s revenge for their betrayal of the Soviet Union in favor of Hitler. Ukraine, like Poland, is nothing more than a Jewish cemetery. Ukrainians should feel honored that Israelis came to compete. I have no use for that lousy country.

  • Mel

    The rash of anti-Israel propaganda issued by Jew-hating reporters planted throughout the world press is all wet!

  • Andrew Stewart

    What wonderful young men The Israeli tea are – They certainly put those Ukranians to shame!

    • Rufus Firefloy

      It didn’t take children caught in the rain to prove what jackasses are the Ukrainians.

      • David

        Ukrainians aren’t committing genocide in the 21st century though, are they?

  • Just Anact

    I heard it was just an act.

    When there were no cameras or reporters around, the Israelis couldn’t care less about the wet Ukrainian kids.

    But once they saw reporters and media looking at them….the Israelis went into their acting mode where they prepared to care for the already wet kids.

    • David A

      Don’t be so ignorant all your life. When teams are out on the field during the singing of the national anthems, there are cameras on them all the time. In actual fact until the time that they go back to the change rooms after the match is over there will always be cameras on them. There are hundreds of cameras around the stadium continuously filming and photographing everything. Obviously the people spewing this nonsense have a separate agenda and all sane people know what that is.

    • Michael

      Yeah, of course it had to be an act. Pathetic losers like you always look for angles to bash Israel.

    • VG

      In response to ‘Just Anact´¿You are a sad act drowning in hatred.

    • Carl

      Following your “logic”, the Ukranians didn’t care about the kids even WITH cameras in their faces, so who are the better people?

    • Mickey Oberman

      A typically historic Ukranian response.

      Only to be expected from those who honour the bloodthirst Bogdan Schmeilniki and his murderous Cossacks.

  • Jim

    Upon further research, it turns out the Israelis were renting their jackets to the children for 5 shekels an hour. Just kidding… I’m Jewish… just a little self deprecating humor. Obviously, the lack of vitriol in the comments would suggest a very friendly readership.

    • Rufus Firefloy


      For being Jewish, your weren’t self-deprecating but downright mean. A guy like you is a disgrace to Jews worldwide. Next time, flush your senseless humor down the toilet where it belongs. Thank you.


      • Ukraininan

        i think it’s a guy like you a shame and disgrace for jews worldwide. especially because of your hateful comments to this article

  • Frankly I’m shocked the foreign media didn’t make out the Israeli team to have done something wrong.

  • dawnvickye

    Common decency such as was shown by the decent Israelis is apparently all too uncommon in the former Communist sphere. But the reaction in the local papers remarkably avoids the knee-jerk condemnation so usual among the verbally abusive Eastern Europeans toward Jews and Israelis. Although Israel is usually the first nation to help in any major catastrophe, for instance, how rare it is to see acknowledgment of their efforts? Generally, the media, including the self-flagellating so-called journalists of the N American continent, provide no or little encomia for the massive and outsize help rendered by Israel and world Jewry to aid the nations of the world.

  • It may have been better if they had also won the game. Winning is also important.

  • Joseph

    I think its interesting that the good guys both in this story and in the previous story lost the soccer match by 2 to 0.

  • Fred

    A warm gesture that did not go unoticed. Bless Israel.

  • Irving D, Cohen


  • David Rubell

    What else would one expect from Israelis…and Ukrainians

  • abraham s.

    yes. jews ARE different. this example is telling!!

  • Israel may have lost the “game” but they won the “match”!

  • Terry

    Israel should be very proud of their “representatives”. Caring is a basic and very good part of life.
    Indifference is “acquired”, and serves nobody.

  • Efi

    The game was in Kiev!!

  • Sam

    Israel, making us PROUD!!!

  • Claudia


  • Rob

    Nice story.

    ט טוֹב-יְהוָה לַכֹּל; וְרַחֲמָיו, עַל-כָּל-מַעֲשָׂיו. 9
    The LORD is good to all; and His tender mercies are over all His works.

  • They may have lost the match, but they won where it counts. The game itself will be long forgotten, but people will remember these photographs. Yeshar kochachem!

  • Rick Brandt

    Yahshua said suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not. I pray for Ukraine to become known as the land of mercy for children after this.

    • Andy

      False prophet.

  • Gabriel David

    Doesn’t surprise me one iota, and is just an illustration of the false axiom that is cultural relativism.

  • The Israeli team won the war of common sense and dignity by much more than 2-0