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October 17, 2013 10:39 am

Christian Journalist Who Posed as Jew in Malmo: ‘I’m Optimistic Things Will Get Better’

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A Swedish Jew displays his kippah for the camera. Photo: Enough is Enough Facebook page.

Patrick Reilly’s experience posing as a Jew on the streets of Sweden proved an uncomfortable one even before it began.

“Well, my wife, who is a native of Malmö, was extremely nervous when I said I was going to do this. That made me a bit anxious as she knows the city much better than I do. She was relieved when it was all over,” Reilly told The Algemeiner.

The journalist for The Local, an English-language newspaper in Sweden, was prompted by an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the country, as well as a letter from a Jewish reader in America expressing concerns about visiting Sweden because of it, to recently spend a day in the city of Malmö wearing a Kippah.

After a discomfiting few hours walking the streets, becoming the object of stares and insults, Reilly concluded: “As an Irish person abroad I’ve never felt remotely threatened but wearing the kippah for a few hours was enough to instill feelings of fear. Even when I didn’t feel afraid I was made to feel different and unwelcome.”

Since the article was published, Reilly says that the feedback has been overwhelming, especially among those who were the least aware of the problems facing the Jewish community in the country.

“The larger immigrant community, at least the ones that I’ve had contact with, have been quite supportive as many weren’t aware of just what the situation was like. So this was an eye opener,” Reilly said.

Reilly says that a concern for safety among the Jewish community is understandable and suggests Jews wishing to visit the country be vigilant.

“Jews who are considering visiting here, my advice would be to do your homework and as I said in the article, be prepared for stares at least and violence at worst if you make your Jewish beliefs visible.”

Still, despite his experience and evidence to the contrary, Reilly believes that there’s reason to remain optimistic that a turnabout is on the horizon.

“I’m optimistic things will get better as the city are taking measures to tackle the existing problems. The new Mayor has promised to get tough on hate crime and, on the ground, there appears to be some bridge building,” Reilly told The Algemeiner. “For instance a young Malmö Muslim, Siavosh Derakhti, recently won a Raoul Wallenberg Prize for his work campaigning against anti-Semitism. Things are not as bad as some media portray but they can certainly be improved.”

He also recounted a story that he feels speaks to the true character of a city he refers to as a “a melting pot with over 180 nationalities.”

“A Jewish person told me they reported an anti-Semitic hate crime here. When they got to the police station they were provided with an interpreter as Swedish wasn’t his first language. The interpreter was of Palestinian origin and seemed a bit awkward about the whole thing. Afterwards the interpreter apologized to the Jewish person for the anti-Semitic incident which he was reporting. They ended up going for coffee together and are now friends. That is a very Malmö moment, as the city is quite diverse and people do mix more than the image of the place suggests,” he related.

But Reilly, for one, is in no rush to rejoin the ranks of the overtly Jewish in the city. When asked whether he’ll pose as such again anytime soon, he was frank:

“Perhaps some years down the line to see if anything has changed. Certainly not for a while anyway.”

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  • Willie Eckerslike

    Vallone is a liar and con man. He is the same person as Jack Sen, the failed candidate who was slung out for harassing British Jews. Him and his pal are currently being investigated for ante semitic rants on European Knights. Vallone writes in many fake accounts. All the IP address’s lead to Jack Sen’s home including Vallone. It’s all in here.

  • GP

    It’s over for Malmo. How many times has the rabbi there been beaten? Who knows this number? This fact? This little side-detail in Jewish History!

    Obama and his crew hit the pavement in Stockholm, and strode-away without so much as a murmur regarding the ongoing brutalization of Sweden’s remaining Jews, by Muslim savages, and their wicked benefactors in that nation’s Lutheran chambers of governance.

    Those interested in the EUROPEAN KNIGHTS conversation, as it relates to Holocaust denial and the propagation of base-level Antisemitism in social media–should direct their attention to the following link, as a portal into the internal machinations of ‘Giacomo Vallone’s’ new identity problem.

    (copy and paste URL above)

    Thank you very much again to Algemeiner for a superior publication, and the opportunity to remain current on what matters most in life.

    • Giacomo H. Vallone

      How many times do I need to reiterate to you cretins that i do NOT run the Untold History. Are you people intentionally stupid?There are literally dozens of admins on that particular page. My stories are being picked up by one of them. I still dont understand why you people cant get it through your skulls. OUr site is not anti Jewish. we are simply pro european. In fact one of our newest writers, Adam Goldstein, is a leftist Jew based in Chicago who contacted us after reading David Fischler’s infantiles blog.
      If anyone wants to engage me civilly please feel free to drop me a line on
      With regards to holocaust denial, i could care a less. I have no interest in an event that took place 70 years ago. Your preoccupation with something that happened almost one full century ago reeks of false outrage. as stated earlier ive not penned one piece on the subject so please let it go.

    • Or you could just visit our site and find out what we stand for without believing in the Zionist supremacist lies perpetrated by this fool

      • HH


        “The EKP brings honourable men & women together, under the banner of patriotism, love for Western civilsation & preservation of our unique cultures & individual national sovereignties. No liberals, Zionist or Marxist shills, skin heads, white trashionalists, proponents of communistic ideals, or guilt of any kind. Just pure, unadulterated, unapologetic TRUTH. We are literally being attacked by Zionist organisations on a daily basis for a reason. The ADL, Zionist Organisation of America, & Algmeiner have grounds to fear our truthful words.”

  • R

    I still think it would be very helpful for all non-JewS to remember: JESUS LIVED AND DIED AS A JEW. It was His followers who worshipped him AFTER His death.

    He was just another “nice Jewish boy””. Most Christians forget that somewhat important fact…or wrihe, having to remember it. Worshipping a JEW????……..Yup. Face it, guys.
    Ask your priests next Sunday….Jesus was one of us. GULP!!

  • Sandy Brown

    It is well known that there is a lot of anti-semitism in that country. Living in the UK we hear about it all the time. “Lest we forget”.

  • Joy

    As Tom Lehrer said in his satirical song many years ago, The Catholics may hate the Protestants, The Chinese may hate the Japanese, but everyone hates the Jews. I don’t understand when Jewish people live peacefully in all societies and contribute so much.


    • Joy

      I totally agree. Before they are trapped. History must not repeat itself.

    • shoshana

      you should be careful when you talk about the muslim, in fact you have used exactly the same kind of negative words that are so often used against us, jews.This is exactly the same kind of hate

  • Michael Goldstein

    What the article should really have as it’s headline is if you are Jew you would me meshuganah to walk down the streets of Sweden wearing a kippah. It’s like Berlin in 1938. That would be more appropraite a headline.