15 Reasons Why Iran is an Existential Threat to Western Civilization

October 25, 2013 5:17 pm 4 comments

The Arak IR-40 heavy water reactor in Iran. Photo: Nanking2012/Wikimedia Commons.

1. Iran is the number 1 terror organization in the world today, far more dangerous than Al Qaeda.

2. Iran has largely taken over Syria and Lebanon, as well as 60 percent of Iraq.

3. Iran has intimidated and threatened key Sunni countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, by supporting Shiite uprisings.

4. Iran seeks direct or indirect control over the “Black Gold Triangle” in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar, which holds over 50 percent of the world’s known oil/gas reserves.

5. Iran supports the Hezbollah (Shiite) and Hamas (Sunni) terror organizations, which have taken over Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, respectively, in order to surround Israel.

6. Through Hezbollah, Iran has penetrated South America and set up terrorist training camps in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, often funded by narcotics.

7. Iran is sending Hezbollah operatives to Latin America and then through Mexico into the U.S.

8. In 2011, Iran plotted to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, along with a number of U.S. Senators.

9. Iran is working with North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and long range ballistic missiles.

10. The Iranian government does not possess or respect Western values – minority rights, individual rights, freedom of speech, and honesty, to name a few.

11. The Iranian government is complicit in war crimes in Syria, and has contributed to the deaths of nearly 150,000 Syrians (mostly Sunni) and the displacement of nearly three million refugees.

12. No negotiations are possible with terror organizations because they cannot be trusted to fulfill their side of the bargain, as witnessed from past dealings with Iran and North Korea.

13. Military experts have witnessed tests that show that Iran is focused on detonating nuclear weapons at high altitudes, which could destroy the electric grid of targeted countries. Iran could also use such weapons to simply blackmail Western or Sunni countries into submission. There is also the risk of these weapons falling into the hands of terrorists, either by accident, directed effort, or during a period of regime instability.

14. A nuclear Iran could lead to a nuclear Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey, among others, greatly  increasing the chance of an eventual nuclear war or nuclear terrorism.

15. The Iranian government has publicly declared “Death to America, Death to Israel.” America is also consistently called the “Great Satan,” while Israel is called the “Little Satan.” Iran should be removed from the UN and the family of nations for these calls for the destruction of peaceful nations.


  • the information was quite intresting.

  • What a joke, just as I expected. None of these reasons are an existential threat to Western civilization.

  • 11. The Iranian government is complicit in war crimes in Syria, and has contributed to the deaths of nearly 150,000 Syrians (mostly Sunni) and the displacement of nearly three million refugees.


  • There is no stomach in DC for seriously pressuring Iran. Yes, the sanctions are putting pressure on them but the results of current negotiations are likely to be rejection of any meaningful deal and more verbal warfare.
    The pessimist (myself included) thinks Iran will get its bomb and the West, led by our fearless leader, will resort to “containment”. POTUS is already guilty of mucking up things Middle East. It’s likely to get worse.

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