U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

December 22, 2013 11:40 am 82 comments

A Boeing 707 carrying advanced military equipment. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Head of Defense Export Control, Meir Shalit, resigned last week after the United States expressed anger over a decision he made to sell sensitive military equipment to China, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Sunday. At the time, Shalit did not provide a reason for his resignation.

Washington asserted that his authorization of the sale of a miniature cooling system for missiles was in direct violation of Israel’s preexisting obligations to the United States.

The conflict came as a result of differing interpretations of defense agreements between Israel and the U.S., according to the report. Israel claimed that the highly sensitive part was actually sold to a European company as part of a separate deal, but the Americans contended that the fact that it ultimately wound up in China is a breach of long-standing arrangements between Washington and Jerusalem.

Furthermore, there is fear among the Americans that this advanced technology has found its way from China to Iran.

About a month ago, according to Ma’ariv, American officials confronted Israel on the issue of how the part ended up in China. At this point, Shalit assumed full responsibility and said that he would resign. Over the past weekend while on a visit to the United States, Shalit personally apologized to American officials for authorizing the sale.

The cooling system is made by Ricor Systems, a worldwide leader in innovative cooler technology for the infrared, scientific instrumentation and semiconductor industries.

The past year has seen a significant boon in ties between Israel and China. The development of relations between the two countries was highlighted during a visit to Israel last week by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.


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  • …anyone reading the comments above would wonder just what story these people had read???

    These incidents are never what they appear to be on the surface…just fancy footwork to side step all the secret services that are trying to steal info from each other…

    • Recall John Wang???? Clinton sold the Chinese anything they wanted. Gave their operative TOP SECURITY CLEARANCE! You can BET YOUR LAST WORTHLESS DOLLAR that Obama is 10 times as bad!

      This looks to me an attempt to descredit the Israelis and try to build a little animosity between American people and their ally, the Israelis.

  • If I read correctly Israel sold the part to a European country and the part eventually found its way into China. Let’s follow the trail and see where it leads.
    I doubt the Israeli man who stepped down is to blame. Someone always takes the hit, and its never the real people responsible.

    • Have you ever think that if it has been occurred it was compatible with America …. and only outwardly America plays it angry!!???

  • Big Tim Champion

    Corey, …So Sorry – nobody wants to hear from you, know your thoughts, or be around you… get the idea, Mr. Sleepyhead. Thanks.

  • Some quick engineering analysis – if we’re talking about Ricor parts, we’re talking about miniaturized cryogenic coolers for infrared imaging sensors. The cooler your sensor, the stealthier jets you can hit with a seeker missile, and from further away. It’ a technology the military wants very much to control because for the f-22 in a hostile theater it may make the difference between immunity and extreme danger. From a strictly military perspective, it is at least a genuine Big Deal.

    • Thanks for the info. Interesting to know some more technical details.

    • ….and to think that China has the blueprints for the F-22 Raptor and our most sophisticated MIRV warhead design likely obtained from a missile we tested in the desert several years ago and neglected to retrieve for a couple of weeks only to find later that the wreckage had disappeared.

  • Whathasthisworldbecome?

    The majority of the comments relating to this article are very disturbing.
    It seems to me that the biggest evil of all is nationalism and religious sectarianism.

  • Also Saul, no one is above it all, humble yourself.

  • This nuclear scare is a way to distract us from larger issues at hand. We are not a weak species. The so called rod of god resides floating in space as we speak. Things are being overlooked here ad this surface problem that keeps arising is to do exactly what I read above; divide, distract,and displace the peons. We cannot create change as individuals, we will be made example of by opposing forces. Christians, Muslims, white, black, all titles of separatism. We are humanity, a one type of being despite solidarity. Never forget that, And we may then succeed.

  • Check out Narus and Verint if you want to see some Israeli technology embedded in the US. I keep hoping one of the Snowden leaks will expose this fully.

  • Corey Mondello

    Merry Christmas from an Atheist in America. I’ve been spending the day trying to soothe my head ache, stuffy nose and tired mind.

    I some how have entered a loop of websites online, where every story has a link to another with just more horror to expose about the human race.

    I will start by saying, I can say for certain, I despise the conservative Christians in the USA, and I despise any other bully and terrorist on the face of the earth. The USgov being the largest, puts me in an awkward position. But seeing as most stories I am being drawn to over and over are about the Christmas holiday and all things religious and political linked to it, (not so much because of “it” but because of those who have created some sort if twisted reality where nothing else matters) I am brought to the thoughts that arise into my waking mind.

    I can most definately state, that I am extremely glad I was born in the USA, and I am most certain my grandparents, who immigrated here to have a better life for themselves and their families, were also extreme elated.

    However, I never would or will produce offspring. To bring life, blindly and innocently into this world, or into America (which has, in my short life, gone from being somewhat respected, albeit due to blind trust and lack of knowledge, still, more than present time, to being a place or great inner turmoil and strife) would be just self-serving and the greatest act of selfishness.

    When I look around the country, and the world for that matter, (I will focus on America, as this is where i have always resided) I see there are three loosely grouped “types” of people.

    The first kind of an American is just your average person, pleasantly ignorant, knowingly turning away from what goes on outside their safe little world, (and who of us had not at one time been part of this groups, and who can blame people for wanting to live in a peaceful world?).

    The second group consists of the extreme conservative Christians, (who have been tainting this land since Columbus gang raped the Natives and had those who didn’t bring him enough gold, have their hands chopped off). These people haven’t changed much, they were the ones who lynched Quakers, burnt supposed devil worshiping “witches” at the stake, lynched black people, and have been against any person who was not considered “white” and “Christian”, to be unworthy of equal rights.

    This is quite an umbrella, because “Christian” and “white” can mean many things, like the before mentioned lynched Quakers, who most likely were considered white and followed one “denomination” of Christianity. So this needs to be expressed more accurately. The word “Majority” will suffice.

    So, again, the second group consist generally of the Majority of the population at that time, always being one denomination of Christianity and of a skin-tone able to pass as “white” at that time, (to explain that a little more in depth, Italians were not considered “white” at one point).

    This “Majority” also includes socio-economics, which incorporates the gender, and a few other characteristic.

    It’s safe to say then, that this group comprises of; white, conservative Christian men who had and have, the most power, both politically and economically, to create laws allowing themselves to control minorities and to stay in power.

    This second group is the very essence of evil, that which has become the largest terrorist organization known to mankind, in fact, they are the reason September 1st 2001 happened, the reason why there is oppression all over the country, why America is in decline, and may come crashing down, burning us all alive.

    Now the third group of people, I am proud to be included in, are those who once were similar to those in group number one, just going day to day, not wanting to harm any one, just hard working, nice people. However, our eyes have been opened, usually by some earth shattering personal trauma or event that literally jars our reality, leaving us with one question.

    For me, it was September 1st, 2001

    That ends my rant, which I will continue at another time, most-likely somewhere else

    • Please, PLEASE! get in contact with me. I am the 3rd as well. You are very VERY smart. hutteto@gmail.comn. I’m sick and tired of dealing with idiots.

    • You’re post maid mee tink I knot alone wif you in da therd group! It is nice too be smart and abov it all!!!
      U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    • James Nicholas

      Go figure, I learned English. What I’m saying to you Corey is this: Jesus was not born on Christmas day. And Easter has zilch to do with Jesus. The churches that support those lies understand that each of those ‘pagan’ festivals is a big payday for them.
      America was not founded as a ‘Christian nation’ Read the Declaration of Independence and toward the end the Native Americans as we call them today…are referred to as “merciless savages” Go ahead look it up.
      The United States is a Corporation. Period.
      The Corporation requires “slaves” but we-the-people will work for the Corporation because 95% of America is so addicted to credit they have no choice. No choice. That Corey, is slavery.

    • Well, aren’t you just a special little man.
      Got it all figured out, have you?
      I’m sure mommy is proud.

    • Profuse thanks for not reproducing. You are too clever … by half

    • You mean 09/11/2001, n’est pas?
      Or,11/09/2001 in European style.

    • re Cory Mondello

      re Daniel Berman,

      What is the point of your rant? Do you agree of Israel’s duplicity when it sold sensitive US military missile technology to China? [see Quote on this page]
      “Washington asserted that his authorization
      of the sale of a miniature cooling system for missiles was in direct violation of Israel’s pre-existing obligations to the United States”

      That is just the beginning, watch out for more, especially, if you see Chinese missiles
      flying overhead, equipped with this technology.

    • Mr. Modello,

      The article is about Israeli treachery and disloyalty to America, but you rant about Christian Americans. No doubt at all the you are an Israeli agent.

    • Thank you for not reproducing. You are selfish and stupid. Your kids would be worse. Leave the USA to those of us who solve problems, not creat them.

    • Dude,
      What is wrong with you? It sounds like you don’t really go out much, or actually meet people in real life. Because you would see that it isn’t so black and white. You mentioned that you wont ever bring life into this world? Because it would be selfish. To that I can only say this: Good no one wants to deal with your type. Your type being the “enlightened by being disenfranchised that life isn’t the perfect world you thought it was when you were young, and now you have to deal with the ever persistent harsh facts about reality, our society, our government and ourselves; as though these never existed before.” You also fall into the category of someone who probably doesn’t know how to make things happen for themselves, then chooses to blame it on something else, or completely focus your attention to this bullshit to avoid acknowledging your own flaws. Also,don’t kid yourself; you need to be able to get a woman to sleep with you to have a child, which by the way your comment makes you seem, would be very difficult.

      • Dude, leave your fisher price psychological analysis at home. I am almost sure that guy was a troll. He sounds like the stereotypical internet atheist — the kind who thinks he is smarter than the rest of the world for the sole fact that he is atheist.

    • notbelgiumbutdutch

      hey neckbeard, nobody cares. Airquote open-minded but categorizes an entire nation in three groups. Enjoy your black-and-white tv, only one channel: Christians, your mortal enemies.

      You don’t touch the articles subject one bit, just straight to atheist ranting, grow the fuck up.

    • Write it for me too. =) gmrash@gmail.com

    • What da hell u talking about

    • Agree to disagree.

      And by the way, I think you meant September 11, 2001. Not the 1st.

    • You are as bigoted as those you claim to hate. And ignorant. Very ignorant. And dumb. Did I mention how dumb you are? Stupid is probably a better word. What I’m trying to say is you’re not very smart. Or nice. I don’t think I like you because of your idiocy. Or lack of niceness. Sorry.


    • I just want to know what happened on September 1st 2001. Seriously if you don’t know the correct date of arguably, the worst tragedy ever on American soil, you most likely are not an American.

    • I didn’t herpes can affect your brain that way. Good luck

  • Israel is looking at China for political and economic support, to replace or compensate the growing cold shoulder it is receiving from Washington and the E.U. Only it’s a dangerous game – check out why here: http://mindcrawlblog.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/a-pearl-necklace/

  • Its time we cut off Israel once and for all. They are of no strategic importance what so ever. Its an insignificant country with a population less than Americas largest cities. Why should we defend them? They’re a strategic reliability. No more aid to Israel, no more weapon sells to Israel, no more coming to their aid at the UN. Lets let them stand on their own and see how long they last. A country of white Jews in a region of brown Muslims was never going to work anyway. You wouldn’t put an Arab Islamic state in the middle of white christian Europe would you? It was a stupid idea from the start, and I’m tired of my tax money being wasted on stupid ideas.

    • You wouldn’t put an Arab Islamic state in the middle of white christian Europe wouldn’t you?”

      you mean like:

      lol, you really did your homework….NOT!

      • -albania – Albanians are white Europeans
        -bosnia – Slavs are white Europeans
        -kosovo – Slavs are white Europeans

        You are confused because you think that if one becomes Muslims that their genetics change to Arab.

        A more accurate analogy would be; how would you like if an Arab Islamic state be created in the Vatican.

        LOL! Calling the kettle black are you?

  • Israel does what’s best for israel. Any question$$$?

  • “…there is fear among the Americans that this advanced technology has found its way from China to Iran.”

    I doubt that.

    More likely the fear is among Israelis that Iran would get hold of the technology — that’s why the Israeli resigned.

    Wouldn’t that be poetry, if Iran got the technology and used it to jam some justice up Israel’s arse.

    • Scott and Salon.

      Your anti Semitism stinks.

      I hope you never need any Israeli medical TECHNOLOGY TO KEEP YOU ALIVE.
      The world would be a better place withput the likes of you both..

      • Kris Kristian ? Probably more like Judas Iscariot.

      • Hello JIDF? How many Shekels are they paying you?

      • “Scott and Salon.
        Your anti Semitism stinks.
        I hope you never need any Israeli medical TECHNOLOGY TO KEEP YOU ALIVE.
        ONE DAY, HOPEFULLY, YOU WILL SUFFER HEART ATTACKS.” WOW. Its Funny that any disagreement with the Israeli government or its actions is seen as “Anti Semitism” aka don’t F**king question us and our god because we are the “CHOSEN PPL” and your not mentality. and on top of all that just like conservatives in America they preach gods word and peace but then wish death and war on who ever disagree. Shame…

      • Ohyeaareyousure

        The kind of tech that could have saved that dying Palestinian child? Guess you overlooked that?

      • A dislike of the state of Israel is not antisemitism. Just because someone does not agree with your political ideals does not give you the right to accuse them of being a racist.
        It’s like saying because you don’t like rap music you hate black people.
        I personally do not agree with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians but does that mean I hate Jews?


    • Salon.
      stop reading all the Islamic lies. Stop watching Al Jazeera.
      Maybe you may learn something useful.
      But I doubt that you are capable of learing anything useful

  • Of course, if you look at it from the other side of the coin, Israel has had nothing but disappointment from the Obama administration with them selling billions of dollars in F-35 fighter jet contracts, tanks, bombs, and other sophisticated military hardware to the Saudis, UAE, Kuwait, and other Gulf states. Israel’s historic enemies like these and Egypt are now being armed to the teeth with the most advanced weapons in the world. Israel is a producer of advanced weapon systems and needs cash for their annual budget each year and they earn that by taxing their industries and corporations. Perhaps seeing weapons deals like these are just commonplace ways Israel makes money for their industry and sometimes sensitive technology is the victim in the deal. This is a two way street, with spats between the Israeli’s and the U.S. always accusing each other of releasing either sensitive technology or details of an intelligence program of some nature. These things happen between nations that trade and act as allies. If you check, we have similar spats with the Brits from time to time. The Brits are not too happy with Obama, and he gave the Russians all the info on their sub- based nuclear missiles. Yet, the Brits are still going to buy some of our F-35 fighter jets when they make a great fighter jet in their own right.

    • actually the U.S. is upset because many Israeli systems are done in cooperation with the U.S. or are direct offshoots of U.S. tech so they consider it a breach of security

    • re ICITALL1234
      your quote “they earn that by taxing their industries and corporations”

      I would like to add: don’t forget the $
      3,000,000,000.00 a year
      Israel gets donated from the US. Those ‘donations’ the US has sent to Israel, have added up over the years to hundreds of billions of $. If Israel doesn’t need those
      contributions anymore, I am sure Mr. Obamas new medical insurance could use that cash no problem.

      Israel’s duplicity of selling US weapons technology at this time of easing of sanctions against Iran must be troublesome and I totally understand, why the Us is
      furious at Israel.

      I would really like to know who instructed Mr. Shalit to sell this particular sensitive technology to China. His superior must have known that the Americans would react furiously

  • Foreign policy for dummies….they are selling our advanced military technology to China once again.

    Once again betrayal…..when are Americans going to wise up? Israel is a traitor, not an ally.

    Furious enough to cut them off? I would have after the first time, after spy Jonathon Pollard, after they nearly sunk the U.S.S. Liberty, after 9/11. What’s it going to take?

    Just think of all the billions we could have saved….and all the LIVES.

    Too many congressman getting greased by AIPAC to ever put a stop to this though. Too many Zionist sympathizers in the MSM to not report this treachery to the American people.

    Is the fear of being called an anti Semite stronger than your love for your country? Call it whatever you like, it’s treacherous by any standards. Do you “stand” with this?

    This has nothing to do with religion— but rather our national security.

    • Keep drinking the koolaid Rhondar, you’re on a roll.

    • Well Said, Rhondar

    • USS Liberty was spying on Israel, and giving vital info to Egypt during the Yom Kippur war.
      Pity that the ship did not sink. They deserved whatever they got.
      And you refer to 9/11.
      Get your facts right before you shoot your filthy mouth off/

      Are you saying that Israel flew their planes into the WTC?
      IF you believe that, then you are watching too much Al Jazeera, and reading too many Muslim papers.
      Israel has developed much of the technology that the US uses. Without Israel, the US defense systems would be very weak.Israel has had more military experience, unfortunately, that any other country in the world, thanks to the Arabs. And US nees all that experience.
      Hey Rhondar Are you a Muslim? From what you write, and your comments about AIPAC yu can only be a Muslim.

      • LOL–I have great respect for Israel but without the U.S. Israel would not exist , I have been in the service for 20 years if anything Israel copies U.S. tech—furthermore Israel has no fleet warships , few heavy lift aircraft and no strategic bombers and still cannot field bat wing configuration aircraft which only the U.S. and possible great Britain (project taranis) have the technology to fly.

      • re Kris Kristian

        please tell me what exactly is the purpose of AIPAC? I understand there is no other country in the world which uses bribery and corrupted politicians to such an extend, that it brings the host country’s government to a standstill.

      • Kris I think you have it backwards, I have a great respect for the IDF but much of the Israeli arsenal is upgraded U.S. equipment and acquired U.S. and European technology. I have been in the service for many years and I rarely come across systems stateside with anything Israeli—furthermore Israel still has not been able to field stealth and bat-wing configuration aircraft that , with the exception possibly of Great Britain (project taranis), require a great deal of technology to fly. There are some parts of the F35 that Israel might be producing under license but other systems were rejected by the U.S. and Great Britain (GB is the primary tech and production partner of the F35) because they were inferior to other systems, the F22 is even more sophisticated than the F35 and most likely closer to 100% U.S. tech

        • the “batwing” planes you are talking about I read that the Russians also are developing that type of drone +Germany and spain have a partnership similar tailes drone aircraft but you are correct many nations including Israel haven’t the tech yet to produce tailes aircraft which require very sophisticated computers to fly. the nazis were the first to fly tailles wing only planes but they had many problems because computers are needed to stabilize the plane in flight

        • I don’t know how much more sophisticated f22 is than f35. Israel and japan one time rquested purchase of f22 but were flatly denied

        • to be fair I would say both countries rely on each other not all systems were rejected I still say that Israel should not have these aircraft unless absolutely necessary the airforce as it is now I feel is more than sufficient to deal with the enemies around us who I believe are much weaker and less sophisticated than years ago just my feelings on the issue

      • Kris I think you have it backwards, I have a great respect for the IDF but much of the Israeli arsenal is upgraded U.S. equipment and acquired U.S. and European technology. I have been in the service for many years and I never come across systems stateside with anything Israeli, usually overseas we see American stuff with Israeli upgrades–furthermore Israel still has not been able to field stealth and bat-wing configuration aircraft that, with the possible exception of Great Britain (project taranis), require a great deal of technology to fly. There are some parts of the F35 that Israel might be producing under license but other systems were rejected by the U.S. and Great Britain (GB is the primary tech and production partner after the U.S.) because they were inferior to other systems, the F22 is even more sophisticated than the F35 and most likely closer to 100% U.S. tech

      • liberty was nothing more than an accident

    • Foreign policy for dummies….they are selling our advanced military technology to China once again.”
      ….RICOR is Israeli, it’s their tech.

  • Stupid goys getting too big for their britches.

    • We goy are waking up and learning about plots, treachery, deception, disloyalty, and all the tools in the Israeli tool box. The cat is out of the bag, as they say.

  • When trusted allies sell the other’s sensitive equipment, more than just the equipment is compromised.

  • Isn’t the US Government years too late? The whole world has been aware of this for nearly a decade if not longer!!!

    In fact, the US has given Israel billions of US taxpayer money to carry it out!

    Israel Caught Selling 69 US Patriot Missiles to Red China


    • Sure, and you believe anything you read on the internet don’t you, especially a blog? A two year old story that never even made even one news media outlet? That is a false story if ever there was one.

    • Charleston Voice.

      The money that Israel gets from US, is paid back ten fold by the Israelis.You want to know how? Just ask tne US Defense dapartment.

      In the mean time, US supplies Egypt with billions of dollars worth of miltary hardwear, at no cost the Egypt. But Egypt never repays that money.
      Now, shove that up your butt.

      • T.J.MontanaKid

        actually that is correct, any service member in the u.s. will tell you the Israeli anti-missile systems are nothing more than suped up patriot missile tech

  • Well wondering why USA is so upset. China is the new power in the region and USA had support Japan recently in their territorial dispute, by sending a ship armada and bomber to show their superiority. I suspected that China had more army capacity that USA think, especially on electronic-computer capacity as they had brake in a few time the intelligence of USA and Australia too.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Good. Stick it in Obama’s eye good and hard.

    • Just shows how anti-American you conservatives really are. You support all of America’s foreign enemies in the name of “sticking it in Obama’s eye.”

  • No one resigns from the Obama administration when they make a mistake or do something illegal, why should an Israeli????

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