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January 14, 2014 11:54 am

‘Settler Miley Cyrus’ Performs ‘Gaza Wrecking Ball’ Sequel to ‘Jews Can’t Stop’ (VIDEO)

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First-time author Orit Afra performing 'Gaza Wrecking Ball' as a promotion for her book, 'The Settler.' Photo: Screenshot / YouTube.

First-time author Orit Afra performing 'Gaza Wrecking Ball'. Photo: Screenshot / YouTube.

Writer Orit Arfa has now fully embraced her inner Miley Cyrus with the production of her second satirical knock-off music video entitled ‘Gaza Wrecking Ball.’

The curly-brown haired Jewess certainly wouldn’t be mistaken for the American pop singer, but she makes a strong effort to channel Cyrus’s style. The clip could even be as successful as her first parody of Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ which she renamed ‘Jews Can’t Stop.’

In an interview on Tuesday with Israel’s Channel 2, Arfa said, “Following many demands from people who responded to the previous clip, I knew I had to come out with another video and ‘Wrecking Ball’ seemed like the obvious choice, because the Middle East is saturated with destruction.”

On YouTube, Arfa said her latest video was inspired by Israel’s 2005 unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

“In August 2005, the State of Israel forcefully evacuated 9,000 Jews from the Gush Katif ‘Harvest Belt’ of Gaza and from northern Samaria. Orange was the color of the protest,” she wrote.

Her first novel, ‘The Settler,‘ published in December, “explores the aftermath of the controversial event through the eyes of a 21-year-old evacuee from the Jewish bloc of Gush Katif.”

As a journalist and communications executive, Arfa has worked in the U.S. and Israel, and conceived of the novel after covering the Gaza withdrawal for Los Angeles’s The Jewish Journal. The experience “had a profound impact” on her “view of Israel and Zionism.”

“While billed as an act of peace, the operation has caused untold devastation to both Jews and Arabs alike,” she said. “Ultimately, it was a strategic retreat, an act of appeasement of Palestinian terror and an act of aggression against innocent Jews. The story of the Jewish victims of this tragedy has gone largely untold, until now, in this parody of the Miley Cyrus mega-hit ‘Wrecking Ball.'”

On her website, Los Angeles-born Arfa describes herself as the daughter of immigrants – her father was born in a displaced person’s camp after his parents survived Auschwitz, and her mother was “born in Iraq on the eve of the mass Jewish emigration from the country in the wake of anti-Semitic pogroms.”

The first three stanzas of the song are below:

We built, we prayed our hearts in vain
We died, always asking why
We sowed, we fought under your shield
A love no one could deny

Don’t you ever say we should’ve walked away
We will always want home
A world so full lies, who cares ’bout our lives
We will always want home

They came in with a wrecking ball
Tore down our homes and all we loved
All we wanted was to live our lives
All they ever did was hate us
Yeah, they, hate us

Watch Orit Afra’s music video, ‘Gaza Wrecking Ball,’ below:

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  • alanl

    what is this gal trying to convey? really bad idea to be making fun of arab women. She is not on the par of LAtMA either. Maybe she should stick to writing children’s books

  • debbie shultz

    not nice to make fun of arab women- she is wearing a kafiya or headdress which is in very poor taste, makes us Jews look racist.

  • janet Z.

    Total ego and self aggrandizement- This gal is full of herself, and taking advantage of the events to boost her image in Israel- My daughters saw her videos and were embarrassed for her. One can look at the body language and see she is all about her sexuality, which is so sad. Her ego is driving her. she is desperate to be somebody- she is trying hard to fit in. And her voice sucks big time. Other than that, she is at least trying to speak up for Israel and that is refreshing, being that most people her age that are secular could care less.

  • Michal

    An interesting response to the historic injustice in the name of appeasement and left-wing ignorance and failure.

  • Bruce Saltzman

    Appeasement of terror does not work in an abusive marrige; and it does not work in the face of international terror either.
    It only incurages the abuser.

  • Emanuel

    The first video was tasteless and offensive, I hope she can find better ways to promote her book, I am sure she has good points but the message get’s lost when you offend people that way. As Jews we should be sensitive to the suffering of others and not celebrate it, even if she is right they way she is promoting her message is insensitive and reflects poorly on Jews.

    • janet Z.

      she is all about her image, building it. I love how she sexualizes her image, wearing Israeli IDf shirts with nothing underneath. My daughter who is a soldier was cracking up