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January 17, 2014 2:08 pm

Al Jazeera Host Asks Why Can’t Arab Armies Be More Humane, Like Israel? (VIDEO)

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Al Jazeera Arabic asks why the Arab world's armies can't learn to respect civilians, like the Israeli Army does? Photo: Screenshot / Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera Arabic asks why the Arab world's armies can't learn to respect civilians, like the Israeli Army does? Photo: Screenshot / Al Jazeera.

An Al Jazeera Arabic anchor recently asked his audience why Arab armies, and, in particular, the regime of Bashar al-Assad, in Syria, can’t behave more humanely towards civilians, like the Israeli and French armies do?

In a clip uploaded to YouTube this week and flagged by Mideast Media Analyst Tom Gross, the anchor  asks, “Why don’t they learn from the Israeli army which tries, through great efforts, to avoid shelling areas populated by civilians in Lebanon and Palestine? Didn’t Hezbollah take shelter in areas populated by civilians because it knows that Israeli Air Force doesn’t bomb those areas? Why doesn’t the Syrian army respect premises of universities, schools or inhabited neighborhoods? Why does it shell even the areas of its supporters?”

“I will also give you the example of France. All Syrians remember that the French forces, when they occupied Syria tried to avoid, when rebels entered mosques or schools, they stopped. The people would prefer that France come back! For God’s sake, if a referendum were to be held… if people were to be asked, who would you prefer the current regime or the French, I swear by God they would have preferred the French.

“The Israeli army, if it wanted to break up a demonstration, would have used water cannons or rubber bullets, not rockets or explosive barrels as happens in Aleppo today.

“You mustn’t compare the Syrian army with French or Israeli… The Israeli army didn’t shell Aleppo University and students there. They didn’t shell the university with rockets killing dozens of students… The Israelis or the French didn’t kill their people. Please tell me how many of their people did the French army kill?”

Watch a clip of the Al Jazeera program below:

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  • Eyal, Israel

    Why? Ask a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer. The reason is very simple: Arab/Moslem culture has absolutely no value for human life, period. To question why they can’t be more like Israel is to ask why a carnivore rips apart its prey and eats it while it is still alive. That’s the way they’re programmed and that’s the way they function.

    A far more interesting and relevant question is: why are self-righteous, so-called “enlightened” Western liberals so obsessive about protecting the so-called “rights” of people whose culture dictates such sub-human behavior, while inventing every lie in the book about Israel’s so-called and non-existent “crimes against humanity”. It is ironic how Arabs, who belong to this culture of death and are actively involved in the conflict with Israel, can be more honest about Israel’s true essence than uninvolved self-righteous Westerners whose psychotic and venomous hatred of Israel makes them live in total denial of the truth.

    • Eric Bornstein

      Oh Eyal, if only there were a rational answer to your question. I know that it was rhetorical and even a pleading for us to be understood. It is a cliche but I do believe that the liberals of the West feel guilty that they live in such ‘spender’ whereas their Palestinian brethren live under the ‘cruel hand of their occupiers’. I don’t understand their self hatred and worse their absolute disowning of sight and logic. Unfortunately, Israel and Jews are the target of ther hatred, myopia, bias and stupidity.

    • Thelma

      Eyal has nailed it . I wish he had a wider readership for his analysis.

  • Aviva

    WOW indeed. I truly hope that his comments are taken with consideration, and that he is not skewered or worst. I for one, am sitting back in my chair, for once.. in a long time, hopeful and thankful.

    Aviva Roth

  • And Richard Silverstein. Hatred of Israel is such an obsession with him, I think it’s a whole new pathology which should be researched.

  • R

    Response to BELLA:

    I wish you would be a lot more specific about the “rogue Jews” . Where do such people and their organizations exist? It seems there are Jew-haters even amongst us Jews. Tell us, please, WHERE ARE THEY.

  • Rickk

    I wonder when they will take Tom Gross’ head off for saying this. the scare tactics of the few inhibit the many from speaking out. He was very courageous for speaking out and will certainly take flak for speaking out or worse blow him up.

  • Mike B

    Well it was nice knowing them.

    • Robby

      Yes Mike, that about sums it up.

  • Richard Rosenblatt

    Now THAT is refreshing to read! Maybe the Arab “street” isn’t totally under the sway of their warped leadership. Even so, it’s still going to take a long time to overcome the ant-Israel/anti-Semitic poison spewed by the government, press, clergy, and schools in Islamic countries.

  • Jay

    We should inform the CBC of this story. Unfortunately, we know the outcome: the CBC would ignore it or claim that the anchor is an Israeli.

    • Bella

      yes – Excellent point – inform BBC, Australian ABC, newspapers across the world – and most importantly the rogue Jews who spread the vilest of misinformation to undermine the State of Israel and thus foster anti-Semitism across the globe.

      • Perla

        You’re already spreading anti-Semitism, you ignorant woman. You fail to realize that you are a Semite, too. The DNA of theJew and Arab is the same. They are related by blood and bone. And yet the Arabs continue to try and kill the Jews, like they kill their own children and people. Arabs are basically dumb. They will never raze from the mud, until they look into their humanity.

        • Lynne T

          I think Bella was referring to Jewish “antizionidts” like Noam Chomsky, Jews for Justice for Palestine, Richard Falk the UN Special Rapporteur who is a 9-11 truther as well.

          • Anshel

            And “J Street”!

    • Pierrette

      And the BBC too. They have an absolute obsession with blaming Israel for everything. The Guardian should also be informed.