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January 20, 2014 1:16 pm

Full Transcript: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Speech to Israel’s Knesset

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Canadian Prime Minister Harper addressing the Knesset. Photo: Screenshot.

The following is the full transcript of remarks made by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel’s Knesset on January 20th, 2014.


“And thank you for inviting me to visit this remarkable country, and especially for this opportunity to address the Knesset.

“It is truly a great honour.

“And if I may, Mr. Speaker, on behalf of my wife Laureen and the entire Canadian delegation, let me begin by thanking the government and people of Israel for the warmth of your hospitality.

“You have made us feel extremely welcome.

“We have felt immediately at home.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Canada and Israel are the greatest of friends, and the most natural of allies.

“And, with your indulgence, I would like to offer a reflection upon what makes the relationship between Canada and Israel special and important because the relationship between us is very strong.

“The friendship between us is rooted in history, nourished by shared values, and it is intentionally reinforced at the highest levels of commerce and government as an outward expression of strongly held inner convictions.

“There has, for example, been a free trade agreement in place between Canada and Israel for many years an agreement that has already proved its worth.

“The elimination of tariffs on industrial products, and some foodstuffs, has led to a doubling in the value of trade between our countries.

“But this only scratches the surface of the economic potential of this relationship and I look forward to soon deepening and broadening our mutual trade and investment goals.

“As well, our military establishments share information and technology.

“This has also been to our mutual benefit.

“For example, during Canada’s mission to Afghanistan, our use of Israeli-built reconnaissance equipment saved the lives of Canadian soldiers.

“All such connections are important, and build strong bridges between us.

“However, to truly understand the special relationship between Israel and Canada, one must look beyond trade and institutions to the personal ties of friendship and kinship.

“Jews have been present in Canada for more than 250 years.

“In generation after generation, by hard work and perseverance, Jewish immigrants, often starting with nothing, have prospered greatly.

“Today, there are nearly 350,000 Canadians who share with you their heritage and their faith.

“They are proud Canadians.

“But having met literally thousands of members of this community, I can tell you this:

“They are also immensely proud of what the people of Israel have accomplished here of your courage in war, of your generosity in peace, and of the bloom that the desert has yielded, under your stewardship.

“Laureen and I share that pride, the pride and the understanding that what has been achieved here has occurred in the shadow of the horrors of the Holocaust;

“the understanding that it is right to support Israel because, after generations of persecution, the Jewish people deserve their own homeland and deserve to live safely and peacefully in that homeland.

“Let me repeat that: Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so.

“This is a very Canadian trait, to do something for no reason other than it is right even when no immediate reward for, or threat to, ourselves is evident.

“On many occasions, Canadians have even gone so far as to bleed and die to defend the freedom of others in far-off lands.

“To be clear, we have also periodically made terrible mistakes as in the refusal of our government in the 1930s to ease the plight of Jewish refugees but, as a country, at the turning points of history, Canada has consistently chosen, often to our great cost, to stand with others who oppose injustice, and to confront the dark forces of the world.

“It is, thus, a Canadian tradition to stand for what is principled and just, regardless of whether it is convenient or popular.

“But, I would argue, support today for the Jewish state of Israel is more than a moral imperative it is also of strategic importance, also a matter of our own, long-term interests.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I said a moment ago, that the special friendship between Canada and Israel is rooted in shared values.

“Indeed, Israel is the only country in the Middle East, which has long anchored itself in the ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

“These are not mere notions.

“They are the things that, over time and against all odds, have proven to be the only ground in which human rights, political stability, and economic prosperity, may flourish.

“These values are not proprietary; they do not belong to one nation or one people.

“Nor are they a finite resource; on the contrary, the wider they are spread, the stronger they grow.

“Likewise, when they are threatened anywhere, they are threatened everywhere.

“And what threatens them, or more precisely, what today threatens the societies that embrace such values and the progress they nurture?

“Those who scorn modernity, who loathe the liberty of others, and who hold the differences of peoples and cultures in contempt. Those who, often begin by hating the Jews, but, history shows us, end up hating anyone who is not them. Those forces, which have threatened the state of Israel every single day of its existence, and which, today, as 9/11 graphically showed us, threaten us all.

“And so, either we stand up for our values and our interests, here, in Israel, stand up for the existence of a free, democratic and distinctively Jewish state or the retreat of our values and our interests in the world will begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just as we refuse to retreat from our values, so we must also uphold the duty to advance them.

“And our commitment as Canadians to what is right, fair and just is a universal one.

“It applies no less to the Palestinian people, than it does to the people of Israel.

“Just as we unequivocally support Israel’s right of self-defence, so too Canada has long-supported a just and secure future for the Palestinian people.

“And, I believe, we share with Israel a sincere hope that the Palestinian people and their leaders… will choose a viable, democratic, Palestinian state, committed to living peacefully alongside the Jewish state of Israel.

“As you, Prime Minister [Netanyahu], have said, when Palestinians make peace with Israel, Israel will not be the last country to welcome a Palestinian state as a new member of the United Nations — it will be the first.

“Sadly, we have yet to reach that point.

“But, when that day comes, and come it must, I can tell you that Israel may be the first to welcome a sovereign Palestinian state, but Canada will be right behind you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, support – even firm support – doesn’t mean that allies and friends will agree on all issues all of the time.

“No state is beyond legitimate questioning or criticism.

“But our support does mean at least three things.

“First, Canada finds it deplorable that some in the international community still question the legitimacy of the existence of the state of Israel.

“Our view on Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state is absolute and non-negotiable.

“Second, Canada believes that Israel should be able to exercise its full rights as a UN member-state and to enjoy the full measure of its sovereignty.

“For this reason, Canada has spoken on numerous occasions in support of Israel’s engagement and equal treatment in multilateral fora.

“And, in this regard, I should mention that we welcome Israel’s induction this month into the western, democratic group of states at the United Nations.

“Third, we refuse to single out Israel for criticism on the international stage.

“Now I understand, in the world of diplomacy, with one, solitary, Jewish state and scores of others, it is all too easy “to go along to get along” and single out Israel.

“But such “going along to get along,” is not a “balanced” approach, nor a “sophisticated” one; it is, quite simply, weak and wrong.

“Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world where that kind of moral relativism runs rampant.

“And in the garden of such moral relativism, the seeds of much more sinister notions can be easily planted.

“And so we have witnessed, in recent years, the mutation of the old disease of anti-Semitism and the emergence of a new strain.

“We all know about the old anti-Semitism.

“It was crude and ignorant, and it led to the horrors of the death camps.

“Of course, in many dark corners, it is still with us.

“But, in much of the western world, the old hatred has been translated into more sophisticated language for use in polite society.

“People who would never say they hate and blame the Jews for their own failings or the problems of the world, instead declare their hatred of Israel and blame the only Jewish state for the problems of the Middle East.

“As once Jewish businesses were boycotted, some civil-society leaders today call for a boycott of Israel.

“On some campuses, intellectualized arguments against Israeli policies thinly mask the underlying realities, such as the shunning of Israeli academics and the harassment of Jewish students.

“Most disgracefully of all, some openly call Israel an apartheid state.

“Think about that.

“Think about the twisted logic and outright malice behind that: a state, based on freedom, democracy and the rule of law, that was founded so Jews can flourish, as Jews, and seek shelter from the shadow of the worst racist experiment in history, that is condemned, and that condemnation is masked in the language of anti-racism.

“It is nothing short of sickening.

“But this is the face of the new anti-Semitism.

“It targets the Jewish people by targeting Israel and attempts to make  the old bigotry acceptable for a new generation.

“Of course, criticism of Israeli government policy is not in and of itself necessarily anti-semitic.

“But what else can we call criticism that selectively condemns only the Jewish state and effectively denies its right to defend itself while systematically ignoring – or excusing – the violence and oppression all around it?

“What else can we call it when, Israel is routinely targeted at the United Nations, and when Israel remains the only country to be the subject of a permanent agenda item at the regular sessions of its human rights council?

“Ladies and gentlemen, any assessment – any judgment – of Israel’s actions must start with this understanding:

“In the sixty-five years that modern Israel has been a nation, Israelis have endured attacks and slanders beyond counting and have never known a day of true peace.

“And we understand that Israelis live with this, impossible calculus:

“If you act to defend yourselves, you will suffer widespread condemnation, over and over again.

“But, should you fail to act, you alone will suffer the consequence of your inaction, and that consequence will be final, your destruction.

“The truth, that Canada understands, is that many of the hostile forces Israel faces, are faced by all western nations.

“And Israel faces them for many of the same reasons we face them.

“You just happen to be a lot closer to them.

“Of course, no nation is perfect.

“But neither Israel’s existence nor its policies are responsible for the instability in the Middle East today.

“One must look beyond Israel’s borders to find the causes of the relentless oppression, poverty and violence in much of the region, of the heartbreaking suffering of syrian refugees, of sectarian violence and the fears of religious minorities, especially christians, and of the current domestic turmoil in so many states.

“So what are we to do?

“Most importantly, we must deal with the world as we find it.

“The threats in this region are real, deeply rooted, and deadly and the forces of progress, often anaemically weak.

“For too many nations, it is still easier to scapegoat Israel than to emulate your success.

“It is easier to foster resentment and hatred of Israel’s democracy than it is to provide the same rights and freedoms to their own people.

“I believe that a Palestinian state will come, and one thing that will make it come is when the regimes that bankroll terrorism realise that the path to peace is accommodation, not violence.

“Which brings me to the government of iran.

“Late last year, the world announced a new approach to diplomacy with the government in tehran.

“Canada has long held the view that every diplomatic measure should be taken to ensure that regime never obtains a nuclear weapon.

“We therefore appreciate the earnest efforts of the five permanent members of the security council and germany.

“Canada will evaluate the success of this approach not on the merits of its words, but on the implementation and verification of its promised actions.

“We truly hope that it is possible to walk the iranian government back from taking the irreversible step of manufacturing nuclear weapons.

“But, for now, Canada’s own sanctions will remain fully in place.

“And should our hopes not be realized, should the present agreement prove ephemeral Canada will be a strong voice for renewed sanctions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude with this thought.

“Je crois que l’histoire d’israël est UN très bel exemple pour le monde entier.

“I believe the story of Israel is a great example to the world.

“It is a story, essentially, of a people whose response to suffering has been to move beyond resentment and build a most extraordinary society a vibrant democracy a freedom-loving country… with an independent and rights-affirming judiciary, an innovative, world-leading “start-up” nation.

“You have taken the collective memory of death and persecution to build an optimistic, forward-looking land one that so values life, you will sometimes release a thousand criminals and terrorists, to save one of your own.

“In the democratic family of nations, Israel represents values which our government takes as articles of faith, and principles to drive our national life.

“And therefore, through fire and water, Canada will stand with you.

“My friends, you have been generous with your time and attention.

“Once more, Laureen and I and our entire delegation thank you for your generous hospitality, and look forward to continuing our visit to your country.

“Merci beaucoup.

“Thank you for having us, and may peace be upon Israel.”

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  • John Stefanyszyn

    The Jews claim the land in the name ‘God’.
    But which ‘god’ is this?
    For the Jews believe in and live by their belief in freedom of rights.
    The United Nations gave the Jews this land in the name of their freedom of self-rights.
    Prime Minister Harper defends the Jews and this land in the name of freedom of self-rights.
    It is clear that the ‘god’ that all of the above believe in and worship is the “god of freedom”
    AND this “god of freedom”, this “god of fortresses”, this image, speaks and dictates that it is RIGHT (a right) to worship ANY ‘god’…as the Jews have also confessed that there is no one god in Israel…that all ‘gods’ can be worshipped.

    BUT, there is Only One Creator, whose identity is clearly defined by His Son Jesus Christ….and this Yehowah Elohim has commanded that one is to worship Him Only and to serve Him Alone…none other …for there is none other.

    It is Only Christ that will rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of the Only Creator God AND not according to man’s love for his “freedom”.

    • Hi Stephen S.
      Did you not recognize all the Biblical references that our Prime Minister used? (bloom in the desert, through fire and water) You completely missed the point. Also, Jesus said he came first for the Jewish people…he was and is Jewish after all is said and done. -Romans is quite clear also when Paul says to remember that …the root supports us. They,the Jewish people, not us, are the natural branches. We are so blessed that He came that we might be grafted on to the Olive Tree. He loves us all equally. It is our job to be a light to the Jewish people and love them and stand for and with Israel that we might make up for so called Christians who have been such a terrible example.We are told quite clearly to “Go first to the Jew and then to the Gentile”
      I thank God that we have such a great leader in Canada. THANK YOU STEPHEN HARPER for giving the greatest speech I have ever heard of.
      Lorraine Rich



  • May God bless Prime Minister Harper for his unequivable support and stand for Israel.
    Far too many nations forget that Israel and Israeli’s are ‘the apple of God’s eye’, His highly favoured children and the only nation to which he states in Genesis 12:2 And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”
    Imagine that, all the families of the earth will be blessed because of Israel, and God’s promise that Himself will bless any nation that blesses Israel.
    We are beginning to see how God is going to extend His Grace and Favour upon this incredible nation as new discoveries of gas and mineral wealth are going to make the nation self sufficient in so many areas. I am excited to see how God will bless Canada for electing a leader who has the moral courage to stand with Israel and be amongst the few nations who have taken such a stance. God bless you Mr. Harper!

  • Is this PM of Canada Harper calling his own foreign minister Baird an Antisemite for criticizing Israel in the Minister of Foreign Affairs website?

  • Yuri Notkin

    Mr. S. Harper!
    I am very proud that you my contemporary.
    Be health and never betray yourself!
    All the people of sense bless you.

  • Eugene Levich

    Prime Minister Harper is real visionary.While Judeo-Christian civilization is in convulsions in Europe and losing coherence of purpose in the USA strangulated by false prophets of tyrannical political correctness, Canada is fast on the way becoming major power carrying positive message to the world in chaos.
    If Mr. Harper and his co-thinkers will be able to resist the darkness creeping from the South in the next 20 years Canada will be the magnet for many refugees from Europe gripped by Sharia laws.
    Israel will flourish and grow as had been predestined. I wish Canada will go on supporting Israel because it is right as Mr. Harper said. Because it is to be on the right side of history.
    Apart from all this Mr. Harper is a man of honor in the real, old fashioned manner. It is totally exceptional among political leaders. More power to his hand.

  • Arthur Rubinstein

    Canada has shown the way. Now if others will follow. After reading the PM’s speech, I seemed to detect an inner feeling when he put it before the Knesset. A feeling of “I mean what I am saying.” God Bless Canada, the Prime Minister and the Canadian delegation.

  • Al Catraz

    Oh Canada…!

    To those who know, Moses was a stutterer….
    When GOD asked him what land he wants for The Children Of Israel, he wanted to say CANADA…
    He stuttered CA.. CA.. CA…
    So GOD said: “You want CANNAAN.. you got it!”

    We stand on guard for thee…

    • Pastor Louise-Anne Clermont

      Al…that is a great funny made me wonder what would have happened if Moises was not a stutterer…CANADA…a country where and it does flow with milk and honey!!!!!!

      …yes…I am very proud to be canadian..May God bless our Country, Our Prime Minister and our government…
      And May He bless you too Gordon…

      ans just to finish: this is the speech’s result:
      Genesis 12:3
      I will bless those who bless you,
      and whoever curses you I will curse;
      and all peoples on earth
      will be blessed through you.”[a]

      so God just blessed canadiens….

  • Gordon

    Prime minister Harper….you are truly a leader among leaders for your unstinting support of Israel.
    I am so proud to be a Canadian and to have you as our Prime Minister.

  • David Makowsky

    It is truly unfortunate, and an embarrassment to both England and the United States, that the only two real leaders in the West today are the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada.

  • Avrumeleh

    This is the kind of expression that comes from real friendship. It isn’t condescending and there is no hidden agenda…just recognition of reality and amity. I wonder why this President can’t do the same. He can’t hide behind “knowing better for Israel than Israel itself knows,” which is the sentiment that comes from him and his Secretary of State. What is coming from the USA is very qualified friendship…not what Israel need right now. Canada, through Stephen Harper is showing genuine courage something that Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry sadly only pretend to.

  • Clarence D’Souza

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper it is real nice to know you
    love and are behind Israel and the Jewish people a hundred percent as I do. Your speech will go down in history as one of the finest and one of the greatest. God bless you and your wife Laureen.

  • Tone Lechtzier

    Shalom Prime Minister Harper,
    Baruch HaShem, may you be Blessed.

    • suzi

      This is succinct, beautiful, and lovely said.

      I am loquacious, and can’t help it. My additional comments are

      Suzi Clark ·
      I am proud of the Canadian P.M., Canada, and the courage, “chutzpah,” and just plain common sense, that he has shown. This is one situation where our Country should have shone. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where their ethics, freedom, and humanitarianism, equals, and sometimes, outshines, ours. Their accomplishments for the world, as in medical science, and inventions to better this world, are #1 per capita, especially in the fields which every country has benefited. I honestly wish those haters of Jews, and or, Israel would not use any enhancements, inventions, or discoveries, especially in the field of medicine, which came from Israel, or any Jew. There is no country in the world which has not benefited from the Jewish, and or, Israeli, intellect. This is true especially in the sciences, whether social, formal, and applied: just to mention a few. If this were the case, probably the Israelis would not have to spend their lives, physically, and politically, defending themselves, while still creating the advancements, in the medical fields alone.. My hope is that my own country, the U.S.A., would “grow some,” and this time follow, since not leading, in Canada’s footsteps. May G-D continue to Bless you, and your people, P.M. Stephen Harper, and protect you from the evil which surrounds us all.
      Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · about an hour ago

      Esther Hayes-Coder
      I to am a US citizen but this man has got it right he needs to have a talk with the leadership of our country this is how its supposed to be
      Reply · 1 · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 hours ago

      Suzi Clark ·
      I could not agree more. Thank you you for stating it succinctly.
      Reply · Like · 9 minutes ago

  • elie avrahami

    Thank you Mr. Harper.
    As an Israeli living temporarily in the US, I was
    deeply moved (to tears) by your speech at the Knesset.
    I simply could not believe there was finally a leader
    of the Western world saying bluntly and honestly
    what the reality truly is without necessarily turning his back to the other side.
    Thank you Mr. Prime Minister and G-d bless you.

  • iche soudry

    It seems that for now CANADA is one of the latest safe harbour. Jews that are not living in Israel should envisage to immigrate there

  • Mr. Harper, You make me proud to be a Canadian. You are a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people. You are a kind truth seeking human being who speaks the principles of truth no matter what the personal disadvantage to you as a politician.
    Thank-you. Toda Rabbah.

  • Stephen Green

    Praise The Lord for leaders of nations who Will stand up alongside Israel and they will be Blessed as The God Breathed Scriptures tell us and Gods word never fails in all it sets out to do.
    God Bless you Mr Stephen Harper. Shalom

  • Moishe

    Prime minister Harper is a gift to the jewish people. The history of the Jewish people is clear but world politics have not changed. The desert blossums and Arabs despise us for it. We produce great inventions and medicines and the Arabs use them and despise us. The nature of the world is such that friends and allies are the key to the survival of not only the State of israel but the Jewish people.

  • Denise Guthridge

    My paternal grandfather Abraham came to the United States from Odessa in the Ukraine in 1889. My Father was born in 1899. Mothers family came to America in 1630 leaving religious persecution of England. As I was born during WWII, my father hid his Judaism from everyone including me. He did go to Shul every Friday. Finally people are speaking up. I have a friend whose mother was in a concentration camp in Hungary. Having surgery in Detroit, the doctor thought he was doing her a favor by removing her tattooed ID number. That was her badge of courage. Hopefully we may live in peace, respecting the history and religions of others.

    • Emma

      I am Jewish from Hungary. Lots of things have been said about Hungarian nationalism but this one is the truth: There has never been a Jewish concentration camp in Hungary. The biggest synagogue in Europe is in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Chuck

    I’ve read the speech and all the comments, thumbs up for all. PM Harper is what Canada needed at this point in time.

  • To Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

    First of all, thank you! I thank you for you maybe changing my mind concerning people of the North! I as a Moroccan Jew did live thirty years in Norway under ” Mind attack” which did drive me to move to exile China for rebuilding my mind which was nearly into madness. I had to start everything from the start, reading western philosophy to found out the cause for been attacked. I did found out that my friends were not my friends, in fact when my friends did understand that I started to discover their hided games,they stop to have contact with me. It is terrifying to found out that friends were not my friends, they are not many, and they are few which for me were many. I was claimed to be an anti Palestinian by Norwegian Dagbladet mews paper under mind attack without evidence to be one. What that means? A democratic stat has a duty to protect their citizen’s minds, and therefore Norway should definitely not claim me an anti Palestinian whatever the cause is. I’m not and never was an anti Palestinian because I did live most of my life in Norway busy working for my bread which was systematically robed by Norwegian shadowed Nazis under me getting Nazi letters and ones in 1997 a Nazi literature and flag was exhibited in my Art school Oslo Photo Art School by a Norwegian R.M. infiltrated Nazi teacher which did manipulate a whole class people to fallow him starting his own private school R.M.K.S., which I find it cowardice. My school is robed and I was claimed been an anti Palestinian. Doing my stay in China I started to follow the Norwegian news papers which I found out how Norway does attack ” Men’s minds”. Have any country in this world which an historian author did claim an ambassador a ” Liar” in a new paper? No. A Norwegian historian author did claim the Chinese ambassador a “Liar” in Aftenposten news paper which is a terrifying and unmoral act。In top of that case the king of Norway was made ridicules by a 13 targeted young girl in Aftenposten news paper, this is and was under P.M. Jens Stoltenberg ” mind attacks” I did ask several Norwegian layers to take my case to court, no one was willing to take my case, which means P.M. Jens Stoltenberg does control the Norwegian society into ” Silence and fear”. I did ask the new P.M. Arne Solberg to take care of my case. I’m waiting her answer. Now a day I’m painting pictures about my lost trust of the Nordic people which I can’t help it to stop painting, I’m trying to get lost into a new direction and always I do came back to the same natural instinct under my life experience. Maybe you will change my ” Mind” to be able to see life from another view vision of truth as you did in your speech in Israel. Man needs courage to talk Truth!
    Thank you again in a time of madness.

  • The above words of warmth and sincerity towards Stephen Harper and his wife testify to a man who places values above expediency His genuine love and respect for Israel, and for the concept of Israel for what it stands for and for its achievements and contribution to humanity throughout recorded time and no less during its present statehood
    May this distinguished guest radiate his light to those world leaders who through ignorance , short term expediency,or for whatever reason fail to concede Israel’s inherent right to its national home

  • R

    When the US thinks of its true friends, no country deserve to be thought of FIRST EXCEPT OUR NEIGHBOR TO THE NORTH, CANADA. I worked there for two years a long time ago. It is a beautiful, huge, great country. When i was there, part of the northern territories were still UN-EXPLORED!!!


  • Mark Sidloi

    I am proud of my Prime Minister, his party and Canada. Stephen Harper has always been a beacon of honesty and a stalwart defender of the justice of Israel’s cause. Towards the begin of his rule, he was at a conference of the “Francophonie” – the international club of French-speaking countries, to which Canada is a member state. The gathering, which took place during the second Lebanon war in 2006, attempted to pass a resolution recognizing the plight of Lebanese civilians. All of the countries agreed – all save one; Stephen Harper rose and declared that Canada would not support the resolution, unless Israeli civilians were recognized as well. “The amendment wants to recognize and deplore the war and recognize the victims of Lebanon. We are able to deplore the war, we are able to recognize the victims, but on both sides,” Harper said at a news conference. “The Francophonie cannot recognize victims according to their nationality. Recognize the victims of Lebanon and the victims of Israel.”

    The European nations’ representatives were scornful, the Arab nations’ representatives howled. Who is Canada to tell them what to do? But Harper was as cunning as he was relentless. He reminded them that the rules of the conference dictated that all must agree for any resolution to pass, and Canada did not agree – would never agree – unless the wording was changed to his liking. Despite the howl, the protests and complaints, Stephen Harper had his way. The final resolution stated that The Francophonie “deplores the tragedy in Lebanon and the dramatic consequences for all civilian populations.”

    Since taking office, Harper has been an upright and honest political leader. Seldom has he gone back on a promise. Under his leadership, the country has weathered the latest financial crises better than the rest of the G7/G8 countries, and he has always stood up for his allies.

  • Chaya

    I’m sure he has to realize that the very ones who are guilty of the libels against Israel – and by extension – the Jewish people are those that he says should get a ‘state’ – the faux people, the ‘palestinians.’ But while the whole world is watching – and especially from Ramallah – he had no choice but to say that he supports a pal state.

  • Ron

    His sincerity is real; and sadly very different than what is being expressed by US leaders – including President Obama.

  • judorebbe

    Nice to know that Israel still has one friend in North America.

  • Prime Minister Harper’s speech proves there is a distinction between a statesman and a politician.

    • Debby Lowy

      Beautifully said!

  • The speech has been made. To those who welcome the words, and don’t publicly stand with Israel, I have one question: What else are you waiting for?

    Who Canada is friends with is a reflection of Canada. The same can be said for each person, and each country on the face of the earth.

    May Peace be multiplied to Yisrael.

  • Denise

    I am in the United States and sadly, we don’t have the leadership with Obama or Kerry that have the same knowledge of history, or the honor or the heart to do for Israel what Canada and Harper are offering. From millions of Americans we apologize for the treatment of Israel and sadly the Syrians and Iraqis that deserve more.

  • Where would humanity be if some brave people did not take risks to make this world a better, safer place? Thank you, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for your courage to speak out on behalf of Israel. Thank you for Canada’s partnership with Israel. What a better world this would be if more leaders followed in your footsteps.

    • Alan Nathan Cahn

      Bravo to a Prime Minister Harper for having the fortitude to stand on the principles of democracy that Canadians and Americans have laid their lives for.
      What does that say for our leadership .
      Israel is the light unto all nations.
      Am Yisrael a Chai,

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Harper is setting an example for others to follow!

  • tamas Foldes

    I am an octogenarian from Hungary live in this beautiful country 56 years and very very proud to notice that our prime-minister was invited to the Knesset…Mazel-tov

  • Rhonda Blender

    Mr. Harper, I ran home as fast as I could so I could get online and read your remarks. Hopefully, I can find a copy of your speech being delivered. Thank you, thank you for your comments. You are a person of integrity because you have a “True North” moral code. I hope you enjoy your time in Israel and have a safe journey home. Besides Israel, I’ve only ever visited one other country and that was Banff, Canada. I’m glad I can say I visited Canada.

  • Alan Levy

    Despite much maligning from other prominent leaders, Israel remains a beacon of light in a world that often does not welcome any light whatsoever. Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands mighty tall in keeping the lights of freedom. of liberty and of democracy burning in his elegant address to the Israeli Knesset.
    If only more leaders of the stature of Mr. Harper would stand equally tall by blessing the continued existence of the State of Israel and giving thanks for all that Israel has contributed these many years.

    • Sol Bleiweis

      I second your comments. Hopefully more friends like this will overcome all the the detractors.

  • ahad haamoratsim

    Israeli, Harper may be a friend, he may deserve our gratitude for his support, but there is no god except G-d, and only G-d deserves to be called G-d and to have our total gratitude.

    G-d gave us — and continually gives us — life and all of creation.

    That being said, thank you, Mr. Harper, for the courage to speak the truth when it is unpopular.

  • Dean

    If only Obama and other leaders would emulate this clear thinker. Harper is a leader who cares more about truth than votes. He is not lost in moral confusion and political correctness. He does not pander to terrorists. He fears not their conquest, their anti-Semitism and their terror. G-d bless Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada.

  • A Jew

    You may not be able to publish this (it’s from TimesofIsrael article comment), but I read the
    prior quote and left it in my last post which is attributed to the comment by “hskl2” (whoever that is), I believe here is the source:

    “There has NEVER EVER in the history of mankind been a Palestinian people; never an economy, a sovereign nation, unique language, economy etc. NOTHING. Google it. The Palestinian people was was politically invented by Egyptian Yasser Arafat (Born in Cairo) to destroy the sovereign Jewish state. The “Palestinians” are Arabs, most of whom are from surrounding areas who moved here because jobs were booming after the Jewish people started returning EN MASSE in addition to their hoemland.

    Our name is Jew, where does that come from? JUDEA (Latin for “Judah”) Where is the territory of Judah/Judea? Its the “west bank” Our 4000 yr history to this land originates in Judea/west bank.

    Its our homeland. There are equal rights for others here; its a country of all its citizens, Jew, Christian, Muslim, but a nationalism for one people, the Jewish people, and that is ZIONism.

    This is our ONLY homeland. Arabs & Muslims control 56 countries, a land mass 1000x bigger than the Jews, yet this comparative speck of land they are jealous about.

    Arab Palestinians rejected their own state in ’36, ’39,’48, ’00, ’07. The issue is not an one piece of land, its ANY Jewish sovereignty. They cannot accept this, because they are institutionalized to be close minded, violent, hateful bigots.”


    This comment was so well written I couldn’t say it better. BTW, when will anyone mention the nearly 1 million Jews from Arab nations (Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Morocco)who left those countries? Why is there never any mention of compensation for them or their ‘descendants’ or THEIR right of return? The truth needs to be told.

  • Israeli

    Harper, you are my god.
    I wish leaders of the world will learn from you, and have the courage to stand up for the right causes, stand up against terrorism, and not against a country that fights it day and night.
    You stand for what you believe in, even when the rest of the the western politicians choose to support the other side, and that is beyond admirable.


    • Dov

      Dear G-d: Just say, “Thank you Mr. Harper.” Don’t make him into a god.

      • Sonia Willats

        Yes, I remember a comment from Menachem Begin : “The Jews bow only to G-d.”

        Stephen Harper is a hero of moral courage, and he and his nation will be blessed for their stand in the face of a world full of convenient ‘political correctness’ and moral relativism, which acknowledges neither justice nor the ONLY TRUE G-d. I am pretty sure his stand takes account of the fact that Judaism, and true Christianity (not the type that hates and murders Jews) were at a time sects of one faith.

  • Victoria Gibson

    Beautifully, honestly said! Thank you. I hope the U.S. wakes up soon!

    • Sol Bleiweis

      I am impressed with the Canadian President. He understands history and the history of Jewish people and the Erez Israel as the home of all Jews.