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January 22, 2014 1:56 pm

Israeli Channel Exposes False Claim of Arab MK Who Heckled PM Harper

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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Ahmad Tibi. Photo: ShalomLife.

Arab-Israeli Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi’s assertion that fellow Israeli parliament member Taleb Abu Arar lives in a village that’s deprived of water and electricity by an Israeli government that discriminates against Arabs is untrue, according to an investigative report on Israel’s Channel 2.

A firestorm of sorts broke out on Monday on the Knesset floor when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was addressing the Israeli legislature, was heckled by Tibi and Abu Arar.

The Canadian premier’s uncompromisingly pro-Israel speech provoked a verbal scuffle between Tibi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who extolled the freedoms enjoyed by his countrymen. “Here in our Parliament everyone can express his opinion, can stand up and speak, shout and mock – but it is impossible to do so in Damascus,” Netanyahu said at the time.

In response, MK Tibi openly questioned whether Arab Israeli citizens are treated equally. Turning directly to Harper and addressing him in English, he claimed that fellow MK Abu Arar lives without water and electricity. Tibi and Arar continued their tirade even as the visiting Canadian leader addressed the Knesset.

However, photographs of Arar’s home released today clearly show the existence of a fuse box. In other published pictures of his residence, one can see a satellite dish and air conditioners as well, Channel 2 reported.

In a subsequent radio interview, Abu Arar tried to explain the apparent discrepancy between Tibi’s Knesset floor version of his living conditions and the truth. “When Ahmed Tibi said it, he was referring to the general Bedouin population, not to Taleb Abu Arar specifically,” he said.

MK Ahmad Tibi also attempted to clarify the point he was trying to make while shouting down a visiting foreign leader during an official address to the Israeli parliament. According to Tibi: “I was referring to the entire region and its unrecognized villages…so calm down.”

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  • Alex Rosenberg

    Words can be cheap, specially when shouted for political purposes but without any proof or documentation.

    Had the claim had any truth in it, the shouters (Tibi and Abu Arar in this case) could have resorted to civilized procedures of stepping forward and handing in to the Prime Minister all their supposedly unattended claims put forth in the forum to which they were elected.

    I do not know what the rules and regulations are for Knesset members but certainly a lot more could be achieved by acting seriously observing the proper decor.

  • This lie was not uncovered by Channel 2 but by Regavim. Take a look at the Channel 2 report, Bibi’s FB page and you will see credits go to Regavim.

  • Lea Ressler

    At last publicly and officially to be witnessed by the whole world, it has been demonstrated that notwithstanding the fact that an Arab has a parliament seat in a democratic Israel (where is racisme? what apartheid? What discrimination ????!!!!) this same Arab member of the Israeli parliament continuous spreading lies and misinformation. … Why is it almost impossible to justify our existence and combat antisemitism?.

  • This MK lied to demonstrate a propaganda point – he should be excluded from parliament for a protracted period of time as a punishment – it is what would happen in any western democratic parliament. He would also be severely criticized for his behavior in front of a foreign visitor. Why has this not occurred?

  • There are no longer any settled Arab villages that do not have water and electricity, though in all cases they were connected to the utilities long after the same was done for Jewish villages. The Bedouin population of Galilee live in settled communities and have no complaints and even in the Negev, only one Bedouin tribe is angry at being settled in permanent accommodation, the problem being exactly the same as the one that afflicted the UK with the gypsies in the Dale Farm incident.

  • Rachel

    Ahmed Tibi should be tried for treason, and banished from Israel, period!

  • His satellite disk was lacking water and his kennesset chair was lacking electricity!

    • Alex Rosenberg

      Best reply yet!

    • Harold Tobin

      Luv it

  • RonCo215

    Ok so this is tolerated on American anti Israel college campuses, but when it is tolerated in Israel. I lose faith in Israel’s ability to survive the never ending arab/muslim onslaught! Rabbi Meir Kahane was shut up in Israel for saying what needed to be said, but not some anti Israel arab who has the good fortune of living in Israel

  • R

    Too bad the Arabs don’t have their own form of Knesset. Then these jerks wouldn’t have t sit in Israel’s. But, of course, with millions upon millions of Arabs, you;d think they’d have formed a representative government of their own.

    Nice idea? Yeah, as soon as enough Arabs c’n read n’ write!!

  • This is the price of being a free country.

  • Horatio

    O, Nettie is so, so courteous. And O, such a sweetheart. And to what end? So that he can be treated like a wuss by the bloviating arabs? We aren’t politically correct, so unlike PM Nettie, we can sass them arabs back like this:

    What is a “Tibi”? It’s the name for a rude lump of fat who should be publicly reviled for behaving like an unwashed blob in public. This rude lump of fat proved that he is unfit for polite company. Nettie should have told the fat blob to shut up and then have the marshals haul this shrieking fat lump to the curb. That Nettie would so feebly condone Tibi’s lack of civility by speechifying about israel’s a”freedom of speech” is either a joke told at Israel’s expense or an illustration of Nettie’s failure to understand that while speech may be “free” there are consequences for abusing the right, such as screaming “fire” in a crowded theatre and lying in order to make a scene or spouting lies and shouting to ruin another person’s right to speak freely. To date, it seems Israel is only interested in squelching the free speech of its loyal citizens in order to cosset and nurture Israel’s most insipid, vulgar detractors.

    • R


      Maybe you should read the article again. Obviously, you didn’t “get it” the first time.

    • Efram Paul

      Behaving like?

    • Mel

      Ability to differentiate between Freedom and License, Left and Right, Democracy and Republic, Liberal and Conservative, Socialism and Communism, et al varies in direct proportion to the intellectual capabilities of the unwashed masses. Its downward spiral reflects the parallel successes of Creeping Socialism and Marching Islamism, whose poster children are Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Simone Miller

    Just one lie on top of another. If his life is so bad why doesn’t he take his family and leave. Perhaps Jordan will welcome him with open arms and better living conditions.

    • Lea Ressler

      Maybe he will be treated better in Syria…

  • Joe Ozer

    The Knesset should have stricter procedures, especially when it pertains to visiting foreign dignitaries.

  • David Levy

    Lies, lies, lies, that’s all we get from Tibi, Arar and their ilk. Why? Because Islam teaches that it is right to lie to your enemy and there is no doubt that they view Israel and Jews as the enemy. Let’s stop pretending otherwise.

  • Irving D. Cohen

    It is this kind of political correctness that sickens me !Intead of allowing Tibi and Arar to disrupt the guests of Israel, those two lying MKs should have been dragged out of the Knesset.

  • Ida Wax

    Why is Tibi in the Knesset. He belongs with all his Arab troublemakers.

  • GZLives

    Apparently this sort depends on the laziness or unwillingness of their audience to never fact check what they spew on a regular basis. Once anyone bothers they find an endless stream of lies. Perhaps its part of the culture?

  • art frank

    He should move to syria where he can live in luxury among his people.

    • Herschel

      Art has expressed the view we must all feel at such disgusting behaviour and discourtesy,well done.

    • Mel

      He should move to Egypt, where he can live in denial in de Nile delta, in Dupli City.