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February 3, 2014 8:03 am

Scandinavian Circumcision Controversy Proves Europe is the Dark Continent

avatar by Ben Cohen /

Email a copy of "Scandinavian Circumcision Controversy Proves Europe is the Dark Continent" to a friend – Back in the heyday of colonialism, Europeans used to refer to Africa as the “dark continent.” Originally, the phrase was intended to convey a sense of Africa’s impenetrability for colonial explorers, but over time, it acquired a pejorative meaning, conjuring up images of savage, hostile natives.

The irony is that if there is a place deserving of such a description, it’s Europe itself. We know well the history of the Jewish people on that continent. From the pogrom scarred shtetls of Ukraine to the spectacle of affluent Parisians pretending not to notice as thousands of Jews were deported by the Nazis in 1942, we Jews have good reason to remember Europe as the “dark continent.”

But wait, we are told, since 1945 everything has changed! Europe is now an oasis of tolerance. Its constituent nations are satisfyingly multi-ethnic. The European Union is a guarantor that European nations will never make war on each other again. Europe has atoned for the crimes of the past, as demonstrated by its numerous Holocaust memorials and the fact that Holocaust denial is illegal in many countries. Its Jewish communities live as equals, where the law protects them rather than discriminating against them.

On one level, all that is true. Yet in Europe, anti-Semitism in various forms survives—even flourishes—to disturbing degrees. At the same time, many Europeans are tired of recalling the past. The grumbling that the damn, stubborn Jews won’t move on is getting louder.

To understand European anti-Semitism today, one has to look beyond the myriad laws that guarantee the civil rights of Jews and other minorities. The observation of the Zionist leader Max Nordau in 1897—”The nations which emancipated the Jews have mistaken their own feelings. In order to produce its full effect, emancipation should first have been completed in sentiment before it was declared by law”—rings as true today as it did back then.

Now, many American and Israeli Jews, when searching for the most toxic forms of European anti-Semitism, naturally hone in on France. Over the last couple of months, our media has been filled with reports about the antics of the anti-Semitic French comedian, Dieudonne, and his inverted Nazi salute, the quenelle. In mid-January, around 17,000 protestors marched through Paris in a “Day of Rage,” chanting slogans like, “Piss off Jew, France is not for you!”

What France demonstrates (along with other countries like Hungary, where the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist Jobbik party is a growing menace) is that many Europeans are viscerally hostile to manifestations of Jewish identity. They loathe the culture of Holocaust commemoration, they deeply resent Jewish identification with Israel, and more and more, they regard Jews as privileged interlopers undisturbed by the economic blight that has descended upon much of Europe.

Will these ugly sentiments become enshrined in law? If we move northeast to Scandinavia, the indication, unbelievably, is that they could well do so.

As I and others have been reporting for some time now, Scandinavia has emerged as the epicenter of a movement that stigmatizes one of Judaism’s most precious and intimate rituals: the circumcision of 8-day-old male infants as a symbol of the Jewish covenant with God. Last November, Norway’s health minister, Bent Hoie, announced that new legislation is in the pipeline to “regulate ritual circumcision.” And last week, the major medical associations in Sweden and Denmark recommended a ban on “non-medical”—i.e. religious—circumcision. Swedish doctors argue that circumcision should be prevented until a child reaches a minimum age—12, in this case—where he can give his consent to the procedure. Their Danish counterparts equate circumcision with abuse and mutilation, thereby encouraging comparisons with the barbaric and unrelated practice of female genital mutilation, and want to tighten the legal screws as a consequence.

Writing in the Copenhagen Post, Morten Frisch, a Danish doctor, approvingly cited recent opinion polls in his country in support of a circumcision ban. Clearly irritated by the Israeli government’s opposition to such a ban, Frisch portrayed the issue as a human rights concern, citing the violation of a boy’s “sexual autonomy.” This argument might be persuasive if a vast number of those who have been ritually circumcised presented themselves as akin to rape victims, but the fact remains that a mass movement of aggrieved circumcised men chanting “No More!” remains a fantasy.

Circumcision’s opponents want to create victims where there are none. This is a devious and dishonest tactic, in that it presents discrimination as liberation, prejudice as enlightenment. Mind you, anti-Semites have never considered themselves bigots, but the bearers of a message of love—their core belief is that our world will be a better place without Jews and Jewish influence. And Europe, where these sinister ideas took root in the 19th Century, remains fertile soil for them in the 21st.

Ben Cohen is the Shillman Analyst for His writings on Jewish affairs and Middle Eastern politics have been published in Commentary, the New York Post, Ha’aretz, Jewish Ideas Daily and many other publications.

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  • Chaya

    Tatooing minors is a much more serious cultural phenomena – Why don’t these ‘human rights activists’ protest this???

  • zeynep

    The man’s beard betrays who he is, what he stands for and what he stands against.

  • Joseph Ozer

    Boycott Norway.

  • Norwegian stupidity and hided cover up on Jews and foreigners immigrants as well,
    In one of my paintings, I come out with a man taking down a Norwegian Viking with his D. The composition was perfect as a painting. When I entered the stat academy of art in Oslo 1981, I could become a drunker surrounded by mostly alcoholic students. In the fist week at the academy I was saluted by a Hitler salute by a stupid Norwegian coward student J.T., I look strait into his eyes and knew that he was jealous. One day I asked him, what he did before he decided to be an artist. He told me that he did study German literature at Oslo University. I asked him witch German author he do admire. He told me Tomas Man, I told him that Tomas Man derives from Jews. He got a cold dark eyes expression and did not believed that it was possible. He went from me as a man bitten by wolves. This is about the education in Oslo University fucking up men’s mind by hiding the truth of cultural roots which of course damage minds of those that hide truth living in an unreal world which does not exist. When I started my private art school Oslo Photo Art School in 1994 which is the first ever in art photography concept as a private art school in Norway. I as a painter do see photography in a way which is deferent from normal photographer does, I’m constricting picture which is truer then reality as an object deriving from the “universal mind” and not only from my mind seeing beyond matter as reason. My school was attacked from different directions by organized Norwegian coward groups and individuals who do belong to the groups. Attacking my “mind” under fake staged events to make me believe an unreal reality which of course goes death into nothingness under ” The universal mind law which nothing can be hided”. Those Norwegian cowards of birth were and are infiltrated people as students and teachers under Norwegian shadowed Nazis cover ups government under Jens Stoltenberg mafia family and his people which hold the entire Norwegian society into “fear and silent life” which is a horrible life to live. In my school were two kind of students, the infiltrated under order and those which do live in ” fear’ and had the opportunity to express their thoughts freely under the law of freedom of Art and later on under the education law of ” free school law” which was taken down under my stay in exile China from September 2007 to a school law witch is ridicules ” Grownup further education law” means man does not know what he wants in life and therefore he can be used as a political tool to fuck up ” Men’s mind”. What I discovered under my work in China from 2003 until 2010 with and under many universities is that a lot of my school students Oslo Photo Art School were infiltrated agents which their photography works were not their truly work, their photo works were done by outsiders, it was an easy thing to discover because I know mans mind intellectual abilities under master mind composing reality. Which I did hold several lectures about in Guangzhou Academy to Master degree international students, I did discover where their ” Art ideas” derives from, they were amazed that I could discover their lazy weakness under barrowing already done art works which actually are not art but a tool to manipulate ” Men’s mind”. I called ” art ideas” which has nothing to do with mans own life experience and only a exhausted life which the students started to understand and wanted more lectures under me for them to correct their works or even destroy them and starting all over again to know what is ” the art of been”. In fact and under true documented evidences my students and few teachers from my school did recruit Chinese teachers in Guangzhou, Beijing and to become political activist by supporting them with a lot of money and ” art ideas into production” to fuck up ” Men’s mind”. I called one Chinese artist to say hello to him, the only answer I got from him is that he becomes a very rich man. It is funny to see that art to day is corrupted used as a political tool under agents as art curators. Norway pays a lot of money for nothing at all, no wonder they have to rob Gaddafi money to be able to support worthless fake art business which will take end. The reason I can be sure of it is that ” mind is indestructible” and Chinese culture ” Mind” can not change in a few years from a Chinese old cultural visual communication tradition, and therefore those coward Norwegians infiltrated students and teachers has no clue about their own minds, ” there are a bunch of idiots’ living in an unreal world. My school was attacked to hold back Norwegian individuals which did express their thoughts in my school and were prevented by the Norwegian government to hide their own “Disease”. Is a serious one! It is why Norway does prevent me to have contact with my two children Lea and Clara, to cover up upon their crimes against abuse of children’s for using them as a slave political tool as grown up persons. Jus as a Norwegian women was send to Dubai to pretend been rapped for better relation between Norway and Dubai under rap activity. This of course was done for fucking up the Norwegian masses minds under a child abused Norwegian man A.B. Breivik cold blood murderous act killing 77 people of his own people done under cover up by and of the Norwegian shadowed Nazis Jens Stoltenberg’s family, an act as a copy of idea as it did happen in Berlin 1933 were the Nazis did blow up the government building accusing a German young man which was by accident near by the government building, and the bunker man Hitler did shout out in his propaganda speech as a man bitten by wolves. My D. is strong and Britmila is GOOD! Under the “universal mind law”

  • Andrew Gross

    Jews, Muslims, and sympathetic Christians should boycott any country that prohibits circumcision of minors. Jewish parents should openly violate the law and force authorities to put the parents in prison. After images of European authorities separating parents from their children and being thrown in prison are broadcast around the world, any such prohibition will be revoked within a week.

  • Dr. Solomon Golomb

    This year Norway is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its 1814 Grundlov–Constitution, signed at Eidsvoll, which banned “Jesuits, Jews, and Gypsies” from entering Norway. While the ban on Jews was later lifted, Norwegian anti-Semitism remained high. During the German occupation, the local Norwegian police assisted in rounding up Jews, and a majority of Norway’s Jews perished in the Holocaust. Norwegian author and notorious anti-Semite Knut Hamsun,who had met with Hitler during the war, was not required to stand trial after WWII. Norwegian mystery writer Jo Nesboe alludes to the considerable extent of Norwegian fraternization with the occupying Germans during WWII, and the attempt to cover this up after the war.
    Strikingly, banning Jewish circumcision in infancy, when it is least damaging and least painful, is advocated, but banning Moslem puberty circumcision is not! There is more reason to question the vaccination of infants without their consent, but no one in Norway suggests that. The number of Jews in Norway has probably never been as many as 1000, but that hasn’t prevented widespread anti-Semitism.
    The Norwegians and Swedes have already lost their countries to the influx of Moslems, but it may take them a few more years to realize it. All minorities in those countries are supposedly protected against “racism”, but that isn’t considered by their courts or their politicians to cover Jews!

    • Padraich

      Excellent writing Dr. Golomb. Finland is not far off the list either ! There too much is needed to be done. But they too will wake up when it is far TOO late ! I have lived
      in Finland for almost 40 years, and know precisely what is going on there, as in its neighbouring countries ! As a non-Jew, I congratulate the MANY Jewish Nobel Peace Prize winners….more than any muslim nation can boast of ! And comparing the MILLIONS of muslim populations in our world with the minuscule population of Jews, then congratulations to Yisrael is in place ! Yisraeli scientists lead the world in the best fields….but does people like Jens Stoltenberg and his kind take notice of that ? No, they are introspective. No, they can see only as far as the tip of their noses !!! And that is NOT very far !

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    This idiotic countries should devote their energy to get euthanasia legalized. That is far more important.

    • Sonia Willats

      Euthanasia can be abused.

  • Eric R.

    Israel must simply set down a law that if such a ban is passed, not only are diplomatic relations with that country to be broken, but “journalists” (I use the term loosely with regards to Scandinavia) should be expelled and that travel from that country will be banned (except for Jews), and diplomats from that country, even if they are part of international delegations (such as the EU and UN) are banned from Israel. Further, no government contracts can be signed with companies from that country.

    Israel has put up with the Shechitah bans in Norway and Sweden for decades, which leads these nations to believe that they can get away with this.

    • esther noodelman

      I agree with Eric R….We don’t have to kowtow to anybody..You can’t tell us how to run our country or how and when to do circumcision.

      • Jacob Lorensen

        I agree with you.