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February 9, 2014 10:36 pm

The Jewish Exodus From France”Ž

avatar by Michel Gurfinkiel

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Dr. Richard Prasquier, president of the CRIF (Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France), sits down with Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Prasquier discussed issues of concern to the French Jewish community with American media at the Consulate of France in New York on April 30. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

On January 26, possibly for the first time ever since the end of World War Two, explicit anti-semitic slogans were shouted during a large scale political demonstration in Paris. The incident was just a further indication that French Jews are not as secure today as they used to be a few years ago. Indeed, many French Jews have concluded they have no future in their country, and are leaving for Israel or North America.

In 2013, more than 20,000 people formally applied to the Jewish Agency in Paris for aliyah – emigration to Israel – and more than 3,000 completed the emigration process during the same year: twice as much as in 2012. France is now the first country of origin for aliyah, ahead of the United States.

No less relevant is the rise of people considering emigrating to Israel. In 2012, about sixty people in France used to attend weekly aliyah-focused information workshops. Throughout 2013, average attendance soared to 150 people per week. In December, it peaked out at 500 people per week.

No such data is available about French Jewish emigration to North America. There is no doubt, however, that it is on the rise. Maurizio Molinari recently wrote in an article published by the Italian daily La Stampa :

“Every Saturday at around 12pm on the sidewalks of the Upper West Side you can hear French being spoken. It’s coming from groups of people who are coming out of the synagogues on 75th, 78th and 84th streets, where increasing numbers of French Jews are appearing each week. They’re families with kids, young people, teachers and executives. The consulate on Fifth Avenue hasn’t estimated the exact numbers of this phenomenon but it’s definitely increasing. In the “Manhattan Day School” the teachers are showing the daughter of a family around, who just arrived with very few days warning.”

As a matter of fact, the non-Jewish French are considering emigration too. According to recent polls, up to one third of the French at large and one half of the French youth say they are ready to expatriate permanently. One reason is economic gloom – 11% of all working age French and 25% of the working age French under 25 are unemployed – along with the feeling that dynamic individuals cannot make it in France’s rigidified and overtaxed society. Another reason is concern about non-European immigration and the gradual erosion of France’s national character and national culture. Naturally, the more the French at large think about emigrating, or engage into expatriation, the more Jews are likely to do the same.

How far will it go? Is this the beginning of a new mass migration within the Jewish world, twenty years after the mass migration of most Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel, Western Europe, and North America? Will the French Jews transform Israel and American Jewry the way Soviet Jews did?

It is usually assumed, in the absence of any government sponsored or supervised census in religious matters, that about half a million Jews live currently in France. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the French Jewish community is now the third largest one in the world by size, after Israel (6 million) and the United States (from 5 to 7.5 million, depending on sources), and the largest on the European continent. Two European Jews out of three are assumed to be French, or at least two out of four if one is to include the Russian and Ukrainian in the sum total.

It is also assumed by many demographers that French Jewry dropped from about 600,000 or even 700,000 souls in the 1970s and 1980s to its current size (the Virtual Jewish Library points to 480,000 souls), and that this negative trend is not likely to be reversed. Decline is ascribed to such factors as ageing, assimilation and intermarriage, a low birthrate – and emigration.

However, these numbers are based on data provided by the French Jewish organizations: synagogues, schools, community centers, Jewish federations. Reliable statistics from other sources point to a strikingly different, and more optimistic, picture. Since 1994, according to various polls and investigations conducted by organizations unrelated to the Jewish community, the proportion of the citizens and residents of France that describe themselves as Jewish has not changed. However, the global French population (overseas territories included) grew during the same period from 57.6 million in 1994 to 65.5 million in 2013 -so much so that the Jewish population writ large may actually have grown by ten percent, from 576,000 to 655,000.

One reason for the discrepancy between Jewish organization statistics about Jews and global statistics about Jews is that the former deal chiefly with an inner circle of traditional or semi-traditional Jews that keep formal links with Jewish institutions, while the latter may include an outer circle of “m”Žarranos”: persons of Jewish origin, more often than not with imperfect halachic credentials, who nevertheless are concerned about Jewish issues and are willing, given the vibrancy of the inner community, to return to Judaism in one way or another.

Whatever the figures, the Jewish emigration potential from France is very important. The Israeli political leadership is taking steps to turn this potential into an asset. Laws and regulations are being revised or scrapped in order to help French professionals or students assimilate. And a Francophone caucus was created a few weeks ago at the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Michel Gurfinkiel is a French journalist and writer. Editor Emeritus of Valeurs Actuelles, France’s leading conservative magazine, he contributes to many American media outlets, from Commentary Magazine to PJMedia. The president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a political think-tank in Paris, since 2003, and a Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum since 2012, he sits on the Board of Governors of Consistoire, the Union of French synagogues, since 1990.

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  • glenda urmacher

    Wherever Jews are asked to leave, or leave of their own accord, civilization dies.
    An intelligent man once said, ” you judge a society by how it treats its’ women, children and the elderly.”
    The human garbage allowed to immigrate to France and other EU countries, are losing their gems, and will have nothing but garbage.
    Time to bring in the reinforcements.

  • “On January 26 (2013), possibly for the first time ever since the end of World War Two, explicit anti-semitic slogans were shouted during a large scale political demonstration in Paris. ” That is 4 year after the same happened in the main streets of Brussels during a demonstration on januari 11, 2009 headed by present prime minister, Elio Di Rupo, and present president of the Parliament, André Flahaut, both members of the french-speaking socialist parti

  • Reinaert Thomasson
  • Reinaert Thomasson

    The winners of the Jewish exodus are Israel and the French part of Canada . Both countries now have masses of excellent people among whom many are university educated or are good professionals . I assume, religious Jews prefer to emigrate to Israel and the secular immigrate to Canada . However, the biggest loser is France; especially, when also ethnic French are about to leave the country. The French people can express their gratitude to 40 years of multicultural leaders who had have the country of Joan of Arc and Carl Martel filled up with human excrement from North Africa and Africans. The ‘white free enclaves’ are increasing by the day and so does the violence against the indigenous French population. Here are some examples: Muslims Stone Christians in church during Mass. Looks at this one:

    Toulouse: 67- year-old woman thrown into river for having refused a cigarette .
    Another nice Islamic Jihad practice :
    The rape of a French woman (girl) as a consecration ritual of a Muslim gang. (read the Dutch article by Google translator)
    During the riots racial of 2006 in Marseille, the imported scum had show her true character when it had sat a 26 year old disable French girl who could not flee on time an attacked bus.
    (Read the Flamish/Dutch article with Google Translator)

    The Jews have to deal with hostile attacks by Islamic immigrants on a daily basis in which people are often killed in broad daylight. For example, the murder of Ilan Chalimi in Paris
    (Dutch article)
    and the murders of a rabbi and three Jewish in Toulouse by Muhammed Merah

    The rotten governments Nicola Sarkozy and Francois Hollande had have no problem with the situation in France. IT’S JUST OK! . Sarkozy was busy by getting his family affairs in the media . The “great Socialist ‘ Francois Hollande is more interested in his love affaires than in home affaires in France. France can be depicted as an elderly paper tiger with an enormous mouth; still trying to play big boss in Europe.
    The Jews have no other way than to leave the country. France is a sinking ship; and far to dangerous.
    If the French want to live again as free people, they would have to get up and ” storm again the Bastille ” . They must find the courage they had on July 14, 1789 , or fighting for France as the underground ‘Maquis’ did during World War II.
    The prediction of Enoch Powell , 1969 , on ” Rivers of Blood” will be fulfilled in France on due course.


    Simple QUESTION..? What country or countries in the world do you have your hand chopped off stealing an apple…What countries in the world physically and mentally abuse women as a matter of policy? A and which countries in the world deny freedom of speech and religion..and how many people immigrate to those countries?….WAKE UP …THE FIFTH COLUMNS ARE POISONING THE INHERENT GOODNESS OF THE GOOD

  • Note French existentialist philosopher wrote a book denouncing anti Semitism, have read it in an English translation also “Why the jews? by dennis praeger and telushkin note also jean paul Sartre also noted “Deicide leads to regicide and thence to suicide, at the end of his life Sartre regretted leading French youth astray with his atheism and in death asked for and got a catholic and Christian funeral, although a leftist Sartre spoke up for vietnames boat people, truly a complex and cross grained character but some ways admirable

  • Ariel Sharon, in the last year before his stroke, urged personally the French Jews to leave France. That is ten years ago. Blessed are those who listened to him and regardless of the countries they choose to emigrate to, they will be a great asset there and Europe will only be poorer.Europe is dead…


  • Richard Rabinowitz

    Telling fact: the French team gave Hitler the Nazi salute at the 1936 Olympics. The Japanese team didn’t.

  • It is time for the Jews to emigrate either to Germany or to the USA, possibly Canada. Certainly not to Israel under any circumstances.

    • Linda Rivera

      George, ALL non-Muslims are betrayed by our Western leaders who are colonizing our nations with Muslims as a deliberate strategy! Both Jews and Christians are intensely HATED by our Western G-d hater leaders who have sold their souls and sold us out to Muslim masters!

      MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare

      Our leaders utterly betray us. They regard the lives of non-Muslims as worthless. Listen to courageous leader of the German Freedom Party. Since 1990, 3,700 Germans have been killed by foreigners. Many of the murderers were Muslims. The murders were very savage. Repeated stabbings. Some of the Muslim Killer Monsters were given merely probation! Giving the green light to Muslims to murder our people!

      German Freedom Party leader discusses Germans murdered by muslims

    • Hilda

      And why not Israel ? You are wrong it is the best place for all Jews it is our home ,it is the only place ,they will not be judge ,it is a beautiful place ,I can’t believe you said Germany ,do you really think they care about Jews ? After all some still don’t believe in the holicaust .please do not give any advice .

      • Israel is the best place for Jews to emigrate it is the home of all Jews ,and I don’t understand why do they have to leave France they were there long before the Muslim ,they are the one who have to be kicked out and go back to there own Arab country they came long after the Jews

    • shoshana

      To Germany???Israel has proven it stands against all the ennemies both military and political. Germany thinks that by paying some amount of money( even large amounts) cleans her from her crimes. What a short memory! there are still people victims of the nazi alive in Israel and abroad. Israel lives and will live wether you like it or not

    • Reinaert Thomasson

      @Sehr geehrter Herrn Von Mecklenburg. Israel does not resemble Lichtenstein or Swiss in safety. However, Israel has one advantage. The Israelis dare to look at reality on eye level and tackle the situation due to the circumstances. In western and northern Europe we are living in the world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

      These are the leaders that are responsible for our safety:
      (RTL: Representatives on the Run). At the time their butts are seated in the national parliaments or in the glass Walhalla of the EP in Strasbourg, their hearts (minds) are at the Bahnhofstraße (Zürich). What can we expect of them? In Germany are hugh enclaves who are right now “Deutschen Frei” where Jews, indigenous Germans and other Dhimmies are not safe and not welcome. The situation is getting worse by the day. Politicians are not daring to do anything about it. Every action will lead to the usual screaming “Discrimination” of left wingers, ANTIFA and Muslims organisations. The same situation is in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries.

      By the way, USA is not a safe country for Jews. Not anymore. Anti Jewish sentiments are very strong among the Blacks, Latino’s and lot of whites. If they will be attacked, they are totally on their own.

    • Mike

      Georg, your suggestion that Jews should return to Germany rather than move to Israel is an insult. It says so much about what kind of person you are.

  • Linda Rivera

    Violent Muslims demand “Jews out” of Europe. Muslim humanity-haters also want ALL Jews out of Israel!

    Wicked British and European leaders have colonized our countries with many millions of G-d hater Mohammadans and turned our nations into a living hell where both Jews and non-Jews are desperate to leave their countries!

    DAILY MAIL: One in four young Britons want to emigrate. The number of Britons who want to leave the country soon has doubled in three years, a poll has revealed.

    Our once beautiful, SAFE and peaceful nations are being horribly transformed. The British city I am from is now a Muslim stronghold, filled with mosques. The home I lived in and all the homes where I lived – across from a big beautiful park where I made mud pies as a child — now belong to Muslims.

    The THEFT of our nations by our evil ruling elites to Muslims who hate us and HATE G-d and openly declare their goal is our conquest and enslavement under G-d hater sharia law!
    On the 13th September 2007 the United Nations ‘Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples’ was adopted by the UN General Assembly.

    “Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subject to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.” [Article 8(1)];

    EVIL European and British ruling elites break international law against our people via our population replacement with Muslims! Everyone should be in the streets protesting the wicked breaking of international law against our people!

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    Join the heroic EDL!

    Join Paul Weston’s heroic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide

    Join in the fight for Britain and Western civilization! It is a battle we dare not lose! Help our heroes LIBERTY GB’s Paul Weston, Jack Buckby and Enza Ferreri get elected! Courageous, fantastic people who will give their uttermost to save the British people and Western civilization! PLEASE DONATE if you can!

    It’s open season on our people by Mohammadans with evil UK leaders’ permission! The sorrow and desperate protests of my British people:

    EDL Hyde Tony Curtis & Introducing @JamieCasuals.

    • Linda Rivera

      Winston Churchill: Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

      • Reinaert Thomasson

        @Linda Rivera
        Thank you for the quote. Alas nowadays politic does not have people like Winston Churchill. (Nearly) All European politicians are louzy and sleazy Go Getters.

  • To Alter : there was also Adolphe Crémieux, two more prime ministers than the UK (unless you count Disraeli).

    • Herb Grossman

      Why no mention of Pierre Mendes France?

    • Michel Slonimski

      Crémieux was twice a member of the French government : in 1848 upon the proclamation of the Second Republic, and in 1870 after the fall of Emperor Napoleon III and the advent of the Third Republic. He was never a prime minister or the head of the French government.
      Crémieux was a noble character. In 1848, he was instrumental in the abolition of slavery in the French colonies. Twenty two years later, he signed the so called “Crémieux decree” that turned Algerian Jews into full fledged French citizens. His original intention was to bestow citizenship to Muslims too, but such a measure was too much for the European Christian settlers in Algeria to swallow. According to an antisemitic canard, the decree trigerred a wide Muslim revolt in 1871. The truth was that rebellion was simmering since the establishment in March 1870 – still under Napoleon III – of a “civilian regime” that robbed Muslims of most of their rights (whereas the previous “military” regime was benevolent and fair). What determined Algerian Muslims to revolt was simply France’s defeat at the hands of Prussia, which seemed to open a window of opportunity.
      Regarding Britain, I am afraid no Jew was ever a PM there, since the PM must be a member of the established Anglican Church. Tony Blair did not formally join the Roman Catholic Church as long as he was PM. Disraeli was proud of his Jewish roots but had been baptized as a child and raised as a Christian.

      • Eric R.

        You are incorrect that Prime Ministers have to be Anglican. The Royal family has to be Anglican.

        Margaret Thatcher, although Protestant, was a Methodist, not an Anglican.

        • Mike P.

          At the time of D’Israeli, English Prime Ministers could not be Jewish and, I believe, had to be specifically Anglican.

        • Michel Slonimski

          Mrs Thatcher was raised as a Methodist and joined the Church of England upon her marriage to Denis Thatcher, who was an Anglican. As a rule, Protestant leaders formally join the Church of England at the moment they become PM. From the Church of England perspective, they do not “convert” but merely submit to the Church’s discipline.
          Mrs Thatcher fired Nigel Lawson, the Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, in 1989, upon learning that he was being instructed in the Anglican doctrine, a necessary step to be baptized and join the Church of England. She understood such a move as an attempt to replace her as PM. (Whether Lawson eventually converted, I don’t remember. It did not matter any more).

  • Sidney Sands

    It is often ben said, if the Germans had not murdered the Jews the French would, add the fact that France has a huge number of Muslims, who are growing in an ever increasing amount, and lead the already French hatred , with their own brand of Anti Semitism. We here had a taste, with the salute given by Anelka at a football match seen by millions, yet he is still playing while they deliberate about what to do, probably hoping that it will be forgotten,we must make sure that this will not happen.

  • CoreyNewYork

    USA is another option.

    New York City has a growing French Jewish population. In NYC’s upper West side there are 3 French Synagogues.

    In NY you can be Shomer Shabbos and most f us are off for the holidays.

  • A.Franklin

    More French cuisine n North America.

  • Eric R.

    As France sinks into poverty and eventual sharia law, the Jew-hatred will only get worse.

    As I like to say:

    Jews should leave France, and leave France to its fate.

    By 2040, the Eiffel Tower will be the world’s tallest minaret.

  • Michael Lee Robins

    Its a very scary sad situation to see Nazi’s marching down the Champs Elysee shouting Jew get out of France and presenting the Nazi salute with big ugly red Swaztika’s tattooed on the back of their necks and the French gov./police standing idly by and letting it occur.The Nazi’s were allowed to march in Columbia Mo. my home town in 2010 we the citizens of Columbia had to cough up 40,000 dollars to cover security on the deal very scary and sad deal.collective memory of humans is very very thin.The antisemitism is spread not by the poor impoverished but the well to do left wing academics around college campuses across the country very scary indeed,such acts are occuring around the world with grave frequency in recent times.all Jews should realize this and begin to prepare for a worst case scenario,this is a time to unify and support one another when ever and where ever possible.Turkey is no exception.

  • Alter

    United States f*** you very much for sabotaging the almost first Jewish president of France, Dominique Strauss Kahn.
    The American press did the most anti-Semitic job since Dreyfuss!
    The US never had a Jewish president! France had a Jewish PM. Leon Blum.

    • Michel Slonimski

      Strauss-Kahn destroyed himself by his pathological sex addiction, going much further than the Sofitel incident. France had three French PM : Leon Blum in 1936, René Mayer in 1953 and Pierre Mendes-France in 1954. Blum was a secular Jew but expressed concern for the Jewish people and support for Zionism and Israel. Mendes France was a secular, assimilated, Jew. Mayer was a traditional Jew and attended services on High Holidays. In addition, two baptized Jews acceded to premiership too : Michel Debré in 1959 and Laurent Fabius in 1984. Part of Debré’s family remained Jewish and even Orthodox ; he himself, born of a Catholic mother and raised as a Catholic, would bring a rabbi every year to Alasce to say kaddish over his Jewish father’s grave. As for Fabius, whose parents converted, his first wife was Jewish and so are his two children. All in all, France had more Jewish or semi-Jewish PMs than any other Western country.

      • Alter

        DSK was a moroccan Jew and he was set up. He sabotaged by the anti-Semitic US press.

    • Leslie

      DSK might have been the first Jewish president, but that’s more or less the equivalent of us celebrating Obama as the first African-American president. I prefer Martin Luther King’s call to judge men by their character, not by the color of their skin (or ethnic identity).

  • Bernard Ross

    Its about time the Jews left this cesspool after 2000 years of abuse without interruption. Much of what the Jews like about Europe came from the Jews. The french Jews would be a blessing to Israel whereas in France they will continue to be second class unless they assimilate.

    like all countries, Jews are but guest, except in israel if it has a new leader ready to defend its very existence from certain iran nukes…….the PM was ‘had’ by obama; peres an embarrassment.. enough it’s time to take out iran nuke sites no matter the cost now…or it will be extinction, later….