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Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Urged Jews to Flee Kiev After Attack on Students

February 21, 2014 2:18 pm 66 comments

Protesters in Ukraine. Photo: Wikipedia.

One of Ukraine’s Chief Rabbis, Moshe Reuven Asman, urged Jews to leave capital city Kiev following a reported anti-Semitic attack on two Chabad yeshiva students in the city last month, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported.

“I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state…there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Asman said, adding, “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”

Many members of Kiev’s Jewish community live within walking distance of the main square in the city that has recently become the focus of anti-government riots, according to Ma’ariv.

In recent days, chaos has gripped the area following the escalation of violence between government security forces and members of the opposition, with institutions around the city closing and subways no longer operating.

While Chief Rabbi Asman has been forced to close down the city’s Jewish schools, he continues to conduct three prayer services daily in his synagogue, Ma’ariv said.

“The situation here is dire,” said Yossi Asman, a Chabad yeshiva student and son of the chief rabbi. “We have been gathering up families and shuttling them out to safer neighborhoods.”

Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization responsible for Ukraine’s Jews, said the city’s dwindling food supply has provoked a state of panic among Kiev’s inhabitants.

“We have appealed to [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to please help us protect our community,” Dolinsky added.


  • NAAA is urging ZIONIST JEWS to leave AMERICA and return to ISRAEL!

    ZIONIST JEWS own, operate and control 98% of the entire WORLD’s MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS and 96% of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS here in AMERICA!









    The killing of four French Jews in last week’s hostage standoff at a Paris kosher market has deepened the fears among European Jewish communities shaken by rising anti-Semitism and feeling vulnerable due to poor security and a large number of potential soft targets.

    In the wake of the attacks, which follow deadly strikes on a Belgian Jewish Museum and a Jewish school in southwestern France, Israeli leaders have called on European Jews to immigrate to the Jewish state. But European Jews are deeply ambivalent about leaving, and their community leaders, along with top politicians, have urged people to stay in their homelands.

    “The European Jewry is the oldest European minority and we have our experience of surviving under all possible circumstances,” Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, told The Associated Press. “We will not give up our motherland, which is called Europe. We will not stop the history of European Jewry, that is for sure.”



  • There are two more neo-Nazis as minister in office:
    Andriy Parubiy – National Security
    Oleh Makhnitsky – Attorney General

    It is really the worst to have such anti-Semites in such government positions.

  • The developments in Unkraine are very alarming. It is really the best to leave the place as soon as possible.

    The neo-Nazi “Svoboda” Party has scored major cabinet ministries in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk approved by the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday.

    Neo-Nazi Ministers of Ukraine (party-members of “Svoboda”)
    Oleksandr Sych – Vice Prime Minister
    Andriy Mokhnyk – Minister of Ecology
    Ihor Shvayka – Minister of Agriculture
    Ihor Tenyukh – Minister of Defence

    The Neo-Nazi party “Svoboda” was founded in 1991 as the Social-National Party of Ukraine and declared war on a “Russian-Jewish conspiracy”. It restricted membership to ethnic Ukrainians.
    Initially the party used a “wolfs-hook” as its logo (symbol of a SS-Division and it was also the symbol of the Nazi strategy by Minister of Propaganda J.Goebbels called WERWOLF -> to create a commando force which would operate behind enemy lines).

    I’m very concerned about this developments and also must mention that it is a step into the direction of making Fascism/neo-Nazism and also anti-Semitism socially acceptable.
    The whole far-right movement in Europe would be strengthened by a neo-Nazi governed Ukraine in the EU. This is NOT good!!!

    יהי שלום עמכם

  • Roman Melnychuk

    As a Ukrainian nationalist I think the Jews should move to Israel.. Ukraine is not for them and never will be.. Haven’t you people done enough killing and genocide against us Ukrainians ?

  • I understand that the most up to date information from Ukraine is that approximately 200,000 Jews live there. WHY? After all the centuries of pogroms and virulent anti-Semitism and the history of Ukraine aligning themselves with Nazi Germany and doing the “hands-on” atrocities for the Germans, why would any Jew choose to live there? It seems that Jew hatred runs deep in Ukraine. It HAS NOT been eradicated and bubbles up to the surface easily (just like in Poland). Yidden, get out now! Eretz Yisroel will welcome you! You will be free to live as a free person and proud to say you are Jewish!

  • Amid all this outpouring of advice for Ukrainian Jews and quotation of ‘sacred scripture’ justifying one’s particular prejudice, where are the reports of attacks on Jews, the numbers injured & their injuries, the number of Jewish homes sacked, synagogues burned, Jewish girls raped, Jewish mens’ payis’ pulled out? Google ‘Jews Live Here – Kiev [alternately ‘Ukraine’] for a photo of the widely reported anti-Semitic graffiti and… there’s not a one! Is a right-wing coup (even if fomented by the U.S.) a dangerous situation for Jews or any other minority (Roma, Gays, you name it)? You betcha, but this story repeats only rumors & innuendo evidently formulated in the Hasbara factories in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem and propagated by the right-wing Israeli media. If there as such reports from crdible sources, kindly reply with URLs. Until then, get a fucking grip!

    • Further, to emphasize the hysterical nature of this article: “In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists” []… from JTA no less!

      Gilad Atzmon describes a “Jewish PTSD” which stand for PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder… always prepared for the next pogrom, Shoah, annihilation, the next Hitler (even if it’s necessary to morph Ahmadinejad into Hitler)… never prepared to make peace or to live as one among many and eschew the exceptionalism inherent in being ‘chosen’. It’s true that people do indeed make their own beds.

    • I think no one has replied to you because it just might infer that there is the least little bit of legitimacy to what you wrote. Better to just ignore you and your nutty rantings!!

  • It is amazing how blind and stupid Jews can be. Time after time they commit the same fatal mistake hoping that they will survive in anti-Semitic environment of countries like Ukraine. There was even article about one Jewish group participating in Maidan uprising. They say that if Jew is smart – he will become a genius, but if he is stupid he will end up being pathological idiot. Those who continue living in Ukraine are total idiots. And they appealing to Liberman for protection!? What a shame.

  • Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman, instead of urging Jews to leave the capital city Kiev, why don’t you urge them to leave the hell-hole called Ukraine altogether? How much atrocities do Jews need to go through to give up on a place like Ukraine which has nothing to offer Jews, certainly not a bright future. It has been at least 25 years since Jews were allowed to leave, why are they still there?

  • Lesya Ukrainka

    Jews do nothing but lie, cheat, connive and conspire their way to dominating their host societies. Moral degeneracy and every social ill is promoted whilst the ability of the host society to preserve itself is undermined at every turn. White genocide is being planned, orchestrated and committed by jews.

  • Why return to (Western) Ukraine after WW2? Many ethnic Germans.

  • It makes no sense for Jews to stay in countries where they will be targeted. Having visited Eastern Europe last May, I was struck by all of the monuments to murdered Jews. I toured beautifully restored synagogues in Budapest and Prague, with no Jewish worshippers.In Krakow, Poland, a “Jewish” district, with Poles singing Yiddish songs. A vibrant culture destroyed, and only artifacts remain. Go to Israel, where Jewish life is a daily event. Don’t go to the U.S. – because Jewish life there is sadly fading via intermarriage. But leave to ensure your children’s lives will be full of joy and purpose.

  • My father’s family name was Plotkin which means grey fish in Ukraine. So glad he left in 1916 for Toronto. I then left Canada for the USA. Did visit Babi Yar in Kiev 2 years ago. Felt very uncomfortable as if I could feel the souls of the dead screaming.

  • maybe theyre staying because of jobs,family etc.while still there arm yourselves,& leave as soon qas family left Germany in 1939,but our relatives stayed & died.dont be stubborn leave every thiong behind,& go.let the musslims ruin the rest of Europe,7 watch it go down the drain.G

  • isaac brajtman

    As an agnostic I begin to wonder maybe there is a God who slowly but surely punishes those who have injured his chosen people. Germany was destroyed. Russia collapsed Moslems all over are busy killing each other, Croats and Serbs killed each other, and now Venezualia is joining in destroying itself. Let the Ukranians carry on their good work killing each other. And Israel prospers Is there a message ?

    • Isaac,
      This is exactly what the Scriptures teach. In the Torah (Genesis 12:1-3), there is the promise to Abraham and his descendants to bless those who bless him and to curse those that curse him and his descendants through Isaac and then repeated in the Torah through Jacob. The history of the world is replete with examples of this being repeated to the present day. Yes, the Jewish people have been and continue to be a target. The source of this is Satan who has been attempting to annihilate the Jewish people in a futile effort to thwart God’s promises. All antisemitism has spiritual origins and ultimately continues through Satan. The God of Israel is a promise keeping God. What He has promised will come to pass and cannot be thwarted. God has promised that He will have a remnant of Israel forever (see Jeremiah 31). Those who side with Satan in the effort to destroy the chosen people will face the same fate as Haman (see Esther) and Hitler. These men, like many others chose the losing side in this struggle that began in Genesis 3. The Jewish people will ultimately prevail because their God is sovereign and it is impossible for him to lie. I am a Christian. I have respect and admiration for the Jewish people because my Lord and savior is Jewish and my God loves His people Israel.

      • Thank you so much for this knowledge, and as a follower of Jesus I will know exactly how to pray for protection of God’s chosen peoples, the apple of His eye. I agree with this comment wholeheartedly, in Jesus’ name and on His shed blood.

      • Julian Clovelly

        Using religious beliefs as arguments will only inflame the situation. No-one should ever be presented as “special” because nobody is. Presenting a person as “special” also presents them as “the other”. The other then can all too easily become an innocent target for frustration and hatred.

        Unlike many people I see writing on Algemeiner, I do not see the overall influence of religion as positive. I find Christianity to have a built in antisemitism that exists as early as the time of Paul of Tarsus and is extant in the four later written Gospels

        I wish Christian leaders would abandon the fundamentalist attitudes that still spread first century Roman(sic) anti-Jewish propaganda, as if it encapsulated historical reality. I wish Muslim leaders could get over the nonsense that the Infidel should be forced to convert through the use of the sword.

        And I also wish all of them would get over the myths in almost all religions that claim th G-d gave land to anyone in particular rather than to humanity as a whole.

        A sad thing about American Christian Fundamentalism is that its frequent sympathy for the State of Israel is tempered with the preservation of the antisemitic aspects of the Christian faith. American Christianity of all denominations and streams could do much for this world if it helped Christianity as a whole get over this blot on their faith. In the meantime we must be ready to assist all the people of Ukraine at a time of need, being understanding of their distress and confusion, and ready to assist any – without prejudice – who feel that, at least for a time, it may be safer to leave.

        Any exiting Jewish person should be automatically granted recognition as a genuine refugee seeking temporary asylum. That is the most urgent issue in such times, the core of righteousness in times of crisis. In the end it is never about particular belief – it is about the sanctity of all human life, versus the primitive evils of backwardness, superstition, prejudice, and irrational hatred.

        • As I read your post, I want to start humming “imagine” by John Lennon. Yes, let’s just rid the world of all religious discourse and belief and create that secular paradise guided by a philosophy of naturalistic monism. Sorry, we have already tried that in the former Soviet Union, Cambodia, Cuba, France (during the French Revolution), etc. ad nauseam. You know, these wonderful places of freedom, human dignity, etc.
          The reason for the failure of these systems is because there is no philosophical necessity for the dignity of man or human freedom within the parameters of the system. It also seems somewhat arrogant to dismiss all religious systems as myths. Since you are not all knowing, the reality is that it is possible that one of these systems is actually true. On a practical note, please identify one positive contribution that naturalistic monism has given the world? You express a concern for safety of the Jewish people now in Ukraine. I agree with and respect that. However, based exclusively upon your worldview of naturalistic monism, why do you care?

        • Christianity and Islam are Jewish heresies. The former is a belief in a zombie blasphemer claimed to be the L_rd, the other an incredibly distorted and incorrect understanding of the Tanakh created by a child molesting war monger. If you truly believe in Hashem there is only one path. And it isn’t those two.

      • There is no Satan – at least not in the Christian sense. That would be idolatry. HaSatan is ‘the adversary’ allowed by God to test Job. Christianity sees an eternal struggle between good (God) and bad (Satan). Judaism sees a struggle between the good and bad inclinations within man himself, permitted by free will. There is no ‘Satan’. It’s just a theological excuse.

        • I think if you study the Jewish scriptures you will discover they teach the reality of Satan. This is not a Christian contrivance. The devil is introduced in the Torah. However, I do agree that Satan can be and is used as a theological excuse as you suggest. I remember the comedian Flip Wilson would quip, “the devil made me do it.” However, the fact that he is occasionally used as an excuse does not refute his reality as described in the Torah and other Jewish scriptures (e.g. Isaiah, Job, I Chronicles, Zechariah etc.).

          • Thank you because, as a Jew, I am so unprepared to read and understand my own faith’s holy writ on my own. Nor apparently are generations of brilliant poskim, or the generations of brilliant rabbis and scholars, zt”l who lived before them, and who have expounded and illuminated Tanakh through the ages, capable of performing such an arduous feat.

            Thanks you so much that we can rely on trustworthy J-people with their trustworthy actions and trustworthy dogma to do that difficult task for us poor , ignorant, deluded Jews..

    • You just noticed?

    • Last time I checked, Jews were just as much sentient, upright-walking apes as the rest of humankind. I too could write a book about myself, say that I was inspired by some divine being, and call myself ‘chosen’ within it. But if Bronze Age mythology floats your boat, then so be it…


    As a British Jew visiting the beautiful city of Lviv a few years ago, I was shocked and saddened to see much anti-Jewish graffiti, despite the very small number of Jews now living there. The golden years for the community in Lemberg under the Habsbergs are long gone.
    Can there be a Jewish future anywhere in Ukraine today?
    I doubt it.

    • No, there is no protection for Jews in Ukraine. Remember they were Nazis and did Hitler’s bidding.
      Get out of all Slav nations and get to Israel. Blessings.

  • In 1650 there were 51,000 Jews in the Ukraine. Today there are 70,000. After WW2 there were none. Can anyone explain to me why Jews persist in living in overtly anti-semetic countries ? Do we never learn from history ? Why offer them the benefits of Jewish entrepreneurship, culture and intellectualism. Only the loss to them of our morality and humanity is to be mourned.

    • I agree . It is beyond my comprehension. The Israeli Govmt. should assist with the community making aliyah.

    • This is not true that after WW2 were none of Jewish population living in Ukraine. All Jews returned from army and evacuation. There were much more jews than now. NOW is not 70,000. I don’t know where you get this census data. NOW IS ALMOST 0%. Only in my city of Vinnitcya were 50,000 jews after war or even more.

      • Akiru Matsumota

        Dear Marina
        Ronald is correct. The latest data of the Ukrainian census was conducted in 2001 (you can find it over here indicates that in 2001 there were total of 103600 Jews in Ukraine. By now it is probably around 70000. BTW in Vinnitsa in 2001 there were 3000 Jews. In many cities in Ukraine there are no Jews left at all. In Lvov there are less than 1000 Jews. Even in Kiev in 2001 there were less than 18000 Jews. Now it is probably half of these. Of course, there are many assimilated and half blood Jews who do not declare their belonging to Jews but this is a common problem for Jews all over the world.

        • Dear Akiru,

          If you accept the govt census–100K+ Jews in Ukraine–but also that there are very few Jews in most cities [e.g., <1K in Lvov], where are all those Jews living?? I doubt that many Jewish farmers or villagers remained after WWII.

  • I have to agree with the majority of writers, here. The time to get out of the Ukraine is NOW. What don’t they understand?
    I was in Kiev (as a 3-year-old) at end of May 1941 – 3 weeks before the nazis invaded the USSR, with my parents and family. The Ukrainians welcomed the nazis and helped with their killing machine. That venom is still with them.

  • No one should be surprised by the blatant anti-Semitism in the Ukraine. Their history is rife with horrendous
    acts of Jew hatred and murder. They willingly participated with the SS in the murder of thousands.
    They were the elite members of the Einstazgruppen who
    murdered Jews and burned villages and towns. Their diligence in the liquidation of Jews is well documented!
    The SS rewarded them for their heinous acts of ordering Jews to dig their own grave pits and then shot men, women and babies mercilessly.They were taught that Jews were Christ killers at their mother’s breast. This belief
    has continued through the ages.
    There should be a mass exodus of Jews. They have never
    been wanted in this cursed land.

  • how many jews living in ukrainia ??? i hears is possible than have 500 000 jews living actually in ukrainia and i dont understand why these jews again will preferes stays there instead to make their alyah to israel ???only israel will have the answers for organizing a bridge flying for transports jews ukrainian to israel ???

    i dont understand as well how jewish are converted in russia , ukrainia , poland etc instead to be proud of their idendity , by example i knows a polish girl named mayerowicz thru fb and she tells his familys is catholic and i am sure his descending were jews , like ukrainian girl challenger in sotchi games named “matsothska” for me must be typical jew because matsoth is the azyme bread that we eats during pessach “why during all centurys the jews were allways attempting to converted to christianism then this religion is our ennemys ??? for all pogroms commited during thru centurys in all europa ! good shabetz …

  • let our people leave kiev now not to morrow.
    tel aviv , jerusalem etc… will welcome you !

  • Luigi Rosolin (@LuigiBelmont)

    I’m Italian and Australian citizen and I surprise to heard about Ukraine and other east EU historical antisemitism.Unfortunately look like Jews are again target to political game. I agree that history is repeating: the safer place is Israel but only God can protect the Jewish state.My opinion is that Jewish people and Christian are facing more and more persecution. The time is closing in for last week 1948 Israel had been incredibly reestablished: 2018 will mark the 70 years. Jews must be prepared to recognize that Jesus is the promise Christ. The future is in God hand but human should act and pray for His intervention.

    • Your zombie “god” is nothing but a blasphemer, who is worshipped and commingled with the only one true Name. Your religion is nothing more than a sick death and idol worshipping cult that misinterprets the Tanakh, does not follow the Law, Written or Oral, assimilates heathen “gods”, Greco-Roman mythology and attempts to usurp the true children of Israel who follow the only ONE TRUE G_D. The only salvation is your rejection of this sorcerer Yeshua who died like tens of thousands of other Jews persecuted and murdered by the long dead Romans.

    • Luigi,

      Most Jews are very glad for Christian Zionism, but not so much for yr urging us to become Christians.
      If you believe in Imitatio Christi, maybe you need to convert–after all Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian.

  • Since 1648 when the Cossacks led by the hetman Bogdan Chmielnicki rebelled against the Polish Empire, Jews have been the target. When the Cossacks took a town away from the Poles they would hang a Jew, a Catholic priest and a pig from the same tree limb. Unmentionable atrocities were committed against Jews, especially against Jewish woman. Bogdan is an Ukrainian national hero. In the counter-revolution against the Bolsheviks (1919-1920), Ukrainian General Wrangel and Admiral Kolchak led the White armies against the Red and when they took a town away from the Reds, pogroms and massacres of the entire population followed. Starvation and depravity followed in their path. That tradition still haunts the land. Get out of the Ukraine pronto!!!

    • Arlene Weissman

      Excellent comment. Many people are unaware of the horiffic atrocities perpetrated by Chmielnicki, against Jewish people. The fact that his memory is glorified speaks volumes.

  • I thank Hashem that my maternal grandparents (Sladko) left Ukraine around 1900 or a little before. All remaining Jews should leave.

    I am also thankful that my paternal grandparents left Hungary in the 1890’s.

  • They should go to Israel. The church inculcated Jew hatred continues. It will never go away.

  • Vicki Trachten-Schwartz

    It is time that the Jews who live in blood drenched countries where Jews were slaughtered or sent to their death get out . Nothing good will come of staying.It is true the Jewish Agency, Israel and all of their supporters Jews and moral Christians who themselves are being murdered will help you get our and go to Israel.
    Pack your things now and EL Al will come.
    We love you and want to no harm for you are our people.

  • What G-d says in Jeremiah 16:14-16 is going to happen before our eyes. There will be an attempt at a second Holocaust. Jews are not safe in the FSU. Jews in Kiev and all of the Ukraine are now at risk. But the rest of the Jewish population of countries of FSU will come under increased danger. It was hard for prosperous German Jews to believe they would be at-risk before the Nazi regime took over. German Jews were entrenched in the economy. But people who want to dominate a society will look to the Jews as the scapegoat. History repeats itself. Jews became millionaires overnight in Moscow when the wall came down. While there is time and they have money, it is imperative that Russian Jews look to Israel for safety. At some point in the future the only place any Jew will be safe is in Israel. Jews in countries in Europe are experiencing increased persecution, especially France. Israel must not give up any of its land for peace. What land G-d has given to Israel will be restored. Russian Jews, take what you have now and make your home in Israel. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and The Jewish Agency be ready.

  • Here we go again, one wonders if Ukraine was meant to be a place Jews should have considered to “visit” at all !!!

    • Although I have wanted to visit Odessa, the birthplace of my maternal grandmother, I must seriously reconsider that especially in light of the present situation in the Ukraine.

  • It is time for all the Jews of Ukraine to leave. Israel will be able to take them. I left Ukraine in 1975 and the situation did not improved, only worcened. I urge all the Jews of Ukraine to leave. It is not our fight. The Ukrainians have to decide themselves what state they want to live in. In any case, the history shows that no matter who wins, the Jews are going to be at fault. Thank G-d, the Jews have Israel. The Jews of Spain did not have Israel, and only after several centuries Spain decided that they need the Jews help them with the economy. The Jews of Ukraine do not have several centuries, please, leave.

  • The Ukraine has been and always will be an anti semitic hellhole…good time to leave

  • Nothing to look for Jews in Ukraine. Let them wallop in their own misery. Jews should not live in antisemitic environments.

  • Why have my brothers and sisters remained there? My son is named for my Uncle Lazer who died at the university in Kiev…THIS TIME WE HAVE A HOMELAND!!! What the Nazis couldn’t finish, the Ukrainians would! The Hungarians now are hoping to do now through their newly revived open Nazi party…What’s the matter, not enough pogroms for this generation? Better to stand-up and enlist your sons and daughters in the IDF than to hide and wait for the Cossaks!!! And, you, too…Hungarians and French!! You think you are more French than Jew? Looking for a new Emile Zola? Are you counting on a “righteous” gentile in Hungary to harbor you in his attic?
    That I should even be responding to this article in the year 2014 is BEYOND belief. ISRAEL – the only nation on this planet that has welcomed you with rights and citizenship and has beckoned you since even well before the Ukraine’s “independence” from the Soviet Union.
    This is the Chief Rabbi’s advice?…go run and hide…?
    And when you Jews come out of hiding — will it be a better world for you in Kiev?
    Even in Tehrer Sq. while the Egyptians were supposedly rallying for “independence, democracy (?)” whatever their lofty political issues…they still managed to interrupt their rally to beat, kick, gang rape and almost murder the gentile CNN reporter — all the while calling her “Jew.” Seems like the Ukranians can also make the time to attack their Jews in between protesting for “justice.”
    Remember well the scorpion’s response after his deadly stinging the turtle: “FOR IT IS MY NATURE…”

    • My grandfather”‘s family was last heard from living in Kiev. They had survived the Holocaust went they were sent to Siberia. Would love to know if any of my family is still in Kiev. They were originally from Belarus.

  • There is almost no mention in the “free” Western media of Neo nazi organization Svoboda, the largest violent Neo Nazi movement after the fall of the Third Reich.

    They openly advocate the extermination of the Jews.

    Can you guess why?

    Neo Nazis are the core of anti-Government rebellion in Ukraine.

    This byline is needed to be able to understand the article.

    If Svoboda wins, Babi Yar will be repeated.

    • Right on!

    • Roman Melnychuk

      Excuse me, I am a member of Svoboda and I resent your comment.. our leader is not anti-semitic, but after I send him all these messages bashing Ukraine as you are doing he might change his mind.

  • So, it starts again, as if it had ever ended. An economic or political crisis occurs and the Jews, who are not responsible for the problem, are attacked. Will the cancer of anti-antisemitism ever disappear from Europe? Highly unlikely in my view.

  • Sadly we heard this call before. All parties that can help,help them get out!!!

  • So will Jews continue to go to Uman instead of Yerushalayim?

  • they should try to leave the cesspool of europe

  • It’s time for this generation of Ukranians to show that the past is dead and buried

  • How can we help them?

  • Yaakov Sullivan

    What are Jews doing in that god forsaken with Jewish blood soaked country? Leave that cursed place now!

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    Scotland’s Celtic soccer club will fly to Israel with the same private jet Madonna used while on tour, The Scotsman reported on Monday. According to the report, the team is heading for the Jewish state to compete against Israel’s Hapoel Be’er Sheva on Tuesday night, and will be transported in the customized, luxurious Boeing 757-200 that the pop icon used in New Zealand for her six-month Rebel Heart tour, which wrapped up in March. The plane is on loan from Greece-based GainJet Aviation and can accommodate 62 passengers. The […]

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  • Arts and Culture Revealed: Actor Jonah Hill Officiated at Wedding of Fellow Jewish Star, Singer Adam Levine

    Revealed: Actor Jonah Hill Officiated at Wedding of Fellow Jewish Star, Singer Adam Levine

    Jewish actor Jonah Hill revealed on Wednesday morning that he had officiated the wedding of good friend and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. The “War Dogs” actor, 32, was a guest on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show when the conversation turned to Levine’s July 2014 wedding to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. Hill said that after he was asked to officiate the nuptials, he started getting worried about the type of speech he was going to deliver. “I’m writing all these things, and then I […]

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  • Arts and Culture Music Jewish Indie Rocker Dedicates New ‘Refugee’ Track to Grandfather Who Fled Nazi Persecution

    Jewish Indie Rocker Dedicates New ‘Refugee’ Track to Grandfather Who Fled Nazi Persecution

    Jewish indie singer Ezra Furman released a song on Wednesday that he said was dedicated to his grandfather, who escaped Nazi persecution. Furman told the website Consequence of Sound that the new track, called “The Refugee,” is his “first song entirely concerned with my Jewish background and present, a song dedicated to my grandfather who fled the Nazis, as well as to all of the refugees desperate for a home today.” He added, “May all the wanderers find the homes they seek, and […]

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