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American Studies Association President-Elect Hosting Anti-Israel Event at NYU

February 23, 2014 4:36 pm 62 comments

JNS.orgThe American Studies Program at New York University (NYU), with the support of American Studies Association (ASA) President-Elect Professor Lisa Duggan, is set to hold a two-day anti-Israel conference.

The Feb. 28-March 1 event, titled “Circuits of Influence: U.S., Israel, and Palestine,” comes “following an unprecedented wave of public dialogue in response to the American Studies Association’s recent endorsement of a boycott of Israeli academic institutions,” according to an event flyer.

The ASA voted to boycott Israeli academic institutions last December. Since then, about 200 universities have condemned the move.

The flyer says the conference seeks to address the “convergence between international justice movements and emerging scholarly directions within the increasingly transnational field of American Studies.”

Duggan, who teaches in NYU’s department of social and cultural analysis, in a Facebook post describes the event as a “kick ass” conference that will feature speakers solely from the anti-Israel perspective, such as Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace. The event registration page directs all questions on the conference to NYU.

Additionally, Duggan wrote on her Facebook, “PLEASE DO NOT post or circulate the flyer. We are trying to avoid press, protestors and public attention. Feel free to share it with friends, colleagues and grad students though.”


  • The Jewish students should gather a big group and interrupt the speeches just as the haters do to pro-Israel speakers.

  • Zionist NYU students should respond by inviting this man to speak at NYU

  • Clearly the woman is full of hate and needs an outlet for it and guess which group is the easiest to pick on? The jews might be small in number but mighty in spirit and life affirmation. I feel sorry for her. She must be a very sad person. She will eventually rot in her own bile.

  • Support the BDS. End the occupation.

    • Why aren’t you concerned about the 200,000 Syrians dead killed in the Syrian civil War, why aren’t you showing your concern about the starving and murdered Palestinian-Arabs in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. So many of your fellow Arabs have been killed by your brethren, yet your mind is forever blaming Israel for all the ills in the Arab and Islamic world when your own people have committed so many crimes against your own people. The Arab-Israeli’s have a much better life in Israel then they would in any other Arab State. If you were to ask them where they would sooner live, they would tell you Israel every time.

  • Marsha Goldfine

    I would stop any donations to the university . Once it hurts the pocket book. They will realize their big mistake. Let the leader pick up the loss form his handlers.

  • Jerome Garchik

    Readers should please take the time to read the Wikipedia
    entries for the Feb 28 film Arna’s Children and the
    director Juliano Mer-Khamis who was murdered in Jenin
    in 2011 as he left a lauded theater he established there.
    The film includes some young people who became terrorists
    and later caused the deaths of Israeli innocents in Hadera
    in 2001; others were themselves killed in battles with
    the IDF. Instead of the the proposed BDS conference, wouldnt it be better to follow the Film by just saying Kaddish for all these victims, and lives of promise lost on all sides?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Duggan and cohorts have no shame, no honour and no conscience. They are dreck!

  • This very sick woman Duggan, is confused about her sexuality, her politics and her life. How does NYU hire such losers?

  • The dishonesty of the ASA position (and the BDS movement in its entirety) aside, one should focus on the fact that an educational institution rejects nuance, rejects perspective and promotes hatred. These anti-Israel events are little more than rallies, and they leave any students who don’t share that position fearing for their safety; sadly, this threat has extended to students who haven’t voiced an opinion but happen to be Jewish. Other universities, like Stanford, have programs promoting peace and cooperation in the region. The New Yorker had an article on NYU’s president and his success as a fundraiser — in places like Abu Dhabi. Maybe the issue should not be weather Jewish parents/alumni should stop giving money to NYU, maybe it’s a question of giving MORE, if the contributions dictate the content.

  • When I see all the suffering people in the world, in
    particular the Christians that are being persecuted in
    Egypt and through the Sudan and elsewhere; not to mention
    our poor soldiers, wounded, maimed, who have given so
    much; and American families that are struggling; – it
    boggles that mind that so called intellectuals in
    Universities, Academia – would take up time with this
    one focus in the world -Israel and constantly make
    villains of them. I am through with NYU and will pass
    that on.

  • To paraphrase the old Latin query: “Who shall educate the educators themselves?” Honestly, in 40 years as a professor, I saw, heard, and rebutted more naive or deceitful anti-Jewish remarks than I ever believed I would hear: professors ignorant of Middle Eastern historical facts, the links between Israel and Christian beginnings, and the Holocaust, and Palestinian and Islamist threats worldwide. Economics and anything with numbers are opaque to far too many “Humanities” and “Studies” profs, or secondary to the new field members’ ambitions and greed. Really, as universities move from respect for the trivia and quadrivia of classical learning, they have allowed ideologies, unprofessional conduct, and foolishness after foolishness to change education to indoctrination, name-calling, and political shenanigans. And they have left room for profs to pretend they have no animus. Thus one can refuse to teach women in his classes, and others can refuse to accept Islamists hate the West. The naivete today reminds me of pre-WWII US when many universities were black-free or women-free or Jew-free or had quotas for each, but insisted they were superior places for American or British “education”.

  • Duggan is the female version of Joseph Goebbels. She is confused morally, sexually and politically–a very, very sick and disturbed woman. She has never done anything in her life except stay in the kindergarten of academia.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Go to their events, bring Nazi flags and scream for the extermination of all Jews everywhere. I bet you wouldn’t hear a single objection from them.

  • Hon. Jos. A. Mustich

    Kudos to the ASA. It’s time. And kudos to the
    Presbyterian Church for its recent study of Zionism.
    Joe Mustich, Washington, CT USA

    The important thing is not to stop questioning. Einstein

    • Yes. There is a lot of questioning of viewpoints in a secret conference where only one perspective is permitted.

      War is peace, huh?

    • Please remove the Hon. from your name. There’s nothing honorable about your perverted opinion.

    • Bathsheva Gladstone

      A fan of Norman Finkelstein, I see. I think you’ve skipped the questioning and find yourself quite content with obtuse. Seek help.

  • The only peaceful country in the Middle East is Israel. Rather strange that an academic like Lisa Duggan starts conference about Israel as an anti-Israel rally. It classifies Lisa Duggan more than the subject of that conference, a mirror showing the weirdness of her science.

  • Recognize her for what she is, dear friends. Pay close attention to how she described the ‘event’. In those two words she revealed the totality of her existential drama. This is a miserable poor woman with an unrealized vulgar libido (and in panic too, for soon it is all over) trying to channel her psychic upheaval towards bringing together equally vulgar libidinous energy under this ‘event’ of unrecyclable pseudo-intellectual trash. This gathering is an unconscious collective attempt of the terminally ill to make them feel otherwise. And true healers are not permitted of course, as they are utterly unaware of the chronic acuteness of their condition, for they have never known what HEALTH is.

  • I see that on Febr. 28 a film will be shown with Juliano Mer-Khamis. The same Juliano who was murdered by his Arab “brothers”. Arna is his mother.

  • Bart A. Charta

    Bunch of ASAholes – they don’t actually know how to DO anything, so they TEACH “American Studies” – whatever the hell THAT is – probably Obaman American welfare for degree holders of BS, MS and PhD – BullS*it, MoreS*it and Piled Higher and Deeper.

  • 20% or more of NYU students and teachers are Jewish. If there are not 1,000’s of them out there protesting and screaming and making a scene next week, then NYU deserves this woman.

    NYU students: your parents pay $60K a year to send you there. Show some balls; protest this shanda.

  • Jewish NYU alumni should stop contributing to NYU. We stopped contributing to Penn for similar reasons. I would not send my child or my money to NYU, or any other university that allows anti-Semitism to grow on campus.

    • You are left with very few options, if any. Anti-Zionism, anti-Israel sentiment and anti-semitism are flourishing on campuses throughout the country.

      • My son was headed to Rutgers but his gap year yeshiva in Israel gradually convinced him it wasn’t a place for a nice Jewish boy. I thank God every day that he opted out of Rutgers and is now at Yeshiva University. He is getting a top notch education and won’t have to walk through an “Apartheid Week” rally.

  • I would ask you good people to calm down. In their hatred of the success of Israel and dismay at their abysmal failure and having proven utter cowardice both to defend the US and or Israel, they again joined the enemy. The S. Wise? N. Goldman syndrome remained at the core of much of the so called US Jewish communities. And will decay following the same patterns of the original Frankel followers in Germany and Europe in general.
    Consequently, Israelis correctly assessed the “fact finding missions busloads”. Long ago vast numbers of Jews in Eretz Israel wrote off quietly the blue haired matrons, grobbe majers, meandering pseudo “Jewish diplomats” from the SD as well as others hailing from or residing at the dorten goldene medineh.
    Naturally that is even more determined against their direct descendants or adopted ones. Usually one of either one. It is known who are those part of that renegade element and locals adopt all required self protection actions deemed applicable.
    “Dialogue”? That would allocate standing to the trash so they are not longer relevant in any way.

    • האם אתה ×”’שמואל הלוי’ ששירת בגדוד 932 במלחמת לבנון הראשונה? אם כן שלום המייל שלי
      ד_הארפאר@כומכאסת.נעת אם אותיות לאטיניות

      דוד הרפר

      “Are you the Shmuel Halevi, who served in the First Lebanon War 932?”

      So good, my email d_harper613 @

      David Harper

  • Out of all the conflicts in the entire world, why do so many Canadians and Americans have such an interest in one little war, in one tiny country, on the other side of the planet? Because they are Fascists, using the Palestine War as an excuse to engage in fascism in their own country!

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • A.S.A.,
    Discusting people who have done nothing but make the lives of moderate Arabs who wish to work with Israeli companies ,who wish to study in Israeli academic institutions,who wish to live in peace side by side with Israelis miserable.Peace will come from peaceful ,economic,social,and educational co -endeavors not isolationist actions such as boycotts and divestment tactics ,the A.S.A. Is a group of narrow minded people with evil intents parading around as open minded people who are hell bent on itensifying the conflict instead of resolving the problem.

  • Recognize the people and money behind this and expose them. Do not donate to NYU until this has all been exposed. This is a disgrace to a university like NYU.
    This conference needs to be cancelled. Boycott it.

  • There hundreds of cases of injustice in the world far worse than anything Israel might arguably be responsible for. Why such concern over this issue? Anti-Semitism is the only reason for this venom that comes to mind. One can sincerely oppose all Israel’s policies without the kind of obsession of the ASA with BDS and the Palestinian question.

  • Robert B Geller

    How many Jewish parents pay over $50,000/year to send their Jewish children to NYU? How many Jewish families endow NYU with monies, support, and buildings? Jews need to start using their influence and write and protest to the President of NYU. Jews need to stop supporting NYU in all forms including their hospitals, their physicians, their colleges, etc. Jewish faculty at NYU need to stand up and demonstrate their disapproval. Send your children elsewhere, stop funding their programs, and you will stop Duggan and her spread of anti-Semitism (with the support of NYU).

  • rachel robinson

    You, just like the Palestinians, have never invented nor created anything. You cannot even boycott Israel without using any of its inventions. What did the Palestinians ever created, and what have you ever created? Israel created something from nothing!! Israel is second only to the USA in inventing useful tools in many fields, especially technology, which you are using to boycott it, in medicine, in agriculture and in art and literature, economics and many other fields. what did you create? you do not understand what it means to create something. so go get a life, you will feel better about yourselves when you do.
    you will thank me, but you do need to bother.

  • Has she ever visited Israel?

    • It would not matter if she did.
      She and her ilk hate Israel because it is a scapegoat for what they really hate, which is a world that does not recognize how wonderful and exalted they are and does not allow them total control.

  • They are a disgrace. A bunch of antisemit es ! They should invest their energy to denounce Syria, Egypt , Lebanon, Turkey ……………China, North Korea , etc, etc

  • They should dedicate their energies towards Syria, Egypt, Ukrainian,etc.
    a group of antisemit es , they are not humanists !

    • They WOULD if they were really interested in international justice. The fact that they only want one side represented and no press nor exposure is because it is not an academic exercise, just lawless people playing with the law to the prejudice of one small group.

      Israel loves her enemies, busses them into her hospitals – the same people who throw rockets at her people. Israel’s hospitals are not rich and are in financial trouble, but they heal their enemies without asking questions, genuinely caring for the plight of the individual in all the war-torn countries that do not concern ASA/NYU and the BDS movement.

      BDS IS NOT ABOUT INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE, just about fascist persecution of one people. If I was a young person and had misjudged and become part of BDS I would look around me and see the company I keep and think again! J-Street WAKE UP and see the company you keep. We’re getting back to the 1930’s at alarming speed. Stand up for TRUE (not fashionable) justice.

  • I am totally disgusted by the recent actions of the American Studies Association. I got my graduate degree in American Studies but I would not recommend that major to anyone who is not a bigot. ASA currently stands for Anti Semites Association. I urge American Studies programs to disaffiliate from American Studies Association and start a reputable academic organization.

  • I hope any person who contributes to NYU stops at once. No one should support this public display of pure anti-semitism.

  • For all you Troglodytes, who support Anti-Semitism, you’ll be pleased to know that it is alive and well among the academia of NYU.

  • This hateful woman along with her followers need a lesson in realism.

  • jeffrey Panish

    My comment is very simple would NYU lend the use its name or property to host a talk sponsored either by a Pro Nazi group or a Klu Klux Klan group ,I strongly doubt it .

  • Philip Weisberg

    As a result of this I would like to renounce my graduate degree from NYU.

  • How dangerous in many aspects hosting this type of divisive event that does not lead to open dialogue and it will be simply propaganda that does not serve well the interest of the university, students or the NYU community. It is sad to see NYU becoming a political tool and interfering in something it has not business what so ever. People spend large amounts of money for this institution to open their minds and this event will do only one thing close their minds…..

  • Andrei S. Markovits, writing in the relatively progressive magazine Dissent, said in the Winter 2005 issue, “A new European (and American) commonality for all lefts—a new litmus test of progressive politics—seems to have developed: anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism (though not anti-Semitism, at least not yet).”

    It is possible, as Markovits says, to be an anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite. But the power of anti-Zionism is so strong and so contrary to the values of leftism and progressivism that nothing could explain its survival except anti-Semitism.

    • If you’re calling Dissent ‘relatively progressive’, then I’ll assume the likes of James Petras (ASA SUNY), Alexander Cockburn, and a panoply of open Jew hating lefty scribes qualify as ‘progressives’ then? According to the same illogic, it would also follow that Chavez was a moderate, and friend of the Jews!

      Five years ago,aside from what Left-wing journals with a fetish for Israel-bashing were doing, people were already pimping Antisemitism under the cloak of ‘anti-Zionism.’ Since then, bigots have affixed themselves like parasites to organizations like JVP, and other ‘progressive’ (read: anti-Zionist, self-loathing crusaders)Jewish groups in the ‘peace camp’, in order to gain a Trojan Horse’s entry into the dialogue.

      With a predominately Dyke-fortified frontline (Duggan and her ASA Queer Identity Politix, and Judith Butler, who straps-on Hamas and Hezbollah as part of her cross-contaminated sonnets on ‘Palestine’), it’s time to put a finger in at NYU, and jam the message of hate coming from those who profess a torturously-incestuous, multie-cultie, kumbaya version of history and modern realities.

      Duggan, Butler, James Petras and Afrocentric crank, Ali Mazrui (Binghamton)- all breed a dangerous version of Antisemitism on the Left. There’s nothing ‘new’ about it (as in ‘the new Antisemitism’)

      The only new thing these days is the lengths Jewish Left-wing apologists for Palestine will go to reconcile their own self-turmoil, with the militantly Antisemitic currents swirling around them like demons.


  • I’m looking at the groups associated with this and they all smell to me as CIA/CFR shadow gov mafia organizations. Follow the money! This is a Vatican/CIA gov mafia run anti-Israel propaganda campaign. These fsckers need to exposed and called out for who and what they are.

  • Truly impressive how she promotes open discourse with statements like “PLEASE DO NOT post or circulate the flyer. We are trying to avoid press, protestors and public attention. Feel free to share it with friends, colleagues and grad students though.” Useful idiots all.

    • Open discourse to progressive secularists is restricted only to those that think like them. It’s all about power and advancing their agenda.

  • This is the kind of person we have teaching our children? When is she planning to grow up?

  • jews should not support or donate to NYU

  • Man on the street

    The Palestinian issue has such a huge shelf life simply because of the Arab side refuses to absorb the Palestinians into their countries as equal citizen, and unite the West Bank with Jordan calling it Palestine! Uniting Gaza with Egypt as part of the Sinai; making all Gazans Egyptian citizens.

    Such simple solution requires no rocket scientists, but, it involves less “hate”, which is at the core of the Arab Muslim people.

    • Kenneth D Hegler

      But the reasoned approach and solution to the entire problem makes sense. And that the anti-Jewish stance of the neighbours too, would vanish, as would their one-sided attitude toward the exclusion of the displaced, self-exiled Arabs from into inclusion into their society! Imagine, Palestinian Arabs actually being in a position to sustain themselves instead of being held in camps, often prisoners of their own self-serving leaders.

    • esther noodelman

      Man on the street…’re right on! But without hatred and jealousy and aggression,you don’t get to take away other people’s legitimate rights in an upside down world.

    • There is rarely true equality demonstrated in the political institutions or application or Sharia, not just between the Jews and Christians under Muslim majorities in all but a few Arab nations, but the bilious nature of Arab style strongman politics and the victims it makes domestically and abroad.
      In the name of faith these men have legitimized gangster style politics as a tenet of proper representation. No progress can be made until this reality changes.
      No real progress can be made until Arabs decide to embrace modernity.
      They are trying.

      • Mr. Crozier
        Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I would say you are an optimist. What if the Arabs and people like Lisa Duggan realize that they are incapable of creating and building a successful society and so the only option available to them is to drag down and destroy those who are successful and productive? What then?

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