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March 5, 2014 3:53 pm

Report: State Department Sources Say Obama Sabotaged Peace Talks With Goldberg Interview Conducted Behind Kerry’s Back

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: U.S. Department of State.

President Barack Obama’s recent statements on the current state of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have sabotaged U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to iron out a framework agreement between the two sides, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Wednesday citing high level sources.

Specifically, aides to the Secretary of State referenced Obama’s interview with Bloomberg View columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, published just hours before the President was to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ma’ariv said.

During the interview, Obama warned of a “bleak future” and a “demographic disaster” if Israel does not support a U.S.-drafted framework peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

“There comes a point where you can’t manage this anymore, and then you start having to make very difficult choices,” Obama told Goldberg.

Obama went on to ask a series of rhetorical questions that seemed to preemptively blame Israel for a possible failure of peace talks: “Do you resign yourself to what amounts to a permanent occupation of the West Bank? Is that the character of Israel as a state for a long period of time? Do you perpetuate, over the course of a decade or two decades, more and more restrictive policies in terms of Palestinian movement? Do you place restrictions on Arab-Israelis in ways that run counter to Israel’s traditions?”

According to one of Ma’ariv‘s sources, “The interview, which was held without Kerry’s prior knowledge, was a harsh personal attack against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has undermined his [Kerry’s] best efforts.”

A second source told Ma’ariv that, “Kerry’s greatest fear is that the interview will cause both Netanyahu and the Israeli public to lose faith in the [U.S.] government.”

There are several theories regarding Obama’s possible motivation for granting the interview, Ma’ariv reported. Some Washington insiders have speculated that the U.S. President is not up-to-date regarding the progress that has been made behind closed doors between Kerry and Netanyahu. As a result, Obama vented his frustration at what he perceives as a peace process that’s at an impasse, Ma’ariv said.

Another source even claimed that Obama may be jealous of Kerry’s diligence and diplomatic skill, Ma’ariv said. According to this train of thought, the President is compensating for a first term plagued by his own failure to orchestrate a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by now taking over the reigns from a Secretary of State who has been praised for his stick-to-it approach.

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  • T.C.

    This disproportionate criticism, attack, that comes from any individual, leader or nation on Israel is because Satan knows his days are numbered and Jeshuah Ha Meshiach is returning to Israel really soon. Then Satan and all those that he uses to go for you will be cast into the bottomless pit and he knows it. Yes the battle will get fiercer in the last days but don’t be deceived there is ‘a great multitude that no man can number’ (Rev 7 v 9) who are destined for heaven. It doesn’t say that about the enemies side!!! Be strong and of good courage, the Lord is with you. And start printing good news stories about Israel and the Jewish contribution to this world and really make them jelous. You are well blessed and you will continue to make your way prosperous and your leaf will not wither. Give yourselves a break and rest in the Lord who loves you deeply and wants like crazy to protect you. And if like me you’re not a great Bible student , listen to Joseph Prince ministries from New Creation Church Singapore. He’s done all the studying for you. I promise you the Holy Spirit will make your heart Glad.

  • Beatrix

    Obama doesn’t hate Jews or Israel. He just loves himself very, very much. He was raised by two adoring women, his mother and grandmother, and now his two main advisers are Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice.

    Kerry, whom I don’t like, sometimes sounds as though he knows what he’s doing with the peace negotiations. Obama is under heavy criticism, while Kerry is getting approbation if not admiration. Obama is showing us he can be just as mean and tough toward Israel as Kerry is. No one has told him that this isn’t the point.

  • William Channon

    I really believe that Obama is prejudiced against Jews in general and that Jews can have no legitimate claim to what is now considered Palestine.

  • Cheryl Mav

    Clearly this is another example of Hashem confusing our enemies! There can be no doubt that Obama’s intentions are to destroy the Jewish State. There can be no doubt that negotiating with terrorists is not in Israel’s best interests. Therefore, Obama and Kerry sabotage each other’s efforts, and that can only be a good thing!
    What I WOULD like to know is how American Jews can continue to support this Haman and still call themselves Jews. But then again, some Jews voted for Hitler, too; such is the disease of liberalism and its suicidal symptoms.

    • Francine

      Well said!

  • Leon

    Such a popular person, this Obama.

    Israel stands alone, but not forsaken.

  • Carol

    I voted Democrat for 50 years — until Obama ran for president. That’s when I voted Republican for the first time. Why’s that? I believe in cliches… they are what they are because they speak universal truths. So when Obama and his wife sit in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years, listening to anti-American, anti-Semitic sermons, I know who I’m dealing with. Another cliche I have come to respect is: “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.” Need I say more?

    • maria

      Agree. Obama is the most anti-Israeli anti-Jewish President America ever had

    • Steve Butman

      I too could not bring myself to vote for Obama; I never trusted him from the beginning. Unfortunately, my fears were proven to be real.

    • m_

      I fully agree. I’ve been a life time Democrat. Although I occasionally voted for Republicans such as Senator Jacob Javits of N.Y. and John Engler in Michigan I am not happy to say I voted for Obama twice because I still hoped and wanted to believe that despite all you pointed out in your comment about Rev. Wright, that Obama wasn’t anti-Semitic or anti-Israel and he would bring America together. I no longer support him and will no longer vote for the Democratic Party which is in large part a tool of Islamists and their apologists including Leftists (Progressives) who not only hate Israel but also hate or hold in contempt the U.S. and the American people. I have come to understand that key positions of power in the Democratic Party and to a lesser extent in the Republican Party have lined up in their support of enemies of the U.S. and work hard to lie to Americans in order to promote the idea that Islam as a “religion of peace,” when actually it has always sought to dominate and rule over Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims through Jihad and mostly violent Jihad. Under Obama and even to a large extent under George W. Bush we have seen a great shift into support for Islamists and under Obama the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous front groups including CAIR have been allowed to infiltrate our government at all levels under the guise of multiculturalism and inclusiveness.

  • obviously the Algemeiner hates Jews. An editor that could print this story written by a liar could only hate his hate his Jewish readers. How could an editor with a Jewish audience want Jews to believe lies? For example, how could the editor of the algemienr print an article with this sentence sandwiched inside of two paragraphs that don’t support the quote: “There comes a point where you can’t manage this anymore, and then you start having to make very difficult choices,” Obama told Goldberg.

    What did the readers of the article think obama was saying? Did article indicate in any way what Obama was saying? Could any reader anywhere in the world know what the sentence meant from this article? NO, obviously not. Then the only reason to print the quote is because the out of context quote would serve to provide a fictional idea in the minds of the readers.

    So why did the algemeiner publish this article unless the editor hates Jews and wants to mislead them?

    The article writes: “Obama went on to ask a series of rhetorical questions that seemed to preemptively blame Israel for a possible failure of peace talks:…”
    Anyone who reads the interview knows that the Obama quoted sentences have nothing to do with preemptively blaming Netanyahu for failure and that is why the article couldn’t quote the whole point and instead had to make up a fantasy angle introducing the quotes with a fictional preface to the quotes that resulted in faking out the Readers with a nonsequitor and therefore a fake news communication.

    And thirdly, the editor must hate Jews to print an article quoting maariv that an unnamed source said this was the highest level of insult to netanyahu- when what obama really said in context isnt an insult on any world, and the unnamed sources all have ESP that can figure out the unverbalized thoughts of the State Department of the United States.

    the editor better do tshuva before H’hands him a din vcheshbon rachmana litslan

    • Dakota

      Couldn’t agree with you anymore that’s why I’m dropping the rag emailer lol

    • m_

      Your comments insult the intelligence of open minded people. We have a right to hear different opinions. Algemeiner is a great source of information and view points and obviously does not hate Jews. Your remarks are despicable and amount to slander.

  • Ed

    The u.n europe (u.s.a gov) are the conductors taking Israel on the next Holocaust Express train (called the peace with jihadist)if Israel get,s on board they will not get off without much of there blood flowing in the streets. trying to have peace with those who hate you an wants your destruction is like grabing a mad dog by the ears .(It Want Work!!!!!!)

  • George Bokor

    It is Israel who support the US-drafted peace agrement.The Palestinian Authority is the one who is sabotaging it. It is time Mr. President to wake up!

  • Bill Stein

    This is my opinion.the United States wants to destroy Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People. The United States refuses to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. If the United States truly believed and was truly telling the truth that the United States recognizes Western Jerusalem why not build
    the Embassy in Western Jerusalem? Obviously the United States has no desire
    or intention recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel. This double standard of the United States towards Israel and proves that the United States has no intention of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israethere won’t be a Israel as a Jewish homeland demographically in 5 years because of open borders there will be millions of Palestinians within walking distance 9 miles of Tel Aviv and the latte drinking crowd. If there is a Pali state based on 67 borders there won’t be a Israel as a Jewish homeland demographically in 5 years because of open borders there will be millions of Palestinians within walking distance 9 miles of Tel Aviv and the latte drinking crowd.

    • And so another day passes with no progress or hopes of fair, equitable and practical solutions to Jew and Arab alike.

      President OBama, like most people just does not have the guts or long term visions to “impose” a peace settlement on both sides…….another “red line” fiasco and bluff.

      Jack Cowan.

      • Bill Stein

        Peace cannot be forced on people. Peace will never occur unless the people on the ground believe it. Obama Kerry fermented a revolution in Ukraine Syria Libya Tunisia Egypt with disastrous results. Israel will never commit suicide.

      • artcohn

        A peace treaty that is imposed will not last. The Palestinian Arabs’ prime goal is not a Palestinian Arab state, but the destruction of the Jewish state!
        Until they change their priorities, there can not be real peace.

  • judorebbe

    America’s “special relationship” with Israel has changed under the Obama administration. Israel is the only nation which the United States is actively trying to destroy.

  • I too am a student of the American-Israeli Partnership, dating from President Harry S. Truman and relationship to PM Ben-Gurion. In fact I am a biographer of Ben-Gurion and President Wilson, FDR, Truman and Eisenhower, and follower of doings of President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry and so in reading this article I believe the columnist is so off base and wrong headed in his expression of his opinions about what really is going on, it makes me question the editorial judgment of the executives of Algemeiner, which I generally admire.

    I think the view expressed in the article only display the lack of savoire faire of the author, who I view as being foolish and unwise.

    • gonjtonic

      As Ben-Gurion said: “The dogs can bark, but the convoy will go on”. Obama is not carved out from the material needed in order to be a good president. More so in the case of Israel, where he has shown a remarkable misunderstanding of the regional situation and the kind of neighborhood Israel has in its surrounding. History will tell us if this was just academic naivety or a well conducted policy born out of having been brought up in an environment definitely hostile to Jews and Israel.

  • Bernard Ross

    Obama was financed by Soros and soros hates the jews.

    • Avrumeleh

      I already commented, but I can’t resist addressing your remark. Tooting your own (maybe true, maybe not) horn isn’t a substitute for addressing what Obama apparently did or did not do. I don’t know what relevance having done a biography on Ben Gurion might have on whether or not what Obama is doing now might be. Is it a fact or is it some flight of fancy that Obama is attempting to pressure Netanyahu to make concessions to the Palestinians under Mahmoud Abbas when Abbas can’t speak for all Palestinians? What happens when Israel makes concessions to Abbas and the next day Hamas sends a barrage of missiles at Tel Aviv or Haifa or at Netanya? When Israel responds, does Abbas sit idly by? I can ask a thousand questions like that but I won’t waste someone as important as Ben Gurion’s supposed biographer’s time with them.

      If you’re invested in the success of the Obama’s Presidency and you want to criticize those who are concerned about Obama’s well-established hostility toward Israel in general and Netanyahu in particular then you have to do better than that to be convincing that the article isn’t accurate.

    • Bill Stein

      I agree .

    • Sydell Gross

      Is it not ironic and sad that Soros is a jew?

    • Did u know

      Soros bythe way is jewish

      • William Channon

        Perhaps 1% recognize the State of Israel as a legitimate country. They have never stated other than ‘we will’ drive the Jews into the sea. There have always been hostile acts against Israel -never peaceful actions, never once.
        Muslims and others) have never accepted that Jews have been a presence in the Holy Land for thousands of years; there was never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount let alone at least two. How can they deny all the archeological proof? Where do they think Jews came from?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama is incompetent! He is useless!

    • Bill Stein

      I agree

      • Geoff

        I agree. Obama has been a failure for the USA, the west and Israel since the day he took office. He talked big about the BP oil spill, “getting his boot on whoever was responsible” allowing a huge number of exaggerated and false claims to be submitted for damages. Then, he had his “red lie” over Syrian use of chemical weapons. What then happened when the Syrians crossed the red line? Nothing. Obama, is all mouth and no substance and will continue to be a disaster for his country right to the end of his term. In future, Americans will have to vote on the record and competence of their leaders and not their good looks, big smiles, wives, children etc.

  • Irving

    I am so sorry that our influence in the world has lost so much. We must not give up our voice to the BHO supporters. Remember almost 50% voted against him, so the country is really divided. BOH’s term ends in twenty eight months. Vote for the party that is fair and balanced in 2014,2015 and 2016.

  • Avrumeleh

    Barack Obama isn’t a good President. People can argue all day and all night about whether ObamaCare was a good option or whether or not it was effectuated properly. But, when it comes to foreign policy, his entire approach to the world has been an utter…inarguable… failure. We can speculate about why that is….with his ambivalence about American power and the ascent of Russia and China…or is it that he’s centered in a Third World mindset because of his personal and family history. Or, is it that he’s philosophically gravitated to a European leftwing view of the world? Who knows? His connections to Khalidi and the influence of Jeremiah Wright are undeniable…despite his denials. But, the reality is more important than Obama’s history and the reality is that he is as anti-Israel as any Norwegian college student. He’s literally uneducated as displayed by his inaccurate references to Israel’s demographics, which now favor the Jewish population and he’s naive in his perspective of Israel’s desire to perpetuate the “occupation” in light of the Palestinian intransigence that gives Israel no other option. We should remember that all Obama was, was a community organizer. Period. His feigned knowledge about Israel and her “neighbors” and his hubris in thinking that he’s the One that will finally engineer a lasting peace between Israel and the pretender Abbas who doesn’t even represent significant portions of the Palestinian body-politic like Hamas that entirely governs Gaza and won’t participate in anything that give Israel any recognition, much less one as a Jewish Homeland…is quite literally pathetic. Anyone who genuinely cares about Israel’s integrity and safety can only be consoled by the fact that Obama’s presidency is beginning to come to a close and Israel can undoubtedly outlast him. Anyone that will follow Obama as President will not be as hostile to Israel and recognize that America does have a responsibility to be powerful and making believe that Israel is “the bad guy” isn’t productive.

    • Rachamim

      Well said.


      • Geoff

        Agreed. Wasn’t it the minister of his so-called church he attended for some twenty years the man who preached, “damn you, America”?

    • Sydell Gross

      When Rahm Emanuel was Chief of Staff at the White House he was asked about Obamas understanding and views of Israel. His reply was ” He is getting there”
      Obama was also quoted as having told the Palestinians to have patience-whatever means in this mans strange presidentcy.

  • Obama is not an enemy of Israel. He U.S. president, and he protects the interests of the U.S., not Israel. Why should he have to defend the interests of Israel? He is obliged to protect Israel? Yes, he talks about it constantly, but the view of the interests of Israel and Netanyahu, he is different.
    This is not surprising. What will Israel do without the help of America, without the support of America? – Israel simply will not sustain the pressure of the Arabs, the Muslim world and Europe.
    Therefore, criticizing Obama, we should not forget the main thing: Israel is alive until his ally – the United States.

    • judorebbe

      Complete babbling nonsense!
      Obama is subverting the United States from within, as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah operatives come across our poorly defended borders on an ongoing basis.
      Oh, and let’s not forget about how well President Pinocchio is safeguarding America’s interests in dealings with Iran. – They still want to destroy both the Great Satan and the Little Satan, don’t they?

      • Francine

        I had great fears about Obama when he first ran for tear Americans away from each other I have always felt that the US could out live even a bad president, now I am not sure. I agree that he is destroying the US from within, is creating class warfare.
        I know Israel has to “dance the dance” to a certain extent. I believe what Netanyahu said at the AIPAC convention. He will do whatever is necessary to protect the people of Israel. That’s why I moved to Israel.At least here I am safe-safer than in the US! Shabbat Shalom

    • RonCo215

      No, actually it is the US and their state department that has continually for the last 50 years assured that Israel could never solve this problem like any other country would have and has clearly forced Israel to give up the Sinai and to have let the monster Arafat move his murderers to Gaza etc on and on and now Israel is being threatened by nuclear extinction and obama is helping iran. No, the US has always helped Israel in some degree, but has clearly assured it’s never ending potential destruction by forcing Israel to agree to untenable phony peace deals !!! etc !! And obama is no president of the American people ! The American people actually do support Israel over thwe murderous muslim world of obama!

    • Sonia Willats

      When Israel does not have the help of America, she will still have the help of her G-d, Alex. INFINITELY more valuable. ISRAEL SHALL NOT BE DESTROYED, THOUGH ALL THE WORLD SEEK TO DESTROY HER.

  • JB

    Nothing changes. Obama greets his friends with challenges and skepticism, and his enemies with accommodation and optimism. This is true in domestic and foreign affairs.

  • AbbaGuutuu

    Whether BHO was well informed or not about the so called peace process between the Jews and the Arabs, mistreating the the PM of Israel when he was on his route to the White was discourteous, undiplomatic and childish.
    BHO should know better. Israel is the best ally, and a friendly nation that deserves respect. I think, BHO vents his anger for failing in domestic and international affairs on a wrong person, the PM of Israel. He should apologize to BB for giving an interview thereby threatening and blaming him if the taks fail.

  • JL

    It’s very simple. Obama was raised by Jew haters Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said. They created his worldview of the Israel/Arab relationship.


      @ JL…..Unfortunately, you are 100% correct.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Obama again showed his true colours right in time !
    He is as bad as Kerry and both of them are Israels ENEMIES !

    • rachel robinson

      obama said that there comes a point when you cannot manage this any more. he meant the “bleak future” and the “demographic disaster”. what bleak future is he talking about? Israel had it much worse many times, the future is not bleak and the demographics are not an immediate threat. first of all, israel has to decide when iit cannot manage these any more, obama is not the one to decide. and second it is always the PA who refuse even to come to sit at a table, any table with anyone, so he thinks he will put pressure on Israel. let him try and put so much pressure on the Palestinians? they would reject every offer and they are still not accepting the fact that Israel is a state for the Jewish People!! let Obama establish this first step with them and then see what happens. they will never come to talk to Israeli delegates. Never.

  • howard brown

    My take is that Obama has been conducting a calculated stealth campaign from the beginning to weaken Israel (or worse). Either he just doesn’t like Jews, or Israel’s existence offends him, as it does the Muslim world. Kerry is just a showpiece, the intention for Kerry’s diplomacy is to prove to the world that Israel’s at fault so Obama can subtly lead the movement for sanctions.

  • nelson marans

    Any action that Obama takes as far as Israel is concerned has been negative. What else should we have expected from his background before taking office, with his minister, his friends and his mentors being virulently anti-Israel.
    Unfortunately the American public has chosen to give this flawed individual two terms in office with catastrophic results, not only nationally but internationally.

  • NCS

    Obama opposes himself it would seem. Or was this planned all along?

  • Saba

    Once again Obama demonstrated his incompetence when it comes to foreign affairs. More than, that he lacks good people skills to make things happen.If he was wise he could of cultivated a scenario when the Prime Minister Netanyahu came to see him and opened up a pleasant and respectful dialog.

  • Rosewood11

    Or there’s the idea that barack obama is a “bad actor” who hates Israel only a little less than he hates the United States. This president is a blight on our country, and would that we had a Benjamin Netanyahu of our own to stand up to him, and hopefully someday put him in prison for all the damage he’s done to us and others at home and abroad.

  • Marv Hershenson

    I agree with one thing you said Yisrael….Obama is dumb and ignorant.

    • June Grant

      Since when is ignorance on the part of the ‘Leader of the Free World’ a valid excuse? Since Obama ascended to the presidency, and accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, the Middle East has never been in such turmoil. The best one can say of him is that he really doesn’t understand anything of foreign affairs, and the worst, that he really doesn’t like Jews.

  • Larry Barnes

    Yisrael, I believe that your second comment is probably most accurate. This is the President that chided Presidential candidate Romney on his comments about the danger of Russia. Look where we are today. Unfortunately, our top elected representative is dangerously naive and has great difficulty telling the truth. Remember, “you can keep your healthcare, if you want to”. I say to Israel, “Stand your ground and stand tall”, we support you.

  • Dov

    The real story is that God performed a miracle in that Obama revealed what Kerry thought all along. They are pulling at Natanyahu with a bunch of lies and Obama gave away the end skipping over the middle chapters.

  • There is another option: Obama is hateful of Netanyahu as a representative of a proud Israel standing on its rights with a narrative that negates the Arab anti-Zionist myths.

    Of course, Obama could also be dumb.

    • Robert Feldman

      Though only an accomplished(?) Street Organizer, who could not bring himself to vote or take a position on any important issue, while in the House or Senate,
      he isn’t “Dumb”. It is a matter of being “fixed” in his opinions, many of which were “injected” into his psyche by some pretty Evil thinking dudes, such as the Reverend who Hates,the Anarchist that Bombed, and the Financier that manipulates for Armageddon.
      Want names?

      • Efram

        Yes, I do want names. You are right, Obama is not dumb, and that is one of the reasons he is so dangerous. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and what he has been doing, increasingly, for the past 5 years, undermining Israel and supporting Islamist terrorists. He is acting directly against the interests of the US, and when the first Iranian nuclear missile hits ‘the great Satan’ I am sure he will have fled the country he so dishonestly betrayed.

    • M.D. Israel

      To Yisrael Medad: The only word that comes to mind in response to your comment is “Priceless”.

    • g

      Yes, both and more. Dumb, venal, mendacious, and arrogant.

    • sheldon mankes

      he may play dumb but he is not stupid. he hates whites jews loves his muslem famly would like to see both of us distroyed and his people take over kill all non belevers and infidels.they kill each other and that is the fault of the jews.if not us then som one else and so on till no one is left.people keep voting for him and hillery .

    • Myron Buchman

      It also was a chance for Obama to ‘act tough’ after being perceived as a weakling re Putin and the Ukraine invasion…but Medad’s comment is certainly correct!

    • Steve Klein

      I will go with the first option.

    • Golum

      I don’t think Obama is dumb…just a “misguided person” who buys the araaaab line!!! I think he really believes the Jews are always responsible for the situation and the poor poor arabs have gotten a bad rap!!! I’m not sure if it’s the Rev. Wright’s early influence on him or that he’s just a “Muslim Leaner”.
      As a life long liberal Democrat that just burns me up!!!!

      THey use to say that when a violent incident or problem occurred in the middle East…THE FIRST RESPONSE FROM Jimmie Carter, Richard Nixon, George Bush the 1st, maybe even Eisenhower…was always… “What did the Jews Do Now?”. On the other hand Ronald Reagan, JFK, LBJ and Bill Clinton would ask…”What did the Arabs do Now?”
      Unfortunately Barak Obama, to his SHAME, belongs to the first group!!!!

      I’m really sorry we voted for him!

      • Efram

        Amen. I did not vote for him in 2012, thank G-d.

        • Beverly Chabinsky

          I didn’t vote for him either time. The choices were so bad, I had to write in my own candidate.