Jewish Comedian Accuses LA Comedy Club of Canceling Purim Show ‘Because They Don’t Want to Support Israel’

March 6, 2014 1:08 pm 18 comments
Stephen Gluckman's 'Jewish Comedian's Pre-Purim Show' Flyer, with a red "X" by the comedian after the event was cancelled. Photo: Screenshot.

Stephen Glickman's 'Jewish Comedian's Pre-Purim Show' Flyer, with a red "X" superimposed by the comedian after the event was cancelled. Photo: Screenshot.

Jewish comedian Stephen Glickman late Wednesday accused Burbank, California, comedy club Flappers of cancelling his all-Jewish pre-Purim show, scheduled for this Sunday, because club management did not want its venue used to support Israel.

On Twitter, Glickman said: “The Purim stand up show at @FlappersComedy has been cancelled because the owners said they do not support benefits that support Israel.”

“Everyone should have the right to believe what they want but a COMEDY CLUB being ANTI ISRAEL is disgraceful and as a Jewish man I am hurt!” he wrote on Twitter.

Glickman told his 283,000 Twitter followers: “I’ll be reaching out to my friends @JDLdotORG @ADL_National and @TMZ to expose @FlappersComedy for being Anti Israel.”

He responded to a question from fellow comedian Chris Neff: “‘@chrisneffcomedy: WTF happened bro?’ @FlappersComedy cancelled a Jewish stand-up show because they don’t want to support Israel. So insane.”

On the Flappers Comedy Club website, another show, headlined by Comedy Central comedian Tom Clark, had replaced Glickman’s pre-Purim event for the Sunday night, 7PM slot.

At the time of publication, the club had yet to respond to an emailed query from The Algemeiner.

Glickman, a Canadian, is also an actor and fashion designer. He is best known for playing Gustavo Rocque on the Nickelodeon television series, ‘Big Time Rush,’ from  2009 to 2013.


  • All American people should boycot all anti-Isreal companies so that they should feel on their own skin specially cacelling a Purim Show, without any logical reason, what it means a boycott.

  • Tina Ventura

    I would like to hear what the owners have to say. This seems to be very one sided. How can you come to a the decision of boycotting a business without hearing the other side of the story? I know for a fact that one of the owners is Jewish. So why would they even say something like that? This seems to be blown way out of proportion.

    • Easy, Tina. You just do what the fools at BDS do every day. Why care about the other side of the story when you can trouble those you hate by painting them as solely responsible for all that is wrong?

    • Yes, Tina, I agree we should hear what the owners have to say, and after they say it, boycott, divest and sanction Flappers for being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. And in the event you’ve been in a coma for the past decade or so, there are thousands of Jewish Americans who hate Jews, not to mention Israel, which might describe that “Jewish” owner.

  • Ernie Kaputnik

    Sorry, pal. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Go cry to all your liberal Jewish friends in Hollywood, banking, media and government who support Barry Obama’s agenda. Us goyim are on the outside looking in. It’ not our fault. You’ve got some serious house cleaning to do.

  • Lets not kid ourselves. Anti-Israel is the same as Anti-Jewish. I’ll make sure everyone I know in Hollywood will get this post

  • Who said antisemithism is dead in the U.S?!

  • Why not book another venue and promote it elsewhere? Put out the word that Flappers took this position and many who wouldn’t have been interested ij coming to Flappers anyway will now have a reason to buy tickets and support the effort if for no other reason then to have their voices heard in support of Israel and let those who want to take this same position and hurst us – that we will find a way to compete with them and hurt them back

  • Really a shame because we just went there on Saturday and loved the place!!!
    Your story says nothing about a benefit but if they really said..”…they cancelled a Jewish stand-up show because they don’t want to support Israel. “….They’re plain NUTZ!!!
    Los Angeles is the second largest Jewish City in the United States!!!

    Sounds like the arabs got to them and FLAPPERS folded…just like the commotion over Soda Stream & Scarlett Johanson.

  • Undoubtedly, the Flip Floppers management violated the spirit of the First Amendment by canceling the Purim Show. This is another example of delegitimizing Israel, and the Jewish people’s right to free speech.

  • To the neo-Nazis of the politically-coerced censorship crowd, being a Jew hater is the OPPOSITE of being racist. This country is fast moving towards a total split, with pseudo-progressives giving anti-Semitism a whole new ‘legitimacy.’

  • shirley swanepoel

    It is very fashionable lately to be anti Jewish thanks to the liberal Jewish media being so in love with the Palestinians. I think this comedian is making a mistake making it a race card issue. Be gracious under duress. What will he gain by making enemies in a small industry?

    • They are NOT liberal. There is nothing liberal about anti-Semitism. They are left-wing fascists.

      • fascists are left wing by definition and they are fascists just as nazis are left wingers. Nazi means national socialists. Read Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism.

    • Glickman is doing the right thing. How long do you want to be a rug for any one to step on?

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    This is a load of bullshit! Boycott these bastards at the comedy club.

  • I’m confused. “because the owners said they do not support benefits that support Israel.” Was this show a charity benefit with proceeds/percentage of proceeds to go to pro Israeli organizations? I see nothing on the flyer indicating this to be the case. Is this an Israeli issue? Or a being Jewish issue?

  • Wasn’t there just a lawsuit or two involving a bakery and a photographer. The owners of the businesses, out of religious conviction, chose not to do business with gay couples getting married. The judge went against the businesses.
    This time it’s only a bunch of Jews. Pure anti-Semitism. Now if you were to do a drag queen show…

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