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Northeastern University Bans ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ for Intimidating Students

March 12, 2014 12:39 pm 11 comments
Boston's Northeastern University, whose logo reads "Light, Truth & Courage."

Boston's Northeastern University, whose logo reads "Light, Truth & Courage."

Northeastern University’s Center for Student Involvement suspended campus group Students for Justice in Palestine for at least a year and barred its current executive board from serving on any future board in the organization. Its members must also complete training led by university administrators as a condition for reinstatement.

According to a copy of a letter sent by the Boston school’s Director of the Center for Student Involvement, Jason Campbell-Foster, and published by blogger Elder of Ziyon, the group broke university policy with a campaign that resulted in the intimidation of students.

“You have not shown a concerted effort to improve your practices and educate your members on how to properly operate your organization within the boundaries of university policy,” Campbell-Foster wrote.

In a separate letter, Northeastern’s Associate Dean for Cultural and Residential Life, Robert Jose, wrote to the group that, “We do not condone any behavior that causes members of our community to feel targeted and/or intimidated.”

Last month, the group distributed notices across Northeastern that tried to mock an eviction notice that might appear on an illegal Arab house construction in un-zoned areas that Israel demolishes. The gimmick has become a popular awareness-raising tactic by the group’s national chapters, but, at Northeastern, some students felt intimidated by the notices and reported them to the school’s administration.

On the website of Northeastern’s Hillel, a statement read, “Rather than seeking to prompt dialogue, the fake eviction notices alarmed and intimidated students in their homes, in clear violation of Northeastern policy. We are in communication with Student Affairs regarding this incident, who have been quick to respond to student concerns. The administration is working with the Northeastern University Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation.”

In the past, Northeastern’s administration has been criticized by students for allowing rampant anti-Semitism by faculty on campus.

Last year, a 12-page report from the Zionist Organization of America, cataloged a litany of student horror stories, including intimidation, class harassment and teachers indoctrinating an alternative reality version of Middle East and Israeli history. The report focused on Professor of International Affairs Denis Sullivan, now Co-Director of Northeastern’s Middle East Center for Peace, Culture and Development.


  • KRis Kristian

    Congratulations and may G-D Bless the university authorities for taking action against those fascist students.

    Their attitude is typical of what Goebbels said.
    The bigger the lie, the more often told, the more the world will believe it.
    How many, if any, of those students have ever been to Israel?
    NON, I am sure.
    But their hatred is bred into their brain washed brians from baby days.

    Their claim that Israel is on their land, is a typical Muslim lie.
    The Jews were there hundreds of years before the Muslims were ever thought of.
    It is the Muslims who are on G-D given, Jewish land. The Muslims must get out of Jewish holy land.

    And USA, Britain and France, must wake up. By whom were the Germans being fed info during WW2? By the enemies of the allies. The Muslim Arabs.

  • At the end of the day an occupation is an occupation. It’s not good for the occupiers or the occupied. You can try to justify it and rationalize it but be honest and truthful as to what it is.

  • The students themselves should have bee n suspended and had this reflected in their academic records. At least that would have delayed their admission to graduate school at Harvard or Georgetown for a year. How about revoking their scholarships as I’m sure none of them are paying for their tuition out of their own pocket.

  • Wow, an American university actually had the gall to stand up to BS on its campus!

  • Most members of the Jew-hatred movement are “Generic Fascists”, persons who are by nature fascists and given the opportunity would just as readily engage in fascism against anyone, on behalf of any cause.

    Boston’s Northeastern University did well to temporarily ban this fascist group, but its members will simply switch to another organization and continue to do the same thing.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

    • Debra Michels

      This may be true – about switching to other organizations and doing the same thing – but now we can let those other organizations know how responsibly Northeastern University handled it!

    • George Zibergeld

      Very insightful. This does not mean that people should not fight against wherever they appear.

  • Wallace Edward Brand, JD Harvard, 1957

    How many Arab petrodollars have gone to Northeastern’s Center for Peace, Culture and Devolopment. Has the University sought to find out if any has gone to its faculty? Those Middle East Centers at other colleges and universities are doing pretty well. Google Arab grants to US Univerisyt Middle East Centers.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    It is about time someone took action against the lies of the muslims and their dupes and pawns!

  • As the former president of Huskies for Israel (formerly Students for Israel at Northeastern) I am glad to see the university taking action against an organization which has tried repeatedly to bring students to their cause through scare tactics and intimidation. I implore the administration to stand by its decision and hold all student organizations to the standards which all NU students agree to at the beginning of each semester. Northeastern is a fantastically diverse school which embraces a range of values and all are free to express them so long as they stay within the confines of the Code of Conduct. NUSJP has managed to bring themselves down simply by believing themselves to be exempt from the Code of Conduct and will remain as such until they find their own humanity.

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